What Businesses Does Carter Reum Own? Discover His Diverse Empire

Carter Reum isn’t just a name that pops up in celebrity news—he’s a powerhouse in the entrepreneurial world. With a Midas touch for startups, he’s become a go-to name for business success stories.

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They’ve watched him turn fledgling ideas into booming businesses, but what’s on his current roster? From tech to spirits, Carter’s portfolio is as diverse as it is impressive.

Let’s dive into the ventures that have this entrepreneur’s fingerprints all over them. It’s not just about owning businesses; it’s about creating trends and setting the pace in the fast-moving business world.

Tech Startups

Carter Reum’s knack for nurturing tech startups into prosperous enterprises stands as a testament to his business acumen. The entrepreneur has a keen eye for innovative ideas that resonate with consumers, which fuels his investment strategy. He’s delved into various sectors within the tech industry, each with its own success story.

One of the brightest jewels in Reum’s tech portfolio is the cloud computing service sector. By leveraging the increasing demand for scalable data storage solutions, he’s managed to support platforms that offer essential services to both individuals and businesses. These services are not only convenient but also critical in an era where data is the new gold.

Besides cloud services, Reum has also tapped into the consumer electronics market. His forward-thinking approach led to investments in startups that are now at the forefront of developing cutting-edge gadgets. With technology becoming an inseparable part of everyday life, these gadgets are more than just devices, they’re lifestyle necessities that touch on health, entertainment, and productivity.

Additionally, Reum’s interest in software development startups showcases his understanding that software is the backbone of modern technology. He spots potential in companies capable of creating intuitive, user-friendly software solutions. These investments underline a crucial point: technology isn’t just about the hardware; the software that powers these devices is equally important.

  • Investment in cloud computing startups
  • Inroads into consumer electronics
  • Support for innovative software development companies

The diversity in Reum’s tech startup investments exemplifies his belief in a multi-faceted approach to entrepreneurship. It’s not only about having an assorted set of companies, but also about fostering a culture of innovation and forward-thinking that anticipates market trends and meets consumer needs. In this zone, Reum proves that his entrepreneurial spirit isn’t limited to just ownership; it extends to being an influential part of the tech revolution, one startup at a time.

Spirits and Beverage Brands

Carter Reum’s entrepreneurial spirit isn’t just confined to the tech industry. His business ventures also pour into the spirits and beverage market, showcasing his taste for diversity and luxury. Among the glittering array of his investments, Reum’s involvement in the alcohol sector stands out with a touch of class and indulgence that would charm any connoisseur or socialite.

VeeV Spirits, a company he co-founded with his brother Courtney, makes a bold statement in the liquor industry. VeeV is lauded for its use of açai berries, which not only offers a unique flavor profile but also aligns with a growing consumer interest in sustainable and health-conscious products. This innovative spirit has positioned Reum as a forward-thinker in a market that thrives on tradition yet craves innovation.

Alongside his interest in spirits, Reum has also dipped his toes into the world of celebratory beverages with an investment in Champagne Armand de Brignac. This high-end champagne brand, often referred to as Ace of Spades, is a staple at celebrity gatherings and lavish parties, further entrenching Reum’s status among the elite.

The beverage sector embraces a variety of tastes and preferences, and Carter Reum understands this palate of opportunities. Not only does he invest in brands that command attention at gala events, but his portfolio also reflects a keen awareness of everyday consumer desires. His investments include companies that are innovating in the field of non-alcoholic beverages and wellness drinks, appealing to the rising trend of health and mindfulness among consumers.

By marrying the worlds of luxury and lifestyle with his business acumen, Carter Reum isn’t just owning businesses; he’s shaping experiences. Whether it’s a toast with the finest champagne or a refreshing sip of an eco-conscious concoction, Reum’s ventures in the spirits and beverage space cater to a broad audience while maintaining an air of exclusivity.

Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

Carter Reum’s business acumen doesn’t stop at just spirits and beverages—he’s also taken a glamorous plunge into the fashion and lifestyle spheres. With a sharp eye for trending styles, he has aligned his portfolio with the luxurious demands of modern consumers. Reum’s ventures in this space symbolize not just an investment in products, but in the aspirations and lifestyles that they represent.

One of the jewels in Reum’s crown is his involvement with Halsey Minor’s CNET Networks—an element that brings tech to the threshold of style, providing a digital platform for the chic and savvy. This move underscores an intuitive understanding of the modern-day synergy between technology and fashion.

In the realm of pure fashion and accessories, Carter Reum’s portfolio lights up with holdings in various startups that target the upscale market. These brands often feature eco-conscious and artisan-crafted items, catering to a niche that appreciates luxury with a conscience. The products range from handcrafted jewelry to bespoke wardrobe essentials, each with a narrative that speaks to both exclusivity and cultural sensitivity.

Not leaving behind the wellness trend, Reum has seized opportunities where fashion intersects with health. His interests include startups that blend smart technology with fitness wearables, bringing together the elegance of a well-designed accessory with the functionality of a personal health device.

In all his fashion and lifestyle endeavors, Carter Reum isn’t just selling a product; he’s curating a high-end experience. His brands are designed to resonate with the lifestyle choices of celebrities and trend-setters—those who not only demand quality but also desire the prestige that comes with owning something from Reum’s exclusive collections.

Media and Entertainment Ventures

Carter Reum doesn’t stop at just beverages and fashion; his entrepreneurial spirit extends into the glittering realm of media and entertainment. Understanding the power of content, Reum has carved out a stake in the fast-paced world of digital media. He’s laid his cards on the table with investments in several content creation companies, focusing on those that combine tech innovation with engaging entertainment.

In this sphere, Reum seems to have an eye for projects that merge the latest in technology with the insatiable human interest in storytelling. He’s keen on businesses that leverage social media platforms and streaming services to reach global audiences. With such investments, he’s etching his name in the digital bedrock of the entertainment industry, ensuring his ventures are as dynamic as the platforms they dwell on.

His portfolio also extends to the interactive side of media—video games and virtual reality experiences. These investments illustrate his foresight in tapping into the digital zeitgeist where virtual experiences become as sought after as physical ones. By venturing into interactive entertainment, Reum taps into a lucrative market that caters to a wide-ranging audience, from casual gamers to hardcore enthusiasts.

Reum’s acumen for blending the allure of Hollywood with the business of entertainment has been nothing short of impressive. He’s not only a businessman but also a patron of the modern storytelling revolution. By investing in media and entertainment, he nurtures a community that thrives on innovation, excitement, and, of course, a touch of glamour.


Carter Reum’s diverse portfolio is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to tap into the pulse of consumer trends. From the eco-friendly and health-conscious spirits of VeeV to the opulent bubbles of Champagne Armand de Brignac, he’s crafted a collection of brands that appeal to luxury markets and sustainability-minded consumers alike. His foray into fashion and lifestyle further solidifies his knack for identifying and investing in upscale, artisanal products. With his finger on the pulse of what’s next, Reum’s ventures into media and entertainment merge tech with the excitement of Hollywood, ensuring that his influence will be felt across industries for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Carter Reum known for in the beverage industry?

Carter Reum co-founded VeeV Spirits, renowned for its innovative açai-based liquor and focus on sustainability. He’s also invested in luxury Champagne Armand de Brignac.

What types of beverages does Reum’s portfolio include?

Reum’s beverage investments cover a wide array, from luxury spirits and high-end champagne to non-alcoholic wellness drinks, catering to health-conscious consumers.

How has Carter Reum expanded into fashion and lifestyle?

Reum has invested in upscale fashion and lifestyle startups that prioritize eco-consciousness and artisanal craftsmanship, aiming at the luxury market.

What is unique about Reum’s approach to his brands?

Reum’s brands are crafted to align with the exclusive lifestyles of celebrities and trendsetters, delivering an upscale and high-end experience.

In which industries outside of beverages has Reum invested?

Beyond beverages, Carter Reum has ventured into the fashion, lifestyle, media, and entertainment industries, including investments in content creation and interactive entertainment like video games and VR experiences.

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