What Businesses Does Rhett McLaughlin Own? Discover His Diverse Empire

Rhett McLaughlin isn’t just a familiar face on the internet; he’s a savvy entrepreneur with a knack for turning golden ideas into booming businesses. Alongside his buddy Link Neal, Rhett’s ventures extend far beyond their famed YouTube show, ‘Good Mythical Morning.’

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They’ve dipped their toes in a variety of industries, from entertainment to the food sector. But what exactly are the businesses Rhett calls his own? Let’s peel back the curtain and discover the entrepreneurial world of Rhett McLaughlin.

A Peek into Rhett McLaughlin’s Entrepreneurial World

Rhett McLaughlin, one half of the dynamic duo Rhett and Link, has deftly navigated the realms of online entertainment to emerge as more than just a YouTube sensation. They’ve painted their business canvas with broad and impactful strokes, establishing themselves as entrepreneurs with a knack for diversity in their ventures.

Mythical Entertainment stands as the cornerstone of Rhett’s business empire. It’s a media company that oversees their flagship show, “Good Mythical Morning,” which has amassed a staggering fanbase. The robust engine behind their creative content, Mythical Entertainment, has its fingers in various digital media pies, including a podcast network and an online store.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, Rhett and Link expanded their portfolio with The Mythical Kitchen, an offshoot that tickles the taste buds of fans with culinary experiments and recipes. This food-oriented venture blends their brand of humor with cooking, making gastronomy an approachable and entertaining topic for their audience.

In the world of literature, Rhett has also made his mark alongside Link with the release of their New York Times bestseller, a testament to their multifaceted talents. They penned and promoted the book so effectively that it rocketed up the charts, becoming yet another feather in their already crowded cap.

Their entrepreneurial ventures even stretch into acquisition territory. Rhett and Link acquired Smosh, another juggernaut in the digital comedy space, integrating it into the Mythical Entertainment family. It marked a bold step in consolidating their position in the competitive world of online entertainment.

It’s clear that Rhett McLaughlin, with his trusty sidekick Link, knows no bounds when it comes to expanding their business horizons. Lovers of innovation, they continuously experiment and evolve, ensuring their brand remains not only relevant but also pioneering in the ever-changing landscape of internet fame and entrepreneurship.

The YouTube Show that Started it All

Imagine stepping into a world where comedy and camaraderie blend to create an irresistible concoction of entertainment. That’s what viewers get with “Good Mythical Morning” (GMM), the trailblazing YouTube show hosted by Rhett McLaughlin and his lifelong friend, Link Neal. It’s the very pulse of their multimedia company, Mythical Entertainment, a vessel that carried them into the harbor of internet stardom.

The show’s inception dates back to 2012 when Rhett and Link decided to revamp their first channel “RhettandLinKreations” into something more structured and audience-engaging. They struck gold with GMM. This daily show swiftly catapulted them into the limelight, thanks to its unique blend of taste tests, challenges, and conversations that feel like you’re catching up with old friends over a cup of coffee.

Their quirky sense of humor and fearless approach to consuming the unthinkable have secured GMM over 17 million followers. It’s not just about the laughs, though. Rhett’s business acumen shines through the strategic expansion of their concept. They’ve spun off into a segment called “Good Mythical More,” which acts as an after-show to GMM, giving fans more of what they love while effectively doubling the content output.

  • Notable GMM achievements include:
    • Winning the Best Comedy Series at the Streamy Awards
    • Consistently featuring in YouTube’s Top 100 Most Subscribed Channels

Remember, much like a fine tapestry, GMM is interwoven with other aspects of Mythical Entertainment’s portfolio, including their endearing food show, Mythical Kitchen. They’ve crafted a model that other YouTubers dream of emulating—a model that demonstrates Rhett’s innate ability to not only entertain but to build an empire that stands the test of time and the ever-shifting digital landscape.

Rhett’s vision has always been clear—keep the audience at the core. The proof is in GMM‘s enduring appeal, an entity that has transcended its humble beginnings to become a cultural touchstone for millions around the globe, truly capturing the essence of what resonates with the digital generation.

Branching Out: Rhett’s Early Ventures

Before Rhett McLaughlin became synonymous with the viral phenomenon of “Good Mythical Morning,” he was already sharpening his business acumen with other ventures. Rhett’s entrepreneurial spirit came to the fore as he ventured into various business avenues that reflected his drive and creativity.

One of the earliest endeavors for Rhett was Voluntary Mink, a musical foray where he exercised his artistic prowess. Though it wasn’t a commercial powerhouse, the endeavor showcased Rhett’s willingness to explore and invest in his passions, setting the stage for his future successes.

Rhett’s creative endeavors continued with ventures like Rhett & Link, Inc., which operated as the umbrella for their earlier web content and advertising projects. The duo’s comedic brand found fertile ground in the realm of sponsored content, a precursor to their current influence in online marketing.

  • Key Ventures Pre-GMM:
    • Voluntary Mink
    • Rhett & Link, Inc.
    • Commercial Kings

The show “Commercial Kings” offered Rhett an opportunity to blend comedy with local commercials, further enhancing his business portfolio. Through “Commercial Kings,” Rhett and Link gained valuable experience and honed their skills in content creation and audience engagement – skills which they carried over to the burgeoning landscape of digital media.

As the digital space evolved, so did Rhett’s ambition. He was quick to recognize the potential in new platforms and was instrumental in driving the content that not only entertained but created a sense of community among viewers.

The groundwork laid by these initial ventures provided Rhett with the experience necessary to navigate the competitive and ever-changing digital landscape. It’s this ability to adapt and innovate that has long been a hallmark of Rhett McLaughlin’s approach to business.

Linking Up: Collaborations and Partnerships

Rhett McLaughlin’s entrepreneurial expertise isn’t just limited to ventures that bear his name exclusively. They’ve expanded their brand through a series of collaborations and partnerships that have helped solidify their position in the entertainment industry. One of the most impactful partnerships has been with Mythical Entertainment, which is a company started by Rhett and his lifelong friend Link Neal. This venture serves as the parent company of their YouTube empire and has been pivotal in fostering growth and creating new opportunities.

The pair’s allegiances go beyond their immediate network, as they’ve struck alliance with a diverse roster of companies and brands. Rhett and Link have worked with a plethora of sponsors, from smearing chicken wings with a new fiery sauce in a branded challenge to sporting chic apparel showcasing a partner’s latest fashion line. Their ability to seamlessly integrate advertisements into their content is nothing short of alchemy in the world of influencer marketing.

Further extending their collaboration horizons, Rhett and Link have published books under the Mythical Entertainment banner, such as “Rhett & Link’s Book of Mythicality” and their novel “The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek”. These literary expeditions served as an extension of their brand and offered a fresh medium for their creative stories, drawing in a readership eager for the Mythical duo’s signature humor and heart.

The duo’s notoriety and relatability have also seen them team up with other renowned YouTubers and celebrities, elevating their presence within pop culture. Through clever content crossovers, they’ve managed to expand their audience reach. Whether it’s through the roll-out of a new podcast, the launch of a quirky product line, or an unexpected guest appearance, Rhett and Link’s collaborations are as innovative as they are entertaining. Their knack for choosing the right partners and projects has undoubtedly become a cornerstone of their enduring success.

Rhett’s diversified portfolio showcases his acumen for nurturing partnerships that compound over time, ensuring the Mythical brand remains prominent in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

The Food Industry: Rhett’s Tasty Ventures

Rhett McLaughlin’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop at the screen; it extends into the world of culinary delights. True to their creative roots, Rhett and Link decided to dip their toes into the food industry, integrating their passion for entertainment with the universal love for food. They launched Mythical Kitchen, a YouTube channel that’s an offshoot of their main entertainment platform, which blends humor with culinary expertise. They’ve captured audiences by making absurd and mouthwatering food creations that challenge the norm, showing Rhett’s commitment to innovation extends to the dining table as well.

Not just satisfied with digital exploration of the food universe, Rhett has a stake in the real-world food scene as well. Alongside Link, he co-owns Smashburger, a fast-casual burger restaurant. This venture showcases Rhett’s belief in the power of branding and the importance of quality. With strategic menu items and a focus on premium ingredients, Rhett’s investment in Smashburger is a testament to his savvy in recognizing promising food trends and the potential in fast-casual dining.

Rhett’s interest in the food world is also evident through their show “Good Mythical Morning,” where they often feature taste tests, food challenges, and international culinary explorations. These popular segments not only entertain but also subtly endorse and expose viewers to new flavors, fostering a community of food enthusiasts and directly affecting viewer’s dining choices.

A Blend of Commerce and Culinary Arts

In the balance of commerce and culinary art, Rhett has found a sweet spot. He’s leveraged his fame to support his food business endeavors, knowing that a recognizable face can often be the best ingredient for success. Rather than simply investing, Rhett and Link actively engage with their food ventures, intertwining their personal brand with their business interests. This hands-on approach ensures their ventures rise above the noise, appealing to fans and foodies alike while feeding their entrepreneurial appetites.

Unconventional Ventures: Beyond Entertainment and Food

Rhett McLaughlin’s innovative spirit doesn’t stop at the nexus of entertainment and culinary delight. He’s ventured far beyond, into realms that many entertainers wouldn’t dare to tread. Exploring the Uncharted, Rhett has dipped his toes into unexpected industries, looking to make his mark with the same gusto that’s served him so well in the digital space.

One such venture is his foray into the apparel world. Mythical Store is Rhett and Link’s online merchandise outlet, offering a range of products from clothing to accessories. The store features unique designs that often play with internet culture and the duo’s in-jokes, catching the eye of fans and fashion-forward individuals alike. Their apparel line isn’t simply about slapping a logo onto a t-shirt; it’s about creating an identity, a wearable extension of the Mythical brand.

Besides fashion, Rhett’s interests have extended to collectibles. He’s harnessed the power of the duo’s fanbase, turning their attention to limited edition items such as bobbleheads, action figures, and collectible art pieces. These items not only create a physical connection between the brand and its audience but also act as investments for fans who see the value in rarity and exclusivity.

Moreover, Rhett’s keen eye for opportunities has led him into digital media innovation. He’s backed apps and digital services designed to enhance how fans interact with content, and possibly more pivoting could be on the horizon as he seeks to stay ahead in an ever-changing digital landscape.

This seamless integration of various markets underlines Rhett’s comprehensive approach to entrepreneurship. He’s not afraid to merge creativity with commerce, transforming his multifaceted interests into robust business ventures. Rhett’s ethos seems to reflect a belief that diversification is key to longevity in business—not just thriving in the present, but forging a path toward sustainable success.


Rhett McLaughlin’s diverse portfolio of businesses shows he’s not just a one-trick pony. From his early creative projects to the empire that is Mythical Entertainment, Rhett’s journey is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and knack for innovation. Whether it’s through the comedic sketches of GMM, the savory delights of Mythical Kitchen, or the unique offerings of the Mythical Store, he’s managed to create a cohesive brand that resonates with fans worldwide. Rhett’s ventures into the food industry and his investment in digital media show a commitment to growth and adaptation. His success lies in his ability to intertwine his personal brand with his business interests, ensuring that each venture is not only commercially viable but also a natural extension of the Mythical universe. Rhett’s story is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, proving that with creativity and diversity, one can build a business that thrives across multiple industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What were Rhett McLaughlin’s early entrepreneurial ventures?

Rhett’s early ventures included his musical project named Voluntary Mink, and the business Rhett & Link, Inc., which served as the foundation for their various web content and advertising projects.

What is “Commercial Kings” and how did it contribute to Rhett’s career?

“Commercial Kings” is a TV show where Rhett McLaughlin and his partner Link Neal created local commercials with a comedic twist. It contributed to Rhett’s experience in content creation and audience engagement.

Can you tell me more about Mythical Entertainment?

Mythical Entertainment is a company founded by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. It manages their various enterprises including their YouTube shows, sponsorships, book publishing, and collaborations with other content creators.

How are Rhett and Link associated with the food industry?

They are involved in the food industry through their YouTube channel Mythical Kitchen, where they blend humor with culinary expertise, and as co-owners of Smashburger, a fast-casual burger restaurant.

What is the Mythical Store?

The Mythical Store is Rhett and Link’s online merchandise outlet that sells apparel and unique designs that reflect the Mythical brand, as well as limited edition collectibles.

How does Rhett McLaughlin integrate his personal brand with his business interests?

Rhett integrates his brand with business by leveraging his fame to support his ventures, such as the food industry via Mythical Kitchen and taste tests on “Good Mythical Morning,” and through the branding of Mythical Entertainment merchandise.

What approach to entrepreneurship does Rhett believe in for long-term success?

Rhett believes that diversification is the key to long-term success in business, which is reflected in his wide range of ventures including entertainment, food, apparel, collectibles, and digital media innovation.

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