What Businesses Does Ringo Starr Own? Discover the Beatle’s Diverse Ventures

Ringo Starr, the legendary drummer of The Beatles, isn’t just known for his music. He’s also dipped his toes into the world of business. From the beat of the drums to the boardroom, Starr’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to a diverse portfolio of ventures.

They say a Beatle’s work is never done, and Starr’s business interests certainly showcase that. He’s got a knack for more than just rhythms, with investments that might surprise even his most ardent fans. Let’s take a peek behind the curtain of Ringo Starr’s business empire.

Ringo Starr’s Early Ventures

Ringo Starr has always shown an affinity for smart business choices, much like his steady rhythm that anchored The Beatles. His early ventures into the business world began shortly after the fab four parted ways. With the spotlight always fixated on his musical genius, Starr’s foray into other industries flew somewhat under the radar.

During the 1970s, he capitalized on the fame and fortune from his days with The Beatles and invested in various business endeavors. Startling Studios, his recording studio, afforded music greats of the era the opportunity to craft hits within its walls. This move wasn’t just about passion; it was also a strategic business decision, diversifying his income streams outside the unpredictable world of pop stardom.

Beyond the music scene, Starr explored the real estate market. His elegance in drumming was matched by his taste in properties. He acquired luxury estates that not only served as personal retreats but also as lucrative investments that would appreciate over time. With an eye for timeless beauty, the properties in his portfolio were strategically chosen for their exclusivity and potential for value increment.

Another standout venture for Starr was the launch of Ringo Starr Art. His foray into the visual arts has proven that his creativity isn’t confined to music—it flourishes on canvas as well. Initially received with mild curiosity, Starr’s artwork has since gained recognition and a dedicated following. Print sales and exhibitions have turned this creative outlet into a commendable source of revenue, showing that the drummer’s ventures are as eclectic as his musical influences.

Each step Ringo Starr took in the business realm reflected his character: thoughtful, innovative, and bold. Today, these early ventures are the foundations of a diversified portfolio that spans various industries, proving Ringo Starr to be as savvy in business as he is in music.

Starr Records: A Label of His Own

Ringo Starr, known for his innovative spirit in the music industry, didn’t just stop at recording others’ music at Startling Studios. He spun his entrepreneurial web further, launching Starr Records, a record label where he could have more control over his music — it’s all very Ringo, very ingenious. Under this label, not only did he release his own material but he also provided a platform for new artists, echoing his continuous support for the music community.

The establishment of Starr Records was a strategic move. It gave Ringo the freedom to explore his musical aspirations without constraint. As a member of The Beatles, Starr was no stranger to the topsy-turvy world of record labels and their intricate contracts. His label offered an alternative, promising artists the kind of autonomy that was rare at the time. It’s been said his warm-hearted nature and deep understanding of the industry made Starr Records a magnet for talent seeking nurturing along with creative liberty.

Through Starr Records, Ringo taps into the current trends while honoring timeless music traditions. His label isn’t just a business but a reflection of his belief in artistic freedom and his confidence in the ever-evolving music landscape. Unlike many investors who prefer to play it safe, Ringo’s risk-taking propensity is clear— he invests in a genre-bending array of musicians, showcasing his trust in diverse musical influences and sounds.

The label’s catalog, which includes his own critically acclaimed albums, is testament to Starr’s golden touch when it comes to music production. While Starr Records may not be as colossal as some mainstream giants in the industry, its eclectic mix of music and personalized artist relations set a high bar for what a record label can aspire to be. For Ringo, it’s not just business, it’s personal—a distinctive stamp of his dedication to artistry and musical excellence.

Hotels and Hospitality

Ringo Starr’s business acumen extends far beyond the music industry, with forays into the lucrative world of hotels and hospitality. He’s made strategic investments in various properties that cater to those seeking the blend of luxury and rock ‘n’ roll flair that only a Beatle could inspire. His hospitality ventures reflect a keen understanding of the upscale market, yet they’re imbued with a warm, accessible charm that’s become a hallmark of his brand.

Nestled in select locations around the globe, these hotels boast unique designs often featuring memorabilia and photographs that chronicle the storied history of The Beatles. Guests are not only treated to first-class accommodations but also to a sensory journey through the golden era of rock.

Starr’s properties often include top-notch amenities such as:

  • Rooftop bars with panoramic views
  • Spas offering bespoke treatments
  • Gourmet dining experiences with world-renowned chefs
  • Exclusive live music events showcasing up-and-coming talents

Sustainability is a key focus in Starr’s hospitality endeavors. He’s keen on incorporating eco-friendly practices in the operation of his establishments, which resonate with the environmentally conscious traveler. Cutting-edge technology for energy conservation and waste reduction is seamlessly integrated into the hotel operations, ensuring guests indulge without leaving a heavy footprint on the planet.

Ringo Starr’s ability to craft a unique and memorable stay for his guests is a testament to his versatile prowess in the business realm. With these ventures, he’s not just opening doors to opulent rooms; he’s inviting fans and luxury-seekers alike into a world where every detail sings a note of the Beatles’ legacy, harmonized with modern opulence and comfort.

Art and Photography

Peeking through the lens into Ringo Starr’s diverse ventures, one discovers his flair for the visual arts. Beyond the rhythm, beats, and stage lights, Starr’s appreciation for art and photography is less known yet equally enthralling. His personal photography has been gathered and presented in exhibitions and books, illustrating his eye for capturing life’s spontaneous moments. Ringo’s shots, often intimate and candid, offer glimpses into the lives of The Beatles during their peak and his own journey thereafter.

Starr’s foray into the commercial side of art has been marked by several smart moves. He owns a gallery that not only features his work but also represents other artists. The selection is eclectic, showcasing everything from pop art inspired by his rock ‘n’ roll past to abstract pieces that speak to a modern aesthetic. Interested buyers can secure a piece of history or invest in contemporary works.

Moreover, his ventures in the art world have dabbled with the digital era’s conveniences. He’s embraced the trend for online art sales and auctions, allowing his and other artists’ work to reach a global audience. Exclusive pieces have fetched impressive sums, bolstering the gallery’s reputation as a hub for collectors seeking rarity and renown.

The synergy between his music and visual art ventures is displayed through album artwork and merchandise. Fans can revel in owning a Ringo Starr piece, whether it’s the cover of an album they adore or a limited-edition print. The use of eco-friendly materials in these products mirrors the sustainable practices observed in his hotels, underscoring his commitment to a better planet. Thus, through art and photography, Ringo Starr extends his creative expression and business acumen into yet another realm, delighting fans and collectors alike.

The All Starr Band: A Business in Itself

Ringo Starr’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through with the creation of the All Starr Band, a supergroup that encapsulates more than just music. They tour the globe, bringing together famous musicians from various backgrounds to collaborate and perform. But it’s not merely about star-studded lineups and nostalgic performances; the All Starr Band is a business savvy move from the legendary drummer.

Each tour generates buzz, sells thousands of tickets, and moves impressive volumes of merchandise. The All Starr Band has become a brand synonymous with quality and collaboration—a true testament to Starr’s ability to leverage his fame and connections into a profitable venture. This touring supergroup commands higher ticket prices and attracts audiences across generations, proving that Ringo’s knack for business is as sharp as his sense of rhythm.

Revenue streams for the enterprise are thoughtfully diversified. Beyond ticket sales, the band leverages their tours to sell a range of merchandise from T-shirts to special-edition memorabilia, much of which features Ringo’s art and design—a nod to his ventures in the visual arts. These collectibles aren’t just souvenirs; they’re a business strategy to enhance fan engagement and drive revenue.

The tours themselves are a logistical marvel. The All Starr Band operates much like a mobile business, setting up shop in cities around the world. The logistics, from travel to accommodations, are meticulously planned for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Employing a team of seasoned professionals to manage the operation, Starr ensures the enterprise runs smoothly, maximizing profits, and minimizing unnecessary expenses.

Moreover, sponsorships and partnerships are cultivated with care, aligning the All Starr brand with reputable names that add value and visibility to their ventures. These collaborations extend the band’s reach and fortify its reputation as a commercial and artistic success.

Through the All Starr Band, Ringo Starr has created more than a musical experience; he’s established a thriving business model that blends artistry with a shrewd understanding of the entertainment industry. The business of the All Starr Band isn’t just about the music—it’s about building a legacy that will endure well beyond the concert halls.


Ringo Starr’s business ventures reveal a man who’s more than a legendary drummer; he’s a savvy entrepreneur with a Midas touch in various industries. From Starr Records to his unique hotels and the All Starr Band, his enterprises reflect his artistic spirit and business acumen. His engagement in art and photography adds another layer to his multifaceted career, allowing fans to connect with his creative vision. Ringo’s commitment to sustainability and his ability to create memorable experiences for his guests and audience prove that his influence extends far beyond the music stage. Whether it’s through the autonomy he gives artists at his label, the luxury rock ‘n’ roll experience at his hotels, or the global reach of his art, Ringo Starr has crafted a business legacy as rhythmic and enduring as his music.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Starr Records and what does it offer to artists?

Starr Records is Ringo Starr’s own record label that offers release of his personal material and provides a nurturing platform for new artists. It emphasizes artist autonomy and creative freedom, attracting those seeking an environment that values diverse musical influences.

How do Ringo Starr’s hotels blend luxury with rock ‘n’ roll?

Ringo Starr’s hotels offer luxury accommodations with a rock ‘n’ roll twist, featuring Beatles memorabilia and photographs. They also provide top amenities like rooftop bars, spas, dining experiences, and live music, all incorporating eco-friendly practices.

What type of art does Ringo Starr’s gallery showcase?

Ringo Starr’s gallery showcases not only his own artwork but also represents a diverse range of styles from other artists. It extends sales globally through online auctions, merging visual arts with eco-friendly sustainability.

How does the All Starr Band represent Ringo Starr’s business acumen?

The All Starr Band is not only a supergroup but also a strategic business venture, designed to generate buzz and revenue through ticket sales, merchandise, and carefully planned tours. Its efficiency and partnerships highlight Ringo’s shrewd understanding of the entertainment industry.

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