What Businesses Does Conor McGregor Own? Explore His Empire

Conor McGregor isn’t just a titan in the octagon; he’s also a knockout in the business world. From throwing punches to launching enterprises, he’s taken the fight from the ring to the boardroom with impressive agility.

What Businesses Does Conor McGregor Own?

They’ll dive into the diverse portfolio of businesses that have flourished under McGregor’s fierce brand. Whether it’s whiskey that packs a punch or tailored suits that fit like a glove, McGregor’s ventures are as varied as his fighting styles.

Stay tuned as they explore how this UFC legend has parlayed his combat fame into entrepreneurial success, proving he’s as strategic with investments as he is with his left hook.

The Business Empire of Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor’s flair for combat sports is matched by his prowess in constructing a business empire that reaches far beyond the confines of the UFC’s Octagon. With a sharp eye for opportunities, McGregor leverages his fighting fame to springboard into various ventures that have significantly amplified his wealth and influence.

Proper No. Twelve Whiskey, born out of his Irish roots, rapidly became a staple in bars and liquor stores globally. This venture not only celebrates his heritage but also shows his ability to spot and fill gaps in a crowded market. The whiskey was met with immense popularity, selling out rapidly and establishing itself as a strong competitor in the spirits industry.

His sartorial business, August McGregor, introduces tailored suits that break away from the traditional mold. The fashion line is a result of his partnership with renowned tailoring firm David August, catering to McGregor’s distinctive style. The suits, known for their precision and luxurious materials, mirror the meticulousness of McGregor’s approach to his fights.

McGregor’s investments do not end there. His portfolio includes:

  • McGregor Sports and Entertainment Ltd, a company facilitating an array of events that showcase the fighter’s promotional skills.
  • An ownership stake in The Black Forge Inn, a pub located in his Dublin hometown that embodies his Irish legacy.

Moreover, McGregor strategically makes investments that resonate with his personal brand. He endorses products and companies that reflect his bold, energetic persona, which has helped him in amassing a loyal following eager to buy into anything associated with his name.

With every punch thrown or sharp-dressed appearance made, McGregor seems to navigate the business field with the same precision he demonstrates in the fighting ring. Yet, it’s not just his physical prowess or keen fashion sense that’s commendable; his seemingly innate understanding of branding and strategic investment continuously fuels the expansion of his empire.

Whiskey Reign: Proper No. Twelve

In the world of spirits, few brands have shot to fame as rapidly as Conor McGregor’s Proper No. Twelve Whiskey. When the Notorious MMA champion stepped into the whiskey business, it wasn’t just a toe-dip. He plunged in with the same vigor he brings to the octagon. Within a year of its 2018 launch, Proper No. Twelve was already a household name, symbolizing resilience, quality, and the fighter’s Irish heritage.

The brand’s name references McGregor’s roots in Crumlin, Dublin 12, an integral part of his identity. This isn’t just a mere business venture; it’s a tribute to his beginnings. Proper No. Twelve’s appeal, however, transcends the local pride aspect. It’s carved out a space in an industry that values tradition and has managed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with much older distilleries.

Sales reflect the whiskey brand’s roaring success. Here’s a snapshot of its impressive market impact:

YearCases SoldNote
2019Over 200,000Expansion to the US, UK, and Australia
Early 2020Over 500,000Secured a multitude of endorsement deals

The whiskey itself is crafted with a blend of golden grain and single malt. It’s an accessible spirit, designed for those who enjoy a smooth, triple-distilled drink that also packs a punch – much like McGregor’s own fighting style. Ever the savvy marketer, McGregor ensures that his personality is interwoven with the brand. The slogan “smooth is fast” mimics the fighter’s philosophy, and every bottle sold supports first responders through the brand’s “One for All” initiative.

The business empire McGregor is building reaches beyond just making a profit; it’s about creating a legacy that reflects his passions and pride. With whiskey now a significant part of his portfolio, McGregor continues to diversify his investments, ensuring that his businesses are as formidable as his left hook.

The Fashionable Fighter: August McGregor

When not throwing punches in the octagon, Conor McGregor is knocking out competition in the fashion world with his label August McGregor. It’s a brand that offers sharp suits, dress shirts, and casual wear designed for the modern man who desires to dress with the swagger of a champion. Tailored to perfection, each piece carries the bravado of McGregor himself, allowing his fans to emulate the fighter’s signature style.

August McGregor is the result of a collaboration between the MMA superstar and bespoke tailoring brand David August, who has been McGregor’s personal suit maker for years. This dynamic partnership blends David August’s sartorial expertise with McGregor’s keen sense of style. The result is a fashion line that stands out for its accessibility and its appeal to those aiming to dress to impress without breaking the bank.

In line with McGregor’s attention to detail, the collection features pieces with meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality materials. The stylish, versatile range includes:

  • Bold suits that make a statement at any event.
  • Casual wear for those who want to maintain that sharp aesthetic outside the office or ring.
  • Accessories that are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Debuting in 2018, August McGregor has been expanding its presence not only online but also in selected high-end retailers, ensuring its accessibility to a global audience. The brand’s promotional campaigns often highlight the luxury lifestyle associated with McGregor’s persona, invoking a sense of aspiration amongst its clientele.

Sales figures illustrate the appeal of August McGregor, as young professionals and fashion-forward individuals are drawn to the brand’s combination of elegance and edginess. It’s a testament to McGregor’s ability to transcend industries and leave his mark not just in sports or spirits, but also in the competitive world of fashion. With each new collection, August McGregor continues to weave the finesse of high fashion with the fight world’s tenacity.

MacLand Ventures: McGregor’s Real Estate Investments

As Conor McGregor’s star rose in the UFC, so did his ambition to conquer the business world. With a keen eye for lucrative opportunities, McGregor established MacLand Ventures, a savvy move into the realm of real estate investment. MacLand Ventures represents McGregor’s foray into an industry known for its potential for high returns, and true to form, the fighter has been making significant strides.

The portfolio of MacLand Ventures is as diverse as it’s impressive, with a range of properties including commercial spaces, luxury apartments, and scenic vacation homes. These investments are not just in McGregor’s home country of Ireland but spread across multiple prime locations, signifying his global reach in the business sector.

One of the highlights of MacLand Ventures is the Marble Arch property in Dublin, which McGregor acquired for a cool €2 million. This high-end site is earmarked for development that could further enhance its value manifold. Properties such as these not only reflect McGregor’s business acumen but also serve as a testament to his commitment to investing back into his community.

Another aspect of MacLand Ventures is its strategic approach to property acquisition. McGregor and his team have shown a preference for properties with untapped potential, investing in renovations and upgrades that substantially increase their market value. Through this, MacLand Ventures adds a unique touch to the real estate market, much like McGregor’s distinctive flair in the fight ring.

The growth of MacLand Ventures is indicative of McGregor’s understanding that true staying power in the business world comes from diversification and smart investments. As his real estate portfolio expands, so does his influence beyond the fight world and into the echelons of successful entrepreneurs. With MacLand Ventures, McGregor takes a leap from the octagon to property blueprints, grappling with market trends and investment opportunities. His fans and business analysts alike will be watching keenly to see how this venture unfolds as McGregor continues to cement his legacy not only as a sports icon but as a business mogul.

The Fitness Revolution: McGregor FAST

In the fast-paced world of fitness, Conor McGregor has launched a program that’s as groundbreaking as his fighting style. McGregor FAST (Fighting Aerobic/Anaerobic System of Training) isn’t just any fitness regimen; it’s a reflection of McGregor’s dedication to peak performance. Developed with the insights of sports scientists and physiologists, McGregor FAST is designed to cater to athletes and fitness enthusiasts at all levels.

With an eye for precision, McGregor’s program focuses on promoting optimal athletic performance through a combination of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength work, and endurance exercises. The science-backed approach ensures that users of McGregor FAST can tailor their workouts to their individual needs, just as Conor does in preparation for his own battles in the octagon. It’s not merely a set of exercises; it’s a bespoke fitness philosophy.

  • Optimized for All: Whether a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the program adjusts to one’s specific fitness level.
  • Flexibility and Access: Available online, McGregor FAST brings elite training to the masses, accommodating varying schedules and lifecycle stages.

The commercial success of the program is seen in its global reach, with enthusiasts from Dublin to Dubai incorporating McGregor FAST into their routines. Alongside the development of high-quality equipment and a dedicated app, the brand’s expansion has been a testament to McGregor’s savvy understanding of market needs.

Diving into retail, McGregor has also launched a line of McGregor FAST-branded gear. From moisture-wicking training tops to durable equipment, every piece is crafted with the same precision that McGregor applies to his businesses and fighting career. This synergy between his athletic prowess and entrepreneurial spirit is what keeps fans and customers invested in every punch and every product launch.

As McGregor’s empire spans from the octagon to apparel and gyms worldwide, the growth of McGregor FAST is yet another feather in the cap of this formidable business titan. It showcases a fusion of passion and pragmatism, an attribute common among legends in sports and business alike.


Conor McGregor has certainly taken his fighting spirit into the boardroom, creating a diverse portfolio that resonates with his personal brand. From whiskey to fashion and now a fitness program, he’s shown a knack for tapping into markets with a genuine connection to his interests and expertise. McGregor FAST is yet another testament to his commitment to excellence, not just in the octagon but in the products and services he delivers. It’s clear that McGregor isn’t just throwing punches; he’s also making strategic moves that could secure his legacy far beyond his athletic career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Proper No. Twelve?

Proper No. Twelve is a whiskey brand created by Conor McGregor. It has gained popularity and is part of his diverse business ventures outside the UFC.

Who is Conor McGregor?

Conor McGregor is a professional mixed martial artist and businessman. He’s known for his successful career in the UFC and his numerous entrepreneurial endeavors.

What is August McGregor?

August McGregor is a fashion line developed by Conor McGregor, catering to those looking for modern men’s suits and fashion-forward clothing.

What is MacLand Ventures?

MacLand Ventures is Conor McGregor’s real estate investment company. It focuses on property development and portfolio expansion across various locations.

What does McGregor FAST offer?

McGregor FAST is a comprehensive fitness program designed by Conor McGregor that offers high-intensity interval training, strength work, and endurance exercises for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Is McGregor FAST available online?

Yes, the McGregor FAST program is accessible online, allowing a global audience to participate and integrate the training regime into their routines.

What is the McGregor FAST-branded gear?

McGregor FAST-branded gear is a range of fitness products and apparel that complements the McGregor FAST fitness program, providing enthusiasts with the tools to train effectively.

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