What Businesses Does Gerard Piqué Own? Uncover His Surprising Ventures

Gerard Piqué isn’t just a powerhouse on the soccer field; he’s also a savvy entrepreneur with an eye for successful ventures. From sports to video games, Piqué’s business portfolio is as diverse as his defensive plays.

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They say the best defense is a good offense, and Piqué’s taken this to heart in the business world. He’s scoring goals beyond the pitch, building a legacy that could rival his athletic achievements.

Join us as we dive into the intriguing world of Gerard Piqué’s business empire. You’ll be surprised at just how far his entrepreneurial spirit has taken him.

Piqué’s Sports Investments

Gerard Piqué’s keen eye for sports extends beyond the grassy pitches; it’s also evident in his strategic sports investments. They’ve seen his entrepreneurial touch turning everything he lays hands on into gold—or better yet, into trophies that mirror his football success. One of the marquee additions to his business portfolio is his stake in FC Andorra. Under his company Kosmos Holding, Piqué acquired the club, which has been on a thrilling journey up the Spanish football ladder.

His influence doesn’t stop with football. Piqué has also invested in the burgeoning industry of eSports. His company made a decisive move by purchasing a team within the competitive eSports landscape. Bolstering the sports entertainment realm, this acquisition reflects Piqué’s vision of embracing modern digital trends that captivate millions globally.

When it comes to tennis, the Barcelona defender has executed a masterstroke with the Davis Cup. Through a revamp of the century-old tournament, he’s brought his expertise and innovative spirit to reformat the competition, garnering both spotlight and international acclaim. His effort to blend sport with entertainment has lured in audiences, proving that his finger is firmly on the pulse of what the crowd demands.

  • FC Andorra Acquisition
  • eSports Team Purchase
  • Davis Cup Transformation

Piqué’s investments are carefully crafted, each move calculated to harness the collective passion for sports and an instinct for profitable endeavors. His ventures have spread his influence across a spectrum of physical and digital playgrounds, demonstrating not just an athlete’s prowess but an entrepreneur’s foresight. Each investment carries a fragment of Piqué’s competitive essence, ensuring they’re more than just business—they’re personal conquests in the arena of sporting ventures.

His Venture into Video Games

Gerard Piqué’s journey into the video game industry mirrors his knack for identifying winning opportunities. Recognizing the meteoric rise of the eSports sector, he’s made strategic moves to ensure his part of the action. eFootball PES 2020, for example, featured Piqué as a player, but his involvement runs deeper than just appearances. He’s also a driving force behind an eSports team, expanding his reach in the lucrative gaming world.

Taking the helm of the eSports team, Piqué’s business acumen came into play as he managed the team’s growth and development. Balancing the competitive atmosphere with a sharp eye for talent and promising opportunities, his eSports endeavor has been marked by precision and smart investments.

The intersection of sports and technology is where Piqué truly shines. He saw the potential in merging his love for soccer with the unbounded possibilities in gaming. By doing so, he’s united fans across two dynamic industries—sports and tech—into one passionate community.

Of course, Piqué’s penetration into the gaming industry isn’t purely about profit. It’s an intricate part of his larger vision to bridge different forms of entertainment, leaning on digital innovation to engage fans. His dedication to bringing sports into the digital age is evident in every tactical move he makes in the realm of video games.

From the grassy pitches of Camp Nou to the digital arenas of eSports, Piqué’s business ventures highlight his versatile skills. Not content with sticking to the beaten path, he’s crafting a legacy that encompasses the evolving face of sports, the digital landscape, and the blend of both that will define the future of entertainment.

Fashion and Lifestyle Ventures

Gerard Piqué doesn’t just stop at sports and gaming; he’s got an eye for fashion and lifestyle too. Kerad Games might’ve catapulted him into the entrepreneurial stage, but he’s since broadened his portfolio to include ventures that cater to a crowd that’s stylish and discerning. He and his pop star ex-partner Shakira launched a line of sunglasses with the brand Kypers, which boasted trendy and innovative designs for the fashion-conscious.

In the heart of trendy Barcelona, Piqué has also dipped his toes into the world of retail. The Kosmos group is his weapon of choice, a holding company that among other things, has a foothold in the fashion industry. With this endeavor, Piqué extends his influence by supporting chic brands that resonate with the modern-day consumer.

True to his status as a world-class athlete, Piqué understands the importance of looking good both on and off the field. That’s perhaps why he became an investor in Meat Pack, an avant-garde sneaker store in Guatemala which offers exclusive footwear to sneaker heads around the globe. The move cleverly intertwined his passion for sports with an acute business sense that capitalizes on the lucrative sneaker culture.

Let’s not forget that Piqué’s influence has seeped into the tides of men’s grooming. His stake in Hawkers, a company that sells trendy high-end sunglasses, further solidifies his eye for ventures that elevate lifestyle to fashionable heights. This expansion into different spectrums of fashion underscores his dexterity as not just an athlete or a businessman, but as a brand unto himself. Piqué’s ventures illustrate a tapestry of interests combined with savvy business acumen, creating a lifestyle brand that’s as diverse as it’s remarkable.

Piqué’s Tech Startups

When diving into the tech world, Gerard Piqué has proved that his Midas touch is not confined to the football pitch. His interest in technology has led to involvement in several forward-thinking startups. He’s not just kicking the ball; he’s also pushing the envelope in the tech industry.

One prime example is Kerad Games, a company founded by Piqué that specializes in developing mobile games. It’s a venture that combines his love for sports with the burgeoning world of mobile entertainment. Their flagship title, Golden Manager, allows players to emulate Piqué’s strategic prowess by managing their own football teams, showcasing the seamless integration of his sports background into the digital realm.

In addition to gaming, Piqué has dived into the field of online education through the establishment of an e-learning platform. This platform aims to Empower People Through Knowledge, offering courses spanning various topics that cater not just to sports enthusiasts but a broader audience keen on lifelong learning.

Here’s a snapshot of Piqué’s tech investments:

Company Industry Notable Product/Service
Kerad Games Mobile Gaming Golden Manager
E-Learning Platform Online Education Multi-topic Courses

These ventures illustrate his agility to pivot between domains – a trait as crucial in the boardroom as on the football field. He’s also placing bets on other tech startups, fostering innovation, and championing new ideas that bridge the gap between technology and daily life.

Through this myriad of tech startups, Piqué is not merely an investor but a torchbearer for the entrepreneurial spirit, shining brightly in the tech arena much like he does on the soccer field. His investment choices reveal a clear strategy focused on engaging with next-generation technology while underscoring the continued enrichment of people’s lives, be it through gaming, learning, or innovative digital services. With every tech venture, his portfolio diversifies, highlighting not just a knack for selection but a keen understanding of where technology can meld with everyday passions.


Gerard Piqué’s business endeavors reflect his ambition and strategic mindset, extending his influence far beyond the soccer field. He’s not just scoring goals; he’s also making savvy investments that resonate with his personal brand. From revolutionizing the Davis Cup to pioneering in the eFootball realm, Piqué’s ventures are a testament to his vision of blending sports with diverse forms of entertainment. His bold moves into fashion, lifestyle, and tech startups reveal a versatility that’s as impressive as his on-pitch tactics. Piqué’s journey into entrepreneurship shows that for him, it’s more than just business—it’s about passion, innovation, and the drive to excel in every field he plays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gerard Piqué known for besides soccer?

Gerard Piqué is also recognized for his entrepreneurial endeavors, which include strategic sports investments, a stake in eSports, the revamp of the Davis Cup, and ventures in the video game industry, fashion, retail, and tech startups.

How has Piqué impacted the Davis Cup with his business acumen?

Piqué transformed the Davis Cup by revamping it to seamlessly integrate sport with entertainment, thereby redefining the tournament’s appeal and making it a larger spectacle.

What is Piqué’s involvement in the eSports and video game industry?

Piqué’s involvement in the eSports and video game industry includes his investment in FC Andorra’s eSports division, his role in the development of eFootball PES 2020, and managing an eSports team.

How has Piqué diversified his business portfolio beyond sports?

Beyond sports, Piqué has expanded his business portfolio to include ventures in the fashion and lifestyle industry, such as launching a sunglasses line with Shakira and investing in sneaker stores and men’s grooming products. He has also established tech startups like a mobile gaming company and an e-learning platform.

What signifies Gerard Piqué’s investments and ventures?

Piqué’s investments and ventures carry his competitive spirit, reflecting a personal touch in each. They are crafted to harness the collective passion for sports while also branching into lifestyle and technology, showcasing his business acumen and versatility.

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