What Businesses Does Dorit Kemsley Own? Peek Inside Her Empire

Dorit Kemsley’s not just a dazzling presence on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”; she’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a keen eye for fashion and design. She’s turned her passions into profitable ventures, creating a buzz in the business world.

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From luxury swimwear to chic bridal collections, Dorit’s business endeavors reflect her personal style and business acumen. Let’s dive into the empire she’s built and explore the brands that bear her signature flair.

Dorit Kemsley – A Dazzling Presence on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

Since her debut on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, Dorit Kemsley has enchanted viewers with her flair for fashion and a no-nonsense attitude. Her rise to reality TV fame has turned her into a household name, with fans eager to glimpse her luxurious lifestyle and enterprising ventures. She doesn’t just grace the screen; she commands it, with each appearance reinforcing her status as a bona fide entrepreneur.

Dorit’s knack for drama and business has resonated well with the audience, ensuring that she’s not just another pretty face among the glitzy Beverly Hills crowd. Her intricate storylines often intertwine with her professional endeavors, giving the viewers an authentic peek into the hustle it takes to climb to the top in the entrepreneurial world. She has cultivated an image of a woman who can juggle the demands of being a mother, a TV star, and a business magnate—all with her signature panache.

Season after season, Dorit brings to the show her ever-evolving style, showcasing her fashion-forward ensembles that are as much a topic of conversation as the drama that unfolds in the series. It’s her sense of style and keen eye for design that has propelled her business ventures to the forefront. Bravada International Ltd, for instance, partnered with Kemsley to distribute her swimwear, and it’s been a hit among consumers who want a taste of Dorit’s sartorial elegance.

Balancing screen time with boardroom hours, Dorit offers a masterclass in brand management. Each episode she appears in doubles as a platform, showcasing not only Dorit the persona but also Dorit the businesswoman. She leverages her spotlight to drive attention to her various brands, which in turn contributes to her growing empire. It’s clear that her influence extends beyond the confines of reality TV—Dorit Kemsley has successfully blurred the lines between entertainment and entrepreneurship.

Dorit Kemsley – A Savvy Entrepreneur with a Keen Eye for Fashion and Design

Dorit Kemsley, known for her impeccable taste and daring style, isn’t just a television sensation; she’s also carved out a name for herself in the cutthroat world of business. She boasts a diverse portfolio of endeavors, each marked by her signature flair for fashion and design.

Her journey to the apex of the business realm commenced with Dorit International, a global swimwear brand that dazzled the industry with luxurious designs and impeccable quality. The brand catered to women seeking glamour and sophistication in their swimwear. Its success was a testament to Dorit’s ability to identify and capitalize on market gaps.

In addition to swimwear, Dorit expanded her empire to include Beverly Beach by Dorit, a lifestyle line that extended beyond just the beach. It featured resort wear, athleisure, and accessories. This business venture further established her as a versatile designer who understands and effectively responds to varying consumer needs.

Dorit’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop at fashion. She also ventured into the realm of hospitality with Buca di Beppo, a family-style Italian restaurant. As part owner, she revamped the design of the dining space in the Encino location, infusing her chic sensibility into the décor and creating a vibrant new experience for diners.

Throughout her businesses, she seamlessly integrates elements of her personality and her sense of luxury, making each brand distinctly “Dorit.” Her success in these ventures only confirms that she possesses the keen business acumen that transforms personal passion into profitable endeavors.

Her ability to maintain a strong public image while steering her businesses towards continued growth and recognition speaks volumes of her entrepreneurial skills. Dorit continues to captivate fans and consumers alike, not merely as a TV star but as a genuine force in the business world.

Dorit Kemsley’s Profitable Ventures and Buzz in the Business World

Amidst the glitter and glamour, Dorit Kemsley’s role as an astute entrepreneur often plays out as engagingly as the drama on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” While her reality TV fame flourishes, so do her business enterprises.

Beverly Beach by Dorit, her lifestyle brand, has become synonymous with luxury and accessibility. The line offers a range of products from swimwear to athleisure, embracing the casual yet chic vibe that’s become Dorit’s signature style. Fans and fashion enthusiasts alike applaud Dorit’s commitment to high-quality materials and inclusive sizing, which has broadened her customer base significantly.

Dorit’s venture with the established Italian restaurant chain Buca di Beppo brought her culinary dreams to fruition. Capitalizing on her flair for design, she conceptualized and debuted a capri-themed dining room in the Encino location. This collaboration uniquely positioned her in the hospitality sphere, demonstrating her versatility and ability to leave a mark in various industries.

Beyond these endeavors, Dorit’s keen eye for business opportunities has led to collaborative partnerships and endorsements, adding to her growing empire. Each partnership carefully aligns with her brand’s identity and appeals to her established audience.

Through strategic branding efforts, Dorit Kemsley merges her public persona with her business ventures smoothly and effectively. She’s not just another reality star but a savvy businesswoman who meticulously cultivates her ventures for maximum market impact. The buzz in the business world suggests that Dorit is just getting started. As her empire expands, her savvy in selecting and succeeding in business makes her a personality to watch on screen and in the boardroom.

The Empire Dorit Kemsley Has Built

Dorit Kemsley has crafted an empire that would make any self-made mogul take note. She’s a tour de force in the fashion industry with her luxurious swimwear line that caters to those who crave a blend of comfort and high-end design. But that’s merely the tip of the iceberg. Dorit’s entrepreneurial skills shine as she effortlessly segues into the lifestyle domain with Beverly Beach by Dorit, an extension that offers more than just swimwear but a taste of the opulence associated with her brand image.

In the dining sector, Dorit has spiced up the scene with her partnership in the Italian restaurant chain, Buca di Beppo. She’s made her mark by introducing a design concept that echoes her unique aesthetic, providing customers with a dining experience that’s both culinary and visual delight. This savvy businesswoman understands that dining out isn’t just about the food—it’s about the ambiance, the feeling, and the memories conjured at the table.

Her portfolio doesn’t end with fine swimwear and dining; it expands even further:

  • Fashion and lifestyle brands that radiate her chic taste
  • Partnerships with established businesses, harnessing her aptitude for branding
  • Endorsements that align with her personal ethos and bolster her public image
  • Media appearances that not only entertain but also serve as strategic marketing for her ventures

Building upon her visibility, Dorit uses every screen appearance to subtly promote her businesses. It’s no coincidence that you’ll spot her brand’s designs and logos peppered throughout episodes of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” It’s a seamless union of business acumen and the art of being on camera.

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a knack for recognizing opportunities and Dorit’s intelligence in this sphere is unmistakable. She capitalizes on trends, consumer behavior, and, most importantly, her growing fanbase to expand her reach. In the ever-evolving markets of fashion and hospitality, Dorit Kemsley stands out as a visionary who’s not afraid to redefine the standards of luxury and lifestyle.

Exploring the Brands That Bear Dorit Kemsley’s Signature Flair

Dorit Kemsley isn’t just a TV personality; she’s the creative force behind a bevy of businesses. Each venture holds a distinctive blend of luxury and practicality, echoing her own lifestyle and fashion sense.

Dorit International was her first foray into the fashion world. This swimwear collection seamlessly marries comfort with high-end design, catering to those who seek effortless elegance poolside. Pieces from Dorit International often feature bold prints and are crafted to flatter diverse body types, reflecting Dorit’s inclusive approach to fashion.

Transitioning from the tranquil vibe of beachwear, she established Beverly Beach by Dorit. This lifestyle brand extends her reach into apparel, accessories, and home products. The range offers everything from chic sunglasses to captivating kaftans, all suffused with the casual glamour synonymous with Beverly Hills.

Beyond textiles, Dorit’s collaboration with Buca di Beppo reflects her spirit in a different light. Here, her knack for design transcends into the realm of hospitality. One can dine amidst the ‘Capri Room,’ a space at the Encino location inspired by her penchant for Mediterranean aesthetics. The partnership is more than a simple endorsement; it’s a merging of her entrepreneurial acumen with a personalized touch, proving her ventures are not just business moves but extensions of her own brand.

With an array of offerings, Dorit Kemsley’s brand universe continues to expand. Each enterprise, while unique, embodies a shared philosophy of blending the luxurious with the accessible. It’s this balance that resonates with her audience and cements her status as a mogul in the making. Whether stepping into a comfortable yet chic Beverly Beach coverup or savoring the ambiance of Buca di Beppo, customers are enveloped in an experience that’s undeniably Dorit.


Dorit Kemsley’s multifaceted business empire is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and keen eye for blending luxury with accessibility. Whether it’s through her swimwear and lifestyle brands or her foray into the hospitality industry, she’s crafted a unique niche for herself. As she continues to grow her ventures, Dorit remains a dynamic force in both entertainment and business. Her journey is a clear indicator that with passion and a strategic approach, one can successfully translate personal style into a thriving brand universe. Keep an eye on Dorit; she’s showing no signs of slowing down and her empire is sure to flourish even further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dorit Kemsley?

Dorit Kemsley is a reality TV star known for her role in the show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” She is also a mother, a fashion designer, and a businesswoman with ventures in swimwear, lifestyle brands, and the hospitality industry.

What businesses does Dorit Kemsley own?

Dorit Kemsley owns Dorit International, a swimwear brand; Beverly Beach by Dorit, a lifestyle brand; and she has a partnership with Buca di Beppo in the hospitality industry.

How has Dorit Kemsley combined her public persona with her business dealings?

Dorit Kemsley has leveraged her reality TV fame to bolster her business ventures. She infuses her fashion-forward style and personal flair into her brands, aligning her public persona with her businesses for greater market impact.

What is Beverly Beach by Dorit?

Beverly Beach by Dorit is a lifestyle brand that encompasses a range of products including swimwear, accessories, and home decor, reflecting Dorit’s personal style and sophistication.

How is Dorit expanding her business empire?

Dorit is continuously exploring new market opportunities and expanding her brand portfolio. Each of her ventures showcases a blend of luxury and accessibility, exemplifying her philosophy of practicality and indulgence in her business approach.

What philosophy do Dorit’s business ventures embody?

Dorit’s business ventures embody a philosophy of blending luxury with accessibility. She is committed to creating products and experiences that are both high-end and attainable, mirroring her own lifestyle and fashion sensibilities.

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