What Businesses Does MC Hammer Own? Unveiling His Empire Across Tech, Fashion & Music

When you think of MC Hammer, you likely picture the iconic rapper who taught the world how to do the “2 Legit 2 Quit” hand gestures. But Hammer’s talents don’t stop at music; he’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a diverse business portfolio. From tech startups to entertainment companies, he’s been making moves that might surprise you.

They say you can’t touch this, but Hammer’s business acumen is certainly something many aspire to emulate. Let’s take a peek into the world of MC Hammer’s business ventures and see how this music legend has continued to hammer in success beyond the stage.

MC Hammer’s Business Ventures

MC Hammer is not just a name that people remember for the hit “U Can’t Touch This”; he’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a rich tapestry of business interests. After his meteoric rise in the music industry, Hammer turned his attention to the world of business and investments, leveraging his fame and acumen to carve out a diverse portfolio.

His foray into the tech industry is notable, with Hammer taking a keen interest in startups. He’s dabbled in various ventures, from dance platforms to tech companies focussing on media and entertainment. With Silicon Valley just a stone’s throw away from his Oakland roots, Hammer’s transition into the tech scene was both strategic and insightful.

In addition to technology, Hammer has put his golden touch on the entertainment sector. He’s been involved in creating music management companies and has had his hand in producing film and television content. His knack for understanding the pulse of popular culture has served him well, allowing him to identify and invest in projects that resonate with audiences.

What’s more, Hammer’s business endeavors extend beyond the glamorous facade of tech and entertainment. He’s put his weight behind various other industries, showing the versatility and adaptability of his entrepreneurial mindset. Here’s a glimpse at some of the sectors Hammer has ventured into:

  • Sports management
  • Apparel lines
  • Mobile apps and content platforms

True to Hammer’s approach to life and business, it seems everything he touches turns to gold, or at least that’s the goal. His ventures are as varied as his music catalog, with successes and learning experiences along the way. While some investments soared, others provided valuable lessons, underscored by the fact that in business, just like in music, timing and rhythm are everything.

As Hammer continues to expand his network and influence, his portfolio serves as a testament to the enduring nature of his vision. He’s more than just a former hip-hop star — he’s an embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit of the digital age. Only time will tell what’s next for the inexhaustible MC Hammer, but it’s sure to be done with pizzazz and a sharp business sense.

Tech Startups

In the fascinating world of Silicon Valley, MC Hammer’s name stands out not just on the music charts but also on the rosters of cutting-edge ventures. With a flair that echoes his dance moves, Hammer has carved out a niche as a savvy tech startup investor. His portfolio is a testament to his forward-thinking approach, identifying and supporting the next big thing in technology.

One of the most notable startups Hammer has been involved with is Wiredoo, a search engine designed to outperform competitors by providing deeper and more relationship-based search results. Although the project was eventually shelved, it showcased Hammer’s willingness to challenge industry giants and his belief in pushing the envelope.

But his tech endeavors don’t stop there. Hammer has put his golden touch into DanceJam.com, a site that aimed to be the go-to destination for all things dance. Combining his penchant for music and entertainment with his business acumen, he tapped into the burgeoning market of online communities.

Flipboard, a content and social network aggregation company, has also benefited from Hammer’s magic touch. His investment in Flipboard represents a keen understanding of the value in content curation and personalized digital experiences. This platform allows users to create their own virtual magazines, pulling from sources all over the web, and Hammer’s involvement underscores his commitment to innovation in content consumption.

The rapper-turned-entrepreneur hasn’t shied away from the social media arena, either. He recognized early on the impact that platforms like Twitter could have on personal branding and audience engagement. Hammer’s involvement with Twitter speaks volumes about his insight into user behavior and market trends.

MC Hammer’s foray into tech startups is more than just a footnote in his illustrious career; it’s a chapter that continues to grow. Each investment reflects his vision for the future—a future where technology enables new forms of expression, connection, and discovery. With each venture, Hammer reinforces his status as a business mogul who knows how to stay on top of the wave, riding the rhythm of innovation in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Entertainment Companies

In the realm of entertainment, MC Hammer’s dynamic presence has been marked by more than just his rapping prowess. He’s dipped his dance shoes into the pulsating world of entertainment businesses, where his rhythm continues to resonate. Hammer isn’t just about the music; he’s about the whole show.

One of Hammer’s more illustrious ventures in entertainment was DanceJam.com, a platform that celebrated dance in all its forms. This online community brought together dancers worldwide, allowing them to share their passion, compete, and learn from one another. It was a testament to Hammer’s love for dance and showed his urge to innovate within the space of entertainment technology.

Yet, Hammer didn’t stop there. He understood the power of diversification and extended his portfolio to include management companies, record labels, and production firms. His knack for spotting talent and trends led to numerous ventures, which aimed to nurture and amplify new artists and entertainers. Hammer has always had an eye for future stars, and his businesses became a springboard for many in the industry.

While some of these endeavors have been more publicized, Hammer’s involvement often goes behind the scenes. His advisory roles and silent partnerships have steered various companies towards success, making him a savvy businessman with a golden touch. Such engagements reveal his willingness to back projects that resonate with his vision for entertainment, where he sees opportunities to blend art with the latest technology.

Fashion and Merchandise

MC Hammer, the dynamic entertainer known for his hits and dance moves, also has a keen eye for fashion trends. His iconic parachute pants from the ‘U Can’t Touch This’ era didn’t just define a fashion moment; they hinted at Hammer’s potential as a business mind in the apparel industry.

Recently, Hammer has taken this flair for fashion and ventured into the merchandising sector. He isn’t simply slapping his name on t-shirts; instead, he’s crafting a line that resonates with his legacy while embracing modern aesthetics. It’s a natural progression for someone who’s always had a finger on the pulse of pop culture, now translating that sensibility into apparel that appeals to both nostalgic fans and the new generation.

The merchandise range is diverse, spanning from practical athleisure wear to more statement-making pieces that echo his unique style. By doing so, Hammer ensures his brand is not only remembered for parachute pants but also for a broader fashion statement that transcends time.

In tandem with his apparel ventures, Hammer has also explored collaborations with existing brands, tapping into his reputation to foster partnerships that are beneficial to all parties involved. These collaborations often result in limited-edition releases that create buzz in the market, effectively combining Hammer’s star power with the robust machinery of established fashion enterprises.

With every step into the fashion and merchandise domain, Hammer displays not just an affection for style but a strategic approach to business. He recognizes the importance of brand building, and every move is calculated to enhance his brand’s visibility and loyalty among consumers. By doing so, he ensures that his fashion line is not just a fleeting trend but a sustainable, evolving enterprise.

Hammer’s Business Acumen in Action

In the glittering world where celebrities transition into entrepreneurial roles, MC Hammer stands out for his acuity in the business realm. His ventures far exceed the limelight of stardom; they demonstrate a strategic mind capable of navigating the unpredictable tides of different industries. Hammer has donned the cap of a venture capitalist with the same vigor he once brought to the stage.

Within the tech startup scene, Hammer’s presence is notably transformative. He’s keenly invested in platforms that have shaped how people interact with content and with each other online. Hammer’s decision to be an early investor in Twitter was not only prescient but also indicative of his ability to foresee social media’s omnipresence in daily life. He’s shown the same insight with his involvement in DanceJam.com, blending digital interaction with the eternal human passion for dance and music.

Away from the digital realm, MC Hammer’s physical product ventures echo his iconic style. The apparel lines he’s launched are more than mere merchandise; they’re a savvy mix of nostalgia and current fashion trends, tailored to appeal across generations. His ventures exude that Hammer touch, marked by the artist’s renowned energy and flair.

Hammer also extends his influence by partnering with established brands, utilizing his celebrity status as a leverage to create products that are unique and timely. From limited-edition releases with fashion giants to novel gadget collaborations, each business move is a calculated step that capitalizes on timely cultural shifts and emerging markets.

The savvy mogul has managed to craft a diverse portfolio that’s as versatile as his own career. Each business endeavor is approached with a clear vision of its place in the contemporary market, ensuring that Hammer’s brand continues to evolve. His investments reflect his understanding that success in business, much like in music, hinges on innovation and adaptability.


MC Hammer’s journey from a chart-topping rapper to a shrewd entrepreneur has been nothing short of remarkable. He’s shown a unique flair for diving into various industries, from tech startups to fashion. His strategic investments and collaborations have not only highlighted his business savvy but also his vision for the evolving landscape of entertainment and technology. MC Hammer continues to inspire with his adaptability and keen eye for future trends, proving he’s not just a music icon but a business mogul with a golden touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries has MC Hammer succeeded in besides music?

MC Hammer has found success in several industries, including the tech startup industry, entertainment, fashion, and merchandise.

Can you describe MC Hammer’s role in the tech startup industry?

MC Hammer has been involved in identifying and supporting innovative technologies, as well as investing in various tech startups.

How has MC Hammer contributed to the entertainment industry?

MC Hammer has shown a talent for spotting trends and talents and has collaborated with established brands in the entertainment industry.

What about MC Hammer’s ventures in the fashion industry?

MC Hammer has extended his brand into fashion and merchandise, capitalizing on his iconic status and creative vision.

Has MC Hammer made any notable investments?

Yes, MC Hammer has made investments in platforms that have significantly influenced how people interact with content and each other online.

What is the overarching theme of MC Hammer’s business ventures?

The overarching theme is MC Hammer’s strategic approach to navigating multiple industries and his vision for the future convergence of entertainment, technology, and fashion.

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