What Businesses Does Elijah Wood Own? Discover His Surprising Ventures

Elijah Wood’s journey from Middle-earth to the entrepreneurial landscape has been as intriguing as a Tolkien tale. Best known for his role as Frodo Baggins, Wood’s ventures beyond the silver screen might just surprise you.

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They’ve taken the creativity and courage from his on-screen adventures and channeled them into the world of business. From the film industry to the sizzling streets of food entrepreneurship, Wood’s portfolio is as diverse as his acting roles.

Let’s dive into the businesses that keep this actor’s career as dynamic off-screen as it is on. With a knack for the unique and a taste for the creative, Wood’s business endeavors are a testament to his versatility.

The Film Production Company – SpectreVision

In the land of Hollywood, where stars dazzle and storytellers abound, Elijah Wood co-founded SpectreVision, a boutique film production company with a chill yet spine-tingling twist. This endeavor marked a bold leap from Wood’s Frodo Baggins persona into the realm of behind-the-camera intrigue. With a focus on horror and thriller genres, SpectreVision stands out with its commitment to original storytelling and innovative content.

Wood, alongside partners Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller, inaugurated SpectreVision in 2010, and they’ve swiftly garnered acclaim for their creatively audacious projects. They’ve produced critically acclaimed films like A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and Mandy, carving a niche for Elijah Wood’s company in the indie film circuit. SpectreVision’s mission involves not just churning out traditional spook-fests but weaving narratives that resonate on a deeper psychological level, encapsulating fears, dreams, and the human condition.

SpectreVision has not only produced hits but has also fostered collaborations with other acclaimed filmmakers and actors. This synergy within the indie community reflects the company’s dedication to nurturing talent and pushing the boundaries of innovation. They’ve taken the genre by storm with a slate of award-winning productions and have even ventured into virtual reality, exploring new horizons in entertainment technology.

The company’s success can be attributed to Wood’s passion for genre-bending tales and his ability to spot and support visionary ideas. Indeed, their diverse portfolio and the international acclaim their projects have received emphasize SpectreVision’s stature in the indie film industry. With a penchant for the eccentric and esoteric, SpectreVision leaves audiences on the edge of their seats, eager for the next heart-pounding adventure.

SpectreVision continues to expand its reach, proving that Wood’s journey in the entrepreneurial world is as enthralling as his cinematic odyssey.

The Record Label – Simian Records

While many recognize Elijah Wood for his captivating performances on screen, he’s also been orchestrating a symphony of success in the music industry with his record label, Simian Records. Founded in 2005, Simian Records reflects Wood’s eclectic taste in music, favoring artists who defy genre boundaries and bring fresh sounds to the auditory table.

The label’s journey began when Wood, an ardent music lover, decided to channel his passion into fostering musical talents. Unlike the stereotypical image of entertainment giants, Simian Records doesn’t occupy floors in a flashy skyscraper; instead, it thrives by keeping its roots close to the artistic ground, curating a roster of unique and innovative musicians.

Simian Records’ approach to the music business reflects Wood’s emphasis on creativity and personal connection. The label has been home to a number of artists who each bring their own distinctive flair to the music scene. From the dreamy soundscapes of The Apples in stereo to the inspiring indie-pop melodies of Heloise and the Savoir Faire, Simian records has a knack for discovering and nurturing noteworthy artists.

  • Notable signings:
    • The Apples in stereo
    • Heloise and the Savoir Faire

Bypassing the mainstream conveyor belt of pop hits, Simian targets listeners who yearn for something beyond the ordinary. They appreciate the label’s dedication to exploring different musical terrains, much like Wood’s celebrated cinematic adventures that often stray from the beaten path.

The imprint of Elijah Wood’s artistic sensibility on Simian Records is unmistakable. Just as he’s embraced diverse roles throughout his acting career, from Frodo to more obscure indie film characters, his record label mirrors this versatility. The success of Simian Records is a testament to Wood’s commitment to the arts and his discerning ear for the harmoniously unconventional. With Wood at the helm, the label continues to be a haven for those with a tuned ear seeking a melody less ordinary.

The Restaurant – WoodSpoon

Exploring Elijah Wood’s portfolio, one can’t miss the gem that sparkles with culinary excellence – WoodSpoon. Nestled in the heart of an urban culinary district, this restaurant reflects Wood’s passion for delectable dishes and cozy dining experiences. With a focus on Brazilian cuisine, WoodSpoon presents a menu that’s rich with flavors and crafted with an artisan’s touch.

The establishment is co-owned by Wood and Chef Natalia Pereira, who infuses the menu with her Brazilian heritage. Their collaboration has culminated in a dining spot that’s both inviting and indicative of the duo’s commitment to authentic international cuisine. Chef Pereira’s specialty dishes draw in food enthusiasts from across the city, craving a taste of her famed Coxinha, a traditional Brazilian chicken croquette.

Not only is Wood’s investment in WoodSpoon noteworthy for its gastronomic offerings, but it’s also another feather in the cap of Wood’s entrepreneurial spirit. Diverging from the entertainment industry, Wood’s foray into the food sector demonstrates his innate ability to relate to consumers on multiple levels, from their ears to their taste buds.

WoodSpoon has received notable recognition since its inception, becoming a beloved hotspot for those who seek a unique dining experience. The restaurant’s ambiance complements the flavorful menu, featuring an interior that’s as warm and welcoming as the staff. It stands as a testament to Wood’s ability to create environments where people feel connected not only to the food but to the space itself.

The restaurant’s success can be attributed in part to its holistic approach to dining. Wood’s dedication to maintaining a high standard for both the cuisine and the customer experience ensures that WoodSpoon will likely endure as a culinary landmark in the competitive food scene. With every dish served, the restaurant reinforces Wood’s reputation as a visionary not just in acting, but in the art of business and gastronomy as well.

Elijah Wood’s flair for the aesthetic finds another outlet in The Silent Street, an art gallery that stands as a beacon for contemporary art lovers. Nestled in the heart of a bustling city district, The Silent Street offers more than just wall space for artists. It provides a unique narrative, one that weaves together the threads of modern artistic vision and the undiluted expression of raw creativity.

With an ethos founded on the idea that art should be both accessible and provocative, The Silent Street challenges visitors to engage with works that span a myriad of mediums. From the traditional paint on canvas to the avant-garde mix of digital and tactile elements, Elijah Wood proves yet again that his business ventures are extensions of his artistic philosophy.

The space itself is a testament to minimalist design with maximum impact. As visitors move through the gallery, they’re introduced to a rotating collection of exhibits. Each is carefully curated to incite conversation, contemplation, and ultimately, a deeper appreciation for the art that veers away from convention. Wood’s involvement in the gallery ensures that each piece featured aligns with his commitment to innovation and distinction in the arts.

In addition to serving as a gallery, The Silent Street doubles as an event space. Here, enthusiasts and novices alike can attend lectures, workshops, and meet-and-greets with the artists. Wood’s aim is to create a nexus of creative exchange, further emphasizing his belief in the powerful connection between creator and consumer.

By investing in spaces like The Silent Street, Elijah Wood demonstrates his profound respect for the cultural fabric of society. Through fostering such creative environments, he invites his audience to explore the multifaceted nature of human expression, beckoning them into conversation with the world of contemporary art.

The Tech Startup – Maboo

Elijah Wood’s entrepreneurial repertoire expands into the digital realm with Maboo, a tech startup that serves as a testament to his knack for innovation. Maboo stands at the intersection of technology and eco-consciousness, offering cutting-edge audio equipment made from sustainable materials. Wood’s pursuit of eco-friendly products does not compromise on quality; Maboo’s speakers are renowned for their crystal-clear sound, marrying high fidelity with high sustainability.

With a keen ear for music through his record label, Wood brings the same devotion to auditory excellence in Maboo’s design. The company’s flagship bamboo speakers have made a splash in the market for their unique blending of natural aesthetics and modern acoustic engineering. This forward-thinking approach illustrates Wood’s understanding that businesses must serve not only the needs of consumers but also the well-being of our planet.

The strategic partnerships Maboo has forged reflect a move towards incorporating tech-savvy solutions with responsible sourcing. Collaborations with local artisans and international tech giants alike underscore the brand’s global vision and local heart. Such ventures secure Maboo a place in the homes and offices of those who demand excellence without environmental compromise.

Marketing strategies for Maboo play on Wood’s celebrity status, yet they smartly focus on the brand’s green credentials and technical prowess. The company is positioned as a leader in a new wave of tech companies that prioritize sustainability without sacrificing performance. As Maboo continues to grow, it showcases Wood’s role as an ambassador for environmental responsibility — one who doesn’t just endorse the message but puts it into practice through enterprising leadership.


Elijah Wood’s business acumen shines through his diverse portfolio. From the eclectic sounds of Simian Records to the culinary delights of WoodSpoon and the innovative art space The Silent Street, he’s created a tapestry of ventures that not only reflect his passions but also contribute to the cultural and technological landscapes. Maboo’s foray into sustainable audio tech further cements Wood’s status as a pioneer who harmonizes the aesthetic with the ethical. Each enterprise under his wing thrives on creativity and a commitment to excellence, underlining the actor’s profound impact beyond the silver screen. Wood’s ventures are a testament to his dedication to fostering art, innovation, and sustainability in the business world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses has Elijah Wood invested in?

Elijah Wood has diverse business interests, including his record label Simian Records, WoodSpoon – a Brazilian restaurant, an art gallery named The Silent Street, and Maboo, a tech startup focusing on sustainable audio equipment.

What is The Silent Street?

The Silent Street is an innovative art gallery founded by Elijah Wood that also functions as a versatile event space, hosting various art-related events such as lectures, workshops, and artist meet-and-greets.

How does Maboo distinguish itself in the market?

Maboo sets itself apart by offering high-quality audio equipment that incorporates sustainable materials in its design. Its unique selling point is the fusion of natural aesthetics with advanced acoustic technology.

What is unique about Wood’s approach to entrepreneurship?

Elijah Wood’s entrepreneurial approach is characterized by his commitment to the arts, innovation, and environmental responsibility, as evidenced by his investments in a culturally rich art gallery and a sustainable tech startup.

What role does Elijah Wood play at Maboo?

Elijah Wood serves as an ambassador for Maboo, underscoring the brand’s dedication to environmental sustainability while driving its marketing strategy to position Maboo as a front-runner among sustainable tech companies.

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