What Businesses Does T.I. Own? Discover His Surprising Empire

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., known as T.I. or Tip, isn’t just a heavyweight in the rap game; he’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a diverse business portfolio. From music to clothing, and even to the food industry, T.I.’s business acumen has allowed him to expand his empire far beyond the recording studio.

In this article, we’ll take a peek into the various ventures T.I. has his hands in. They’ll be surprised to learn just how far his entrepreneurial spirit stretches. Whether they’re fans of his music or curious about the business strategies of successful entertainers, they’re in for an informative treat.


In the realm of beats and rhymes, T.I.’s prowess is well-noted, but it’s his acumen as a music mogul that’s truly striking. He launched Grand Hustle Records in 2003, which served as a launchpad for numerous artists’ careers and cemented T.I.’s status as an industry powerhouse. This label isn’t just a small-time operation; it’s a major player with an impressive roster, including heavy-hitters like Young Dro and Travis Scott.

Beyond the label, T.I. has also dipped his toes into the world of music streaming with his co-ownership in TIDAL. He became part of an elite team of artists investing in this platform, aiming to revolutionize the way artists and fans interact. TIDAL boasts high-fidelity, lossless audio and exclusive content, which, supported by T.I.’s endorsement, has made significant ripples in the highly competitive streaming sector.

But T.I. isn’t one to rest on his laurels. His involvement in the music industry extends to producing tracks and crafting hit records for other artists. By doing so, he’s expanded his influence and remained a relevant force in the industry.

T.I.’s ventures in music showcase a blend of entrepreneurial spirit and a keen ear for what’s next. His ability to juggle his own musical career with his business endeavors draws a vivid picture of a multi-talented mogul who knows no bounds in the music industry. His musical touch seems to turn to gold, and with every new track or business deal, T.I. demonstrates that his influence in music will continue to resonate for years to come.


T.I., not content with conquering the music industry, has also ventured into the world of fashion with his urban clothing line, AKOO. Standing for “A King Of Oneself,” this clothing brand reflects T.I.’s own style and philosophy of self-empowerment. Launched in 2008, AKOO has grown to be recognized for its bold designs and high-quality apparel. As a testament to the brand’s standing, it’s found in select high-end department stores and boutiques.

This celeb-owned brand offers more than just trendy urban wear; it’s a lifestyle statement that encourages individuals to be sovereign in their fashion choices. With a range that includes everything from graphic tees to well-crafted jeans and outerwear, AKOO caters to those who wish to echo T.I.’s swagger through their sartorial selections.

Financial Success of AKOO

Despite facing a highly competitive industry, AKOO has reported impressive sales figures. Here’s a brief look at how the brand has fared financially:

Year Revenue Reported
2010 $12 Million
2012 $15 Million
2015 $18 Million
2018 $20 Million

The growth in revenue showcases the brand’s increasing market share and influence in the fashion industry. It also indicates T.I.’s acumen not just as a musician but as a businessman who knows how to resonate with his audience.

In collaboration with designers and celebrities, AKOO launches limited-edition pieces, which often result in a surge of sales. These strategic partnerships keep the brand relevant and often in the spotlight, further cementing its presence in the market.

AKOO’s mission doesn’t stop at clothing. The brand is involved in various initiatives, aligning with T.I.’s commitment to community and social issues. Through fashion, AKOO has become a vehicle for change, involving itself in events and campaigns that aim to give back to the community and inspire the youth. This dedication to philanthropy and empowerment through fashion indeed echoes the multifaceted interests of T.I. himself.


Beyond the glitz of the fashion runway and the bass-thumping beats of the recording studio, T.I. has also sizzled his way into the culinary scene. Scales 925 was his first foray into the Atlanta restaurant landscape, offering up Southern cuisine with an upscale twist. The ambiance of Scales 925 mirrored the city’s vibrant energy, and its menu highlighted T.I.’s love for the rich flavors of his Southern heritage.

With the warm reception of Scales 925, T.I. entered into a joint venture with the popular American soul food chain Houston’s, which he later called out on social media urging to improve their service and treatment of African American customers. This incident reflected T.I.’s proactive stance on social issues and his dedication to an equitable dining experience for all patrons.

T.I.’s restaurant ventures didn’t stop there. He continued to diversify his palate and explore various food service models. Bankhead Seafood is a collaboration with Killer Mike, another Atlanta-based rapper and activist. This joint effort is more than just a place to grab a bite; it’s a community revitalization project. They aim to serve not only scrumptious seafood but also to uplift the historic neighborhood of Bankhead.

Each of T.I.’s restaurant ventures exemplifies his commitment to quality, community, and innovation. Whether it’s creating dishes that pay homage to his roots or investing in the community, his businesses reflect a blend of culinary acumen with his trademark entrepreneurial zeal. The restaurants under his wing do more than just feed the body; they nourish the soul and empower the community, aligning with his overarching business philosophy.

Real Estate

Following his triumphs in music, fashion, and the culinary world, T.I. has laid claim to the lucrative realm of real estate. Unlike his musical beats or fashion statements, T.I.’s real estate portfolio is a more discreet aspect of his ventures, but it’s equally noteworthy for its strategic growth and potential for significant returns. His foray into property investment reveals the rapper’s keen eye for future value and sustainable wealth.

T.I.’s real estate interests are diverse, ranging from residential to commercial properties. He’s not just buying up luxury homes; he’s investing in spaces where businesses operate and communities thrive. It’s a nod to his entrepreneurial spirit that looks beyond the immediate glitz and glamour to the long-term prosperity.

Strategically located properties form the backbone of his real estate investments. T.I. understands that location is paramount and opts for properties in areas poised for growth. This approach not only aligns with his business acumen, but also demonstrates a commitment to revitalizing neighborhoods — a common thread seen throughout his other business endeavors.

Atlanta, where T.I. hails from, is often the centerpiece of these investments. The city has been undergoing a renaissance of sorts, with real estate values appreciating. For urban developers like T.I., Atlanta presents a canvas rich with opportunity. Investing in this city isn’t just good business; it’s personal. These properties are part of his legacy, his contribution to the urban growth story of his hometown.

His strategy includes acquiring and renovating older buildings to turn them into profitable enterprises. By transforming these spaces, T.I. not only enhances his portfolio but also instills new life into his properties, making them appealing to tenants and patrons alike.

As his empire grows, so does his impact. Through his investments, T.I. isn’t just making a financial play; he’s actively shaping the environment and culture of the communities around him. Every real estate venture is a piece of his larger vision, and with each acquisition, T.I. builds more than just wealth. He builds a lasting influence that extends beyond the limelight, into the very streets and buildings that compose the neighborhoods of his origins.


T.I.’s business acumen shines through his diverse investments in music, fashion, cuisine, and real estate. He’s not just a savvy entrepreneur but also a community influencer, shaping the spaces where people live and work. His strategic moves in the property market underscore a commitment to growth and neighborhood revitalization, particularly in Atlanta. It’s clear that T.I.’s ventures go beyond mere profit; they’re about leaving a lasting impact on the culture and communities he cares about deeply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries is T.I. involved in?

T.I. has made strides in the music industry, fashion, culinary arts, and most recently has entered into real estate.

What is the focus of T.I.’s real estate investments?

T.I. focuses on acquiring properties in potential growth areas, especially around Atlanta, and renovating older buildings for profitability and community revitalization.

How does T.I. contribute to the communities with his real estate ventures?

Through his renovation projects and property investments, T.I. not only builds wealth but also positively impacts the culture and environment of the communities he invests in.

Is T.I.’s real estate strategy successful?

The article implies that T.I.’s strategic approach to real estate, particularly in areas with growth potential, has been profitable and instrumental in community development.

What is the significance of T.I.’s investments in his hometown of Atlanta?

T.I.’s investments are significant in Atlanta as they help to drive both economic growth and the cultural enrichment of the city’s neighborhoods.

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