What Businesses Does Billy Corgan Own? Explore His Unique Ventures

Billy Corgan, best known as the frontman of the iconic rock band The Smashing Pumpkins, isn’t just a master of melancholic melodies. He’s also got a knack for business, diving into ventures that might surprise you.

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From the eclectic to the traditional, Corgan’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to own an array of businesses. They’re as diverse as his musical range, and they show a side of him that goes beyond the stage and studio.

So, what’s in Billy Corgan’s business portfolio? Let’s peel back the curtain on the enterprises that keep this rockstar equally busy offstage as he is on.

Billy Corgan’s Business Ventures

As a man of many talents, Billy Corgan finds ways to channel his creativity beyond the realm of music. His entrepreneurial endeavours are as eclectic as his discography, spanning various industries.

Madame Zuzu’s Plantbased Emporium stands as a testament to Corgan’s ventures into the hospitality sector. More than just a tea house located in Highland Park, Illinois, this is a space where patrons can immerse themselves in an artistic ambiance while enjoying vegan delicacies and an array of fine teas. Corgan’s passion for a cruelty-free lifestyle is reflected in every aspect of Madame Zuzu’s, which has also become a cultural hub for intimate musical performances and art events.

In the world of professional wrestling, Corgan has executed an impressive tag-team maneuver by acquiring the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). As president, his vision is to revitalize the brand and bring back its former glory. By infusing it with his showbiz flair, Corgan aims to create compelling storylines and foster a new era for wrestling fans globally.

Moreover, Corgan’s reach extends into the literary sphere. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman launched Martha’s Music, a specialty record shop named after his mother, which serves as a beacon for vinyl enthusiasts. But beyond selling records, Corgan understands the untapped potential in memorabilia and nostalgia. Thus, merchandise and special edition releases often find their way onto the shelves, delighting collectors and fans alike.

Billy Corgan’s kaleidoscope of business ventures is constantly evolving. He’s interested in opportunities that align with his artistic vision and personal beliefs. With each enterprise, he brings a touch of rock ‘n’ roll spirit to industries one wouldn’t typically associate with a music icon. Whether it’s a unique blend of tea or a body-slam in the wrestling ring, Corgan’s stamp of authenticity is unmistakable.

The Tea Shop: Madame Zuzu’s

Nestled in the heart of Highland Park, Illinois, lies Billy Corgan’s Madame Zuzu’s Plantbased Emporium. They’ve fashioned it as more than just a tea house; it’s a sanctuary of culture and plant-based delights. Corgan’s passion for vegan fare and quality teas culminates in this charming establishment, where the artistic community frequently gathers.

At Madame Zuzu’s, they’re serving up a tantalizing array of teas from around the globe. They’ve carefully curated selections that cater to both connoisseurs and casual sippers alike. The teas are complemented by an assortment of vegan pastries and dishes, each crafted to perfection. Their menu showcases the best of plant-based cuisine, merging health with heavenly flavors to wow even the most discerning palates.

The décor of Madame Zuzu’s is as eclectic as its owner’s career. They’ve filled the space with vintage furnishing and art that reflects Corgan’s love for the unique and the unusual. It’s a place where one can sip on a cup of soothing oolong while surrounded by the quirky charm that Corgan is known for.

But they didn’t stop at food and ambiance; Madame Zuzu’s doubles as a cultural hub for the community. They stage art exhibitions, live music performances, and poetry readings, turning it into a vibrant center for creative expression. Corgan’s ambition to create a space that fuels artistic collaboration and connection has been realized under Zuzu’s roof.

Madame Zuzu’s Plantbased Emporium serves as a testament to Corgan’s ability to infuse his varied interests into successful business ventures. It’s part tea shop, part art space, and entirely a reflection of the personal beliefs and aesthetic of its owner, drawing in crowds who appreciate the finer things in life, not unlike a modern-day salon of the past.

The Professional Wrestling Promotion: Resistance Pro Wrestling

Billy Corgan’s entrepreneurial ventures extend far beyond the quaint confines of a tea house. In 2011, he ventured into the bodyslamming world of professional wrestling by founding Resistance Pro Wrestling. Chicago’s own sports entertainment company has been praised for its innovative approach to the genre, intertwining classic wrestling styles with modern theatrics. Wrestling enthusiasts laud Corgan’s promotion for its focus on player safety, making it a standout in an industry often criticized for its ruthless physical demands.

Resistance Pro Wrestling is a hallmark of Billy Corgan’s commitment to revitalizing and redefining the wrestling scene. The promotion not only features established wrestlers but also showcases up-and-coming talents, providing them with a platform to hone their skills and gain exposure. The wrestling events are more than just mere matches – they’re spectacles, imbued with dramatic storylines that captivate audiences. Unlike many of its contemporaries, Resistance Pro Wrestling places a significant emphasis on storytelling, which is a testament to Corgan’s background as a songwriter and musician.

Staging events often ignites the local economy by attracting a flock of wrestling aficionados eager to experience the fusion of athleticism and drama. Corgan has successfully tapped into an audience that’s looking for an alternative to mainstream wrestling entertainment. Resistance Pro Wrestling thrives on its unique identity, with gripping narratives and in-ring prowess believed to reflect the very essence of what fans love about the sport.

Through this venture, Corgan has demonstrated an ability to diversify his portfolio and engage with different forms of entertainment while maintaining his personal touch. As the storyteller at the helm, he skillfully balances the grit and glamor specific to the world of wrestling, crafting a promotion that wrestles its way to enduring popularity.

The Recording Studio: Pumpkinland Studios

While many recognize Billy Corgan for his soul-stirring music and quaint tea house, another venture of his strikes a chord in the realm of sound engineering – Pumpkinland Studios. A testament to Corgan’s dedication to music, this recording studio isn’t just any musician’s retreat; it’s a sanctuary for sound and creativity that has hosted the work on many of The Smashing Pumpkins’ albums.

Pumpkinland Studios offers state-of-the-art equipment and an ambiance that inspires musicians to reach new heights. Nestled away from the hustle and bustle, artists find themselves immersed in an environment where the only limit is their imagination. Catering to professionals in the industry, the studio embodies Corgan’s vision for a space where artistry meets technical excellence.

Innovative technology pairs with Corgan’s wealth of musical expertise to create a studio that’s seen as both a laboratory for experimentation and a pillar of high-quality production standards. Bands and solo artists alike seek Pumpkinland for its exceptional acoustics and Corgan’s involvement, often finding in him a mentor and a producer with a keen ear for detail that elevates any project.

Beyond the recording bays and mixing desks, Pumpkinland Studios has fostered the creation of music that not only entertains but has also significantly contributed to the alternative rock scene. It’s in this creative workshop that Corgan’s dual roles as businessman and musician harmonize, underlining his commitment to enriching the music industry not only with chords and lyrics but also through entrepreneurial spirit and top-notch facilities.

As Corgan continues to expand his empire, the impact of Pumpkinland Studios in shaping the sound of modern rock is undeniable. Fans and fellow musicians alike watch with eager eyes and ears, knowing that from the seeds sown in this studio, the next era of musical masterpieces is bound to emerge.

The Online Community: Smashing Pumpkins Nexus

Billy Corgan isn’t just a maestro in the physical world of businesses but also an innovator in the digital sphere. The Smashing Pumpkins Nexus is an online platform dedicated to fostering a community among fans of the iconic band. Corgan, understanding the crucial role that fans play in the longevity of a music career, has created an immersive space where devotees can get inside scoops, exclusive content, and a closer connection to the music they adore.

The Nexus is more than just a fan club; it’s a digital haven for all things Smashing Pumpkins. Members gain access to rare recordings, live Q&A sessions with Corgan, and advanced ticketing opportunities for events and concerts. With such perks, it’s clear why the online community quickly became a hub for die-hard admirers of the band.

In addition to fan experiences, the platform serves as a conduit for peeking into Corgan’s creative process. Whether it’s glimpses of upcoming projects or deep dives into past album creations, the Nexus is a treasure trove for anyone interested in the artistic journey of Corgan and his group. It reflects Billy Corgan’s dedication to not just maintaining but nurturing the bond between artist and audience through innovative means.

By leveraging the power of the internet, Corgan has smartly positioned The Smashing Pumpkins Nexus as an essential resource for anyone following the band’s journey. It’s a testament to his vision for creating a sprawling, multifaceted brand that resonates on a global scale and keeps the pulse of his fanbase strong. With its growing content library and passionate community, the Nexus ensures that the legacy of The Smashing Pumpkins thrives well into the digital age.

As the digital landscape expands, Corgan’s forward-thinking approach allows him to stay ahead of the curve, seamlessly integrating traditional business models with modern technology. The Nexus stands out as a distinctive venture that underlines his entrepreneurial acumen, where fan engagement is not just expected but innovatively delivered.


Billy Corgan has certainly carved out a unique space for himself in the world of business with his eclectic mix of ventures. From the charming environs of Madame Zuzu’s to the thrilling rings of Resistance Pro Wrestling, he’s shown an ability to blend his artistic vision with entrepreneurial acumen. Pumpkinland Studios remains a creative hub for musical genius while The Smashing Pumpkins Nexus bridges the gap between artist and fan in the digital age. Corgan’s ventures are more than just businesses; they’re extensions of his passion, inviting fans and newcomers alike to explore the multifaceted world he continues to shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses does Billy Corgan own besides his music career?

Billy Corgan owns several businesses like Madame Zuzu’s Plantbased Emporium, Resistance Pro Wrestling, and Pumpkinland Studios. His entrepreneurial ventures expand beyond music into the realms of tea, professional wrestling, and recording industries.

Can you tell me more about Madame Zuzu’s Plantbased Emporium?

Madame Zuzu’s Plantbased Emporium is a tea house founded by Billy Corgan that offers a range of plant-based products and aims to provide a unique community space for social interaction and cultural events.

What is Resistance Pro Wrestling?

Resistance Pro Wrestling is a professional wrestling company owned by Billy Corgan, which has gained attention for its unique blend of sport and entertainment within the wrestling community.

What is Pumpkinland Studios?

Pumpkinland Studios is Billy Corgan’s recording studio, which has become known for producing music, particularly for The Smashing Pumpkins’ albums. It is a key creative space for the band and Corgan’s solo projects.

What is The Smashing Pumpkins Nexus?

The Smashing Pumpkins Nexus is an online platform created by Billy Corgan to foster a community among fans of The Smashing Pumpkins. It offers exclusive content, access to rare recordings, live Q&A sessions with Corgan, and advanced tickets to events.

How does The Nexus serve The Smashing Pumpkins’ fans?

The Nexus serves fans by providing a digital hub for exclusive band-related content, fostering closer artist-audience interactions, and offering opportunities like advanced ticketing for concerts and special events.

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