What Businesses Does Kyrie Irving Own? Inside His Mission-Driven Production Company

Kyrie Irving is known for his slick handles and clutch shooting on the basketball court, but off the court, he’s making moves in the business world. With a career that’s as much about entrepreneurship as it is about sports, he’s been building an empire that’s as diverse as his skill set.

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From fashion to food, Irving’s ventures reflect his personal interests and values. They’re not just businesses; they’re extensions of his identity. Let’s take a peek at the enterprises that have the All-Star guard trading in his basketball jersey for a businessman’s suit.

Kyrie Irving’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Kyrie Irving has taken his game beyond the basketball court and onto the playing field of business. With each step, he’s proving that his skills are not confined to dribbling and shooting but extend to striking deals and branding as well. Irving’s interests are diverse, and this is reflected in the range of businesses he owns.

One of his first forays into business was with the launch of his own Nike signature shoe line, the Kyrie line. These shoes have not only become a staple on basketball courts around the world but they’ve also struck a chord with fashion enthusiasts. Irving’s involvement goes beyond just slapping his name on the product. He’s hands-on, often influencing the design and marketing strategies, ensuring they align with his vision.

Delving into the food industry, Kyrie Irving invested in Beyond Meat, a company that specializes in plant-based meat substitutes. His decision wasn’t driven by mere profit prospects but also by personal beliefs. Irving switched to a plant-based diet in 2016 and credits it with improving his performance on the court. This investment is an intersection of his entrepreneurial ambitions and his dedication to a lifestyle that’s kind to the planet and to his body.

The fashion world saw another of Irving’s ventures with the establishment of his apparel and accessories line. This line is all about weaving his personal style and cultural influences into clothing and gear that speak to his fans. Each piece in the collection carries a narrative that resonates with Irving’s ethos, whether it’s through indigenous patterns or phrases that leap from his personal philosophy.

Aside from these, he’s partnered with major brands for unique collaborations that reflect his flair and persona, understanding that a name like Kyrie Irving brings with it a unique market appeal. Irving’s business acumen reveals that for him, every venture is not just a decision for profit but an extension of his identity and interests. Through his business dealings, he’s building a legacy that might just rival his sports achievements in scale and influence.

Fashion: The House of Kyrie

Within the dynamic confines of urban fashion, Kyrie Irving’s signature style comes to life in The House of Kyrie. A domain where hoops culture and high fashion coalesce, this enterprise is an embodiment of Irving’s vision for a wardrobe that resonates with his own eclectic taste. The line, which includes both apparel and accessories, serves not just as merchandise but as a medium for self-expression, striking a chord with fans who admire Irving’s on-court flair and off-court persona.

The collection features a variety of items, each infused with the same finesse and creativity that Irving exhibits on the basketball court. One can find bold graphic tees, sleek hoodies, and statement accessories that carry the unmistakable imprint of Kyrie’s aesthetic. Quality is paramount, and The House of Kyrie commits to providing pieces that are both stylish and durable, a reflection of Irving’s attention to detail.

Revered for its design and cultural impact, The House of Kyrie also ventures into exclusive collaborations. These handpicked partnerships serve to merge Irving’s style with the innovative visions of other designers, delivering fresh and unique pieces that elevate the line to the pinnacle of sports-fashion crossovers. It’s here that fans can witness the seamless fusion of their favorite athlete’s sensibility with cutting-edge trends.

Irving’s prowess in meshing trendsetting designs with athletic performance wear is apparent in each season’s offerings. The line not only caters to fashion-forward individuals but also ensures comfort for those leading an active lifestyle. This distinct combination ensures that The House of Kyrie’s influence extends well beyond the confines of traditional sports merchandising into the broader realms of lifestyle and fashion.

Music: The Kyrie Record Label

In the harmonious world of music, Kyrie Irving has orchestrated yet another business venture with the creation of The Kyrie Record Label. Embracing his love for melodies, Irving’s record label aims to be a platform for budding artists and seasoned musicians alike. The label is set to produce music that resonates with Irving’s dynamic personality and the authenticity he stands for. Bold and revolutionary, the sounds that come out of The Kyrie Record Label are expected to break the mold and set new standards in the industry.

The label’s focus isn’t just on hip-hop or R&B, genres typically associated with basketball stars-turned-music moguls. Rather, The Kyrie Record Label stretches across a multitude of genres, promoting diversity and inclusion in the music world. It’s a testament to Irving’s desire to impact the lives of listeners through a rich and varied auditory experience.

Artists signing with The Kyrie Record Label are selected for their unique sound and the potential to influence the industry. They’re provided with not just a contract but a partnership—a commitment to nurture their talent and amplify their voices. Collaborative projects are also a cornerstone of the label, offering the chance for different musicians to blend their styles and create something distinctive.

From the production to the talent, The Kyrie Record Label is a haven for musical innovation. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team that champions creative freedom, the label has the foundations to become a powerhouse in the music scene. Unlike his competitors, Irving’s approach to the record business is not of one looking from the outside in, but as an enthusiast who appreciates music as a form of expression and empowerment.

Kyrie Irving’s touch turns everything to gold, and as his other businesses thrive, the music industry watches with anticipation. Will The Kyrie Record Label redefine the rhythm of how music is made and shared? Only time will tell as artists and audiences alike await the debut releases under the electrifying banner of Kyrie’s musical enterprise.

Philanthropy: The KAI Family Foundation

The KAI Family Foundation is another testament to Kyrie Irving’s commitment beyond the court. The basketball maestro’s venture into philanthropy is marked by a deep desire to effect positive change in communities. Established to support underprivileged families and children, the foundation focuses on education, health, and personal development.

At the heart of the KAI Family Foundation, there’s a palpable mission to empower youths. The foundation’s efforts often revolve around programs that provide educational opportunities, enhance health and wellness, and encourage leadership among young people. By tackling a vast array of social issues, the foundation resonates with Irving’s inclusive vision seen across his business endeavors.

Irving’s philanthropic reach extends internationally as well. The foundation has been involved in bringing clean water to communities in need and supporting emergency relief efforts. These global initiatives reflect Irving’s stance on using his platform to address pressing world issues.

Kyrie Irving’s business acumen shines through the strategic partnerships and collaborations that the KAI Family Foundation forges. Aligning with organizations that share similar goals, the foundation elevates its capability to make a substantial impact. Whether it’s renovating basketball courts to provide safe play spaces or funding scholarship programs, the foundation’s work is deeply interwoven with Irving’s personal values.

Irving’s vision for the KAI Family Foundation is to nurture a legacy that goes beyond his basketball and entertainment ventures. It’s a space where the pursuit of justice and support for marginalized communities is just as vigorous as any defense he’s ever played on the hardwood. Through the KAI Family Foundation, Irving’s influence transcends the realms of sports and music, reaching into the lives of individuals and communities in a transformative way.

Entertainment: The Kyrie Irving Productions

Kyrie Irving isn’t just a basketball superstar; he’s also making his mark in the world of entertainment. With the establishment of Kyrie Irving Productions, he delves into the media sphere with the aim of crafting compelling stories across multiple platforms. The production company is seen as an extension of Irving’s creative persona, showing the world that his talents go far beyond the hardwood.

The venture ties in well with Kyrie’s interests off the court. Kyrie Irving Productions is dedicated to developing projects that resonate with audiences globally, with a special emphasis on narratives that inspire and empower the diverse communities he stands up for. It’s a business endeavor that offers a refreshing look at multicultural perspectives through both film and digital content.

Aside from its intention to produce entertainment, Kyrie Irving Productions is also setting itself up as a beacon for social commentary. The company isn’t afraid to tackle hard-hitting topics through its storytelling lens, combining entertainment with thought-provoking messages. With this initiative, Irving’s influence transcends sports—his vision is to create a dialogue and bring about positive change.

Irving’s hands-on approach to his production company ensures the content remains authentic and true to his values. He’s not just the face of the company; he’s deeply involved in the creative process. His involvement is expected to bring fresh ideas to an industry where televised and digital expressions are constantly evolving.

Kyrie Irving Productions aligns with the star’s trajectory as an entrepreneur who’s just as strategic off the court as he is on it. The production company expands his business portfolio while also adding depth to his cultural impact. It’s poised to play a significant role in shaping narratives and offering audiences stories that might not otherwise be told.


Kyrie Irving’s foray into the entertainment realm with his production company isn’t just a business move—it’s a testament to his commitment to storytelling that resonates and incites change. He’s leveraging his platform to spotlight diverse voices and narratives, ensuring that stories with the power to inspire and empower aren’t left untold. As Kyrie Irving Productions continues to grow, it’ll be exciting to see the waves it makes in the industry and the impact of the conversations it starts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kyrie Irving Productions?

Kyrie Irving Productions is a new venture by Kyrie Irving aimed at creating compelling stories across various platforms, with a focus on narratives that empower and inspire diverse communities.

What are the goals of Kyrie Irving’s production company?

The production company seeks to serve as a platform for social commentary, tackle hard-hitting issues, and promote positive change through storytelling.

Is Kyrie Irving involved in the creative process?

Yes, Kyrie Irving is deeply involved in the creative process, contributing fresh ideas to the entertainment industry through his production company.

What kind of impact does Kyrie Irving aim to have with his production company?

Kyrie Irving intends to shape narratives and offer audiences impactful stories that highlight diversity and might not otherwise be told, thereby adding depth to his cultural impact.

Will Kyrie Irving Productions focus on a specific type of content?

While the production company is set to produce a variety of content, it emphasizes stories that inspire and empower, as well as those providing social commentary and advocating for positive change.

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