What Businesses Does Emily Deschanel Own? Unveiling Her Eco-Friendly Empire

Emily Deschanel has captured hearts as a talented actress, but she’s also making her mark in the business world. Known for her role as Dr. Temperance Brennan on “Bones,” she’s channeling her passion into ventures that reflect her personal values.

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Away from the camera, Deschanel’s entrepreneurial spirit shines. She’s leveraging her fame and dedication to ethical practices to make a difference. Let’s dive into the businesses that are benefiting from her unique blend of star power and social consciousness.

Emily Deschanel: From Actress to Businesswoman

Emily Deschanel’s transition from a silver screen sensation to a savvy businesswoman isn’t just a tale of talent but also one of passion and values. With her celebrated career as Dr. Temperance Brennan, she’s not resting on her laurels. Instead, she’s channeling the same passion that she brought to her acting into the business realm.

Driven by her commitment to sustainability and animal rights, Emily’s foray into business reflects her personal ethos. She’s been known to thoroughly investigate the environmental impact and ethical practices of the companies she gets involved with. Emily ensures her business interests align with the integrity of her personal beliefs which isn’t always an easy feat in the cutthroat world of entrepreneurship.

  • Cruelty-Free Living: In line with her vegan lifestyle, Emily backs businesses related to plant-based nutrition and cruelty-free products.
  • Sustainable Fashion: Her interest in fashion isn’t just about style; it’s about substance. Emily supports ventures that prioritize eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing processes.

Her knack for picking businesses isn’t just about profit; it’s about making a difference. Emily Deschanel’s ventures serve as an extension of her individuality, standing at the intersection of fame and philanthropy. Her star power has invariably been a boon for the nascent enterprises she chooses to elevate.

By investing her resources and reputation, Emily’s influence helps guide these businesses towards greater visibility and success. She leverages her platform not only to support her entrepreneurial endeavors but to also advocate for a more responsible and compassionate world. Her business portfolio is constantly expanding, and with her dedication to ethical practices, she’s become a role model for aspiring business owners who aim to make a positive impact on society.

The Farm Project: Transforming Food Systems

Emily Deschanel’s keen interest in promoting sustainable living extends to her involvement in The Farm Project, an initiative dedicated to reimagining the food system. The Farm Project works on the premise that connection to our food origins is pivotal. They strive to inspire consumers to engage with where their food comes from and to support sustainable, local farming. Deschanel’s role in this venture isn’t just as an investor; she’s an advocate leading by example, showing how sustainable farming can be a viable and essential choice in the modern world.

The Farm Project caters to a variety of objectives:

  • Encouraging urban farming practices
  • Empowering consumers with knowledge about their food sources
  • Supporting local farmers to increase community access to fresh, healthy produce

Emily’s investment in this project is a testament to her belief in the power of community-driven solutions to environmental problems. By focusing on local agriculture, The Farm Project aims to reduce carbon footprints associated with long-distance transportation of food products and to promote biodiversity within ecosystems that commercial agriculture often disregards.

Deschanel’s involvement also highlights the importance of transparency in the food industry. The Farm Project advocates for clear labeling and education so consumers can make informed decisions that align with their personal values, whether it’s choosing organic, supporting family-owned farms, or reducing meat consumption.

This approach to business aligns with Deschanel’s own lifestyle—a blend of ethical consumerism and proactive support for the planet. By merging her passion for sustainability with her entrepreneurial spirit, Emily crafts a narrative around responsible consumption that’s both influential and attainable. Through The Farm Project, she’s not just investing in a company; she’s nurturing a movement towards a greener, more conscientious world.

The Lo & Sons Collaboration: Stylish and Sustainable Travel Accessories

Emily Deschanel’s flair for combining style with sustainability shines bright in her collaboration with Lo & Sons, a company renowned for its eco-friendly travel gear. Embracing forward-thinking design, she’s helping this family-owned brand rethink the way we pack and travel. Every piece in this collaboration is meticulously crafted to reduce environmental impact, a testament to her commitment to ethical business practices.

Lo & Sons has made a name for itself by offering products that are not only practical and chic but also made with recycled materials. This partnership has launched an array of travel accessories that cater to the ethically conscious traveler. The collection includes everything from sleek totes to convertible backpacks, all designed with versatility and sustainability in mind. Deschanel’s input has been crucial in ensuring these accessories don’t just meet the eye for style but also contribute to the welfare of the planet.

Key Highlights of the Collection:

  • Crafted using materials like recycled poly made from used plastic bottles
  • Features organic cotton lining and vegetable-tanned leather
  • Incorporates multi-functional designs for various travel needs

Deschanel’s collaboration goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about making a positive change in the way people perceive travel accessories. She’s not just advocating for eco-friendly living; she’s providing tangible solutions to integrate these principles into everyday life. With these accessories, travelers can carry a piece of Deschanel’s ethical choices wherever they globe-trot, whether it’s for a weekend getaway or a cross-continental adventure.

What stands out is how the actress’s personal values are effortlessly woven into these products. She’s not just a figurehead but an active participant in the creative process ensuring every product aligns with her vision for a greener and kinder world. Through this alliance, Emily Deschanel is setting a new bar for celebrity involvement in business ventures, proving it’s possible to have both style and substance without compromising on one’s values.

Deschanel Wine: Uniting Artistry and Sustainability

In the lush valleys where the art of viniculture thrives, Emily Deschanel has planted her roots with Deschanel Wine, a venture that seamlessly blends her passion for the arts with a rigorous commitment to environmental stewardship. This boutique winery is not only a testament to Deschanel’s multifaceted interests but also to her unyielding dedication to sustainable practices that respect the earth and its resources.

Deschanel’s approach to winemaking is heavily influenced by biodynamic principles. This method goes beyond organic farming by treating the vineyard as a self-contained ecosystem. Every aspect of the production process, from soil health to the biodiversity of the surrounding environment, is meticulously managed to ensure that the wines are not just delightful to the palate but are also crafted in harmony with nature.

The vintages produced under the Deschanel label are celebrated for their complex flavors and refined craftsmanship. Each bottle is a narrative of the care, creativity, and eco-conscious ethics that Deschanel upholds. The wine selection boasts a variety of exquisite offerings, from crisp, aromatic whites to bold, nuanced reds. Wine connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike find something to admire in the depth and character of Deschanel Wine’s portfolio.

Integral to the winery’s operation is its usage of recycled materials for packaging. Wine bottles are made from recycled glass, labels from post-consumer waste, and the winery even ensures that shipping materials are sustainably sourced and biodegradable. Moreover, Deschanel takes pride in the winery’s water conservation efforts and the use of solar energy to power its operations, initiatives that reflect a proactive approach to reducing the winery’s carbon footprint.

Deschanel Wine is not only an investment in the age-old tradition of winemaking but also a bold statement in the industry. It showcases that with ingenuity and conscientiousness, businesses can thrive without sidelining the well-being of our planet. As the vines grow and the seasons change, so does the legacy of Emily Deschanel’s foray into the world of wines, marked by an unwavering commitment to artistry and sustainability.

Animal Advocacy: A Voice for the Voiceless

Emily Deschanel, known for her successful foray into winemaking with the sustainable Deschanel Wine, extends her entrepreneurial spirit to champion the welfare of animals. A long-time vegan and animal rights advocate, she uses her platform and resources to support and finance ventures promoting animal welfare.

Deschanel’s animal advocacy isn’t just a passion—it’s a business model that intertwines with her lifestyle and beliefs. She co-owns Beastly Boutique, a vegan-friendly store that offers cruelty-free fashion and accessories. The boutique’s mission is to provide stylish options without compromising the rights of animals, showing that compassion can be chic.

Beyond the Boutique, Deschanel’s influence stretches into the realm of plant-based nutrition. She’s invested in Sunfed Foods, a company offering delectable vegan substitutes, capturing the essence of flavors meat-eaters adore, without the animal byproducts. This business venture not only promotes healthier food choices but also stands as a protest against factory farming practices.

Moreover, her investment in Creature Comforts, a holistic pet care brand, supports the health and well-being of pets with eco-friendly and humane products. Deschanel’s commitment reflects her understanding that impactful animal advocacy must extend to all corners of the market.

In the entertainment industry, Deschanel leverages her status by producing documentaries highlighting animal rights issues. Collaborating with directors and content creators, she’s helping to produce films that expose inhumane conditions and drive conversations about ethical treatment.

The synergy between Emily Deschanel’s businesses does more than profit; it drives change. Her efforts are creating an eco-system where animals are respected and their rights upheld. With each venture, she reinforces her message for a kinder, more compassionate world for all species.


Emily Deschanel’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through in her diverse business ventures. With a focus on sustainability and compassion, she’s not only producing exquisite wines but also championing a more ethical, eco-friendly approach to consumption. Her involvement in animal advocacy and plant-based initiatives underscores her commitment to making a positive impact. Whether it’s through the refined bottles of Deschanel Wine or the vegan products lining the shelves of Beastly Boutique, Emily is crafting a legacy that extends far beyond her on-screen roles. She’s showing the world that business can be both successful and socially responsible—a true blend of profit and purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Emily Deschanel?

Emily Deschanel is an actress and entrepreneur best known for her lead role in the television series “Bones.” She has recently ventured into the winemaking industry with her own label, Deschanel Wine.

What is Deschanel Wine?

Deschanel Wine is a boutique winery founded by Emily Deschanel. It is committed to sustainability and biodynamic winemaking, producing wines with complex flavors and refined craftsmanship.

What are biodynamic principles in winemaking?

Biodynamic principles in winemaking refer to practices that ensure the winemaking process is environmentally sensitive and in harmony with nature, including the use of natural composts and lunar cycles for planting and harvesting.

How does Deschanel Wine demonstrate its commitment to sustainability?

Deschanel Wine shows sustainability by using recycled materials for packaging, implementing water conservation strategies, and utilizing solar energy, aligning with Emily Deschanel’s environmental advocacy.

What is Beastly Boutique?

Beastly Boutique is a vegan-friendly store co-owned by Emily Deschanel, which offers products aligning with ethical and compassionate consumer choices.

What is Sunfed Foods?

Sunfed Foods is a plant-based food company that Emily Deschanel has invested in, furthering her commitment to sustainable and ethical eating practices.

What is Creature Comforts?

Creature Comforts is a holistic pet care brand supported by Emily Deschanel that focuses on the wellbeing of animals with a commitment to kindness and ethical treatment.

Has Emily Deschanel been involved in animal rights advocacy?

Yes, Emily Deschanel is an active animal rights advocate. She has produced documentaries on animal rights issues and supports various ventures that promote ethical treatment of animals.

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