What Businesses Does Ken Block Own? Unveiling the Empire Beyond DC Shoes

Ken Block’s not just a rally driver with a penchant for drifting into the global spotlight. He’s also a serial entrepreneur with a knack for steering businesses to success. From kickstarting trends in the action sports industry to leaving tire marks in the world of digital media, Block’s portfolio is as diverse as his rally car liveries.

They say variety is the spice of life, and Block’s business ventures are a testament to that. He’s juggled roles from co-founding a game-changing shoe company to launching a brand that’s all about the thrill of the drive. Stay tuned as we dive into the empire built by this high-octane visionary.

Block’s Entrepreneurial Journey Begins

The business saga of Ken Block commenced with a spark of creativity meshed with a passion for action sports. This adrenaline-loving driver knew that his need for speed should fuel more than just his rally career. Alongside Damon Way, he co-founded DC Shoes in 1994. The brand catapulted into fame, aligning itself with the skateboarding scene and becoming synonymous with the sport’s culture. Block’s keystroke of genius lay in his ability to merge function with fashion, crafting products that resonated with athletes and style-conscious youth alike.

Transitioning from apparel to the automotive sphere, Block shifted gears with the launch of Hoonigan Industries. The automotive lifestyle brand emerged as a beacon for car enthusiasts who share Block’s penchant for high-octane excitement. The company’s ventures range from producing edgy apparel to creating thrilling automotive content that stokes the flames of petrol-heads around the globe.

To enumerate the businesses Ken Block has his hands in:

  • DC Shoes: A pioneering skateboarding shoe company
  • Hoonigan Industries: An automotive brand catering to thrill-seekers and car fanatics

But Block’s business acumen isn’t confined to DC Shoes and Hoonigan. The expansion of his empire is as dynamic as his driving. He has his own team, Hoonigan Racing Division, which operates at the intersection of racing performance and brand marketing. Meanwhile, Block’s influence extends beyond the tangible, as he maneuvers through the digital realm attracting followers in the millions. These fans not only watch his rally escapades but also his business ventures unfold.

Restless in his pursuit of growth, Block’s foray into entrepreneurialism is decorated with strategic partnerships and innovative ventures. They collectively embody his personal brand—one that’s undeniably intense and deeply ingrained in the automotive and action sports industries.

From Shoes to Success: DC Shoes

Ken Block’s journey into the entrepreneurial world began with the founding of DC Shoes. In 1994, Block, along with Damon Way, started what would become a global powerhouse in the skateboarding industry. DC Shoes wasn’t just another shoe company; it was a game-changer, blending skate functionality with an undeniable edge in fashion. The brand quickly resonated with the skater community, capturing their spirit and dedication.

Their approach was revolutionary, mixing daring designs with durable materials, ideal for skateboarders who demanded both style and substance from their gear. DC Shoes gained momentum by sponsoring professional skaters, raising the profile of the sport, and by extension, their brand.

Marketing strategies were not simple endorsements; they were partnerships with athletes who lived and breathed the skateboarding lifestyle. Block’s keen eye for branding was evident in every campaign, video, and product launch. By turning skaters into icons and their feats into legends, DC Shoes didn’t just sell shoes — they sold a lifestyle.

As DC Shoes carved its niche in the action sports world, their catalog expanded to include apparel and accessories, transforming them from a specialized shoe manufacturer into a full-fledged lifestyle brand. The broadening of their product line propelled DC Shoes into a multi-category contender, extending its reach beyond skate parks and into mainstream culture.

By the time DC Shoes was acquired by Quiksilver in 2004, the brand had become a coveted name, boasting substantial financial figures and a dedicated following. The sale did not mark an end to Block’s involvement; rather, it provided a new platform for him to explore other ventures with the knowledge and experience gleaned from building a successful brand from the ground up.

Block’s tenure at DC Shoes laid the foundation for a future that was ripe with potential, propelling him into his next automotive adventure with an already robust fan base, eagerly waiting to see what he’d steer towards next.

Revolutionizing Action Sports: Gymkhana and Hoonigan

After his success with DC Shoes, Ken Block embarked on a thrilling venture that would once again shake the world of action sports. Block co-founded Hoonigan Industries, an automotive lifestyle brand that caters to motoring enthusiasts. Hoonigan became more than a brand; it’s a manifestation of Block’s passion for cars, speed, and extreme driving.

Hoonigan’s repertoire extends to a wide array of merchandise including apparel, accessories, and auto parts, but its defining masterpiece is the Gymkhana video series. These videos showcase Block’s driving prowess as he performs complex maneuvers and stunts with precision and flair. Gymkhana not only redefined car stunts but also introduced a fresh dimension to viral automotive content, growing a global following obsessed with the fusion of motorsport precision and urban playgrounds.

Block’s masterful driving and the audacious spirit of the Gymkhana series propelled Hoonigan into the limelight. The high-octane displays of drifting, jumps, and donuts intersect the realms of sports and entertainment, captivating audiences worldwide. Hoonigan’s content isn’t just about the thrill—it’s a meticulous choreography of man, machine, and the environment, turning cityscapes into racetracks and industrial complexes into obstacle courses.

The impact of Ken Block’s creations goes beyond entertainment. Block and his Hoonigan brand have fostered a community, a culture that celebrates the rebellious spirit and the joy of driving. With every merchandise drop, every new video release, Hoonigan reinforces its status as a cultural icon within the action sports and automotive industries. Echoing the success of DC Shoes, Ken Block’s ventures continue to engage with fans and revolutionize industries, steering clear from the mainstream and venturing into uncharted territories, much to the delight of action sports enthusiasts and car aficionados alike.

The Digital Side: Hoonigan Media Machine

As Ken Block’s ventures undeniably skew towards high-octane excitement, his business acumen is equally attuned to the digital realm. Hoonigan Media Machine stands as a testament to his foresight in the power of digital influence and content creation. This arm of his empire doesn’t simply market products; it crafts compelling digital narratives that resonate with millions around the globe.

Crafting a strong online presence, Hoonigan Media Machine has established itself as the content production powerhouse for automotive storytelling. Their videos feature jaw-dropping stunts and car builds that inspire and educate. By leveraging the captivating power of social media platforms, Hoonigan is able to interact with fans, creating an engaging community atmosphere. They’ve turned viewers into loyal followers and customers, employing strategies that many businesses can only admire from afar.

They’ve harnessed the potential of various social channels to distribute content broadly. YouTube stands as a central hub for their most visually captivating offerings. Hoonigan has capitalized on the platform’s algorithm, ensuring their content surges to the top of the feeds of car enthusiasts and beyond. Each video serves not just as entertainment, but as a strategic vehicle to drive brand recognition and loyalty.

Aside from their popular YouTube channel, Hoonigan ensures they’re not putting all their pistons in one engine. Their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts are meticulously curated with behind-the-scenes looks, merchandise teases, and engaging dialogue. It’s a complete digital ecosystem that mirrors the discipline and creativity of their leader, Block.

It’s clear that Hoonigan Media Machine isn’t just riding the wave of digital trends—it’s making the waves. Their content seamlessly integrates with their product offerings, creating an immersive brand experience. By embracing the digital age, Block and his team have set a new standard for brand-building in the digital realm. This savvy move highlights not only his entrepreneurial spirit but a refined understanding of brand synergy and modern marketing.

Beyond Motorsports: DI Block

As Ken Block skidded into the business world with fervor, he didn’t confine his entrepreneurial spirit to the racetrack or the apparel racks of Hoonigan. DI Block, another jewel in his enterprise crown, reflects his profound understanding of diversification. Turning the gears towards the world of technology and digital solutions, DI Block unveils another facet of Block’s relentless ambition.

DI Block isn’t just another tech startup—it’s an embodiment of cutting-edge digital innovation. The venture scales the heights of software development, offering products that streamline and revolutionize the way businesses function. With DI Block, Ken Block is shifting gears into a world where silicon meets speed—a true hallmark of his adaptive entrepreneurial philosophy.

Not content with trailing behind, this digital powerhouse distinguishes itself with specialties in:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Enterprise Software Solutions
  • Cloud-based Services

Each of these tech avenues is an opportunity for Ken to fuse his passion for high performance with the ever-evolving digital landscape. His drive to excel resonates through DI Block’s commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring every product isn’t just a tool, but a game-changer.

Moreover, savvy as ever, Block realizes the synergy between his brands. Hoonigan’s immense popularity and formidable digital presence feed seamlessly into the tech venture, creating a cyclical ecosystem of brand growth and exposure. DI Block thrives not as a standalone entity but as an integral part of a larger, dynamic empire.

While Ken Block made his name synonymous with burnt rubber and breakneck speeds, DI Block casts a broader net to capture the tech-savvy and innovation-hungry audience. His versatility as an entrepreneur shines through as he maneuvers through uncharted business territories with the same precision and confidence he exhibits on the racecourse. With each new release, be it an app or enterprise software, DI Block cements Ken’s status as a multifaceted business maven, always racing ahead of the curve.


Ken Block’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to a diverse portfolio of successful businesses, each a reflection of his passion and innovation. From the game-changing DC Shoes to the adrenaline-fueled Hoonigan Industries, Block’s ventures have not only captured the hearts of extreme sports and car enthusiasts but have also set trends in fashion and digital content. His ability to evolve and tap into new markets is evident with the establishment of DI Block, pushing the boundaries of technology and digital solutions. Block’s ventures are more than just businesses; they’re cultural phenomena that continue to inspire and excite fans worldwide. As he gears up for future endeavors, one thing is certain: Ken Block’s influence will keep accelerating, leaving an indelible mark on the industries he touches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ken Block?

Ken Block is an entrepreneur who co-founded DC Shoes in 1994 and later established Hoonigan Industries, known for its automotive lifestyle products and the viral Gymkhana video series. He is recognized for his contribution to action sports and the automotive industry.

What did Ken Block’s DC Shoes bring to the skateboarding industry?

DC Shoes, founded by Ken Block, revolutionized the skateboarding industry by blending skate functionality with style, significantly impacting skater fashion and culture.

What is Hoonigan?

Hoonigan is an automotive lifestyle brand founded by Ken Block that caters to car enthusiasts, offering merchandise, accessories, and auto parts, and is famous for its thrilling Gymkhana video series.

What makes the Gymkhana video series special?

The Gymkhana series, created by Ken Block and Hoonigan, features complex car stunts and maneuvers executed with precision, redefining car stunts and influencing viral automotive content.

How has Ken Block impacted the automotive and action sports culture?

Ken Block has shaped automotive and action sports culture by creating a community around the Hoonigan brand, celebrating the rebellious spirit of driving, and pushing the envelope in digital content creation.

What is Hoonigan Media Machine?

Hoonigan Media Machine is a branch of Hoonigan Industries focused on digital content creation, storytelling, and building an engaging community through social media platforms.

What is DI Block?

DI Block is Ken Block’s venture into technology and digital solutions, offering products such as mobile app development, enterprise software, and cloud services, leveraging the digital presence established by Hoonigan.

What is the relationship between Hoonigan and DI Block?

DI Block capitalizes on the popularity and digital savvy of the Hoonigan brand to promote its technology and digital solution offerings, thus creating a synergy between Ken Block’s ventures.

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