What Businesses Does Bella Hadid Own? Discover Her Empire from Jewelry to Real Estate

Bella Hadid isn’t just a powerhouse on the runway; she’s also making her mark in the business world. With a keen eye for trends and a passion for entrepreneurship, she’s expanding her empire beyond the glitz of fashion.

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They say diversification is key, and Bella’s taken this to heart. She’s delved into various ventures, ensuring her portfolio is as varied as her modeling gigs. Let’s peek into the businesses that have Bella’s golden touch.

Bella Hadid’s Business Ventures

As Bella Hadid graces catwalks worldwide, she’s also striding into the realm of business with commendable acumen. Revving up the engine of her entrepreneurial spirit, Bella’s been investing and advising in a range of companies that resonate with her personal brand and interests.

She’s a key player in Kin Euphorics, a wellness beverage brand that offers non-alcoholic drinks designed to lift the spirit and calm the body. The line presents a smart fusion of nootropics, adaptogens, and botanicals in chic, enticing bottles. Bella doesn’t just lend her name; she’s hands-on in the creative and strategic processes, ensuring the products align with her vision for a healthier generation of night owls.

In the tech realm, Bella has become a significant supporter of Elited Model World, a platform that strategically modernizes the process of managing and discovering talent in the modeling industry. Her investment isn’t merely financial; she’s involved in redefining narratives within modeling, empowering professionals in a field close to her heart.

Just as she sets trends on the fashion stage, Bella’s influence extends to the real estate market. She’s the proud owner of a luxury penthouse in New York City—a testament to her keen eye for prime investments and growing assets. This venture is more than a lavish residence; it’s a savvy move that ties her down to the city that never sleeps, a hub for fashion and business.

In addition to these ventures, Bella’s portfolio boasts collaborations and endorsements that reflect her taste and ethos. Whether it’s a capsule collection with a renowned designer or a significant ambassador role for a global beauty brand, she knows that combining her influence with strategic partnerships catapults her business standing.

From wellness drinks to real estate, Bella Hadid’s portfolio is as versatile as her fashion sense, making each venture a runway of its own. With a clear sight for future expansions and a touch of Midas, Bella’s businesses are sure to keep her in the spotlight even when the catwalks go dark.

1. Fashion Line – Bella Hadid Collections

Bella Hadid, the illustrious model paved with runways achievements, has not solely banked on her modeling career but ventured into the dazzling world of fashion entrepreneurship. In a move that melds her industry savvy with a keen fashion sense, she launched Bella Hadid Collections, a fashion line that resonates with her personal style and the pulse of the current trends.

This venture offers a tailored and exclusive look into Bella’s aesthetic, a crossroad between high-end elegance and streetwear chic. The line, keenly awaited by fans and fashion aficionados, features a range of apparel including limited-edition pieces that often sell out within hours of release. Her hands-on approach in the design process infuses the collection with authenticity that’s unmistakably Bella.

Her foray into fashion design is leveraged by her social media clout, with millions of followers on platforms such as Instagram, becoming a powerful marketing tool. Every post and story of her donning pieces from her collection translates into instantaneous buzz and, subsequently, sales. Partnerships with reputable manufacturers and seasoned designers ensure that each piece is not only aesthetically pleasing but also of high quality.

In addition to the core collection, she’s fostered collaborations with other brands, tapping into a network of fellow visionaries and fashion influencers. These partnerships further amplify her reach and fortify the brand’s presence in a competitive market. The collections reflect an understanding of her audience’s desires—a blend of luxury and accessibility that hits a sweet spot in the market.

With the Bella Hadid Collections, Bella has extended her domain beyond the flashing lights of paparazzi and into a future where her business acumen shines as brightly as her modeling career. Whether she’s brainstorming the next season’s designs or modeling her creations, Bella’s commitment to her fashion line manifests a personal touch that fans just can’t seem to get enough of.

2. Beauty and Skincare – Bella Beauty Co.

Bella Hadid’s business endeavors reach beyond the realm of fashion with the establishment of Bella Beauty Co. This beauty and skincare brand is a testament to her dedication to fostering self-care and confidence among her fans and customers. Channeling her impeccable aesthetics from the runway into bottles and jars, Bella’s line offers a luxurious range of products that promise to make users feel like they’re getting the model treatment.

The line’s success can be partly attributed to Bella’s personal belief in the products. She’s often seen sharing her skincare routine on social media, incorporating her own brand’s items. Her transparency about her skincare struggles resonates with a demographic that’s tired of unattainable beauty standards.

Emphasizing quality, Bella Beauty Co. prides itself on using ingredients that are not just effective, but also ethically sourced. Bella’s commitment to sustainability and cruelty-free practices has helped the company carve out a unique position in the competitive beauty market. By aligning her brand values with those of her target audience, Bella has nurtured a loyal following that trusts her products as much as her fashion sense.

The company’s marketing strategy doesn’t shy away from high-impact visuals, with Bella herself often fronting campaigns that showcase the transformative power of her beauty line. The products have an elegant, minimalist design aesthetic, making them instant vanity table staples.

Bella Beauty Co. has been smart about leveraging partnerships, engaging influencers, and beauty experts to review and promote their lineup. These collaborative efforts have allowed the brand to expand its reach while maintaining an image that’s chic, accessible, and in line with Bella’s personal brand equity.

With an-ever expanding product range, Bella’s fans eagerly anticipate what beauty innovation her company will come up with next, making it clear that the model’s entrepreneurial spirit is as robust as her career in front of the camera.

3. Jewelry – Bella Hadid Jewelry

Bella Hadid has expanded her entrepreneurial pursuits to include a glittering array of jewelry offerings. Dubbed Bella Hadid Jewelry, this venture is a testament to her personal style, which blends contemporary edge with timeless elegance. Adornments from her collection quickly become must-have accessories for fashion-forward individuals seeking to add a touch of luxury to their wardrobe.

Bella Hadid Jewelry resonates with her fans who admire her chic fashion sense and aspire to emulate her modish style cues. The jewelry line features pieces that are both bold and understated, offering something for everyone. From sleek and geometric designs to more ornate and intricate creations, each piece boasts the utmost craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  • Signature Pieces: These capture Bella’s essence and often feature daring designs that make a statement.
  • Everyday Wear: Delicate pieces perfect for daily accessorizing prove that style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for comfort.

In crafting her jewelry assortment, Bella places significant emphasis on Quality and Ethical Sourcing. She’s clear about her commitment to using materials that are both responsibly sourced and intended to last, blending sustainability with opulence.

Bella Hadid Jewelry also cleverly capitalizes on the power of limited releases and capsule collections. These strategies create a sense of exclusivity while allowing Bella to stay nimble and respond to the latest fashion trends. Collaborations with esteemed jewelry designers and brands add another layer of prestige and appeal, drawing in enthusiasts of designer collaborations who eagerly await the next drop.

Her dedication to this endeavor ensures that each piece from Bella’s line isn’t just an accessory; it’s a personal touchstone for those who wear it. The brand’s narrative is not solely about adornment but also about the intimate stories that jewelry often represents. As a means of personal expression, the items from Bella Hadid Jewelry hold the potential to become timeless heirlooms, treasured for generations.

4. Real Estate Investments – Hadid Estates

In the world of high-end real estate, Hadid Estates stands tall – a venture that further solidifies Bella Hadid’s prowess as a savvy businesswoman. Indeed, the runway sensation has taken her flair for style and channeled it into the luxury property market. Her real estate portfolio boasts not only prime locations but properties that blend architectural magnificence with the utmost in comfort and sophistication.

Bella’s foray into the real estate market isn’t merely a random leap; it’s a strategic move, reflecting her understanding of the value of diversified investments. Hadid Estates specializes in acquiring, developing, and managing upscale properties, both residential and commercial, spanning from sleek Manhattan apartments to lavish Malibu beach homes. The hallmark of her collection – each property is curated to embody an ethos of luxury and exclusivity, much like her fashion ventures.

Moreover, these investments are not just idle assets. Bella’s been known to collaborate with top architects and interior designers, ensuring that each estate not only meets the highest aesthetic standards but also encompasses cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices. She’s not just building houses; she’s crafting experiences, environments where opulence and harmony converge.

The success of Hadid Estates is also indicative of Bella’s commitment to leaving a lasting mark on the real estate landscape. Through careful selection and meticulous attention to detail, she’s ensuring that each venture under the Hadid name is another step towards a legacy of enduring value. With each acquisition, whether it be a historic villa or a modern penthouse, Bella Hadid is redefining luxury living for the elite, imbuing it with her distinctive touch that resonates with class and elegance.

5. Social Media Consulting – Bella Social

Beyond the glitz of jewelry and the prestige of prime real estate, Bella Hadid has dipped her toes into the waters of digital influence with her venture, Bella Social. This arm of her growing business empire offers social media consulting services, capitalizing on her own success and influence on platforms like Instagram, where she commands millions of followers.

Bella Social aims to help businesses and individuals extend their digital footprint and leverage social media for brand growth and communication. With an insider’s track on the pulse of social media trends, Bella and her team provide strategic advice on content creation, digital marketing campaigns, and online branding.

In the age where social media presence can make or break a brand, Bella brings her extensive experience as a model and influencer to the table. She knows how to strike that perfect balance between authenticity and aspirational content, engaging audiences with a blend of lifestyle shots, behind-the-scenes peeks, and exclusive updates.

Clients of Bella Social benefit from the tailored strategies that harmonize with their brand values and identity. The focus is on achieving sustainable growth and fostering a loyal community around one’s brand. And while striving for impressive numbers, Bella’s approach recognizes the importance of maintaining genuineness and building trust with one’s audience.

Here’s how Bella Social stands out:

  • Personalized strategy development: Crafting plans to meet specific client goals.
  • Engagement analysis: Understanding what drives audience interaction.
  • Content creation tips: Guiding clients to produce visually and contextually compelling posts.
  • Consumer insights: Learning from feedback to refine online presence.

Bella’s journey through the world of social media consulting is yet another testament to her versatility and business acumen. Through Bella Social, she’s not just connecting with her own audience but also empowering others to do the same. With a touch of Bella’s personal brand magic, clients receive guidance on navigating the social media landscape, ensuring they leave a digital footprint as enduring as the span of her multifaceted career.


Bella Hadid’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her diverse business portfolio. From the chic offerings of Bella Hadid Jewelry to the opulent spaces curated by Hadid Estates, she’s crafted brands that resonate with luxury and personal expression. Bella Social further showcases her adaptability and keen insight into the digital world, offering a bridge for others to achieve their own online success. Her ventures reflect a blend of elegance, innovation, and a deep understanding of modern consumer desires. Bella’s journey into business ownership is just as inspiring as it is impressive, proving that her talents extend far beyond the runway.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bella Hadid Jewelry?

Bella Hadid Jewelry is a line of jewelry launched by Bella Hadid that combines contemporary style with timeless elegance. It includes both bold and understated pieces, with an emphasis on quality and ethical sourcing.

Are pieces from Bella Hadid Jewelry considered exclusive?

Yes, Bella Hadid Jewelry often features limited releases and collaborations to create a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness for each jewelry piece.

What is Hadid Estates?

Hadid Estates is a luxury real estate business founded by Bella Hadid, focused on acquiring, developing, and managing upscale properties in prime locations with an emphasis on luxury, exclusivity, and sustainability.

How does Bella Hadid ensure high aesthetic standards for Hadid Estates?

Bella Hadid collaborates with top architects and interior designers to guarantee that each estate not only meets the highest aesthetic standards but also incorporates sustainable practices and advanced technology.

What services does Bella Social offer?

Bella Social is a consulting service that assists businesses and individuals in expanding their digital presence and using social media for brand growth. Services include strategic advice on content creation, digital marketing campaigns, and effective online branding.

How does Bella Social draw from Bella Hadid’s experience?

Bella Social leverages Bella Hadid’s personal success and influential status on platforms like Instagram to provide clients with expert guidance in navigating the social media landscape and maximizing their digital impact.

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