What Businesses Does Travis Barker Own? Unveiling the Rockstar’s Empire

Travis Barker’s not just a master of beats on the drums; he’s also got a knack for entrepreneurship. From hitting the cymbals to sealing business deals, Barker’s portfolio is as diverse as his music career. They say variety’s the spice of life, and Travis sure takes that to heart with his business ventures.

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From fashion to food, and even wellness, he’s stepped into various industries with the same energy he brings to the stage. It’s not just about the fame for him; it’s about creating brands that resonate with his passions and lifestyle. Let’s dive into the world of Travis Barker’s businesses and see what’s behind the curtain of this rockstar’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Barker’s Fashion Empire

Delving into the realm of style and self-expression, Travis Barker infuses his characteristic energy into the world of fashion. His brand, Famous Stars and Straps, echoes his roots in punk rock and skate culture, featuring designs that are bold and often resonant of his tattoos, a true emblem of personal identity. Launched in 1999, the brand has grown to encompass a wide range of apparel, from t-shirts and hats to accessories that embody the musician’s edgy aesthetic.

In 2015, Barker made another fashion statement by introducing Barker Wellness, a testament to his commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Offering a line of cruelty-free, vegan clothing, his venture addresses the growing demand for sustainable and ethical fashion choices. The brand stands as a beacon for fans looking to make responsible yet trendy additions to their wardrobes.

Barker’s influence extends beyond just clothing, with collaborations that shine a spotlight on his multifaceted business acumen. He’s worked with DC Shoes to release a signature line that pays homage to his love for skateboarding. Furthermore, his high-profile partnership with PETA in promoting anti-fur campaigns aligns his fashion interests with his fervent advocacy for animal rights.

  • Famous Stars and Straps: A mix of tattoo-inspired graphics and skate culture
  • Barker Wellness: Vegan and sustainable apparel
  • DC Shoes Collaboration: Signature skateboarding shoe line
  • PETA Partnership: Combining fashion with animal rights activism

Each fashion endeavor showcases Barker’s deep-seated passion for art, music, and social issues, allowing him to cast a wide net that captures the attention of diverse audiences. As Barker’s fashion empire expands, it reflects his personal evolution and enduring influence in the industries he touches.

Delicious Eateries Owned by Travis

Travis Barker’s business acumen isn’t limited to threads and wellness potions; he’s also got a taste for the gastronomic industry. Crossroads Kitchen is where his culinary endeavors take a star-studded turn. Partnering with famed chef Tal Ronnen, Barker helps lead this plant-based dining mecca that’s a favorite among the health-conscious and celebrity crowds alike. The menu speaks of innovation and flavor, featuring delectable dishes that even the most dedicated carnivores can’t resist.

Equally impressive is Barker’s foray into comfort food with Oinkster. Here, he’s turned classic American fare on its head, infusing it with a modern twist. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill burger joint; it’s a place where quality ingredients and unique recipes reign supreme, offering a fresh take on fast food that resonates with foodies in pursuit of something truly different.

  • Crossroads Kitchen: Plant-based cuisine with a star-studded patronage.
  • Oinkster: Reinvented American comfort food with a twist.

Not to be outdone, Barker’s collaboration with Randy’s Donuts injected a fresh rhythm into the iconic doughnut shop’s beat. He brings his quintessential flair to this sugary enterprise, all while making sure each doughnut is a hit in its own right. It’s an indulgence for those looking to treat themselves to a slice of confectionery rock ‘n’ roll.

Travis Barker’s penchant for creating exciting dining experiences is stamped all over these establishments. His eateries embody his knack for transformation—taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Whether it’s casual dining or a fine culinary adventure, Barker ensures every bite is worth savoring, as diners immerse themselves in the rhythm of his business ventures.

Ventures in the Wellness Industry

Travis Barker’s knack for business extends into the burgeoning wellness sector, a realm where his personal passions coalesce with entrepreneurial spirit. With a focus on both physical and mental well-being, Barker’s ventures serve those seeking to enrich their lives through healthful living.

One such enterprise is Barker Wellness, a purveyor of premium cannabinoid-infused products designed to enhance one’s daily routine. Their offerings include a variety of tinctures, topicals, and capsules, each meticulously crafted to support recovery, relaxation, and overall balance.

The brand prides itself on transparency and quality, sourcing only the finest non-psychoactive ingredients. Customers can find detailed information about the sourcing and lab results for every product, ensuring trust and confidence in Barker’s commitment to wellness.

In addition to Barker Wellness, the iconic drummer has made strides in the fitness industry with his high-energy workout series. These programs emphasize not only physical strength but also the importance of stamina and endurance — qualities Barker has embodied throughout his dynamic career.

Workout Component Focus Area
Drummer’s High Stamina
Cardio Sessions Endurance
Strength Training Modules Physicality

The series is tailored to those who want to push their limits, inspired by Barker’s own fitness regiment that keeps him performance-ready. By sharing his approach with fans and fitness enthusiasts alike, Barker has forged another personal link between his lifestyle and his business pursuits.

Rounding out his wellness portfolio, Barker has also ventured into collaborative projects that resonate with themes of self-care and recovery. It’s evident that his business acumen shines as brightly as his musical talents, cementing Barker as a multifaceted force in every industry he touches.

Travis Barker’s business empire isn’t just diverse; it’s also deeply rooted in the music field that skyrocketed him to fame. The iconic drummer’s keen sense for rhythm is mirrored in the ventures he pursues within this sector.

One of the jewels in Barker’s music-related business catalog is Famous Stars and Straps, his clothing and accessory line. The brand, established in 1999, reverberates with the pulse of punk rock culture and the skateboarding community that Barker is so passionate about. It’s not just apparel; it’s a lifestyle declaration, boasting a blend of music and fashion under one harmonious umbrella.

Barker also founded DTA Records, a record label that serves as a platform for up-and-coming artists to find their beat. The label is Barker’s way of giving back to the music community, funding the dreams of talented musicians and providing them with the necessary resources to make their mark in the industry.

Another note-worthy venture is his Los Angeles recording studio, where musicians of all genres can lay down tracks. The studio is decked out with state-of-the-art equipment, a testament to Travis’s dedication to fostering a creative and cutting-edge environment for music production.

The entrepreneurial drummer hasn’t skipped a beat when it comes to synergizing business with his musical expertise. These music-related ventures not only showcase Barker’s love for the industry but also his intent to keep evolving as a businessman within the realm of his greatest passion—music. With Travis Barker at the helm, these businesses thrum with the intensity and the edge that he’s celebrated for, ensuring that every project he touches resonates with the authentic sound of a true artist’s heart.


Travis Barker’s entrepreneurial spirit mirrors the intensity of his drumming. He’s successfully drummed up business ventures that resonate with his personal brand and ethos. From fashion to food and wellness to music, Barker’s portfolio is as diverse as his skill set. It’s clear that he’s not just a musician but a savvy businessman with an eye for opportunity and a heart for innovation. His journey serves as an inspiration for artists looking to diversify their talents beyond the stage. Whether they’re rocking out to his beats or wearing his designs, fans can experience the Barker touch in multiple facets of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries is Travis Barker involved in?

Travis Barker has ventured into various industries including fashion, food, wellness, and music.

What clothing line did Travis Barker create?

He created the clothing and accessory line called Famous Stars and Straps.

What is the name of Travis Barker’s record label?

Travis Barker’s record label is named DTA Records.

Does Travis Barker own a recording studio?

Yes, Travis Barker owns a recording studio located in Los Angeles.

How does Travis Barker support up-and-coming artists?

Travis Barker supports up-and-coming artists through his record label DTA Records and by providing resources at his Los Angeles recording studio.

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