What Businesses Does Jeremy Clarkson Own? Unveiling His Empire Beyond TV

Jeremy Clarkson’s known for his wit and passion for cars on “Top Gear” and “The Grand Tour,” but there’s more to him than just fast cars and snarky comments. He’s also a savvy businessman with a diverse portfolio.

From a bustling farm in the Cotswolds to a thriving merchandise empire, Clarkson’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through. Let’s take a peek at the businesses that keep him busy off the telly.

He’s not just a presenter; he’s a farmer, shopkeeper, and more. Stay tuned as we dive into Jeremy Clarkson’s world beyond the camera.

Jeremy Clarkson’s Diverse Business Ventures

Enter the world of Jeremy Clarkson, a man whose entrepreneurial spirit extends far beyond hosting television shows. He’s got his fingers in a number of prosperous pies, each as intriguing as his on-screen escapades.

At the heart of Clarkson’s empire is Diddly Squat Farm, a sprawling piece of the Cotswolds, where he’s more than just a figurehead; he’s a hands-on farmer. This venture was not merely for show, but a genuine attempt at agriculture that fans have eagerly watched unfold on “Clarkson’s Farm.” Here, he cultivates crops and tends to livestock, putting in the hard yards that farming demands.

Beyond the furrows and fields, Jeremy’s business acumen shines through his merchandise empire. T-shirts, hats, and all manner of memorabilia emblazoned with witty quips and the iconic Diddly Squat logo fly off the shelves. The brand’s pull is undeniable, blending Clarkson’s humor with a touch of country charm. The merchandise, much like the man himself, strikes a chord with a diverse audience seeking a slice of his lifestyle.

Item Estimated Sales Per Year
T-shirts 20,000+
Hats 15,000+
Memorabilia Varies

Clarkson’s agricultural journey encompasses not just crops but also a local produce store, cleverly named Diddly Squat Farm Shop. It offers a smorgasbord of locally sourced goods, from fresh vegetables to succulent meats and homemade condiments—each product a testament to the area’s rich bounty and Clarkson’s dedication to community commerce.

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Locally sourced meats
  • Homemade condiments

But that’s not all. His zest for all-things-engine has fueled a collection of ventures including DVD specials and collaborations with renowned motoring publications. Jeremy’s brand is synonymous with cars, and he leverages this passion by reviewing, discussing, and showcasing motors across various platforms.

The Cotswolds Farm

Set amidst the rolling hills of Chipping Norton, Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm is not just a picturesque getaway but a thriving business rooted in pastoral beauty. Here, Clarkson has embraced the life of a farmer with gusto, tending to the land with the same zeal he once reserved for high-octane motorsports.

On his 1,000 acres of prime Cotswolds land, Clarkson has curated a blend of modern farming practices with traditional techniques. His choice of crops is influenced by both market demands and Clarkson’s desire to maintain a sustainable footprint. With Clarkson at the wheel, Diddly Squat Farm grows wheat, barley, and rapeseed, among other crops, contributing to the UK’s agricultural output.

But that’s not all. The farm is also home to a menagerie of animals, including sheep and cows, that grazes under the vast English skies. Clarkson’s affection for his livestock is clear, though he’s often found humor in the trials and tribulations of animal husbandry.

As fans of Clarkson will know, his enterprising spirit extends to retail. The Diddly Squat Farm Shop, stationed elegantly on his property, beckons visitors with its rustic charm. It’s there that locals and tourists alike can purchase fresh produce straight from Clarkson’s fields. The shop’s shelves are stocked with items that pay tribute to the richness of the countryside and Clarkson’s unique brand of humor.

Moreover, Clarkson’s farm has become a destination for fans and families, offering a tactile connection to agriculture and the host himself. Rather than a distant personality, Clarkson is often seen getting his hands dirty on the farm, contributing to its appeal. His presence reiterates that this business venture is more than profit-driven; it’s a life choice that reflects his commitment to the land and community.

Amid the allure of the Cotswolds Farm, Clarkson continues to enchant visitors with his latest business exploits. Whether through harvesting or the handpicked goods in the shop, Diddly Squat Farm encapsulates Clarkson’s entrepreneurial flair within the timeless beauty of the British countryside.

Merchandise Empire

As viewers know, Jeremy Clarkson isn’t one to miss an opportunity to expand his brand. The merchandise that carries his name is as varied as his interests, ranging from humorous t-shirts to high-quality automotive gear. Just like the man himself, Clarkson’s merchandise often reflects his sharp wit and unabashed love for all things motoring.

Diddly Squat Farm has its own line of branded goods too. They’re selling like hotcakes, or perhaps, like the freshest farm eggs. In true Clarkson fashion, the items often sport cheeky slogans that resonate with fans, providing a tangible connection to his farming endeavor. Each piece of merchandise isn’t merely a product but a snippet of Clarkson’s humor and a slice of the farm’s rustic charm.

Clothing and memorabilia, however, are just the start. Clarkson’s foray into print with books and columns adds a literary strand to his commercial bow. Those books often become collectors’ items and are another way for aficionados to indulge in the Clarkson brand. Embodying both flair and function, these items allow fans to engage with his ventures on a personal level.

For Clarkson aficionados, there’s an endless supply of options to showcase their allegiance. Whether it’s a mug, keychain, or a signature Clarkson bellows in book form, there’s no shortage of ways to bring a piece of his world into your home. Each item is a testament to Clarkson’s ability to connect with his audience beyond the screen and printed page.

His Role as a Shopkeeper

Jeremy Clarkson’s venture into shopkeeping brings a touch of celebrity allure to the quaint Cotswold landscape. As the proprietor of the Diddly Squat Farm Shop, he doesn’t simply trade goods; instead, he’s curated an experience that mixes charm, rustic authenticity, and a waft of exclusivity that has fans and foodies alike beating a path to his door.

Inside this unassuming shop, visitors find shelves lined with fresh produce harvested directly from the surrounding fields of Diddly Squat Farm. He’s not just the face of the franchise – he’s involved in the curation of products, ensuring that they meet his standards for quality and novelty. With items like the notoriously branded ‘Cow Juice’ and ‘Bee Juice’, Clarkson provides a unique twist on the conventional farm shop offerings.

Clarkson’s hands-on approach extends to the staff he employs; a team that shares his dedication and often, his sense of humor. They’re not just selling products but stories of the farm’s day-to-day life, where agriculture meets entertainment. To step into Diddly Squat is to feel Jeremy’s ethos: that buying local and supporting small businesses can indeed be a delightful and fulfilling experience.

On any given day, patrons might even catch a glimpse of the man himself, as Jeremy isn’t one to shy away from the day-to-day operations. It’s not uncommon to see him interacting with customers, sharing tales of farming misadventures, or perhaps quietly musing on what new venture to explore next. He’s turned the trope of the distant celebrity entrepreneur on its head – here, he’s as much a shopkeeper as he is a showman.

Beyond the Camera: Exploring Clarkson’s World

Jeremy Clarkson’s ventures stretch far and wide outside the glimmer of the camera’s flash. Beyond the consummate presenter persona, they’ve unearthed a savvy business mogul with a keen nose for opportunities. The celebrity identity that Clarkson has cultivated serves as a perfect springboard into the world of entrepreneurship.

At the core of Clarkson’s entrepreneurial spirit is Diddly Squat Farm, an enterprise that goes beyond mere agricultural activities. Here, they have not just invested in the land but in creating a brand that resonates with both local patrons and fans across the globe. The farm isn’t only a testament to their dedication to sustainable farming but also a nexus of commerce where each product tells a story, captures a lifestyle.

Additionally, Clarkson’s foray into hospitality underscores their understanding of the power of experiences. The opening of a restaurant on the farm provides a pastoral escapade for visitors, syncing perfectly with the farm-to-table ethos that has gained popularity. This move not only capitalizes on the ever-growing foodie culture but also on the allure of Clarkson’s brand—a unique blend of authenticity and celebrity.

Those who are familiar with Clarkson’s wit on screen will find a parallel universe in the merchandise offerings at Diddly Squat. From books regaling tales of farm life to Apparel With a Wink, each item in Clarkson’s merchandising line captures the essence of his humor. Even more so, they firmly root the Clarkson brand in the everyday lives of their audience, making farm life fashionable.

Clarkson’s astuteness in business is also evident in their engagement with real estate. By turning his own home into a holiday rental, they’ve demonstrated an understanding of the luxury vacation market. It’s no surprise that accommodations tied to a celebrity of Clarkson’s stature immediately generate buzz and desirability.

As the cameras stop rolling, Clarkson proves that there’s plenty of hustle behind the scenes. They’re building a world where fans can step into, relish, and return with something more than just memories—a tangible piece of the Clarkson empire.


Jeremy Clarkson’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through his diverse ventures. From the fertile fields of Diddly Squat Farm to the shelves of his quirky farm shop, he’s created a unique brand that resonates with fans and consumers alike. His foray into hospitality and the luxury vacation market further showcases his savvy in understanding and capitalizing on current trends. Whether it’s through his hands-on farming approach or the carefully selected items that bear his humor, Clarkson’s businesses offer more than just products—they provide experiences that reflect his charismatic persona and love for the countryside.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses does Jeremy Clarkson operate beyond television?

Jeremy Clarkson runs Diddly Squat Farm in the Cotswolds, a farm shop offering fresh local produce, a merchandise line featuring branded goods, a farm-based restaurant promoting a farm-to-table ethos, and a luxury vacation rental.

Where is Diddly Squat Farm located?

Diddly Squat Farm is situated in the picturesque region of the Cotswolds, encompassing 1,000 acres for farming crops and raising animals.

What types of products are sold at the Diddly Squat Farm Shop?

The farm shop sells fresh produce from the farm, such as wheat, barley, and rapeseed, along with a range of uniquely branded items like ‘Cow Juice’ (milk) and ‘Bee Juice’ (honey).

How does Jeremy Clarkson blend farming practices at his farm?

Clarkson integrates modern farming techniques with traditional methods to cultivate his land and maintain an active presence in the farming community, reflecting his commitment to sustainability and quality produce.

Can visitors experience Clarkson’s brand beyond purchasing products?

Yes, visitors can dine at the farm’s restaurant for a farm-to-table experience or stay at Clarkson’s home turned into a luxury vacation rental, offering a full immersion into his lifestyle and brand.

What makes the Diddly Squat Farm Shop unique?

The shop stands out due to Clarkson’s hands-on curation, mixing rustic charm with a sense of humor, and providing high-quality, novel products that resonate with his personal brand.

Does Jeremy Clarkson engage with customers at his farm shop?

Clarkson is often seen interacting with customers at the Diddly Squat Farm Shop, where he shares stories, entertains guests, and embraces his additional role as a charismatic shopkeeper.

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