What Businesses Does Gigi Hadid Own? Discover Her Empire Beyond the Catwalk

Gigi Hadid isn’t just a powerhouse on the runway; she’s also making her mark in the business world. With her name synonymous with high fashion, she’s leveraged her fame into several savvy business ventures.

From collaborations with well-known brands to launching her own lines, Gigi’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through. She’s more than a model; she’s a brand, and businesses under her belt are proof of her versatility and business acumen.

Let’s dive into the world of Gigi Hadid’s business endeavors and discover what industries she’s taking by storm. From fashion to food, she’s got her finger on the pulse of what’s hot and happening.

Gigi Hadid’s Collaborations with Fashion Brands

Gigi Hadid has not only graced countless runways, but she’s also acclaimed for her strategic partnerships with haute couture houses and ready-to-wear brands. Her collaborations are a testament to her keen business acumen and fashion industry insight.

In the glittering world of fashion collaborations, Gigi’s partnership with Tommy Hilfiger stands out. The model co-designed the Tommy x Gigi line, which debuted to much fanfare. This joint venture catapulted the brand to new heights, with the collections often taking inspiration from Hadid’s own chic street-style.

Gigi’s innovative approach extended to her work with Vogue Eyewear. Here, she took an active role in the creative process, shaping a collection that mirrored her personal style while also appealing to a broad audience. This eyewear line proved to be a perfect amalgamation of Gigi’s fashion sensibilities and Vogue’s timeless elegance.

Beyond the runway and design studios, Gigi has forged partnerships with Maybelline, creating a makeup line that encapsulates her signature look. The Gigi Hadid x Maybelline collaboration offered an accessible piece of the supermodel’s glamour to fans worldwide.

Bold Moves in Footwear were also part of Gigi’s business repertoire. Collaborating with renowned shoemaker Stuart Weitzman, she launched a namesake boot, the Gigi Boot, which became a much-coveted item. The engagement didn’t stop at design; it also supported a good cause, with portions of the proceeds going towards the buildOn organization.

As her business endeavors grow, Gigi continues to align with brands that resonate with her personal brand and ethics. Each collaboration is a step into a new domain, expanding her empire into diverse facets of the fashion industry.

Gigi Hadid’s Own Fashion Lines

Beyond mere collaborations, Gigi Hadid has ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship with her fashion lines. Gigi x Tommy Hilfiger was one such endeavor where Hadid transcended the traditional role of brand ambassador, co-designing collections with the iconic American brand. Dubbed as “Tommy x Gigi”, these collections married Hadid’s personal style with Hilfiger’s classic American cool design, creating pieces that appealed to a broad audience.

Branching out to showcase her individuality and personal aesthetic, Hadid has also created her line, known as Guest in Residence. This brand taps into the luxury knitwear market, offering high-end cashmere pieces that blend the timelessness and comfort that resonate well with her fashion-forward followers. She meticulously oversees everything from the sourcing of the fabrics to the final design details, ensuring the brand stands for quality and sustainability—a value held dear by Hadid.

The Guest in Residence line is a testament to Hadid’s commitment to forging a standalone identity in the competitive fashion industry. Without resting on her modeling accolades, she’s building a fashion empire that is all-encompassing and reflective of her personal journey in fashion. Here are some intriguing facets of Hadid’s brand management:

  • Emphasis on Direct-to-Consumer sales for better customer relationships
  • An ethical supply chain that aligns with her commitment to sustainability
  • Designing pieces that are intended to be worn across seasons, defying fast fashion trends

By eliminating the middleman, Hadid’s brand is accessible to her audience, ensuring they are not merely buying a piece of luxury but also a piece of the brand story Hadid continues to weave with each collection. As she explores the depths of her creative abilities, the fashion lines under Gigi Hadid’s belt grow ever more representative of her entrepreneurial vision and artistic voice. The ventures bear her unique signature, marrying market savvy with a keen sense of what her audience desires.

Gigi Hadid’s Beauty and Makeup Ventures

Gigi Hadid’s foray into the beauty industry is as dazzling as her runway appearances. She’s made her mark with signature makeup lines, carrying her fashion-forward sensibility into cosmetics. Her collaboration with Maybelline is a prime example of her influence in the beauty sphere. Hadid worked closely with the brand to develop a range that encapsulates her unique style and the practical needs of her global fan base.

As someone with keen insight into what makes a product appealing, Hadid ensured her Maybelline collection was both accessible and aspirational. The line featured nudes, bolds, and everything in-between, providing options for various skin tones and personal styles. The palette designs were inspired by her travels, reflecting her international lifestyle and broad appeal.

Hadid’s approach to beauty extends beyond makeup. She recognizes the importance of skincare as an integral part of a beauty routine. Insiders hint that she’s exploring opportunities to create or endorse skincare products that represent her beliefs in natural and sustainable ingredients. While details are yet to be unveiled, the anticipation of a skincare line touched by Hadid’s commitment to sustainability creates a buzz in beauty circles.

Dipping a toe into the world of fragrance could be on the horizon for Hadid. Scents have the power to evoke emotions and memories, and it’s not hard to imagine a Gigi Hadid fragrance that captures the essence of her energetic and vibrant presence. Collaborations or even an independent line would allow fans to carry a piece of the Hadid charm in their daily lives.

Whether it’s makeup, skincare, or the tantalizing possibility of fragrances, Gigi Hadid’s ventures in the beauty domain align with her existing fashion enterprises. They represent her personal journey through scent and color and hold the promise of expanding her business empire—each product carrying insight from her experiences on the catwalk and beyond.

Gigi Hadid’s Involvement in the Food Industry

Gigi Hadid isn’t just a name synonymous with high fashion and beauty; she’s also dipped her toes into the food industry. Despite her busy schedule gracing the runways and designing cosmetics, she’s cultivated a lesser-known passion for culinary arts. Gigi brings a tantalizing touch of her personal flair to the table, demonstrating that her talents extend well beyond the camera’s flash.

The supermodel’s foray into the food industry can be traced back to her presence on MasterChef Celebrity Showdown, where she won the competition by whipping up a gourmet burger that wowed culinary aficionados. This victory wasn’t just a one-off display of her cooking prowess; it was a prelude to her ongoing engagement with the world of gastronomy.

Gigi’s Burger Collaboration with The New York restaurant, The Smile, unveiled Gigi’s penchant for comfort food with a gourmet twist. This move bridged her comfort cooking skills and her entrepreneurial spirit, attracting foodies and fans alike eager to experience a taste of Hadid’s kitchen magic.

Here’s a peek at the exciting dynamics of her burger creation:

  • Crafted with gourmet ingredients
  • Infused with Gigi’s personal favorite flavors
  • Provided a unique dining experience at an established NYC eatery

Moreover, Gigi’s food initiatives extend to her social media, where she regularly shares recipes and cooking tips with her massive following. These glimpses into her culinary adventures showcase her personal investment in food and her knack for connecting with fans on a relatable level.

The model’s ongoing interest in the food industry suggests that there might be more flavorful endeavors on her horizon. Whether it’s further collaborations with renowned eateries or the launch of a food-related line, Gigi Hadid’s branding might just find a stable and delicious residence amidst the rich tapestry of the culinary world. Her ventures in the food industry embody the seamless blending of her lifestyle with a business acumen that resonates with her diverse interests.


Gigi Hadid’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her diverse business endeavors. She’s made a mark in the beauty industry with her successful makeup line and teases the possibility of skincare and fragrance extensions. Her passion for food has not only won her accolades but also suggests she might be cooking up something big for foodies everywhere. Whether it’s beauty or burgers, Gigi’s ventures reflect her multifaceted interests and her ability to turn her passions into profitable enterprises. She’s more than a model; she’s a savvy businesswoman with an appetite for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What beauty ventures has Gigi Hadid been involved in?

Gigi Hadid has collaborated with Maybelline to create a signature makeup line. She has also expressed interest in skincare and fragrance, indicating potential future projects in these areas.

Has Gigi Hadid entered the food industry?

Yes, Gigi Hadid has ventured into the food industry. She has exhibited her culinary skills publicly by winning a cooking competition, collaborating with a New York restaurant on a gourmet burger, and sharing her recipes and cooking tips on social media.

Could Gigi Hadid launch her own food-related line?

Based on her active involvement and passion for cooking, there is a possibility that Gigi Hadid may explore further collaborations or even launch her own food-related line in the future.

What indicates Gigi Hadid’s business acumen in her diverse interests?

Gigi Hadid’s business acumen is shown through her successful beauty collaborations and her strategic entrance into the food industry, hinting at a well-rounded understanding of diverse markets and her ability to capitalize on her passions.

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