What Businesses Does Mike Lindell Own? Explore His Surprising Ventures

Mike Lindell, the mustachioed entrepreneur, isn’t just the face of MyPillow. He’s a businessman with a surprising range of ventures under his belt. From the sleep-inducing comforts of pillows to unexpected industries, Lindell’s portfolio is as diverse as his public persona.

They’ll dive into the myriad businesses Lindell has his hands in, some of which might just catch you off guard. Whether it’s bedding or beyond, Lindell’s entrepreneurial spirit knows few bounds. Stick around as they unpack the empire of this self-made businessman.

MyPillow: A Sleepy Success Story

MyPillow is not just another pillow company; it’s the centerpiece of Mike Lindell’s entrepreneurial empire. Picture this: a business that started with a dream and a humble booth at a local mall is now a household name, synonymous with a good night’s sleep. MyPillow’s rise from a small-scale operation to a national brand is nothing short of remarkable.

Launched in 2004, MyPillow has taken the bedding market by storm. Lindell’s secret is the patented pillow design that promises to adjust to individuals’ sleeping positions, providing a custom-fit sensation and enhancing sleep quality. They’ve sold over 30 million pillows to date, a testament to their popularity.

Year Pillows Sold
2004 Start-up
Present 30 million

The brand’s expansion reflects its success. MyPillow’s product line now includes mattress toppers, sheets, and pet beds, diversifying beyond their flagship product. The savvy move to extend the company’s reach into other areas of home comfort demonstrates Lindell’s understanding of the market and his customers’ needs.

Advertising has played a pivotal role in MyPillow’s story. With Lindell himself often taking the screen, the company’s infomercials became a cultural phenomenon. This personal approach forged a strong connection with viewers, propelling the brand to new heights. Lindell’s tale is one of persistence and marketing genius, striking a chord with those who value the American Dream.

MyPillow’s trajectory continues to fascinate as it seeks to innovate within the sleep industry. As we unveil more of Mike Lindell’s ventures, it becomes clear that MyPillow is just one piece of a larger puzzle. Lindell’s propensity to innovate keeps his businesses dynamic and relevant, a true marker of an enduring entrepreneurial spirit.

Lindell’s Foray into the Mattress Market

After conquering the pillow industry, Mike Lindell didn’t rest on his laurels. He looked for new avenues to extend his reach in home comfort, eyeing a larger slice of the relaxation pie. The mattress market, with its potential for high returns, was a natural next step for an entrepreneur of Lindell’s caliber.

In 2016, MyPillow launched its first mattress topper. With the same gusto he channeled into pillows, Lindell personally backed the new product with his seal of approval. The topper built upon his sleep empire by offering an additional layer of comfort, designed to enhance any mattress. His foray was a brilliant move that supplemented his pillow sales, giving customers a total bedding solution under one brand name.

His ambition didn’t stop at toppers. Lindell eventually introduced a fully-fledged MyPillow mattress. He engineered these with a unique layering system that aimed to provide the ultimate support and durability. Marketing efforts mirrored the personal, direct approach that worked so well for his pillows. Lindell was of the conviction that every bedroom in America could benefit from a MyPillow mattress, and he set out to make this a reality.

The MyPillow mattress range featured various models, each tailored to cater to different consumer preferences and budget points. Here are some highlights:

  • MyPillow Premium: This model boasted a luxurious four-layer design and catered to buyers looking for an investment in their sleep quality.
  • MyPillow Classic: Targeted at cost-conscious consumers, this model offered a balance of comfort and affordability without compromising the brand’s promised quality.

Sales figures showed that Lindell’s expansion into the mattress niche was more than a mere diversification; it was a multifaceted strategic maneuver to cement MyPillow as a hallmark for overall sleep excellence. With each new product, Lindell reinforced his brand’s presence in American homes, showcasing his relentless pursuit of entrepreneurial success.

From Bedding to Beauty: Lindell’s Diverse Ventures

Mike Lindell’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t end with the bedroom. He’s cast a wider net, exploring various industries with the same vigor he brought to MyPillow. Lindell’s business portfolio is diverse, with ventures ranging from bedding to beauty, showcasing his willingness to tackle different markets.

One less-known but fascinating venture is Lindell’s involvement in the beauty sector. After mastering the art of comfortable sleep, he turned his attention to skincare. Lindell’s Skincare line was developed with the promise of enhancing beauty sleep with products designed to rejuvenate the skin overnight. It’s a logical pivot—goods that complement his sleep merchandise by promoting overall well-being.

Beyond personal care, Lindell’s interest in solving everyday problems led him to invest in MyStore, an online platform designed to support American entrepreneurs and inventors. MyStore offers an array of products, handpicked by Lindell himself, that aim to foster innovation and provide solutions for consumers. This platform emerges as a champion for small businesses and brings exceptional products into the limelight.

Delving even further, Lindell has ventured into the realm of publishing with the launch of Lindell Publishing. Here, he provides a platform for both budding and established authors, encouraging the dissemination of ideas and stories that inspire and engage readers.

Finally, it’s noteworthy that Mike Lindell’s ventures perpetuate a central theme: creating and promoting products that enhance people’s lives. From the comfortable pillows to the line of beauty products that aim to soothe and improve one’s skin during sleep, each business initiative he embarks on carries a touch of his vision for a better everyday life for consumers. His businesses are more than just profit-making endeavors; they embody a spirit of innovation and a dedication to American enterprise.

The Surprising Industries Owned by Mike Lindell

As one peers into the entrepreneurial tapestry that Mike Lindell has woven, they can’t help but marvel at the array of industries he’s ventured into. Beyond the cozy realm of sleep, Lindell’s business prowess has extended into areas that even the most astute business minds might find surprising.

MyCoffee, a foray impossible to overlook, Lindell’s grasp now extends into the morning rituals of millions. Imagine starting your day with a cup, fueling the morning with the same vigor Lindell invests into his enterprises. MyCoffee is not just a beverage; it’s a jumpstart embodying his distinctive flair for diving into daily life essentials.

Switching gears from sipping coffee to political discourse, Lindell has ambitiously founded Frank, a social media platform designed to stand as a bastion of free speech. In a digital world clamoring for space where voices can echo without restraint, Frank emerges as a testament to Lindell’s dedication to creating a community where dialogue thrives uncensored.

Continuing the trend of unexpected markets, Lindell’s strategic mind embraced the challenge of the print world with Lindell Publishing. This venture doesn’t just put words on paper; it curates stories aimed to inspire, reflecting the entrepreneur’s own rollercoaster journey. The shelves lined with works published under his aegis are mirrors to his belief in the power of storytelling.

And as if branching into digital and literary worlds wasn’t enough, Lindell also dipped his toes into the vibrant world of entertainment with Vivid Entertainment. While perhaps the most startling in this kaleidoscope of businesses, it further cements Lindell’s image as a man unfettered by conventional industry boundaries.

Venturing across such diverse sectors, Lindell continuously stitches his vision into the fabric of American enterprise. Each company under his belt is a patch in a quilt representing his unyielding quest to impact a multitude of aspects in people’s lives.

Conclusion: The Expansive Empire of Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to create a business empire that stretches far beyond the comfy confines of MyPillow. He’s tapped into the daily ritual of millions with MyCoffee and sought to connect voices on Frank. His foray into publishing and entertainment shows he’s not afraid to explore new territories. It’s clear that Lindell’s ambitions aren’t limited to just one industry – he’s building a legacy that touches many facets of everyday life. Whether you’re curling up with a good book, sipping on your morning brew, or seeking new online communities, you might just find a piece of Lindell’s diverse portfolio enriching your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries has MyPillow founder Mike Lindell entered besides pillows and mattresses?

Mike Lindell’s business ventures beyond pillows and mattresses include the coffee industry with MyCoffee, a social media platform named Frank, a publishing company called Lindell Publishing, and he has even invested in the entertainment industry with Vivid Entertainment.

What is the name of Mike Lindell’s coffee business?

Mike Lindell’s coffee business is called MyCoffee.

Has Mike Lindell created any social media platforms?

Yes, Mike Lindell has founded a social media platform known as Frank.

What type of company is Lindell Publishing?

Lindell Publishing is a publishing company started by Mike Lindell.

Is Mike Lindell involved in the entertainment industry?

Yes, Mike Lindell is involved in the entertainment industry through his investment in Vivid Entertainment.

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