What Businesses Does Michael Phelps Own? Unveiling His Empire

Michael Phelps isn’t just a legendary Olympian; he’s also a savvy entrepreneur. After making waves in the pool, Phelps has dived headfirst into the world of business. They’re exploring how this champion has translated his competitive spirit into successful ventures.

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From swimwear to mental health initiatives, Phelps’s business portfolio is as diverse as his swimming techniques. Let’s take a peek into the enterprises that keep him busy beyond the pool deck.

Phelps’s Swimwear Line

Michael Phelps dived into the world of fashion with his swimwear line that champions not only style but performance as well. Called MP Brand, this range reflects his dedication to the sport and offers swim products designed for peak performance. Phelps has combined his Olympic insights with the expertise of his long-time coach, Bob Bowman, to provide a competitive edge to swimmers everywhere.

The swimwear line boasts a selection of swimsuits, goggles, and training gear suited for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. Phelps’s commitment to innovation is evident in the line’s design: every piece is crafted with hydrodynamic technology and tested by the man himself to ensure it meets rigorous standards.

Customers rave about the MP Xpresso, a high-tech swimsuit famous for its compression capabilities and water-repellency. The swimwear line has undoubtedly made a splash in the swimming community, gaining recognition for bringing advanced technology to the forefront.

Through MP Brand, Phelps has reinforced his belief in the importance of water safety and actively promotes the cause. The brand’s mission extends beyond outfitting athletes; it includes fostering a culture that encourages swimming as a life skill. In line with this, Phelps has partnered with various water safety organizations to raise awareness and provide resources for swimmers of all ages.

Sales figures for the MP Brand have reflected Phelps’s golden touch, with significant growth since its launch. The brand has quickly established itself as a leading name in swimwear, mirroring Phelps’s own journey to the top of the podium. It’s a testament to Phelps’s business acumen and his understanding of what swimmers need to succeed.

MP Foundation: Mental Health Initiatives

Michael Phelps’s commitment to public service is evident through the MP Foundation, an initiative that goes beyond the pool’s edge. Launched after his success in Beijing in 2008, the foundation’s primary goal is to promote water safety, but it has since expanded its mission to encompass mental health advocacy.

Phelps’s own struggles with depression and anxiety after the Olympics have propelled him to become a vocal advocate for mental health. It’s no secret that many athletes face immense pressure, and Phelps’s openness about his personal battles has been a beacon of hope for others experiencing similar challenges.

The MP Foundation has launched several mental health programs aimed at helping individuals cope with stress and improve their emotional well-being. These programs leverage Phelps’s experiences and use his story to destigmatize mental health issues. One key component is the partnership with Talkspace, an online therapy service that provides accessible mental health resources.

Phelps has stressed how critical mental health is to overall success—both in and out of the sporting arena. Through the foundation, he’s dedicated to providing education and resources to assist others. They focus not only on athletes but also on children, to lay the foundation for healthier future generations.

The outreach of the foundation is substantial, with many benefiting from the offered resources. It’s clear that Phelps’s impact extends beyond his Olympic medals, and through his business acumen, he’s addressing essential aspects of life that often go unnoticed in the competitive realm of sports.

While the MP Foundation’s success is challenging to quantify, testimonials from those who’ve been helped serve as a testament to its profound impact. Phelps’s legacy as an athlete is unmatched, but his contributions to mental health may very well be his most enduring triumph.

Venture Capital Investments

As Phelps’s entrepreneurial journey continued to flourish beyond the swimwear and mental health advocacy realms, venture capital investments became another frontier where his keen eye for business began to take hold. After hanging up his goggles, Phelps dived headfirst into the world of venture capitalism with the same vigor he once reserved for the pool.

Phelps threw his weight behind a range of promising startups, turning potential into success just as he did with his butterfly stroke. He’s been particularly attracted to tech companies that align with his interests and values. One notable investment is in the sphere of sleep technology – a nod to an athlete’s need for rest and recovery. Phelps knows all too well the benefits of a good night’s sleep on both physical and mental performance.

Looking at his investment portfolio, it’s clear that Phelps’s strategy echoes the careful planning of an Olympian’s training regimen. He is not just casting a wide net; every business move seems calculated, precise, and with significant upside potential. In joining the board of directors or offering strategic advice, Phelps leverages his celebrity status and Olympic discipline to guide these companies toward growth and innovation.

His involvement in venture capitalism extends Phelps’s influence beyond the familiar territories of sport and mental health into the bustling intersections where entrepreneurship meets innovation. Here, Michael Phelps’s name doesn’t just denote an Olympic icon but stands for keen business insights and an undeniable Midas touch. Each investment moves the needle, not only in terms of potential returns but also in enhancing Phelps’s burgeoning legacy as a business magnate.

The business acumen Phelps has shown in his ventures thus far suggests that he’s playing a long game. His investment choices, often serving grander schemes like promoting physical and mental wellness, continue to underscore his commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program

Michael Phelps’s contributions to the business world extend beyond launching successful brands and making strategic investments. He’s also passionate about guiding the next generation of entrepreneurs through a distinctive Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program. In this innovative program, Phelps combines his Olympic discipline with his business savvy to mentor aspiring business owners, especially those in the sports and health industries. Participants gain invaluable insights from Phelps’s journey from the Olympic pool to the boardroom.

Phelps’s mentorship scheme doesn’t just provide theoretical knowledge; it’s anchored in the practicalities of starting and running a business. Participants learn firsthand about branding, marketing strategies, and the importance of customer loyalty – all pillars that have supported Phelps’s own ventures. This personalized guidance aims to forge entrepreneurs who can stand on the podium of business success.

Moreover, the program highlights the significance of resilience and mental strength in entrepreneurship. Phelps often shares lessons from his own life, addressing how he overcame personal and professional hurdles. Such frank discussions resonate deeply with mentees, most of whom are trying to navigate the choppy waters of startup challenges. These insights help mold entrepreneurs who are not only equipped to tackle business intricacies but also prepared to handle the psychological demands of their entrepreneurial journey.

By participating in Phelps’s mentorship program, young entrepreneurs also gain access to a network of experienced business leaders, which can be as valuable as any investment. Networking opportunities created within the context of the program encourage collaborative growth, idea exchange, and potential investment opportunities. Phelps’s status as an Olympic champion and successful businessman opens doors that might otherwise remain closed for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. They leave the program not just with enhanced business acumen but with a widened circle of influence, ready to take on the business world with a champion’s mindset.


Michael Phelps’s journey from Olympic champion to successful entrepreneur is truly inspirational. He’s seamlessly transitioned his passion for swimming into a thriving swimwear business and has used his personal experiences to advocate for mental health through his foundation and partnership with Talkspace. Phelps’s foray into venture capital shows his keen eye for innovation and his mentorship program reflects his dedication to guiding the next wave of entrepreneurs. His ventures not only exemplify his business acumen but also his desire to make a lasting impact beyond the pool. Michael Phelps has proven that with the same discipline and commitment that brought him Olympic gold, he’s able to conquer the business world while making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses has Michael Phelps ventured into?

Phelps has entered various industries, including a swimwear line (MP Brand), mental health initiatives, and venture capital investments. He has also set up an Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program for aspiring business owners.

What is the MP Brand, and how does it reflect Phelps’s Olympic career?

The MP Brand is Phelps’s swimwear line designed to cater to performance needs in swimming. It incorporates Phelps’s Olympic experience and advanced technology, aligning with his dedication to the sport and water safety.

How does Michael Phelps contribute to mental health advocacy?

Through the Michael Phelps Foundation and partnerships with services like Talkspace, Phelps advocates for mental health, aiming to destigmatize issues and offer resources for stress management and emotional well-being, drawing from his personal experiences.

What kind of startups does Michael Phelps invest in?

Phelps invests in startups that align with his values, particularly those that make a positive impact on the world. He leverages his fame and Olympic discipline to guide these companies towards innovation and growth.

What is the aim of Phelps’s Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program?

Phelps’s program aims to mentor emerging entrepreneurs, with a focus on sports and health industries, by providing guidance on branding, marketing, customer loyalty, resilience, and mental strength, all based on his personal and professional experiences.

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