What Businesses Does John Green Own? Explore His Surprising Ventures

John Green isn’t just a bestselling author and YouTube sensation; he’s also a savvy businessman with a diverse portfolio. From his ventures in education and entertainment to his forays into the world of e-commerce, Green’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through.

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They’ve turned their passion for storytelling and education into thriving enterprises that resonate with millions. Let’s dive into the eclectic mix of businesses that John Green has cultivated over the years.

Green Publishing House

Venturing into the world of literature, John Green extends his passion for storytelling through the establishment of the Green Publishing House. This endeavor serves as a testament to his deep-rooted love for the written word. With a focus on innovative and compelling narratives, Green’s publishing house is not just another cog in the literary machine but a beacon that leads and inspires both readers and aspiring writers alike.

The company reflects Green’s commitment to quality and creativity, setting new standards in publishing. They’ve adopted an approach that emphasizes nurturing new talent and giving voice to stories that might otherwise remain unheard. By recognizing the changing dynamics of how stories are consumed in the digital age, Green Publishing House positions itself at the nexus of traditional print and cutting-edge technologies.

Key Achievements of the Green Publishing House:

  • Introduced Immersive Reader Experiences
  • Advanced Digital Storytelling Techniques
  • Supported Emerging Writers
  • Pioneered Eco-Friendly Printing Practices

Beyond the tangible success, the Green Publishing House also prides itself on fostering a community around books. Whether it’s through book clubs, writing workshops, or author events, Green’s vision includes creating spaces where people can connect over shared narratives and experiences. Their outreach programs have notably enhanced literary engagement within various communities, knitting people closer one page at a time.

In the rapidly evolving literary sphere, John Green’s publishing house remains agile. They’re not just keeping up with the times but are a step ahead, predicting and shaping future trends in publishing. This forward-thinking model ensures that the company doesn’t just stay relevant but continues to flourish as a leader in the industry.


In the galaxy of John Green’s business ventures, VidCon shines like a dazzling star of the digital age. Born from the brilliant minds of the Green brothers in 2010, VidCon rapidly blossomed into the world’s largest convention for online video enthusiasts. Its birthplace in Southern California became a mecca for thousands who reveled in the confluence of creators, fans, and industry figureheads.

The conference sprawls over several days, filled with panels, workshops, and performances. It’s a carnival of creativity where emerging YouTubers intermingle with seasoned internet celebrities, sharing their passions and insights. Here, fans don’t just watch their idols from behind a screen—they engage with them, breathe the same air, and celebrate the power of online video together.

Under John Green’s stewardship, VidCon has become a testament to the potency of Internet fame. It’s not just a gathering; it’s an echelon, an incubator for talent destined to shape the digital landscape. The Green brothers’ foresight elevated VidCon from a quirky convention to a cultural powerhouse, showcasing the myriad ways online content can forge communities and kick-start careers.

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Expert Knowledge Sharing
  • Brand Exhibitions
  • Community Building

Beyond mere entertainment, VidCon serves as a touchstone for brands to uncover the latest trends and technologies driving online engagement. Companies large and small vie for attention on the convention floor, each hoping to unlock the secrets of going viral in an ever-evolving digital marketplace.

With the rise of global editions in places such as Australia and London, VidCon has transcended national borders, mirroring the global reach of John Green’s digital influence. His company’s investment in this venture underscores a keen eye for the nexus between technology and human connection, never ceasing to explore new avenues for content creation and distribution.

Crash Course

John Green isn’t just dipping his toes in the publishing and online video convention worlds; he’s also sailing the vast ocean of educational content. This brings to the forefront Crash Course, an educational YouTube channel he co-created with his brother, Hank Green. This platform is a testament to his dedication to making learning accessible and engaging to students worldwide.

Launched in 2012, Crash Course was a visionary move tapping into the growing demand for online education. The channel covers a wide range of subjects, from history and literature to science and economics. Its format is known for being both informative and entertaining, featuring high-quality production values and John’s knack for delivering content in a relatable and oftentimes humorous manner.

Viewership Numbers and Impact

Metric Statistic
Subscribers Over 11 million
Total Views Over 1.3 billion
Courses Offered More than 50

With such impressive figures, it’s no wonder why Crash Course has become a cornerstone in many learners’ education paths. Its role in supplementing traditional education has garnered praise from students, teachers, and educational institutions alike.

In addition to its YouTube success, Crash Course has expanded its resources through partnerships with PBS and the creation of educational materials like study guides and curricula. This expansion serves to prove that Green’s understanding of business goes far beyond a single platform or medium — he designs his enterprises to have a multidimensional impact.

The venture operates under the umbrella of Complexly, a production company founded by the Green brothers. Through Complexly, the channel continues to develop content that does more than just instruct; it inspires a passion for learning and fosters an online community that values education. This strategic move highlights John Green’s savvy in leveraging content to build communities, forge connections, and extend his influence beyond the bookshelf.

DFTBA Records

In the fascinating world of John Green’s business ventures, DFTBA Records shines as a beacon for the musically inclined. Co-founded by Hank Green, John’s equally entrepreneurial brother, DFTBA—an acronym for “Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”—is an independent record label focused on serving the niche market of YouTube musicians and creators.

The label has a mission to bring the art of these online talents to a wider audience, releasing music from a cadre of artists who have cultivated their followings on digital platforms. DFTBA Records not only provides these internet sensations with the distribution channels needed to reach their fans but also presents a suite of services designed to support their growth, including production assistance and merchandising.

With an artist-friendly model, the label ensures that creators retain the majority of their music’s revenue, breaking away from traditional industry practices. This encourages creators to produce original work while maintaining their artistic integrity. Launched in the vibrant digital era, DFTBA has become a hub for innovative music marketing and distribution, aligning perfectly with John Green’s vision of harnessing the internet’s potential.

The label’s success is evident in its growing catalog of music, which includes albums and singles that span a diverse array of genres. DFTBA Records fosters a close-knit community of artists who often collaborate and perform together, further enriching the creative ecosystem they’re a part of. Consequently, the label has also become a sought-after name at conventions like VidCon, where music and internet culture converge in a spectacular fashion.

As DFTBA Records continues to evolve, it exemplifies John Green’s broader entrepreneurial strategy. It stands as a testament to his commitment to empower creators and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the dynamic world of digital media.


John Green’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through his diverse business ventures. From Green Publishing House’s innovative approach to storytelling and community-building to VidCon’s transformation into a hub for digital content creators and Crash Course’s educational impact, Green’s ventures are as varied as they are influential. DFTBA Records further showcases his commitment to supporting independent artists in the digital age. Together, these enterprises reveal a pattern of thoughtful innovation and a dedication to fostering creative communities. Whether it’s through books, online videos, or educational content, John Green’s businesses continue to enrich and inspire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Green Publishing House known for?

The Green Publishing House is recognized for its commitment to quality and creativity in publishing, offering immersive reading experiences and advanced digital storytelling. It also supports new authors and implements eco-friendly printing practices.

How does the Green Publishing House engage its community?

The publishing house fosters a book-centered community by hosting book clubs, writing workshops, and author events, enhancing interactive experiences for readers and writers alike.

What is VidCon, and how does it contribute to online video culture?

VidCon is a convention founded by the Green brothers that celebrates online video, fosters community, and helps content creators, and brands stay abreast of trends and technologies in digital media.

How has VidCon expanded globally under John Green?

Under John Green’s vision, VidCon has scaled internationally, reflecting his insight into evolving content creation and distribution channels, thereby widening its cultural influence.

What is Crash Course, and why is it significant in education?

Crash Course is an educational YouTube channel created by John and Hank Green, offering a vast range of subject content to over 11 million subscribers, and has become a valuable asset in global education systems.

What is the mission of DFTBA Records?

DFTBA Records aims to support YouTube musicians and digital creators by providing resources such as distribution, production assistance, and merchandising services, catering to a niche market and promoting digital media innovation.

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