What Businesses Does Bam Margera Own? Discover His Empire

Bam Margera’s not just a pro skater and a TV personality; he’s also a shrewd entrepreneur with a knack for business. From the adrenaline-fueled world of skateboarding, he’s carved out a niche in the business landscape that’s as unique as his stunts.

They’ve seen him conquer halfpipes and wreak havoc on the screen, but what businesses does this Jackass star actually own? Margera’s portfolio is as diverse as his career, hinting at a mind that’s as creative in commerce as it is in creating memorable TV moments.

Whether it’s turning his passions into profit or venturing into new territories, Margera’s business acumen is another side of this multifaceted celebrity that’s worth exploring. Let’s dive into the ventures that keep Bam busy off-screen.

Bam Margera’s Skateboarding Legacy

Bam Margera isn’t just a savvy entrepreneur; he’s also a skateboarding icon. His rise to fame was fueled by his daring stunts and magnetic personality. With his roots firmly planted in skateboarding, Margera made a name for himself in the skating world during the late 1990s and early 2000s. His fearless approach to the sport captivated fans, and his influence on the skateboarding community is undeniable.

Incorporating his skateboarding prowess with his business ventures, Margera released a series of successful skateboarding videos under the CKY banner. These videos not only showcased his skill but also laid the groundwork for the Jackass series that catapulted him to mainstream fame. The success of these ventures is a testament to his ability to merge his talent with shrewd business decisions.

Element Skateboards recognized Margera’s impact and his marketability, leading to a long-term endorsement deal. This partnership helped solidify Margera’s status as a skateboarding luminary and brought his personal brand to skate shops around the globe. His signature skateboards and merchandise became must-have items for fans and avid skaters, further cementing his legacy in the industry.

Beyond his personal branding, Margera has used his skateboarding success to give back to the community. He has been involved in numerous events and workshops, inspiring the next generation of skaters to pursue their passions just as he did. His skatepark, Castle Bam, is another venture that speaks to his enduring commitment to the sport. Here, enthusiasts gather to experience a piece of his skating empire and draw inspiration from the legacy he’s built.

Margera’s skateboarding fame and business sense have brought him wealth and recognition, but perhaps more importantly, they’ve afforded him the opportunity to influence and shape the skateboarding culture. His journey from a skateboarder to a celebrity entrepreneur showcases the potential of turning one’s passion into a career.

CKY Productions: A Gateway to Success

Bam Margera’s business acumen is not limited to the skateboarding world. He’s also the dynamo behind CKY Productions, an enterprise that started with a bang, offering a series of skateboarding videos. CKY, an acronym for “Camp Kill Yourself,” mirrors Bam’s daredevil persona and his affinity for pushing the envelope in both his professional and personal life.

These videos, which feature stunts, pranks, and skateboarding, became cult classics, highlighting Bam’s creativity and unique brand of humor. Margera didn’t just stop at producing content; he leveraged these videos as a springboard to broader fame and business ventures. CKY Productions was crucial in building the framework for the reality shows that would catapult him to an even larger audience, with “Jackass” and “Viva La Bam” adding to his fame and fortune.

CKY’s success opened a myriad of doors for Margera in the entertainment industry. His work with the production company didn’t just put him on the map—it gave him the clout to influence popular culture and set trends. He skillfully turned a series of underground videos into a reputable brand, showing his business prowess extends far beyond the skatepark.

Diversifying the Brand

Branching out, Margera used CKY Productions to dip his toes in various realms including music and publishing. The production company became a platform for Bam to promote bands linked to the skateboard culture, further cementing his influence in the music scene. Albums produced under CKY Productions not only provided a soundtrack to the skateboarding lifestyle but also helped burgeoning artists gain exposure.

The multifaceted nature of CKY Productions exemplifies how Margera’s passion projects—initially conceived for pleasure and play—evolved into profitable business endeavors. With every video, album, and brand collaboration, Bam Margera’s CKY Productions continued to grow, establishing him as an entrepreneurial force within the skateboard and entertainment communities.

Element Skateboards: Building a Brand

In the whirlwind of Bam Margera’s ventures, Element Skateboards emerges as a beacon of his branding prowess. Founded by Johnny Schillereff in 1992, Element quickly became a household name in the skateboarding world. It wasn’t long before Margera, with his skyrocketing fame, joined forces with Element, creating a partnership that would elevate the brand to new heights.

Margera’s association with Element was a match made in heaven — a synergy of street credibility and commercial appeal. He didn’t just endorse the products; he infused them with his personality, designing graphics and series that reflected his eccentricities and sense of fun. The impact was immediate; skateboarders and fans alike clamored for anything adorned with Margera’s touch.

Element capitalized on this momentum by launching a wide range of Bam Margera merchandise:

  • Signature skateboard decks
  • Clothing lines featuring Bam’s designs
  • Accessories that reflected his unique style

Sales soared as Margera’s fans, loyal and enthusiastic, sought to emulate his look and attitude. But it was more than just products. Margera brought a narrative to Element — the story of a skater who lived life on his own terms, pushing boundaries and pursuing passions. This narrative melded perfectly with Element’s ethos of social and environmental awareness, a dual-purpose that resonated deeply with consumers.

Beyond the tangible products, Margera helped put Element on the cultural radar in ways few others could. His stunts, TV shows, and films often featured the Element brand, embedding it within popular culture. This visibility wasn’t just advertisement; it was a testament to the authenticity of the partnership.

As time passed, Bam Margera’s role with Element Skateboards solidified into something beyond the typical celebrity endorsement. He became a pillar of the brand’s identity, a symbol that represented more than just skateboarding — a fusion of sport, art, and individualism that continues to inspire.

Bam Margera Presents: The Music Label

Deepening his mark on the entertainment industry, Bam Margera ventured into the world of music. He founded Filthy Note Records in 2005, which showcases his dedication to the music scene as much as his commitment to skateboarding. The label reflected Margera’s taste for rock and heavy metal, and he brought the same enthusiastic approach to music as he did to his skateboarding empire.

In the spirit of supporting artists who resonate with his personal style, Margera signed bands like Viking Skull and CKY. These groups aligned well with the unique blend of wild antics and gritty sounds that Margera’s fans had come to expect from his brand. The launch of Filthy Note Records wasn’t just about producing music; it was about crafting an audio experience that paired perfectly with the aesthetic of Margera’s other ventures.

  • Key Signings by Filthy Note Records:
    • Viking Skull
    • CKY
    • Gnarkill

Bam used his celebrity status to amplify the label’s presence, hosting wildly popular gigs and releasing music videos that often featured cameos by his crew. Notably, the label not only served as a platform for established acts but also for rising bands, giving them an association with a well-known personality in the entertainment sector.

Through this musical endeavor, Margera continued to feed his entrepreneurial spirit, intertwining his career with a diverse range of business ventures. The music label stood as a testament to his ability to cross over into different lanes of pop culture, fostering a community that appreciates the cross-pollination of skate, film, and music. With his hands in so many pots, Margera’s knack for business development became more apparent, bolstering his status as a multifaceted entertainer and business owner.

His Own Tattoo Parlor: Getting Inked Bam-style

Bam Margera’s foray into the tattoo industry solidified his role as a multifaceted entrepreneur. His very own tattoo parlor, Selfish Skate Shop, showcases the same rebellious spirit that Margera embodies. Located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, this establishment is not just a skate shop but also a place where ink enthusiasts can get a taste of Bam’s personal style etched onto their skin.

The tattoo parlor is decked out with Margera’s flair—a blend of skateboard culture and his eclectic taste. The decor and atmosphere of the parlor attract a crowd looking for more than just a simple tattoo. They’re seeking an experience that connects them to the skateboarding legend’s lifestyle. Inside, patrons find an array of designs, many of which draw inspiration from Margera’s iconic graphics and stunts. True to his form, Bam has turned his love for artistry and individual expression into a brick-and-mortar embodiment of his brand.

Selfish Skate Shop not only offers custom tattoos but also serves as a gathering point for fans and fellow skaters. It’s a testament to his influence on the skateboarding community, creating a space that merges his business acumen with his passion for the sport and art. The tattoo artists working at the parlor are handpicked by Margera, ensuring that customers receive top-notch service and results that resonate with the essence of his legacy.

Through his tattoo venture, Margera continues to demonstrate an innate ability to capture the public’s imagination. He leverages his celebrity status to create unique business endeavors that resonate with his personal identity. It’s clear that whether it’s on a skateboard, through a TV screen, or with the buzz of a tattoo needle, Bam Margera knows how to leave a lasting impression.

The Bam Margera Experience: Viva La Bam!

In the realm of skateboarding celebrities, Bam Margera crafted a particularly unforgettable experience with Viva La Bam. The show, which aired on MTV from 2003 to 2005, was essentially a continuation of the hilarity and wild stunts that had first been showcased in Jackass. However, Viva La Bam honed in on Margera’s life, offering fans a glimpse into his unorthodox world.

Margera’s ingenuity wasn’t limited to his skateboarding prowess; it spilled over into the way he branded himself and his business ventures. The show pushed the envelope with outrageous challenges and pranks, often involving his family and friends, that were set in and around his home in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Viva La Bam became a cultural phenomenon, capturing the spirit of a generation that thirsted for anarchy and freedom from the mundane.

The success of Viva La Bam is not to be underestimated. Aside from boosting Margera’s public profile, it played a significant role in promoting his other business initiatives. When fans tuned in, they weren’t just watching stunts and pranks—they were immersing themselves in the Bam Margera brand. Every skateboard trick and every laugh shared with his crew translated to a visceral advertisement for his skate shops, clothing lines, and film projects.

Beyond its entertainment value, Viva La Bam indirectly fed into the earnings of Margera’s business empire. As viewers lived vicariously through his adventures, they didn’t just follow him onscreen; they followed him into stores. Bam’s merchandise, including apparel and skateboards, flew off the shelves, a testament to the show’s powerful influence on its audience. Margera demonstrated an acute business acumen by intertwining his entertainment offerings with his commercial interests.

As the cameras rolled on the chaos of his TV show, Margera’s home also played host to a variety of events and gatherings which further solidified his role as a patron of the skateboarding community. The unpredictable happenings at Castle Bam, Margera’s residence, became almost as iconic as his stunts, drawing fans who wished to soak up the atmosphere of Bam’s world.


Bam Margera’s business acumen shines through his diverse ventures. From elevating Element Skateboards to launching Filthy Note Records and opening Selfish Skate Shop, he’s mastered the art of blending his passions with entrepreneurship. His personal brand, deeply embedded in the skateboarding and entertainment culture, has been a key factor in his success. Whether it’s through the rebellious spirit of Viva La Bam or the unique experiences offered at Castle Bam, Margera has created a legacy that extends far beyond the skate park. His ability to resonate with fans and foster a sense of community is what truly sets his business endeavors apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Bam Margera’s partnership with Element Skateboards impact the brand?

Bam Margera’s collaboration with Element Skateboards significantly boosted the brand’s popularity. His personalized designs and presence in the media escalated Element’s cultural relevance, resulting in increased sales and a stronger brand identity linked to his individual style.

What role did Bam Margera play in Element’s identity?

Bam Margera became a symbol of Element’s blend of skateboarding, art, and individualism, reflecting a lifestyle that resonated with fans and the skateboarding community, thereby reinforcing the brand’s image and appeal.

What is Filthy Note Records and how is it connected to Bam Margera?

Filthy Note Records is a music label founded by Bam Margera in 2005. It showcased his passion for music by signing bands that resonated with his style, expanding his influence beyond skateboarding into the music industry.

How does Bam Margera’s Selfish Skate Shop contribute to his brand?

Bam Margera’s Selfish Skate Shop is not only a tattoo parlor but also embodies his entrepreneurial spirit. It serves as a hub for fans and skaters, reinforcing his impact on the skate community and his knack for creating businesses that align with his persona.

In what ways did the TV show “Viva La Bam” influence Bam Margera’s businesses?

“Viva La Bam” elevated Margera’s public persona and acted as a marketing tool, promoting his diverse business ventures. It captured the zeitgeist, leading to increased sales of his merchandise and solidifying his influence in skateboarding and entertainment.

What is Castle Bam and its significance in Bam Margera’s career?

Castle Bam is Margera’s home, which transformed into an iconic venue for social events and gatherings. It served as a physical manifestation of his influence and status within the skateboarding and entertainment communities, fostering connections and advancing his brand.

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