What Businesses Does Neymar Own? Discover His Surprising Empire

Neymar Jr. isn’t just a maestro on the football field; he’s also scoring big in the business world. With a knack for entrepreneurship, Neymar has ventured well beyond the pitch to build an impressive portfolio of businesses.

From fashion to esports, he’s got his game face on in various industries. They’re curious to discover what enterprises Neymar has dribbled his way into, and they’re in the right place to find out.

Stay tuned as they peel back the layers of Neymar’s business empire, showcasing how this sports icon has translated his skills into successful ventures off the field.

Fashion Ventures

Neymar Jr. has taken a stylish step into the fashion world, a move befitting his status as a global football icon. His foray into fashion includes a range of endeavors, showcasing his remarkable ability to balance agility on the pitch with a keen eye for trends and design.

The star’s collaboration with one of the world’s leading fashion brands, Diesel, to create a perfume speaks volumes of his vision to blend sport with style. The partnership, celebrated as a fusion of Neymar’s free spirit and Diesel’s innovative approach to scents, has mirrored the footballer’s creativity and personal motto, “Live life to the fullest.”

But Neymar’s engagement with fashion doesn’t stop at fragrances. He has launched his own clothing brand, NJR by Neymar Jr., which includes an assortment of stylish and casual pieces. From trendy t-shirts to bespoke hats, the line reflects Neymar’s own playful yet chic style, and it’s aimed squarely at those who admire his flair and wish to emulate it.

Moreover, the collaboration with Puma marks a significant chapter in Neymar’s fashion journey. Having inked a long-term deal with the sportswear giant, he has become the face of Puma’s football boots and has also been influential in the brand’s lifestyle and training wear. The deal not only puts Neymar in the same league as some of the biggest sports personalities with personal brands but also emphasizes his global appeal.

Collaborations Products Remarks
Diesel Perfume A synergy of Neymar’s spirit and Diesel’s innovation
NJR by Neymar Jr. Clothing Line A mix of casual and stylish wear
Puma Football boots, Apparel Positions Neymar at the forefront of sportswear

Breaking the mold of the conventional athlete, Neymar’s ventures into the fashion industry affirm his passion for self-expression that extends well beyond the realms of sport. Whether it’s in his scintillating moves on the field or his ventures into the world of fashion, Neymar Jr. embodies a brand that marries performance with panache.

Entertainment Ventures

Delving into the dazzling world of entertainment, Neymar turns heads not only on the field but also as a savvy entrepreneur in the showbiz arena. In 2017, he launched Neymar Jr. Productions, a company specializing in managing his image rights and compiling an extensive portfolio of multimedia projects. This company has been instrumental in producing content that ties fans closer to Neymar’s lifestyle, including personal documentaries that give an intimate look into his day-to-day life and the challenges he faces.

In the realm of digital space, the soccer star moved the ball forward with an inventive project called Neymar Jr. Experience. This mobile app offers users a tailored training program based on Neymar’s own techniques and practices. Promising to blend fitness with fun, the app targets aspiring players and fitness enthusiasts who dream to dribble, shoot, and score like their hero.

Neymar’s magnetic charm also extends to popular video games. He’s featured as a character in Fortnite, one of the most widely played games worldwide. His affiliation with Epic Games showcases how his brand resonates beyond traditional sports, infiltrating the dynamic virtual worlds where the young and tech-savvy spend much of their time.

Venture Description
Neymar Jr. Productions Multimedia content creation managing Neymar’s image rights
Neymar Jr. Experience (App) Mobile application offering training programs inspired by Neymar’s football techniques
Fortnite Collaboration Neymar featured as a playable character, expanding his reach in the electronic entertainment industry

Furthermore, Neymar has dipped his toes into the music industry by appearing in music videos and fostering relationships with prominent artists. His social events, like the lavish birthday parties that hit entertainment headlines, ooze glamour and exclusivity, symbolic of the lifestyle he leads and promotes through his business ventures.

As he continues to build his empire, his involvement in the entertainment sector is just another pitch where Neymar showcases his flair for diversifying his talents and interests. Fans watch eagerly as he maneuvers through business opportunities with the same artistry he displays on the field.

Tech Ventures

Neymar’s entrepreneurial spirit stretches into the digital realm, where he’s made significant strides with tech-based initiatives. Neymar Jr. Experience, the mobile app created by the football star, illustrates his commitment to sharing his soccer expertise with fans and aspiring athletes around the globe. The app features a plethora of training exercises and unique content that enables users to enhance their skills through a curated program, directly influenced by Neymar’s playing style.

Capitalizing on the lucrative world of esports, Neymar co-owns an esports team, NR Sports. This savvy move not only positions him within one of the fastest-growing sectors in entertainment but also aligns him with a burgeoning community of young, engaged fans. The team competes in various tournaments, with a fanbase that echoes Neymar’s own popularity on the pitch.

Neymar’s dive into tech ventures showcases his prowess in recognizing industry trends. His partnership with Facebook Gaming, where he sometimes streams as a player, allows him to connect with fans in a relaxed, interactive environment. This endeavor taps into the growing live-stream market and reflects Neymar’s multifaceted approach to building his brand across different platforms.

Ventures Industry Influence
Mobile App Digital Sports Training & Fan Engagement
Esports Team Entertainment Competitive Gaming Presence
Facebook Gaming Live-Streaming Interactive Fan Experience

In addition to these ventures, Neymar also explores cutting-edge tech investments. He’s ride the wave of social media, with strategic stakes that ensure his visibility extends well beyond traditional media. His presence on platforms like TikTok and Instagram isn’t just about sharing moments from his life; it’s a concerted effort to maintain relevance and cement his status as a global icon. With every like, share, and follow, Neymar’s tech footprint grows, rooting him firmly in the digital age where connectivity, entertainment, and athleticism converge.

Sports Ventures

Neymar Jr.’s entrepreneurial flair extends beyond tech into the adrenaline-fueled world of sports ventures. They’re not just side hustles — these are strategic moves that align perfectly with his personal brand and professional sports credibility.

First on the roster is his sports management company – NR Sports, co-founded in 2016. This business oversees Neymar’s image rights and handles a multitude of branding opportunities for the superstar, ensuring that his image as a premier athlete remains pristine. NR Sports has been instrumental in facilitating partnerships with international brands, leveraging Neymar’s global appeal.

In addition to managing his own career, Neymar has dipped his toes into the management of other athletes. By mentoring young talent and guiding their careers, he’s building a legacy that could outlast his time on the pitch. The initiative provides budding stars with the support and opportunities they need to shine on the global stage.

Another key player in Neymar’s sports empire is Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr., a non-profit organization. Though not a business in the traditional sense, it’s a venture close to Neymar’s heart. The institute offers education and sporting facilities to underprivileged children in Brazil, nurturing the next generation of talent and ensuring his impact transcends sport itself.

Neymar’s influence reaches even further into the zeitgeist with his esports team, Neymar Jr. Esports. Esports has become a billion-dollar industry, and Neymar’s presence exemplifies his keen sense for market trends. With a dedicated team competing in various online gaming tournaments, he has effectively captured the attention of the lucrative gaming demographic.

These ventures offer a peek into the diverse portfolio of Neymar Jr., a testament to his acumen in spotting opportunities where his brand equity can bring about the maximum impact. They’re more than investments; these are extensions of himself, avenues where his passion for sport and business convergence.


Neymar’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through his diverse business portfolio. From fashion to tech to sports management, he’s leveraged his stardom to build a brand that transcends the pitch. His foray into the digital realm with the Neymar Jr. Experience app and live-streaming on Facebook Gaming shows his knack for engaging with fans in the modern age. By owning an esports team and mentoring up-and-coming athletes, Neymar stays ahead of the curve, ensuring his legacy will influence future generations. Whether it’s through his non-profit efforts or his keen business acumen, Neymar’s ventures are as dynamic as his gameplay, making him a true icon in both arenas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What mobile app did Neymar Jr. create?

Neymar Jr. created the “Neymar Jr. Experience” mobile app that provides training exercises and content inspired by his own playing style.

What is NR Sports?

NR Sports is a sports management company co-owned by Neymar Jr. that focuses on his brand management, including his involvement in esports.

How is Neymar Jr. involved in esports?

Neymar Jr. co-owns an esports team and engages with fans through Facebook Gaming live streams, underpinning his active role in the competitive gaming industry.

What does Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr. do?

Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr. is a non-profit organization established by Neymar Jr. that aims to support underprivileged children and youths through education and sports initiatives.

How does Neymar Jr. mentor young talent?

Neymar Jr. is involved in mentoring young athletes through his sports management company, NR Sports, and his various youth-focused programs, encouraging the next generation in sports.

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