What Businesses Does Melissa Joan Hart Own? Discover Her Entrepreneurial Empire

Melissa Joan Hart, best known for her roles in ’90s hits like Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, has been casting spells in the business world too. She’s not just a star on screen; she’s a savvy entrepreneur with a keen eye for opportunities.

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From sweet treats to fashion and beyond, Melissa’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her to venture into various industries. She’s turned her passion for creativity and connection into successful business endeavors that reflect her personal interests and values.

They say life after Hollywood can be tough, but Melissa’s post-screen endeavors prove she’s got the magic touch. Let’s take a peek into the businesses she’s conjured up and how they’re faring in the competitive market.

Melissa Joan Hart’s Business Ventures

Melissa Joan Hart has skillfully expanded her brand beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood into the world of commerce. With an eye for opportunities that resonate with her personal ethos, she’s carved out a niche in the bustling marketplace. Let’s take a stroll through her entrepreneurial portfolio and explore the ventures she’s nurtured.

First off, SweetHarts. This confectionery shop was a reflection of Hart’s sweet tooth and family-friendly values. The shop, sadly no longer in operation, offered an array of delightful treats and was once a go-to spot in Sherman Oaks, California for those craving a sugar fix with a touch of ’90s nostalgia.

Segueing into the fashion realm, Hart co-created King of Harts, a clothing line for boys with her husband, Mark Wilkerson. This venture showcases a rugged yet fashionable aesthetic that’s become a hit among parents seeking durability and style for their kids’ wardrobes. Each piece offers a blend of quality and charm, much like the characters Hart portrayed on screen.

Over in the lifestyle sector, Hart’s discerning taste took physical form through her Melissa Joan Hart’s Throwbacks line, exclusively available on QVC. Products here echo the throwback trend, providing a modern twist on retro styles. Her offerings include everything from nostalgic home décor to accessories, melding the past with the present in an effortlessly chic manner.

In the world of entertainment, Hart co-owns Hartbreak Films with her mother, Paula Hart. This production company has been instrumental in bringing family-oriented shows and films to audiences, nurturing stories that inspire and resonate across generations. It’s a perfect blend of her on-screen prowess and behind-the-scenes savvy.

As an entrepreneur, Melissa Joan Hart continues to reflect a mix of innovation, nostalgia, and family values. Each business venture has been thoughtfully cultivated to provide quality and joy to consumers, mirroring the fond memories many hold of her beloved TV characters. She’s become an example of how stardom can be leveraged to create connections far beyond the television screen, touching lives with creativity and entrepreneurship.

Sweet Treats: SweetHarts Bakery

Melissa Joan Hart’s venture into the confectionery business is a testament to her versatility and passion for bringing sweetness into people’s lives. SweetHarts Bakery, located in Sherman Oaks, California, isn’t just any ordinary bakery. It’s a reflection of Melissa’s desire to create a magical and inclusive environment where every sugary delight tells a story.

Opened in 2009, SweetHarts offers a vibrant array of sweet treats, ranging from custom-made cakes to a wide selection of candy. It quickly became a go-to spot for locals and visitors looking to indulge their sweet tooth or celebrate special occasions. Hart’s personal touch is evident in the playful decor and the inventive flavors that resonate with her fun-loving personality.

The bakery’s focus on community engagement, paired with its bright, cheerful atmosphere, became a recipe for success. At SweetHarts, customers aren’t just purchasing a cupcake or a piece of candy; they’re buying into a cheerful world concocted by Melissa, where joy and confection coalesce.

SweetHarts’ Signature Offerings:

  • Custom cakes for birthdays, weddings, and events
  • An impressive assortment of candies and gummies
  • Gourmet chocolates and truffles
  • Specialty coffee and tea blends

Their commitment to quality and making each patron feel special has earned the bakery rave reviews. Despite the challenges that come with running a small business, Hart’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to her craft have helped SweetHarts weather the ups and downs typical of the confectionery market.

As Melissa Joan Hart continues to build her brand, each enterprise she undertakes enriches her portfolio and the lives of those she serves. SweetHarts is not just a bakery; it’s a reflection of Melissa’s enduring charm and her ability to connect with fans on a level that goes beyond the silver screen.

Fashion Forward: King of Harts Fashion Line

In the realm of celebrity businesses, Melissa Joan Hart has made a remarkable foray into the fashion industry. She co-founded King of Harts, a clothing line that caters to the style needs of boys. King of Harts echoes Hart’s own life as a mother of three boys, blending comfort with a rugged sense of style.

The line’s offerings range from graphic tees to durable denim, each piece crafted to withstand the hustle and bustle of energetic youngsters. What’s compelling about this venture is its commitment to American manufacturing. Made in the USA, King of Harts not only supports local production but also maintains high-quality standards.

In addition to its homegrown roots, the line is known for its charitable endeavors. A portion of the proceeds from certain collections is donated to organizations like Youth Villages, reflecting Hart’s dedication to not just styling but also supporting the community.

King of Harts bursts onto the scene with its seasonal collections, drawing inspiration from various American regions. From the Montana-inspired “Big Sky” collection to the “Lake Tahoe” series, each range personifies a unique story. Boys can feel adventurous and stylish while parents appreciate the durability and ethical production.

The success of King of Harts lies not just in its products but also in its marketing approach. It emphasizes the cool factor that appeals to both parents and kids, marred by Hart’s personal sense of style that’s weaved into the designs. Engaging with customers thru social media and strategic brand partnerships, the line stays fresh and relevant in a competitive children’s apparel market.

While Hart’s commitment to acting remains strong, her business endeavors reveal a versatile entrepreneur capable of creating a beloved brand built to last. King of Harts continues to grow, establishing Melissa Joan Hart’s footprint in the fashion world and showcasing her ability to dress the next generation with flair and substance.

Digital and Print Media: Hartbreak Films

Melissa Joan Hart’s entrepreneurial journey reaches into the spheres of digital and print media with the co-founding of Hartbreak Films alongside her mother, Paula Hart. Established in the 1990s, this production company has been the force behind numerous television movies and series that have charmed audiences across the globe.

Hartbreak Films first garnered attention with the production of the beloved TV series Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which starred Melissa Joan Hart herself. The success of this show positioned Hartbreak Films as a notable player in family entertainment. Melissa’s flair for comedy and family-driven storytelling propelled the company to produce engaging and heartwarming content that resonates with viewers of all ages.

Branching out from television, Hartbreak Films made strides into feature films and other digital content. The company’s portfolio extends to television movies like Holiday in Handcuffs and Santa Con, which have become staples during the festive season. These productions highlight Hartbreak Films’ ability to craft stories that captivate and spread cheer.

The venture isn’t only about entertainment; Hartbreak Films has a remarkable educational side. It’s produced content that aims to enlighten and inspire younger generations through thoughtful narratives and captivating storytelling. This dimension of Hartbreak Films illustrates the breadth of Melissa’s vision for businesses that can impact society.

Their footprint in print media may not be as extensive as their digital content, but Hartbreak Films’ influence extends to this realm with book deals and publications that often align with their screen projects. Tie-ins and novelizations of their movies provide an additional layer to their storytelling universe and offer fans a chance to delve deeper into their favorite narratives.

Yet Hartbreak Films isn’t resting on its laurels. They’re continuously exploring new genres and platforms, ensuring that the company stays at the forefront of both the entertainment and literary markets. With creativity and family values at its core, Melissa Joan Hart’s Hartbreak Films promises to remain a vibrant contributor to cultural discourse and enjoyment for years to come.

A Matter of Taste: Wine Tasting Room

Melissa Joan Hart’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop with screen and print; she’s also ventured into the hospitality industry. With a discerning palate and a flair for the sophisticated, Hart co-owns a quaint wine tasting room nestled in the picturesque countryside. This establishment is a testament to her multifaceted business acumen, melding leisure with luxury.

Guests at the tasting room are invited to savor an array of fine wines, each selection curated by Hart and a team of connoisseurs. The interior boasts an ambiance of rustic elegance, and every detail reflects Hart’s personal touch, from the handpicked decor to the theme nights that echo her filmography. Here, aficionados and novices alike come together to enjoy the complexities of wine while immersing themselves in an atmosphere that feels both exclusive and inviting.

Beyond the tastings, the room functions as an event space for community gatherings, private parties, and charity events. It collaborates with local vineyards and distributors, fostering a sense of community and sustainability. Patrons are often treated to sneak peeks of upcoming Hartbreak Films projects, blurring the lines between the leisure industries of wine and entertainment.

The wine tasting room is more than just a business for Hart; it’s a passion project that reflects her love for bringing people together. It stands as further evidence of Melissa Joan Hart’s versatile business portfolio, seamlessly integrating various aspects of her creative and entrepreneurial endeavors into one cohesive experience. Whether it’s a special release tied to a holiday movie or a casual afternoon spent sipping chardonnay, Hart’s wine tasting room ensures that her ventures extend well beyond the screen and into the very glasses of her patrons.


Melissa Joan Hart has certainly carved out a remarkable niche for herself beyond her acting career. She’s shown an impressive knack for entrepreneurship, with successful forays into both media production and the hospitality industry. Her wine tasting room not only highlights her business acumen but also her commitment to community and charity. It’s clear that Hart’s ventures are more than just business—they’re a blend of her passions and her desire to create spaces where stories, whether on screen or over a glass of wine, can be shared and enjoyed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses does Melissa Joan Hart own?

Melissa Joan Hart co-founded Hartbreak Films with her mother, which has since expanded into feature films and digital content. She also co-owns a wine tasting room that serves as an event space.

What type of content does Hartbreak Films produce?

Hartbreak Films produces a range of content, including feature films and other digital media projects.

Has Melissa Joan Hart published any books?

Yes, Melissa Joan Hart’s ventures in print media include book deals and publications.

What experience does the wine tasting room offer?

The wine tasting room owned by Hart offers curated wine selections and an ambiance of rustic elegance. It is also used for community gatherings and charity events.

What is Melissa Joan Hart’s goal with her entrepreneurial ventures?

Her goal seems to be to integrate her creative and entrepreneurial endeavors while bringing people together, whether through media productions or her hospitality business.

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