What Businesses Does Ryan Reynolds Own? A Comprehensive List

Actor and producer Ryan Reynolds is a well-known name in the entertainment industry, but not many people are aware of the numerous businesses he owns. Reynolds is a savvy entrepreneur and has invested in multiple ventures over the years. From his own production company to a wireless carrier, he has his fingers in many pies.

What Businesses Does Ryan Reynolds Own

One of Reynolds’ most notable businesses is Maximum Effort, his own production company. Founded in 2018, the company aims to create unique and diverse content for film, television, and digital platforms. It has produced several successful commercials and movies, including the critically acclaimed “Free Guy”, in which Reynolds also stars.

In addition to Maximum Effort, Reynolds co-owns Mint Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator that provides affordable wireless service. The company was founded in 2016 and aims to disrupt the wireless industry by offering competitive pricing and superior customer service. Reynolds has been a vocal advocate of the brand and has appeared in many of its ads, leveraging his celebrity status to promote the business.

Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds is not only an accomplished actor and producer, but he’s also a savvy businessman who has taken on a variety of businesses over the years. One of the companies that Reynolds owns is Aviation Gin, which he purchased a stake in back in February 2018.

Aviation Gin was created in Portland, Oregon in 2006 by bartender Ryan Magarian and distiller Christian Krogstad. The gin is made using a unique blend of botanicals, including juniper, cardamom, lavender, Indian sarsaparilla, and other herbs. The result is a smooth and flavorful gin that has been well-received by critics and consumers alike.

Since Reynolds became an owner of the company, he has become heavily involved in promoting Aviation Gin. He has lent his celebrity status to advertising campaigns and social media promotions, which has helped to increase the brand’s visibility and popularity.

One of the most notable advertising campaigns that Reynolds participated in was a clever and humorous ad that played off the much-maligned Peloton bicycle commercial. The ad showed the same actress from the Peloton ad enjoying a night out with friends, drinking Aviation Gin, and reclaiming her freedom. The campaign went viral and received widespread coverage from media outlets around the world.

The success of Aviation Gin has been impressive under Reynolds’ ownership. In August 2020, Diageo, a multinational alcoholic beverage company, announced that it had acquired Aviation Gin and its parent company, Davos Brands, for $610 million. Reynolds will reportedly retain an ongoing ownership interest in the brand and will remain actively involved in its promotion.

Aviation Gin has become a significant part of Ryan Reynolds’ business portfolio, and his involvement has undoubtedly played a role in the brand’s success. With Diageo’s acquisition, Aviation Gin is poised to become even more prominent in the global market, and Reynolds’ ownership stake will undoubtedly continue to be a valuable asset.

Mint Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that was launched in August 2016 and has been thriving ever since. It offers affordable prepaid mobile plans with 5G connectivity, including unlimited talk and text, and nationwide coverage. If you’re wondering why this gives Ryan Reynolds ownership credit, it’s because he purchased a significant stake in the company in 2019 and became its spokesperson.

Mint Mobile’s approach to mobile service is relatively unique in the market, and its popularity is mainly due to its affordable prepaid plans, which are ahead of the curve, offering unlimited data at lower prices, making it especially appealing to budget-conscious consumers.

Ryan Reynolds’s involvement with Mint Mobile has not gone unnoticed. He has starred in some of the company’s commercials, which have received a lot of attention, adding to the brand’s popularity. The actor’s humor and wit have made him a perfect fit for the brand’s marketing, as he depicts the company’s offering of low-cost, high-quality service that’s not only affordable but also reliable and easy to use.

Despite its low prices, Mint Mobile’s speeds are comparable to established providers like T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, making it an attractive alternative to their high-priced plans. With Mint Mobile, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability.

In 2020, it was announced that Ryan Reynolds bought an ownership stake in Mint Mobile’s parent company, the media services conglomerate, known as “Excellence in Wireless,” referred to as Exwire. The acquisition by Reynolds represented a significant move and endorsement for Mint Mobile, adding to the company’s already growing success.

Basic Information Statistics
Launched August 2016
Headquarters Costa Mesa, California, United States
Coverage Nationwide
Technology 5G
Owner Ryan Reynolds
Plans Prepaid Mobile
Special Feature Affordable Prepaid Plans with Nationwide Coverage

In conclusion, Mint Mobile is one of Ryan Reynolds’s many ventures, and his ownership has allowed the company to attain significant growth and maintain its emphasis on providing affordable prepaid mobile plans without compromising on quality.

Maximum Effort is the production company owned by Ryan Reynolds and is responsible for several successful films. Founded in 2018, the company aims to create unconventional and innovative movies that appeal to a range of audiences.

One of Maximum Effort’s first films was “Deadpool 2,” which grossed over $785 million worldwide and was a box office success. The film was praised for its humor, action, and attention to detail. Following the success of “Deadpool 2,” Maximum Effort went on to produce the hit film “6 Underground” for Netflix, which also performed well.

In addition to films, Maximum Effort has also produced commercials for companies such as Samsung, Aviation Gin (which Ryan Reynolds owns a stake in), and Mint Mobile. The advertisements have been praised for their creativity and humor.

Recently, Maximum Effort announced a partnership with Paramount Pictures to produce a new film titled “Upstate.” Details about the plot have not yet been released, but it is expected to be a comedy with Reynolds in a lead role.

Overall, Maximum Effort has proven to be a successful production company under the leadership of Ryan Reynolds. With a focus on creativity and innovation, the company has produced several successful films and advertisements and is set to continue producing high-quality entertainment for audiences to enjoy.

Film Gross Worldwide
Deadpool 2 $785 million
6 Underground unknown

Entrepreneur and actor Ryan Reynolds is well-known for his involvement in various businesses. One of the companies he owns is a digital marketing agency called Slybeast, which he co-founded in 2018.

Slybeast provides a range of marketing services for clients, including social media management, advertising, branding, and content creation. The agency is known for its creative approach to marketing and its ability to help clients grow their businesses by reaching new audiences through digital channels.

The company’s team is composed of experienced marketing professionals, who are dedicated to providing top-quality service to all clients. Slybeast currently works with a variety of businesses across different industries, from startups to established corporations.

Slybeast’s success can be attributed to its unique approach to marketing and its ability to stay ahead of industry trends. By working closely with clients and leveraging data-driven insights to inform their strategies, Slybeast is able to deliver effective marketing campaigns that drive results.

Overall, Slybeast is a valuable addition to Ryan Reynolds’ portfolio of businesses, and it offers a valuable service to clients looking to improve their digital marketing efforts. With a dedicated team and a commitment to innovation, Slybeast is poised for continued growth and success in the future.

Here is a table outlining some key facts about Slybeast:

Founded 2018
Services Social media management, advertising, branding, content creation
Team Experienced marketing professionals
Clients Startups to established corporations
Approach Creative approach to marketing, data-driven strategies

Ryan Reynolds has recently announced the establishment of a new initiative called the Group Effort Initiative. Through this new venture, Ryan Reynolds offers an opportunity for aspiring individuals from diverse backgrounds to become a part of the film industry, including those who have been historically marginalized. The initiative primarily targets people of color, indigenous people, LGBTQ+, and those who have not had fair opportunities due to socio-economic conditions. The primary goal of the Group Effort Initiative is to bring these talented individuals to the forefront of the film industry by providing them with fundamental skills, experience, and mentorship to become leaders in their respective fields.

The initiative partners with the company Maximum Effort, a self-owned advertising agency by Ryan Reynolds, which provides the tools and training necessary to help these individuals navigate the industry. The Group Effort Initiative is structured as a 12-month, paid program where participants receive mentorship, hands-on experience, and career exploration sessions. The initiative aims to educate them about the different aspects of the digital and film industry, including but not limited to, post-production, digital marketing techniques, scriptwriting, set design and more.

As Ryan Reynolds stated upon unveiling the Group Effort Initiative, this program is an attempt to address the industry’s long-standing unequal representation and provide opportunities for aspiring individuals who previously had none. The effort has been praised and widely supported by the film industry and the wider public as a step towards a more inclusive and fair industry in which every individual can showcase their talents and achieve their goals.

Overall, the Group Effort Initiative serves an essential purpose by creating an accessible pathway for aspiring individuals to enter the film industry, as well as addressing the significant disparity in the industry regarding marginalized communities. It is yet to be seen how the program will contribute to the film industry’s more comprehensive diversity representation, but it undoubtedly represents a significant step forward.

Mint Camera is one of the many businesses that Canadian actor and entrepreneur Ryan Reynolds owns. The company was launched in 2012 and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Reynolds co-founded Mint Camera to provide customers with a more authentic and vintage photography experience.

Mint Camera is known for selling refurbished vintage film cameras from popular brands such as Kodak, Nikon, and Leica. Reynolds, who is a fan of vintage cameras and their aesthetics, wanted to bring back the love for the traditional method of photography. The company also offers accessories like camera straps, film, and carrying cases to complete the vintage look.

In addition to selling vintage cameras, Mint Camera provides a repair service for film cameras. Customers can get a quote for repairing their cameras, after which they ship their camera to the company’s facility in Vancouver. Mint Camera’s team of experienced technicians repairs and tests the camera before sending it back to the customer.

One of the unique features of Mint Camera is that the company offers custom camera body wraps. Customers can choose from a range of designs and patterns to wrap their cameras in, making them truly personalized. These wraps are made from durable vinyl and are designed to protect the camera from scratches and dings.

Overall, Mint Camera caters to a specific niche of customers who appreciate the vintage aesthetics and the art of analog photography. Reynolds’ passion for vintage cameras has resulted in a unique business that combines nostalgia and practicality.

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In conclusion, Ryan Reynolds is not only a successful actor and producer, but also a savvy entrepreneur. He has ventured into different industries, from spirits to telecom, and created several businesses that have gained popularity and success. Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • Ryan Reynolds founded Aviation Gin, which has become a well-known brand in the spirits industry.
  • He also owns a stake in the mobile phone company Mint Mobile, which offers affordable plans to consumers.
  • Additionally, he co-founded the marketing agency Maximum Effort Productions, which has worked with big-name brands such as Samsung and Match.
  • Lastly, he invested in the online marketplace platform called Minted, which allows independent artists to sell their designs on various products.

Ryan Reynolds has proven himself to be a multi-talented individual with strong business acumen. His investments show that he is not just a face for the brands he endorses, but an active participant in their success. It will be interesting to see what other ventures he embarks on in the future.

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