What Businesses Does Joey Fatone Own? Uncover the *NSYNC Star’s Empire

Joey Fatone, once a heartthrob of the pop sensation *NSYNC, has danced his way into the world of entrepreneurship. He’s not just a familiar face from the stage; he’s also made a name for himself in the business arena.

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From serving up hot dogs to producing shows, Joey’s post-boyband journey has been as diverse as his talents. They say life after the limelight can be challenging, but Joey’s got the recipe for success. Let’s take a peek at the ventures that keep him in the spotlight.

Joey Fatone’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Joey Fatone’s leap into the entrepreneurial arena is as dynamic as his performances with *NSYNC. After the spotlights dimmed on the boyband stage, he didn’t miss a beat before diving into a diverse array of business ventures. Displaying the same charisma that won hearts worldwide, he channeled his passion into everything from the food industry to entertainment and broadcasting.

With a knack for recognizing promising opportunities, Joey opened his own hot dog stand, aptly named Fat One’s in Orlando, Florida. Fans lined up not only to get a taste of his specialty dogs but also to catch a glimpse of the pop star serving up orders with a side of nostalgia. Beyond the bustling counters of his eatery, he expanded into events, offering catering services that brought his brand’s savory flavors to parties and gatherings.

In addition to his culinary undertakings, Joey dove headfirst into the entertainment sector. He became a well-known figure on television, hosting game shows and providing commentary that resonated with a wide audience. His personality shone through, keeping viewers glued to their screens.

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Joey’s ventures reflect his adaptability and the ability to connect with people, whether it’s through food or on TV. With each entrepreneurial step, he’s demonstrated that the skills honed on stage can translate to business success. The celebrity’s journey from pop idol to enterprising businessman mirrors the dreams held by many former stars, proving it possible to transition and thrive in new arenas. Joey Fatone’s story is a testament to the potential for reinvention, with his ever-growing empire leaving fans eagerly watching for his next big hit.

Joey’s Hot Dog Business

In a move that melds culinary passion with savvy business sense, Joey Fatone has laid claim to his own slice of the American fast-food landscape. Fat One’s, his brainchild, is not just any hot dog stand. It’s a vibrant testament to his love for comfort food with a twist. Located in the bustling heart of Orlando, Florida, Fat One’s quickly became a hotspot for locals and tourists alike, seeking out its uniquely crafted hot dogs and casual dining experience.

Joey’s decision to open Fat One’s was influenced by a gap he saw in the market for high-quality, imaginative hot dogs that could be enjoyed by all ages. The stand boasts a menu featuring a variety of signature dogs, each with whimsical names that pay homage to his musical past. The Boybander, a fan favorite, is much like a comeback hit, satisfying with its harmonious blend of toppings that deliver a symphony of flavors.

The expansion into catering allows Fat One’s to bring the party to any function, providing the same top-notch franks that customers have come to adore from the stand. It’s not just about the food; it’s about creating an atmosphere, an event that people remember. The catering service is Joey’s way of sharing his vision of fun, flavor-filled gatherings.

Fat One’s encapsulates Joey’s entrepreneurial spirit. His aim to serve quality, affordability, and a dash of nostalgia has struck a chord. To keep the business fresh and responsive, Joey often interacts with customers, gaining insights to continually innovate his offerings. This personal commitment to engagement ensures that Fat One’s is more than a business; it’s a venue where every visit feels like a joyful family reunion, underscored by the sultry scent of sizzling hot dogs.

Joey Fatone Productions

Joey Fatone’s ventures transcend the culinary world with the creation of Joey Fatone Productions, a company manifesting his vision in the entertainment industry. With this initiative, Fatone extends his reach, showcasing his talents beyond music and television hosting. The company specializes in an array of services that include music production, event hosting, and talent acquisition.

At the heart of Joey Fatone Productions is the deep understanding of the show business landscape, sharpened by years of personal industry experience. It’s through this venture that Joey has been able to lend his expertise to other aspiring talents, offering guidance and opportunities. Talent development is a cornerstone of the company, which aims to foster new acts while giving them the exposure necessary to thrive in the competitive entertainment arena.

Behind the scenes, Joey Fatone Productions has been instrumental in orchestrating events that capture the magic of live performance. Whether it’s an intimate corporate affair or a grand concert event, the company is adept at tailoring experiences to fit the desires of any audience. With an impressive roster of connections and the know-how to bring together the right mix of performers, technicians, and creative minds, Joey’s production company has been able to deliver memorable experiences that resonate with attendees long after the curtains close.

The synergy between Joey’s business ventures is palpable. Fat One’s, the beloved hot dog stand with its catering service, often plays a role in events orchestrated by Joey Fatone Productions. The combination of delectable eats with stellar entertainment reflects Joey’s overarching philosophy of providing a total package—a feast for the senses wrapped in a ribbon of nostalgia. This holistic approach has not just attracted a loyal following but has also set a new benchmark for what a celebrity entrepreneur can achieve.

The Fat One’s Big Build

Joey Fatone’s culinary adventure did not just sprout overnight—it’s a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. The creation of Fat One’s required not only a passion for palate-pleasing franks but also a keen understanding of the market’s appetite for nostalgia-infused dining. Joey’s journey into the hot dog haven began with meticulous planning, selecting a prime location in Orlando that would capture both the hearts and appetites of those who had grown up loving *NSYNC and good food.

They didn’t sacrifice quality for convenience; each frankfurter at Fat One’s is crafted with care, combining traditional flavors with inventive twists that make them stand out in the crowded landscape of casual eateries. The menu at Fat One’s is both a reflection of Joey’s personal taste and a nod to the diverse palettes of their customer base—a smorgasbord of options for anyone craving a quintessential American snack.

The build of the Fat One’s venture was marked by savvy marketing campaigns, utilizing Joey’s star power alongside a wave of ’90s nostalgia that was sweeping the nation. Their strategy included leveraging social media buzz and engaging with fans on a personal level, making every customer feel like a VIP at a blockbuster concert.

Behind the scenes, Joey ensured that Fat One’s was more than just a hot dog stand. The brand expansion into catering emerged as a multi-faceted enterprise, offering an array of services to make every event a culinary hit. Collaboration between Fat One’s and Joey Fatone Productions presented an opportunity to offer award-winning frankfurters coupled with first-class entertainment, providing seamless experiences for fans and foodies alike.

As Fat One’s popularity soars, it’s clear that Joey’s ambition stretches beyond the bounds of a traditional celebrity business endeavor. This isn’t just a nostalgic trip down memory lane—it’s a growing empire that’s showing no signs of slowing down. With visions of new locations on the horizon, Joey Fatone’s entrepreneurial journey continues to sizzle, much like the delectable dogs at the heart of Fat One’s.

Joey’s Other Business Ventures

Besides the mouthwatering enterprise of hot dogs, Joey Fatone’s entrepreneurial spirit has thrust him into other business arenas as well, each as flavorful and varied as his sensational snack offerings. Hot Springs in Arkansas is now home to Rabbit Hole Arcade, where Joey sprinkles a bit of his star dust. This entertainment venue is a perfect mix of the past and present, offering both classic arcade games and new virtual reality experiences that cater to all ages.

Moving from the arcade’s flashing lights to the spotlight, Joey hasn’t strayed far from his roots in entertainment. He’s a producer with a keen eye for engaging content. This natural progression led to the creation of Joey Fatone Productions, a company that’s always buzzing with new projects and events designed to capture audiences.

Joey’s penchant for hospitality and entertainment merges in another joint venture, Fatone’s Event Management Company. It specializes in organizing and managing events that are as distinctive as they are memorable. They tailor each event to fit the client’s vision, ensuring a unique experience. Their success lies in the detail-oriented approach and the use of Joey’s entertainment connections, guaranteeing splashy events that are talked about long after the last guest has left.

In the line of consumer products, Fat One’s Brand extends beyond hot dogs, delving into the market of sauces and seasonings. These products are crafted to take home cooking to stardom, with quality ingredients that mirror the zest of Fatone’s personality. It’s another testament to Joey’s ability to connect with fans, this time through their taste buds, bringing his culinary flair right into their kitchens.

As one observes Joey’s business endeavors, it’s clear that each venture is infused with his personal touch and unwavering commitment to creating an experience, whether it’s a high score at the arcade, a captivating production, a sensational event, or a delicious meal at home. Joey Fatone’s ventures are more than mere businesses—they’re extensions of his vibrant charisma and passion for bringing people together.


Joey Fatone’s journey from pop star to entrepreneur showcases his versatility and dedication to creating ventures that resonate with fans and food enthusiasts alike. With Fat One’s and its nostalgic flair, Rabbit Hole Arcade’s blend of retro and modern gaming, and his production and event management companies, Joey has built a diverse portfolio that touches various aspects of entertainment and hospitality. His businesses not only reflect his personal taste but also his commitment to bringing people together through unique experiences. As he continues to expand his reach, Joey Fatone remains a prominent figure in the business world, proving that there’s life beyond the stage for this multi-talented performer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fat One’s?

Fat One’s is a hot dog stand opened by Joey Fatone in Orlando, Florida, offering a variety of hot dogs infused with nostalgic flavors.

What inspired Joey Fatone to start Fat One’s?

Joey Fatone was inspired to create a dining experience that combines nostalgia with his personal taste, reflecting the appeal of a quintessential American snack.

How has Fat One’s expanded its business?

Besides the hot dog stand, Fat One’s has expanded into catering services and aims to open new locations in the future.

What is Joey Fatone’s business approach with Fat One’s?

Joey Fatone employs savvy marketing campaigns, utilizing his star power and ’90s nostalgia to grow the Fat One’s brand.

What is Rabbit Hole Arcade?

Rabbit Hole Arcade is an entertainment venue opened by Joey Fatone in Hot Springs, Arkansas, featuring classic arcade games and modern virtual reality experiences.

What does Joey Fatone Productions specialize in?

Joey Fatone Productions focuses on creating new entertainment projects and events, often collaborating with Fat One’s for a comprehensive experience.

What other business venture has Joey Fatone started?

In addition to Rabbit Hole Arcade and Fat One’s, Joey Fatone has started Fatone’s Event Management Company which organizes and manages unique events.

Can you buy Fat One’s products outside of the hot dog stand?

Yes, the Fat One’s brand includes sauces and seasonings for sale, allowing customers to enjoy Joey’s culinary touch at home.

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