What Businesses Does Eugenio Derbez Own? Unveiling His Entertainment Empire

Eugenio Derbez is a name synonymous with laughter and entertainment, but there’s more to this multifaceted entertainer than meets the eye. Beyond his on-screen antics, Derbez is a savvy businessman with an impressive portfolio.

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From production companies that bring stories to life to ventures that tap into the pulse of consumer needs, he’s got a knack for diversification. Let’s dive into the world of Eugenio Derbez’s business endeavors and discover what lies behind the curtain of his financial stage.

Derbez Productions

Eugenio Derbez’s foray into the world of production is nothing short of a testament to his versatile talents. At the helm of Derbez Productions, he’s managed to create a powerhouse that churns out content as diverse as his acting roles. This production company stands as a shining example of his commitment to shaping the entertainment landscape.

Initially focused on television, Derbez Productions now extends its reach across various forms of media. They’ve been pivotal in launching several successful series, with genres ranging from comedy to drama. But it’s not just about quantity with this outfit; quality is the cornerstone of every project they undertake.

Hit Shows and Films have become synonymous with the Derbez brand. Through his production company, Eugenio has been able to not only showcase his own comedic genius but also to open doors for other talents. This approach has broadened the representation of Latin American culture in mainstream media, highlighting the richness of its traditions and the versatility of its performers.

Behind the scenes, Derbez Productions is known for its steadfast commitment to innovation. They constantly experiment with new formats and storytelling techniques, ensuring that audiences remain engaged and entertainment standards evolve. Investment in cutting-edge technology is a priority, keeping the company ahead in the competitive media landscape.

With the industry taking notice, the success of Derbez Productions can be seen in the wide acclaim and impressive viewership numbers. It’s the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that inspires actors and creators alike to venture beyond their comfort zones, expanding their careers into new, prosperous domains. With Eugenio Derbez at the steering wheel, there’s continuous anticipation around what sort of project the company will take on next.

3Pas Studios

Eugenio Derbez’s business empire extends beyond his successful production company. Another jewel in his crown is 3Pas Studios, a venture he co-founded with producer Ben Odell. This multimedia production studio embraces diversity and specializes in bilingual content, catering to both English and Spanish-speaking audiences. 3Pas Studios stands out for its unique ability to bridge cultural gaps through storytelling, thereby catering to a broader demographic.

The power of 3Pas Studios lies in its collaborative approach. Derbez and Odell bring an infectious energy to the table, fostering creative partnerships that resonate with viewers on a global scale. They’ve successfully developed a range of projects, from feature films to television series, that have captivated audiences and critics alike. With each project, they continue to push the boundaries of conventional narratives.

One salient aspect of 3Pas Studios’ strategy is its focus on family-friendly entertainment. They’ve tapped into the family market with a gentle, yet masterful touch, producing content that families can enjoy together. This approach not only aligns with Derbez’s personal brand but also fills a significant niche in the entertainment industry.

Behind the scenes, 3Pas Studios operates with a commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology, much like Derbez Productions. They’re constantly exploring new avenues to bring stories to life, whether through advances in film production or by leveraging the latest trends in digital content distribution.

In the realm of success metrics, 3Pas Studios has seen numerous projects achieve both commercial and critical acclaim. They’re not just creating content; they’re fostering a legacy that will carry forward the voices and tales of diverse communities for years to come. This is not merely a business; it’s a platform that connects and celebrates the human experience through the lens of inventive storytelling.

Hazlo Como Hombre

Eugenio Derbez not only shines in front of the camera but also thrives behind the scenes as a businessman. One of his notable successes is the film “Hazlo Como Hombre” or “Do It Like a Man” in English. This movie, produced through his company 3Pas Studios, encapsulates his unique approach to storytelling, combining humor with socially relevant themes. The film was a box office hit in Mexico and performed impressively in American markets as well, broadening Derbez’s impact on the international stage.

The success of “Hazlo Como Hombre” is not a solitary peak but rather a part of the mountain range of achievements laid out by Derbez and his production team. The movie’s theme revolves around masculinity and societal expectations, which resonates with audiences far and wide. It’s an exemplar of how Derbez Production’s projects often tackle complex issues while maintaining a light-hearted tone. With a clever script and a talented ensemble cast, the film engages viewers in an exploration of friendship, identity, and acceptance, without preaching or sacrificing entertainment value.

Furthermore, the marketing strategy employed for “Hazlo Como Hombre” under Derbez’s guidance proves that his business acumen goes beyond mere content creation. He understands his audience deeply, ensuring that the promotion of his projects aligns with the sensibilities of a culturally diverse viewer base. As a result, “Hazlo Como Hombre” didn’t only appeal to Latin American audiences but also piqued the curiosity of viewers new to Derbez’s brand of storytelling.

Behind each of Derbez’s ventures, there’s a keen understanding that the secret to a successful business in entertainment lies in delivering content that speaks to people, regardless of background. With each project that comes out of 3Pas Studios, audiences are privy to an ever-expanding array of worlds and narratives blending common human experiences with vibrant cultural storytelling.


While exploring the multifaceted endeavors of Eugenio Derbez, one can’t overlook the 2018 remake of “Overboard.” This film is not just a feather in Derbez Production’s cap but also a marker of Derbez’s growing footprint in Hollywood. With Derbez both starring in and producing the film through 3Pas Studios, “Overboard” stands as a shining example of his talent for reimagining classic content with a contemporary twist.

Box Office Success tells its own story. Upon its release, “Overboard” made waves by punching well above its weight, proving that Derbez’s comedic flair transcends cultural boundaries, resonating with audiences far and wide. But it’s not just the laughs that caught attention; it’s the strategic decisions behind the scenes that truly set Derbez apart.

The success of “Overboard” underscores the effective utilization of cross-cultural appeal, a consistent theme in Derbez’s business ventures. By casting Anna Faris as the lead alongside Derbez, the movie captivated a diverse audience, showcasing Derbez’s commitment to creating content that bridges gaps while being essentially entertaining.

Moreover, the production of “Overboard” demonstrated Derbez’s acute business acumen. The choice to co-produce with major industry players provided not only a solid financial foundation but also a robust distribution network, which allowed the film to reach corners of the globe that may have been previously untapped by Derbez’s work.

The impact of “Overboard” also highlights Innovative Marketing Strategies. Derbez and his team implemented a campaign tailored to both English and Spanish-speaking markets, ensuring that the promotion of the film was just as bilingual as its content. This approach mirrored Derbez’s overarching philosophy that, in the world of entertainment, language is no barrier to laughter and empathy.

Through their endeavours with films like “Overboard,” Derbez Productions and 3Pas Studios continue to carve out a unique space in the industry. They produce narratives that not only entertain and inspire but also reflect the nuances of a changing global audience.


Eugenio Derbez has proven himself not just a talented actor and comedian but also a savvy entrepreneur. Through Derbez Productions and 3Pas Studios he’s created a platform that not only showcases his creative vision but also resonates with a diverse audience. His success with films like “Hazlo Como Hombre” and the “Overboard” remake underscores his ability to blend humor with relevant social commentary. It’s clear that Derbez’s ventures are more than entertainment; they’re a bridge connecting cultures and discussing universal themes. As he continues to grow his business empire he remains a prominent figure in the entertainment industry captivating audiences worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eugenio Derbez?

Eugenio Derbez is a Mexican actor, comedian, and filmmaker known for his work in both the Spanish-speaking market and in Hollywood. He heads Derbez Productions and co-founded 3Pas Studios.

What is Derbez Productions?

Derbez Productions is a media production company established by Eugenio Derbez. It focuses on creating films and television content that resonate with international audiences.

What is 3Pas Studios?

3Pas Studios is a venture co-founded by Eugenio Derbez and focuses on producing film and TV content for diverse audiences, often featuring cross-cultural themes.

What is “Hazlo Como Hombre” and why is it significant?

“Hazlo Como Hombre” is a film produced by Derbez Productions that tackles complex social issues with humor. Its success highlights Derbez’s ability to address serious topics in an accessible manner.

What is the 2018 remake of “Overboard” about?

The 2018 remake of “Overboard” is a contemporary twist on the classic film, reimagined by Derbez’s 3Pas Studios. The film was successful at the box office and showcased Derbez’s knack for reinventing beloved content.

How has Eugenio Derbez influenced the film industry?

Eugenio Derbez has influenced the industry by successfully blending comedic elements with pressing social issues and by remaking classic content for modern audiences, often with a cross-cultural perspective.

What strategic moves did Derbez use for “Overboard”?

For “Overboard,” Derbez co-produced with major industry players, combining his unique creative vision with innovative marketing strategies to appeal to a wide audience.

Why is Derbez’s work important for global audiences?

Derbez’s work is important because it entertains while reflecting the nuances of a changing global audience, showing cultural sensitivity and making content that can cross international and cultural boundaries.

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