What Businesses Does Blake Griffin Own? Explore His Surprising Ventures

Blake Griffin’s not just a high-flyer on the basketball court; he’s also making slam dunks in the business world. From the moment he burst onto the scene, Griffin’s been known for his athleticism and charisma, but it’s his savvy investments and entrepreneurial ventures that are turning heads now.

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They say athletes are brands unto themselves, and Griffin’s taken that to heart. He’s diversified his portfolio, stepping into various industries with the same zeal he brings to the game. Let’s take a peek into the businesses that have got Blake Griffin playing in a whole different league.

Blake Griffin’s Business Ventures

When exploring the bustling world of enterprise that Blake Griffin has constructed, one can’t help but be impressed. His business acumen shines through in a diversified portfolio which includes technology, media, and even the wellness industry. With the same vigor he exhibits on the court, Griffin has mastered the art of scoring in the boardroom with strategic investments.

Perhaps most notable among his ventures is his stake in Hyperice, a company specializing in high-performance portable ice compression devices designed for athletes. The company’s aim is to revolutionize recovery technology, and Griffin’s alignment with them reflects his dedication to sports and health.

Media and entertainment also pique Blake’s interest. He’s landed a strong presence here with his production company, Mortal Media. Partnering with NFL player Ryan Kalil, they are steering the company to develop television, film, and digital content. A project that garnered attention was the reboot of the classic “White Men Can’t Jump.”

In the realm of technology, Blake Griffin didn’t just dip his toes; he dove in headfirst. He has invested in Rocket Mortgage, a pioneer in the online mortgage space, and stands as an advocate for how technology can streamline once complex processes.

Blake’s influence extends into the food industry as well. His discerning eye led him to back Sunniva Super Coffee, a startup offering a healthier coffee alternative, fortified with protein and MCT oil. This move isn’t just about profits—it reflects a personal ideology about wellness and proper nutrition.

Dabbling in these myriad industries, Blake Griffin demonstrates a keen sense of where the market is headed. He identifies trends and invests in businesses that not only have the potential to grow but also resonate with his personal brand and the values he advocates. His ventures are prime examples of an athlete transcending sports and blazing a trail in the business world.

The Growing Brand of Blake Griffin

In the landscape of celebrity business moguls, Blake Griffin emerges as a player who knows how to score both on and off the court. With each business endeavor, he amplifies his presence as not just an athlete but a shrewd entrepreneur. His varied interests have led to the creation of a growing brand that’s as versatile as his skill set in basketball.

Griffin’s journey into the world of business is marked by his strategic partnerships and investments. He’s not just dipping his toes but rather diving deep into industries that are known for innovation and growth. Technology is a field that particularly catches Griffin’s eye. This is evident from his investment in Hyperice, where cutting-edge technology meets sports recovery, speaking volumes about his foresight in health tech advancements.

Then there’s his visionary pursuit in the media realm with Mortal Media. Griffin is steering his own narrative and the narratives of others by producing content that resonates with audiences across various platforms. He understands the power of story and the influence it has in shaping culture.

But what truly stands out is how Griffin’s investments reflect his personal brand. By putting money into Rocket Mortgage, he’s associating himself with reliability and solidity, traits that a leading sports figure propagates. On the flip side, his stake in Sunniva Super Coffee highlights his keen interest in wellness, aligning his image with energy and vitality.

As Griffin continues to expand his portfolio, his brand is becoming synonymous with innovation, adaptability, and a keen business sense. The ventures he chooses are more than just financial commitments; they are extensions of his persona, each representing a facet of who Blake Griffin is – not just an athlete but a multifaceted entrepreneur relentlessly pursuing excellence.

The Athlete Turned Entrepreneur

Blake Griffin’s journey from hardwood floors to the boardroom floor is nothing short of remarkable. His pivot to business proves that determination and skill are as valuable in suits as they are in jerseys. Griffin isn’t just a former NBA star; he’s a businessman with a finger on the pulse of multiple industries.

His ventures demonstrate an impressive acumen for identifying gaps in the market and areas ripe for innovation. Griffin’s engagement with companies like Hyperice and Mortal Media highlights his investment style: forward-thinking and trend-focused. Hyperice, known for its high-performance recovery tools used by athletes, marries Griffin’s athletic background with his business aspirations.

Mortal Media, co-founded with NFL star Matt Kalil, delves into the creative realm of storytelling and entertainment. Here, Griffin’s ability to leverage the universal power of narrative shows his versatility beyond the court.

Griffin’s portfolio extends to the wellness sector, too, with his embrace of Sunniva Super Coffee. By doing so, he taps into the burgeoning market for healthier beverage options, showcasing his commitment to ventures that resonate with his personal philosophy and public persona.

Even his link with Rocket Mortgage is a strategic step that aligns his personal brand with a trusted financial services provider, a move that speaks volumes about his savvy nature. Each investment serves as a testament to his astute understanding of consumer behavior and market demand. As Griffin continues to broaden his investment horizon, he is carving out a reputation as an athlete who scores just as much in enterprise as he did in sport.

Investing in Various Industries

Blake Griffin’s entrepreneurial prowess reaches far beyond the basketball court and into sectors disrupting the status quo. With every investment, Griffin demonstrates his commitment to innovation and excellence. From tech startups to established companies, each business endeavor he chooses is more than a mere financial play; it’s a reflection of his multifaceted interests and keen market sense.

Technology has always been a magnet for Griffin, drawing him to opportunities that promise to redefine traditional user experiences. He’s not just investing in any tech firms; he’s looking for those that bridge the gap between cutting-edge innovations and practical, everyday applications. Ventures in emerging technologies such as VR and AR are just a part of Griffin’s tech portfolio, signaling his belief in a future where digital and physical realities converge.

His presence in the media landscape is as bold as his dunks were on the court. Griffin realized early on that content is king and the platforms delivering that content shape the narrative. Investments in production companies and digital media exemplify his vision of creating content that resonates with a diverse audience, pushing the envelope in storytelling and entertainment.

Wellness and fitness, industries where Griffin’s background as a professional athlete gives him insider knowledge, have not been overlooked. His stake in Hyperice, a company specializing in recovery and fitness technology, highlights his understanding of the importance of well-being in the high-performance world. This venture, among others, illustrate his grasp on wellness trends and consumer health consciousness.

When it comes to beverages, Griffin’s selection is as strategic as his gameplay. Enter Sunniva Super Coffee, a brand aligning with the health and wellness trend, which has seen a surge in popularity. His backing of this brand speaks volumes about his investment strategy that favors products with strong growth potential in burgeoning markets.

Rocket Mortgage’s partnership with Griffin cements his position as a savvy investor with an eye on the long game. The association with this major financial player underscores his commitment to working with companies that aim to demystify and streamline complex processes for the consumer.

Through his varied investments, Griffin is steadily curating a portfolio that spans multiple industries, reinforcing the notion that success can be engineered off the court with the same precision he once used on it.


Blake Griffin’s foray into the business world is as diverse as it is impressive. With a sharp eye for innovative ventures, he’s proving that his skills are not confined to the basketball court. Whether it’s tech startups, media platforms, or health-focused beverages, he’s making waves in industries that matter to consumers today. His strategic approach to investments and partnerships shows a deep understanding of what it takes to build lasting success. Griffin’s journey is a testament to the power of leveraging one’s strengths and passions to make a mark beyond the expected. As he continues to expand his portfolio, there’s no doubt he’ll keep inspiring others to think big and invest wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries is Blake Griffin involved in as an entrepreneur?

Blake Griffin has diversified his entrepreneurial efforts across technology, media, wellness, and the beverage industry. His wide-ranging interests underscore his commitment to not only excel in multiple arenas but also to incorporate innovation within his ventures.

How does Griffin’s tech investments stand out?

Griffin’s tech investments are notable for bridging advanced technological innovation with practical, day-to-day applications. He shows a clear focus on how technology can be integrated into regular life in meaningful ways.

What role do content and platforms play in Griffin’s ventures?

Content and platforms are crucial to Griffin’s investment strategy as they help shape the narrative and influence public perception. He recognizes the power of storytelling and the importance of having the right medium to convey messages.

How does being a professional athlete influence Griffin’s investments?

Blake Griffin’s background as a professional athlete heavily influences his investments in the wellness and fitness sectors. His in-depth understanding of athletic performance and health underscores his strategic choices in these fields.

What’s notable about Griffin’s partnership with Rocket Mortgage?

Griffin’s partnership with Rocket Mortgage demonstrates his alignment with companies that aim to streamline and simplify complex processes for consumers. It reflects his interest in enhancing user experiences and making specialized services more accessible.

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