What Businesses Does Joseph Simmons AKA Rev Run Own? Unveiling His Diverse Empire

When you think of Joseph Simmons, you might picture the iconic Run-DMC rapper or the reality TV dad on “Run’s House”. But Rev Run’s talents don’t end at the mic or the small screen. He’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a diverse business portfolio. From music to fashion, and even to the food industry, Simmons has left his mark.

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His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to ventures that resonate with his personal brand and values, turning his fame into a springboard for business success. Let’s dive into the world of Rev Run’s business endeavors and discover what lies beyond the stage and screen.

Rev Run’s Business Ventures

Rev Run, a name that echoes through the halls of music history, has also resonated in the world of business with a suite of ventures that showcase his entrepreneurial acumen. Through strategic brand alignments and innovative offerings, Simmons has capitalized on his fame to launch and sustain a diverse portfolio of business initiatives, each resonating with his personal ethos and zeitgeist of the times.

Simmons, donning his entrepreneurial hat, co-founded Run Athletics, a fashion-forward footwear brand that quickly caught the eye of sneaker enthusiasts. With designs that merged street aesthetics with luxurious materials, the brand carved a niche in the competitive landscape of urban fashion. The venture into fashion was an intuitive leap for someone so integral to the hip-hop scene, a genre synonymous with trendsetting style and culture.

In the consumable space, Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers showcased his love for hearty, homemade meals. This foray into the culinary world did more than just whet appetites; it underscored his versatility and ability to create brands that resonate with familial warmth and togetherness — a staple sentiment often felt in his reality TV endeavors.

Simmons’s vision then took a turn towards technology with his involvement in Just Say Agency, a digital marketing firm aimed at crafting impactful social media strategies. Recognizing the seismic shift towards digital platforms, he wisely navigated the currents of online influence to help brands achieve a louder and clearer voice in the cacophony of the internet.

He has also dipped his toes into literary waters, penning words of wisdom and inspiration. Collaborating with co-authors, Simmons has released books that serve as life guides, grounded in practicality with a touch of spiritual reflection. They’re not just books; they’re a continuation of his dialogue with the world, one where his experiences are distilled into pages that aim to uplift and guide.

While these ventures might seem like disparate threads in a larger tapestry, they’re all bound by Rev Run’s unflinching dedication to authenticity and excellence, traits that have served him well in both his artistic and business pursuits.

Music: A Foundation for Success

Joseph Simmons’s foray into the business world is deeply rooted in his musical heritage. As Rev Run, a founding member of the influential hip-hop group Run–D.M.C., Simmons crafted beats and rhymes that resonated with an entire generation. Run-D.M.C.’s crossover appeal not only set trends within the music industry but also laid the cornerstone of Rev Run’s diverse business portfolio.

Music served as the perfect platform for Simmons to dive into various industries. The group’s collaboration with Adidas in the 1980s sparked a trend that bridged the gap between hip-hop culture and fashion, a synergy that Simmons continues to explore through his own apparel ventures. His understanding of brand longevity and cultural impact, gleaned from his explosive music career, proved invaluable when launching business initiatives.

The tenacity and creativity that defined Rev Run as an artist are mirrored in his business approach. Unlike many celebrities who solely lend their name to products, Simmons is known for his hands-on involvement. He’s ensured that his businesses are an extension of his personality, from the music-influenced designs of his footwear line to the family-centric tone of his culinary show.

The music industry is renowned for its harsh rhythms and demanding nature. Simmons’s survival and success within this cutthroat environment are nothing short of remarkable. And it’s these same characteristics that have fortified him in the competitive business arena. Leveraging the fame and work ethic from his music career, he’s been able to amplify his voice in new sectors.

By continuously reinventing himself, Rev Run has managed to stay relevant both on and off-stage. The adaptability he’s shown in his musical pursuits is echoed in the flexibility and innovation seen across his business enterprises. Each endeavor, while unique in its own right, carries the unmistakable beat of hip-hop—a beat that began with music and reverberates through each of his successful business ventures.

Fashion: Style and Substance

Joseph Simmons, also recognized as Rev Run, infuses his personal ethos into a fashion empire that merges style with a profound substance. With cultural acuity honed by years in the limelight, Simmons has created a footwear brand that doesn’t just walk the walk; it dances to the beat of a generation. The brand’s offerings resonate with customers who seek fashion-forward designs coupled with comfort and durability, elements that are often inspired by his hip-hop roots.

His foray into the fashion industry has not only added to his portfolio but also strengthened his relationship with his fanbase. Customers are drawn to pieces that embody Rev Run’s stand-out personality and innovative spirit. Through partnerships and savvy marketing, such as tying releases to musical events, Simmons ensures his products remain at the forefront of urban style trends.

Beyond sneakers, Simmons’s interests in the apparel sector have expanded to include a range of clothing that stays true to his musical heritage and personal brand. The clothing line echoes his message of empowerment and self-expression, much like the lyrics from his Run-D.M.C. days. Each piece from his collection acts as a canvas for individuality, encouraging buyers to be bold and fearless in their fashion choices.

As a businessman, he’s attuned to the shifts in the fashion landscape, embracing e-commerce and digital marketing strategies with the same fervor he did music. Simmons’s adaptability in the digital age shows a thorough understanding that success in fashion requires more than aesthetic appeal; it requires connecting with the lifestyle and aspirations of one’s audience. This approach has positioned his fashion ventures for sustained growth in a volatile industry.

The connection between Rev Run and his ventures is palpable, with every release showcasing a bit of his personal flair. He’s successfully translated his voice from the stage to the threads of urban Americana, turning his fans into loyal customers. As his fashion lines continue to evolve, they do so while capturing the essence of his enduring influence.

Food: Beyond the Mic and Oven

Joseph Simmons, more widely recognized as Rev Run, brings his unique flavor to the culinary world with ventures that tantalize taste buds and heartily embrace his cultural roots. His foray into the food industry is a symphony of soulful bites and entrepreneurial spirit.

Starting with his cookbook, “Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers,” Simmons shares more than just recipes; he dishes out a serving of family tradition and the significance of gathering around the dinner table. This isn’t just a collection of meals; it’s an invitation to rediscover the joy of home-cooked food shared with loved ones. Simmons’s connection to food is deeply personal, making his recipes resonate with fans who yearn for that same authenticity in their kitchens.

It’s this personal touch that transcends to his other food-related ventures, including a high-energy eatery that blends Simmons’s passion for music and flavors. The establishment isn’t merely a place to dine; it’s a vibrant homage to the communal experience of enjoying hearty meals to the backdrop of classic beats. As plates arrive at tables, they bring more than sustenance; they serve stories, conversation starters, and the undeniable warmth of community eating.

Rev Run also taps into the booming market for artisanal sweets with a line of desserts that harmoniously mix tradition with a contemporary twist. Each treat is crafted to stir up nostalgia while delighting the modern palate. The sweet venture highlights Simmons’s versatility and his commitment to quality, earning accolades from those with a refined sweet tooth.

By integrating his love for good music with the universal love for good food, Simmons has effectively expanded his empire to appeal to multiple senses. He’s spinning the turntables and the dinner plates, proving that his business savvy doesn’t stop at the recording studio door. With every slice and every beat, Simmons continues to endear himself to a whole new audience, making them feel truly at home.


Joseph Simmons, affectionately known as Rev Run, has truly made his mark beyond the music industry. He’s seamlessly blended his passion for style and taste into successful business ventures. From trendy sneakers to hip clothing lines, he’s stayed true to his roots while also exploring the culinary world with a personal touch. His cookbook, restaurant, and sweet treats are more than just businesses—they’re a testament to his commitment to community and authenticity. Rev Run’s journey from music icon to business mogul is an inspiration, showing how personal passions can evolve into a diverse and thriving empire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What business ventures has Joseph Simmons, also known as Rev Run, been involved in?

Joseph Simmons has ventured into the footwear industry with a fashion-forward brand, a clothing range reflective of his musical heritage, as well as various food-related initiatives including a cookbook, a high-energy eatery, and a line of artisanal sweets.

How do Rev Run’s business ventures align with his personal values?

Rev Run’s businesses align with his personal ethos by staying true to his musical roots and emphasizing community and authenticity, especially through his food industry ventures which showcase his personal connection to food.

What aspects of Rev Run’s heritage are reflected in his clothing line?

Rev Run’s clothing line reflects his musical heritage, incorporating elements that resonate with his personal brand and background as a music icon.

How does Rev Run’s passion for music influence his business enterprises?

Rev Run integrates his love for music with his business ventures, creating a multi-sensory appeal that extends his influence beyond the music industry into fashion and food.

What is the connection between Rev Run’s food ventures and his cultural influence?

Rev Run’s food ventures exemplify a blend of his cultural influence and personal love for food, aiming to foster community and offer authentic culinary experiences to his audience.

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