What Businesses Does Tom Sandoval Own? Unveiling His Empire Beyond TV

Tom Sandoval’s entrepreneurial spirit has taken him far beyond the glitz and drama of reality TV. Known for his role on “Vanderpump Rules,” he’s also been making waves in the business world. But what ventures has this reality star turned his attention to?

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From mixology to music, Sandoval’s portfolio is as diverse as his on-screen personality. Fans might be surprised to learn that his interests aren’t just limited to the bar scene. Let’s dive into the businesses that keep Tom Sandoval’s entrepreneurial flame burning bright.

Tom Sandoval’s Business Ventures

Beyond the glimmer of reality TV, Tom Sandoval has etched his mark in various entrepreneurial endeavors. Seeking out new opportunities with agility, he has managed to amass a remarkable portfolio that includes ownership stakes in bars, restaurants, and other ventures.

The foundations of Sandoval’s business empire were laid when he invested in TomTom Bar, a trendy hot spot in West Hollywood. His foray into the hospitality industry didn’t stop there; Sandoval continued to expand his influence by diving into other ventures such as the innovative cocktail company that’s been shaking up the mixology scene.

But Sandoval’s pursuits extend past the fluid world of beverages. He’s also taken a keen interest in grooming products, launching his line tailored towards style-conscious consumers. This diversification showcases his ability to identify and capitalize on niche markets, bringing quality products that resonate with his personal brand.

His business acumen isn’t just limited to ventures under his direct control. Sandoval has been known to form strategic partnerships, lending his name and expertise to collaborations that benefit from his star power and business savvy. These progressive moves not only fortify his existing ventures but also open doors to new markets and demographics.

  • Businesses Owned by Tom Sandoval:
    • TomTom Bar
    • A cocktail company
    • Line of grooming products

Each step Sandoval takes in the business world is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. His ability to juggle multiple ventures alongside a demanding TV schedule is no small feat, rendering him a seasoned player in both the entertainment and business arenas. With every new project that Sandoval touches, he continues to expand his empire, proving that his knack for business goes hand in hand with his television fame.

Mixology Madness: TomTom

In the heart of West Hollywood, Tom Sandoval, alongside his business partner Tom Schwartz and the indomitable Lisa Vanderpump, has manifested a cocktail connoisseur’s dreamscape in the form of TomTom Bar & Restaurant. With a flair for theatrics and passion for mixology, Sandoval has meticulously crafted a space where innovation meets classic sophistication.

The ambiance of TomTom is an eclectic fusion of industrial chic and Victorian charm, a perfect backdrop for the cocktail artistry that patrons have come to adore. Sandoval’s involvement doesn’t stop at the aesthetics; he’s hands-on with the development of TomTom’s celebrated cocktail menu. Every glass that graces the bar top is laden with the promise of a unique experience — be that a burst of unexpected flavor or a presentation that captivates the senses.

One might think that running a successful bar would be enough to satiate an entrepreneur’s thirst, but for Sandoval, it’s just one layer of his burgeoning enterprise. TomTom’s success is emblematic of his dedication to immersive customer experiences and the cultivation of a brand identity that resonates beyond the walls of the establishment.

The team’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. Since its inception, TomTom has gained commendation for its distinctive drink menu and has even received a nomination for “Best Bar in Southern California”. They’ve tapped into a niche where patrons don’t just seek a night out; they’re in pursuit of memories woven into the fabric of finely shaken cocktails and exquisitely garnished spirits.

Behind the bar, Sandoval often takes the helm, showcasing his mixologist skills, which are as much a part of the TomTom experience as the drinks themselves. His inventive cocktails often include ingredients like dry ice and edible glitter, symbolizing a nightlife experience that’s both luxurious and whimsical. The level of detail put into each element — from the choice of glassware to the twist of a garnish — reflects a commitment to excellence that has become synonymous with the TomTom brand.

A Toast to Success: Fancy AF Cocktails

Beyond the bustling ambiance of TomTom Bar & Restaurant, Tom Sandoval’s entrepreneurial spirit stirred up another venture—authoring a cocktail book. Fancy AF Cocktails is a delightful concoction of Sandoval’s creations and is more than just a mixology manual. It’s a testament to his ingenuity in the realm of spirits and showmanship.

With co-author Ariana Madix, Sandoval shakes things up, offering readers a sip into the duo’s personal favorites and TomTom’s signature drinks. This book isn’t merely a collection of recipes—it’s an invitation to a glamorous world where each cocktail tells a story and each garnish serves a purpose.

The drinks range from the understatedly elegant to the exuberantly extravagant. What sets Fancy AF Cocktails apart is Sandoval’s dedication to both the aesthetics and the flavors of the beverages. A prime example of his attention to detail is the “Diamonds are Forever” cocktail. It features hibiscus liqueur, champagne, and a shimmering glaze of edible diamond dust, crafted to ensure each sip dazzles the palate as much as it does the eye.

Cocktail Name Main Ingredient Special Feature
Diamonds are Forever Hibiscus Liqueur Edible Diamond Dust
The Toms’ Margarita Tequila Smoked Salt Rim
Kentucky Muffin Bourbon Maple Syrup Infusion

The business of crafting cocktails and writing books allows Tom Sandoval to mold his brand into something that extends beyond the screen and into the homes and hands of fans. It’s a savvy move that not only showcases his expertise but also keeps his personal brand relevant in the highly competitive entertainment and hospitality industries.

Patrons of the bar and readers alike rave about the imaginative presentations and depth of flavor, each recipe a new opportunity to experience TomTom’s essence. With Fancy AF Cocktails, Tom Sandoval proves that his success in business is not just a fluke but a well-mixed blend of passion, innovation, and the ability to turn the everyday into the extraordinary.

Bringing the Beats: Charles McMansion Records

Tom Sandoval’s empire isn’t limited to high-end cocktails and reality television cameos—he’s also rocking the music world with Charles McMansion Records. This label serves as a creative outlet for Sandoval’s musical ambitions, a side that fans might find just as compelling as his on-screen persona. Together with his fellow musician and friend, Isaac Kappy, they formed the duo Charles McMansion, providing Sandoval a platform to express his passion for music and entertainment beyond the confines of reality TV’s glitz and glam.

At Charles McMansion Records, creativity meets business acumen. Sandoval’s involvement goes beyond the performance stage as he takes a hands-on approach to produce and promote his and other artists’ music. With a knack for branding, Sandoval leverages his celebrity from “Vanderpump Rules” to attract an audience eager for tunes that resonate with the infectious energy he’s known for.

The record label’s progressive and eclectic sound mixes electronic dance music with an unmistakable pop influence. It’s a bold move in a competitive industry, yet Sandoval’s dedication and unique take have carved out a niche for Charles McMansion Records that spurs conversation and fan enthusiasm. Their release “T.I.P.” showcases this blend, combining catchy hooks with a humorous take on pop culture that reflects Sandoval’s personality.

Expanding his reach, Tom Sandoval ensures that his brand isn’t tied down to any singular venture. Charles McMansion Records might not be the most conventional step for a reality TV star, but for Sandoval, it’s a harmonious fit that ties in with his larger entrepreneurial vision. He’s not just selling a product—he’s offering an experience, whether it’s through the senses of taste at TomTom or through the resonating beats of his music label.

Fashion Forward: The Ricky Zapa Collection

Tom Sandoval’s eye for style and passion for self-expression steered him into the fashion industry with his own line, the Ricky Zapa Collection. The brand encapsulates Sandoval’s personal style, which blends a modern rock ‘n’ roll ethos with a touch of polished charm. It’s a venture that spans beyond mere clothing—it’s about crafting an identity and a lifestyle that resonates with those who dare to stand out.

The collection features an Eclectic Mix of Apparel, ranging from graphic tees adorned with edgy artwork to tailored blazers that make a statement at any event. Sandoval’s involvement is palpable in the meticulous attention to detail that goes into each design. He’s not just the face of the brand; he’s actively engaged in the creative process, ensuring that each piece is a reflection of his aesthetic vision.

  • Graphic tees with edgy designs
  • Tailored blazers for statement pieces
  • Accessories that complete any look

With Sustainability becoming increasingly important to consumers, Sandoval integrates eco-friendly practices into the production of his collection. The use of organic materials and ethical manufacturing processes showcases his commitment to not only style but also to environmental stewardship. It reflects an understanding that modern businesses have a role to play in creating a better future.

The Ricky Zapa Collection has carved out a spot for itself in the fashion world, exciting fashionistas and Sandoval’s fans alike. Through strategic partnerships with boutiques and online platforms, Sandoval has ensured that his unique fashion sense is accessible to a broad audience. The brand’s presence on social media and at fashion events has amplified its reach, creating a buzz that keeps the public eagerly anticipating the next release.

Beyond apparel, the collection also boasts an array of Accessories. From leather wristbands to signature sunglasses, these items add the final touch to an ensemble, giving customers the ability to fully immerse themselves in the Ricky Zapa lifestyle. The diversity in the range of products indicates Sandoval’s understanding that fashion is a full experience—not just the clothes one wears but the accessories that highlight one’s personality.

Tom Sandoval’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in the way he’s expanded his reach across various industries. With the Ricky Zapa Collection, he continues to build a brand that’s not just about appearances but about making bold statements and living with authenticity.


Tom Sandoval has truly made a mark in the entrepreneurial world, from the bustling ambiance of TomTom Bar & Restaurant to the pages of his cocktail book and the beats of Charles McMansion Records. His dive into the fashion industry with the Ricky Zapa Collection showcases his versatility and commitment to sustainable practices. It’s clear that Sandoval’s passion for innovation and quality resonates in every venture he undertakes, offering his fans and customers a taste of his creative spirit. Whether they’re sipping a craft cocktail, tuning into his music, or donning a piece from his fashion line, they’re experiencing the essence of Sandoval’s dynamic business acumen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses is Tom Sandoval involved in?

Tom Sandoval has diversified his interests beyond reality TV. He’s involved in the TomTom Bar & Restaurant, authored the cocktail book “Fancy AF Cocktails,” manages Charles McMansion Records, and has launched the fashion line Ricky Zapa Collection.

What is the Ricky Zapa Collection?

The Ricky Zapa Collection is Tom Sandoval’s fashion line that includes a range of apparel and accessories. The collection reflects Sandoval’s personal style and emphasizes attention to detail, with a focus on sustainability practices during production.

How is Sandoval’s Ricky Zapa Collection gaining popularity?

Sandoval’s Ricky Zapa Collection is becoming popular through strategic partnerships, effective use of social media, and active participation in fashion events.

Does Sandoval’s fashion line incorporate sustainability?

Yes, sustainability practices are incorporated into the production of the Ricky Zapa Collection, aligning with a commitment to environmentally responsible fashion.

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