What Businesses Does Post Malone Own? Unveiling His Empire Beyond Music

Post Malone’s not just a chart-topping artist; he’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a knack for diversification. From music to the world of business, he’s been making moves that are as eclectic as his sound. They’re curious about the ventures that have caught Posty’s entrepreneurial eye.

From launching a record label to dipping his toes into the beverage industry, Malone’s portfolio is as varied as his music genres. He’s not just about face tattoos and catchy hooks—there’s a sharp business mind at work here. Let’s dive into the business side of Post Malone and discover the enterprises he’s been cultivating behind the scenes.

Post Malone’s Record Label

Venturing beyond the mic and the stage, Post Malone decided to elevate his game in the music industry by launching his own record label, Shaboink Records. Established in 2020, the label symbolizes Post’s entrepreneurial stride towards shaping new talents and carving a legacy that transcends his own discography.

Shaboink Records is not just a business move; it’s a platform where Post’s expertise meets his passion for music. He’s known for his eclectic taste and for seamlessly blending different genres. Now, he extends this blend to nurturing artists who embody diversity and innovation in their sounds.

The label’s philosophy is simple: find unique voices and amplify them. Post Malone understands the journey of an artist, and through Shaboink Records, he aims to create an environment where creativity is not just encouraged but celebrated. The goal is to give musicians the tools and freedom they need to realize their vision, something Post himself values deeply.

Rather than focusing solely on commercial success, Shaboink Records is about the long game. Investing time in artists, the label seeks to develop careers that last and music that resonates. Post Malone and his team at Shaboink prioritize artistic growth, knowing that this approach often leads to both critical acclaim and chart-topping hits.

With Shaboink Records, Post Malone’s impact on the music scene is poised to continue as he looks to discover and develop the next generation of hitmakers. It’s a thrilling new chapter for him as an entrepreneur, and for fans, it’s the assurance that the spirit of innovation in music is being shepherded by one of their own.

Post Malone’s Ventures in the Beverage Industry

Post Malone doesn’t just have an ear for hits — he’s got a taste for fine beverages, too. His entrepreneurial streak has seen him venture into the world of drinks with the same gusto he brings to the microphone. In a toast to success and luxury, Maison No. 9 came into being. It’s Post Malone’s very own line of French rosé, created in partnership with entrepreneur James Morrissey of Global Brand Equities, and music manager Dre London.

This bottled fusion of music and wine culture launched in 2020 and was an immediate hit, mirroring Post Malone’s knack for chart-toppers. Maison No. 9 is named after Post Malone’s favorite tarot card, the Nine of Swords, and intends to challenge the traditional perceptions of wine by appealing to a younger audience.

But the rapper’s thirst for innovation didn’t stop there. Post Malone also collaborated with Bud Light to become one of their major endorsers, bringing his influential style and fanbase to the brand. This partnership extended beyond mere advertisement spots; Post Malone’s Bud Light merchandise flew off the shelves, solidifying his influence in yet another industry.

Beverage Industry Ventures Launch Year
Maison No. 9 2020
Bud Light Partnership 2019

These ventures show that Post Malone’s business interests are as diverse as his musical range. Between record labels and rosé, his commitment to excellence remains the common thread that ties all his endeavors together. His expansion into the beverage industry ensures that fans can indulge in a taste of Post Malone’s luxurious lifestyle, all while watching this tastemaker turn everything he touches into gold — or in the case of Maison No. 9, into a crisp, refreshing pink.

Post Malone’s Fashion and Merchandise Line

Post Malone’s business acumen doesn’t end with beverages and music. This multifaceted artist has also dipped into the fashion world with his own merchandise and fashion lines, showcasing his quirky and distinctive style. They’ve become more than just merchandise; they’re a fashion statement for many, blurring the lines between concert tees and streetwear.

In partnership with various brands, Post Malone has released limited edition merchandise that often sells out in a flash. This isn’t surprising, considering the stylish and comfortable wear he designs, which beautifully reflects his artistic vibes. From bold prints to bespoke collaborations, Post Malone’s apparel frequently features his iconic ‘barbed wire’ motif, a nod to his personal aesthetics.

Collaborations with Brands and Designers

  • Partnerships with brands such as Crocs have made waves in the fashion industry. His collection included unique designs that featured his signature Posty Co branding.
  • He’s also launched several collaborations that were an instant hit among fans and casual followers alike, with pieces that regularly feature in must-have fashion lists.

Embracing the Merch Trend

Post Malone knows the immense value that comes with brand merchandise:

  • Offering everything from t-shirts and hoodies to socks and hats.
  • Ensuring items are both stylish and representative of his personal brand.
  • Merchandise that doesn’t only signify fan loyalty but is also worn as trendy everyday apparel.

This venture into fashion has not only expanded Post Malone’s business portfolio but also his connection with fans. By wearing designs inspired by their favorite artist, fans get to experience another dimension of Post Malone’s creative universe. Each piece from his line isn’t just clothing; it reflects a piece of the culture that he’s built around his music and his life. With each release, he invites his audience to embrace their individuality, just as he does through his own personal style.

Post Malone’s Investments in the Cannabis Industry

Amidst his eclectic mix of business endeavors, Post Malone’s green thumb for investments has extended into the burgeoning cannabis market. He’s tapped into an industry that’s rapidly growing and becoming widely accepted, particularly in the entertainment circuits where Post has deep roots. His strategic move into this sector isn’t just about joining a trend; it reflects his knack for recognizing and investing in emerging markets.

Shaboink, a term coined by Post himself, transcends its origins as a fun expression to become a brand synonymous with premium cannabis. In 2019, Post Malone partnered with Hemper, a leading cannabis accessory company, to launch this lifestyle brand. Shaboink introduced a line of hemp pre-rolls that, much like the artist’s own image, blends quality with a laid-back, cool charisma.

Shaboink’s success lies in catering to a demographic that appreciates the finer things in life. They’re not just about getting high; they’re invested in the experience—an experience Post Malone curates with careful thought. Packaging is sleek, discrete, and aligns with a more upscale market that intersects well with consumers looking to indulge in a luxurious, yet accessible, lifestyle.

Furthermore, Post Malone has ensured that his cannabis brand also reflects his personal commitment to high standards. Each batch of Shaboink’s products is subjected to rigorous testing, ensuring that only the best quality makes it to consumers. With the cannabis industry expected to only rise as legislation evolves, Post Malone is well-positioned to capitalize on this green wave.

His approach to the cannabis market demonstrates the same ethos that pervades all his businesses—a focus on uniqueness and quality. He’s leveraging his fame and influence to not just sell a product but to cultivate an experience that echoes his creative spirit. As legalization sweeps through more states and countries, Post Malone’s foresight in the cannabis industry might just yield his most lucrative harvest yet.


Post Malone’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through his diverse business ventures. From his record label to his French rosé, fashion collaborations, and cannabis products, he’s created a brand that transcends music. His success in these endeavors shows a keen understanding of his audience and a knack for tapping into various markets. As he continues to innovate and explore, fans and consumers alike can look forward to experiencing more of Post Malone’s unique blend of creativity and business acumen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shaboink Records?

Shaboink Records is a record label launched by Post Malone to discover and promote unique artistic talents and to create an environment that celebrates creativity and artistic growth.

Who founded Maison No. 9 and why?

Maison No. 9 is a French rosé wine line founded by Post Malone in collaboration with entrepreneur James Morrissey and music manager Dre London, intending to blend music and wine culture together.

Has Post Malone entered the fashion industry?

Yes, Post Malone has entered the fashion industry with his own merchandise and fashion lines, including successful collaborations with brands like Crocs, making his merchandise a popular fashion statement.

What is the significance of Post Malone’s venture into the cannabis industry?

Post Malone’s partnership with Hemper to launch Shaboink, a lifestyle brand offering premium cannabis products, positions him to capitalize on the growing cannabis industry following legislative changes.

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