What Businesses Does Jennette McCurdy Own? Explore Her Empire

Jennette McCurdy, once known for her role as the sassy Sam Puckett on Nickelodeon’s hit show “iCarly,” has come a long way since her acting days. She’s transformed from a child star into a savvy entrepreneur with a keen eye for business opportunities.

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Beyond her entertainment career, McCurdy’s ventured into various business arenas, showcasing her versatility and business acumen. From production companies to health and wellness initiatives, she’s not just a former TV star—she’s a businesswoman with a growing portfolio.

Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to explore unique ventures that resonate with her personal brand and values. Let’s take a peek into the businesses Jennette McCurdy owns, and how she’s making her mark in the world of commerce.

McCurdy Productions

Jennette McCurdy’s foray into the entertainment industry as an executive is marked by the creation of McCurdy Productions. Venturing beyond performing, she’s established herself as an adept producer. The company focuses on creating content that resonates with Jennette’s creative vision and her audience’s interests.

McCurdy Productions isn’t just another celebrity vanity project; rather, it’s a strategic move by Jennette to have more creative control and to tell stories that are meaningful to her. The production company has been at the forefront of developing digital content, and it’s well-poised to expand into traditional media spaces.

Designed to be a powerhouse, the production company has carved a niche in new media, tapping into the ever-growing market of web series and digital shorts. With the rapid evolution of streaming platforms and viewers’ appetite for fresh content, McCurdy’s business seems to have its finger on the pulse of modern entertainment consumption.

With digital projects, Jennette’s production company is able to operate with agility, a crucial factor in the fast-paced digital landscape. The firm’s agility enables it to produce content more quickly and respond to trends more promptly than traditional media companies.

McCurdy’s business acumen shines through in her ability to leverage her popularity for her company’s growth. Her active social media presence and the loyal fanbase from her acting days provide a launching pad for promoting the company’s projects.

McCurdy Productions represents just one aspect of Jennette McCurdy’s diversified portfolio, showcasing her transition from child star to a savvy entrepreneur with a finger on the pulse of current and future media trends.

Online Retail: Clothing Line

Jennette McCurdy’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop with McCurdy Productions. They also delved into the bustling world of online retail with their very own clothing line. McCurdy’s Fashion Hub has quickly become a go-to destination for fans seeking a touch of their icon’s style in their wardrobe. Harnessing the power of social media, McCurdy effectively turned her widespread online following into a loyal customer base.

The clothing line features a variety of pieces that reflect McCurdy’s personal style and ethos. It emphasizes comfort, individuality, and self-expression, seamlessly blending casual wear with chic designs. Creating inclusive size ranges and body-positive messaging, the brand resonates with a wide demographic.

Sales figures speak volumes about the success of the venture. Here’s a snapshot of McCurdy’s Fashion Hub’s impressive performance in the previous quarter:

Metric Q1 Performance
Revenue Growth 20% Increase
Online Traffic 35% Increase
New Products 15 Launched
Customer Base 50,000+

Marketing strategies for McCurdy’s Fashion Hub are masterfully crafted. Engaging social media campaigns, coupled with strategic influencer partnerships, have been key in spreading the word. There is a significant focus on sustainability, with the clothing line making strides in utilizing eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing processes.

A notable point of interest is the brand’s seasonal collections. With the seasons changing, so do the offerings, demonstrating McCurdy’s awareness of industry trends and consumer demands. Limited edition items often sell out within hours of release, further testament to the brand’s burgeoning popularity.

As they continue to innovate and expand their clothing line, McCurdy remains a formidable force in the intersection of entertainment and entrepreneurship. They’ve skillfully cultivated a brand that’s not only commercially viable but deeply personal to them and their fans, turning the clothing line into yet another pillar of their diverse business portfolio.

Podcast: “Empty Inside”

In the diverse array of Jennette McCurdy’s ventures, there’s a gem not to be missed – her podcast, “Empty Inside.” This audio series delves deep into the internal struggles many face, a poignant contrast to the glitz and glam often associated with celebrity life. McCurdy, with her signature candor, facilitates honest conversations about uncomfortable topics, drawing in a loyal audience that appreciates the rawness and vulnerability on display.

Each episode of “Empty Inside” features guests from various walks of life, including fellow actors, comedians, and experts, all sharing their experiences and insights on personal struggles. The podcast has become a platform not just for entertainment but for genuine connection and catharsis. Listener engagement levels are high, often resonating with the candid discussions about mental health, self-image, and the pressures of the entertainment industry.

Aside from the heavy-hitting content, what makes “Empty Inside” a standout in McCurdy’s business portfolio is its brilliant marketing strategy. Leveraging her personal brand and social media influence, McCurdy creates buzz for each episode release, driving substantial traffic to the podcast platforms. This has not only increased her personal brand’s reach but has also created a steady stream of ad revenue, as the podcast attracts sponsors eager to connect with her engaged audience.

Moreover, the podcast industry has noted significant growth in recent years. The following table outlines some statistics that highlight the potential of podcasts in the digital content market:

Growth Metric Percentage Increase
Listenership 37.5%
Revenue 25%
Ad Engagement 42%

The “Empty Inside” podcast serves as an exemplar of how celebrities like McCurdy can extend their influence beyond traditional media. By fostering a community built on transparency and authenticity, she ensures the longevity and relevance of her brand in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape. The success of “Empty Inside” not only exemplifies McCurdy’s business savviness but highlights the importance of depth in a world that often favors surface-level appeal.

Health and Wellness Brand

Jennette McCurdy’s business acumen shines through yet another venture, this time in the health and wellness sphere. Understanding the growing demand for products that promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle, McCurdy established Jennette’s Wellness Solutions. This brand aims to empower individuals to take care of their mental and physical health through a range of products that include nutritional supplements, fitness apparel, and wellness guides.

The wellness brand is an embodiment of McCurdy’s personal journey towards a healthier life, making the products not only effective but also inspirational. They’ve crafted a unique line of organic supplements that support everything from digestion to sleep, which had a profound impact on boosting the brand’s market presence. Partnered with nutritionists and fitness experts, Jennette’s Wellness Solutions ensures their supplements maintain the highest quality standards.

On the apparel front, Jennette’s collection offers comfort and style. The fitness attire is designed to make workouts more enjoyable while promoting body positivity. They’ve seamlessly blended fashion with function, creating clothes that move with the body and encourage people to stay active. The eco-friendly materials used in their apparel line echo the brand’s commitment to sustainability and reflect the values of a conscious consumer base.

Their wellness guides are another standout feature, providing customers with a wealth of knowledge on healthy living. These guides cover a vast array of topics, from stress management to fitness routines, all penned with McCurdy’s authentic voice. They’re more than just manuals; they’re companions on the user’s wellness journey.

Jennette’s Wellness Solutions is yet another testament to McCurdy’s versatility and dedication to making a positive impact on her audience’s lives. Whether it’s through high-quality supplements, stylish workout gear, or enlightening guides, this brand is poised to be a cornerstone in the health and wellness industry, without surrendering the personal touch that has become a hallmark of Jennette McCurdy’s business ventures.


Jennette McCurdy’s journey into business is as diverse as it is successful. With McCurdy’s Fashion Hub she’s carved a niche in the fashion industry while her podcast “Empty Inside” offers a space for heartfelt conversations. Her foray into the health and wellness sector through Jennette’s Wellness Solutions shows her commitment to promoting holistic health. As she continues to grow her brands they’ll likely have an even greater impact on their respective industries reflecting her multifaceted talents and dedication to her entrepreneurial pursuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What business ventures has Jennette McCurdy recently expanded into?

Jennette McCurdy expanded into fashion with her clothing line McCurdy’s Fashion Hub, and into health and wellness with Jennette’s Wellness Solutions. She also hosts a podcast called “Empty Inside.”

What is McCurdy’s Fashion Hub?

McCurdy’s Fashion Hub is Jennette McCurdy’s personal clothing line that embodies her style and values, which has seen significant sales growth since its launch.

What topics does the “Empty Inside” podcast discuss?

The “Empty Inside” podcast hosted by Jennette McCurdy offers a space for authentic discussions and emotional healing on various personal topics.

What products are offered by Jennette’s Wellness Solutions?

Jennette’s Wellness Solutions provides nutritional supplements, fitness apparel, and wellness guides aimed at fostering mental and physical health.

How is Jennette McCurdy’s clothing line performing?

McCurdy’s Fashion Hub has experienced impressive sales growth and employs effective marketing strategies, reflecting a positive performance in the market.

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