What Businesses Does Miley Cyrus Own? Unveiling Her Impactful Ventures

Miley Cyrus isn’t just a powerhouse on stage; she’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a flair for business. From her roots as a teen idol to a global superstar, she’s managed to translate her fame into a series of smart business ventures.

They say the best artists reinvent themselves, and Miley’s done just that, but not only with her image—she’s also diversified her portfolio. Let’s dive into the world of Miley Cyrus, the business mogul, and discover the enterprises she’s built beyond the microphone.

Toluca Lake Farm

Tucked away in the celebrity-studded neighborhood of Toluca Lake, California, sits a charming oasis known as Toluca Lake Farm. This pastoral paradise is another gem in Miley Cyrus’s crown of business ventures. It’s a testament to her desire to connect with nature and her love for animals. The farm is not just a haven for relaxation but a thoughtful business move that caters to the organic lifestyle.

The Toluca Lake Farm is a refreshing departure from Miley’s music persona. She has transformed part of her personal haven into a boutique supplier of fresh, organic produce. Specializing in farm-to-table goods, Miley’s farm offers a range of organically grown fruits and vegetables. They aren’t just for personal use – they’re handpicked and distributed to local farmers’ markets, providing a slice of country life to the urban surroundings of Los Angeles.

In addition, her passion for animals shines through the farm’s animal rescue operations. It serves as a sanctuary for rescue animals, which aligns perfectly with her public advocacy for animal rights. The rescued animals on the farm are not just protected; they become part of the unique branding of Toluca Lake Farm.

With sustainability at its heart, Toluca Lake Farm is also in stride with eco-friendly practices. From solar-powered facilities to composting and natural pest control methods, every aspect of the farm emphasizes environmental stewardship. This is not only good for the planet but also appeals to a growing demographic of eco-conscious consumers.

The Toluca Lake Farm is an embodiment of Miley’s ability to blend personal interests with business acumen. Her fans appreciate the authenticity she brings to this venture, which only solidifies their support for her diverse business pursuits. As this enterprise continues to grow, it remains anchored in the principles of health, wellness, and compassion that Miley Cyrus champions.

Smilers Merchandise

In the constellation of Miley Cyrus’s business enterprises, the radiant star of Smilers Merchandise shines bright. Fans and fashion enthusiasts alike will find that Miley’s merchandise line perfectly embodies her quirky, bold, and unapologetically unique style. It isn’t just a brand; it’s a testament to her close relationship with her fans.

The Smilers brand encompasses a vast array of apparel and accessories. It features designs that often dip into the well of Miley’s discography, using her lyrics and iconic imagery to create statement pieces that fans can’t wait to adorn themselves with. Items range from cozy hoodies and vibrant T-shirts to eclectic jewelry, all meant to empower and inspire individuality among her following.

What sets Smilers Merchandise apart is the personal touch Miley brings to the table. Seasonal releases and limited-edition items keep the offerings fresh and in-demand. Fan engagement is high with frequent social media teases of upcoming collections, allowing her followers to feel intimately involved in the brand’s evolution.

  • Apparel: Hoodies, T-shirts, Leggings
  • Accessories: Hats, Bags, Jewelry
  • Limited Edition: Signed Memorabilia, Custom Designs

The business savvy here is apparent in how Miley’s brand capitalizes on the ever-changing tides of fashion while remaining true to her artistic vision. In a move that highlights her commitment to inclusivity and diversity, Smilers Merchandise also boasts a range of sizes catering to fans of all body types.

As the merchandise line continues to thrive, it serves as a vibrant platform for fan expression. Each purchase is not just a transaction but an exchange in a community that Miley has carefully nurtured: an ecosystem where fans are not just consumers but participants in the shared journey of her evolving career. As the Smilers brand grows, it remains anchored in the heart of what makes Miley Cyrus a revered icon—her unwavering dedication to her fans and her craft.

Happy Hippie Foundation

In the glamorous world of celebrity ventures, Miley Cyrus’s altruistic efforts shine particularly bright with the inception of the Happy Hippie Foundation. Established by Cyrus in 2014, the organization is a beacon of hope for LGBTQ youth, homeless populations, and other vulnerable groups seeking assistance and empowerment. The foundation underscores her commitment to use her considerable influence for societal good beyond her music and commercial pursuits.

The Happy Hippie Foundation’s mission is twofold: promoting acceptance and providing critical resources. They direct funds and attention to programs that create safe spaces, support mental health, and advocate for equality. Under the umbrella of Happy Hippie, Miley collaborates with reputable partners like My Friend’s Place to offer arts, education, and wellness services.

Moreover, the organization doesn’t shy away from the spotlight; it magnifies it on issues that demand action. By leveraging social media and celebrity events, Happy Hippie raises awareness and prompts conversations around pressing societal challenges. Miley’s proactive approach in leading such a charity sets her apart as a true humanitarian among her peers in the entertainment industry.

The foundation has been a springboard for a number of initiatives, including Happy Hippie Presents: Backyard Sessions. Through these musical collaborations with other artists, Miley Cyrus has not only showcased her versatility as a musician but has also raised substantial funds to support the foundation’s endeavors. These sessions have highlighted the work of the organization and engaged fans in contributing to the cause, proving that celebrity-led philanthropy can wield substantial influence when it aligns with public interest and genuine compassion.

As the Happy Hippie Foundation progresses, it continues to support and launch projects that resonate with Miley’s personal values and public spirit. These initiatives clearly reflect how business acumen can intertwine with a heartfelt mission to generate positive social impact. The foundation does not merely add to Miley Cyrus’s business repertoire—it amplifies the message that success and compassion can go hand in hand, fostering a culture of empathy and action within the industry.

Viva Glam Partnership with MAC Cosmetics

In the high-stakes world of celebrity branding, Miley Cyrus’s collaboration with MAC Cosmetics truly stands out. The Viva Glam line, which is known for its bold lipsticks and history of famous faces, welcomed Miley with open arms, and she certainly made her mark.

Channeling her electric personality into the product, Miley’s Viva Glam collection burst onto the scene with vibrant hues and a fearless attitude. Each sale of the Viva Glam lipstick and lipglass included a special bonus: every cent went to the MAC AIDS Fund, which supports people affected by HIV/AIDS around the globe.

Since its inception, Viva Glam has raised a staggering amount of funds, showcasing how a partnership between a global cosmetics giant and a powerhouse celebrity can not only look good but do good. Here’s how the numbers stack up:

Viva Glam Sales Contributions
Over $500 Million USD Raised

Moreover, the campaign was more than just a business move; it was Miley’s way of speaking out on important issues. True to her nature, she used the platform to push boundaries and spark conversations, extending her influence beyond the realm of music and fashion to touch on social activism.

The synergy between Miley and MAC Cosmetics went beyond profits and glossy ad campaigns. Together, they demonstrated a shared vision of empowerment, inclusivity, and giving back to the community. As Miley’s fans, known as Smilers, swiped on their Viva Glam shades, they were actively participating in a global movement for change, reflecting the dual impact of Miley’s ventures as both profitable and purpose-driven.


Miley Cyrus’s partnership with MAC Cosmetics embodies her commitment to blending business with philanthropy. Through the Viva Glam line she’s not only sharing her vibrant style but also championing social causes. This collaboration is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to making a difference. Miley’s business ventures go beyond mere profit; they’re a powerful conduit for change. Whether it’s by sparking dialogue or supporting those in need her influence is felt both in the marketplace and the wider community. It’s clear that Miley’s business acumen and her passion for advocacy are a dynamic and inspiring combination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Miley Cyrus’s collaboration with MAC Cosmetics?

Miley Cyrus partnered with MAC Cosmetics to create a special Viva Glam lipstick line, with all proceeds going to support the MAC AIDS Fund, which helps people affected by HIV/AIDS.

How does the Viva Glam line reflect Miley Cyrus’s personality?

The Viva Glam line is known for its bold and vibrant lipsticks, mirroring Miley Cyrus’s electric personality and fearless attitude.

What does the collaboration between Miley and MAC Cosmetics signify?

The collaboration signifies a mutual commitment to empowerment, inclusivity, and social responsibility. It combines philanthropy with business, leveraging Miley’s influence to support a greater cause.

How does purchasing from the Viva Glam line contribute to the MAC AIDS Fund?

Every purchase of the Viva Glam lipstick directs 100% of the selling price to the MAC AIDS Fund, supporting men, women, and children affected by HIV/AIDS globally.

What message does Miley Cyrus hope to convey through this collaboration?

Through this collaboration, Miley Cyrus hopes to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS, empower individuals, and inspire conversations about important social issues.

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