What Businesses Does Matthew McConaughey Own? Discover His Unique Ventures

Matthew McConaughey isn’t just a Hollywood star; he’s also a shrewd entrepreneur with a Midas touch. From the silver screen to the business arena, McConaughey’s ventures reflect his eclectic interests and Texas roots.

He’s dipped his toes into various industries, embracing roles as diverse as his acting portfolio. Let’s peek into the business world of this Academy Award-winning actor and see what enterprises he’s got his hands in.

Matthew McConaughey’s Early Ventures

Matthew McConaughey’s journey into the world of business was as eclectic and unexpected as some of his film roles. From Hollywood heartthrob to business-savvy entrepreneur, McConaughey’s ventures reflect his passion and the diversity of his interests. He embarked on his business voyage with a foundation in his love for Texas and his eagerness to try new things.

One of the first business endeavors he took on was with the clothing line, j.k. livin. Imbued with McConaughey’s personal mantra “just keep living,” the brand aimed at promoting a laid-back lifestyle while offering a range of casual wear. Despite its modest inception, j.k. livin became a symbol of McConaughey’s philosophy on life, expressed through apparel.

In addition to clothing, the star made a splash in the world of distilled spirits. He partnered with Wild Turkey Bourbon and moved beyond mere endorsement, stepping into the role of creative director. Here, McConaughey applied his storytelling knack to marketing, directing and starring in a series of ads that resonated with bourbon enthusiasts around the globe.

Beyond fashion and libations, McConaughey’s interest in fitness led him to invest in a business close to his heart – a gym. Located in Austin, the establishment catered to those looking to intertwine fitness with the relaxed, yet vibrant, Texan way of living that McConaughey embodies.

Matthew’s foray into these industries demonstrated his ability to bring together his personal interests with professional ambitions. Ushering in his home-grown sensibilities and coupling them with a keen sense of market trends, he was forging a path that many admired and looked to for inspiration. His down-to-earth approach in strategic business planning has allowed fans to connect with him on a new level, allowing them to embrace a piece of the McConaughey magic themselves.

Revolutionizing the Bourbon Industry

Matthew McConaughey isn’t just a star on the screen; he’s also shaking things up in the spirits world. In 2016, he cooked up a partnership with Wild Turkey Bourbon that was far more than the typical celebrity endorsement. McConaughey jumped in with both feet, immersing himself in the brand’s lore and distillation process to get a genuine understanding of the industry.

Taking on the role of Creative Director, his involvement has been a masterclass in authenticity and storytelling. The “Longbranch” bourbon, a brainchild of this collaboration, infuses Texas mesquite and red oak flavors into Kentucky bourbon, creating a unique blend that sings of McConaughey’s Texas roots. This burning passion for authenticity has resonated well with bourbon lovers, placing Wild Turkey on the map for some who may have previously walked on by.

It’s evident that McConaughey’s influence extends beyond mere commercial appeal. His hands-on approach has spurred innovations and helped introduce bourbon to a broader, more diverse audience. His influence can be seen in the branding, marketing campaigns, and even the product line-up. Taking cues from his laid-back yet sophisticated persona, Wild Turkey’s branding has pivoted to embody a more modern, inclusive feel while preserving its storied history.

The partnership is notable for how it melds star power with a genuine respect for the craft. McConaughey doesn’t just serve as a figurehead; he’s heavily invested in the product’s journey from barrel to bottle. It’s this blend of fame and passion that seems to be lighting a fire in an industry that prides itself on tradition and a slow burn.

Building a Beauty Empire

While many know Matthew McConaughey for his suave portrayal of characters on the silver screen, fewer are aware of his foray into the world of beauty and wellness. The actor’s business acumen is as impressive as his filmography, having co-founded just keep livin – a brand that’s become a cornerstone in his ever-expanding empire.

The just keep livin Foundation was the bedrock from which McConaughey ventured into the health and wellness sector. Started as a nonprofit, it soon paved the way for a line of skincare products designed to capture the essence of a laid-back lifestyle while espousing the benefits of self-care. The products quickly generated buzz for their organic ingredients and eco-friendly ethics.

McConaughey didn’t stop there. The J.K. Livin label further expanded to include apparel, essential for those seeking comfort while maintaining a sense of style reminiscent of McConaughey’s personal brand. With a finger on the pulse of modern trends, every item in the collection reflects a blend of practicality and the actor’s trademark cool.

Even with such ventures, though, McConaughey maintains a strategic approach to brand partnerships, aligning with businesses that share his philosophy. One notable collaboration is with Dolce & Gabbana. McConaughey became the face of their fragrance line, propelling the brand into new territories by infusing it with his distinctive blend of charisma and southern charm.

  • Organic ingredients
  • Eco-friendly practices
  • Emphasis on a relaxed lifestyle

The intertwining of his work in the wellness industry and his established role as a Hollywood icon isn’t just serendipitous; it’s a calculated move to meld the spheres of entertainment and personal well-being. By leveraging his celebrity status, McConaughey ensures his beauty empire isn’t simply riding the coattails of his acting career – it’s a standalone testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to a holistic lifestyle.

Bringing Authentic Flavors with Wild Turkey

When Matthew McConaughey teamed up with Wild Turkey, he brought more than just star power to this storied bourbon distillery. As the Creative Director, McConaughey has been pivotal in reinvigorating the brand, ensuring that every bottle of Wild Turkey Bourbon oozes with authenticity and the rich flavors that are the brand’s hallmark.

McConaughey’s passion for bourbon resonates through the Longbranch product line, a unique small-batch bourbon refined with Texas mesquite and oak charcoals. This distinctive process results in a smooth and smoky flavor that’s become a favorite among connoisseurs and casual sippers alike.

Beyond innovating flavors, McConaughey’s involvement also extends to marketing initiatives and charitable endeavors. The collaboration with Wild Turkey has seen a series of campaigns that successfully blend storytelling with a celebration of the bourbon’s heritage. These initiatives have not only bolstered the brand’s identity but have also raised awareness and support for a number of philanthropic causes.

The impact of this partnership is evident in the numbers. Since McConaughey’s engagement, Wild Turkey has seen a notable increase in sales volume and brand visibility, capturing the hearts of a new generation of bourbon enthusiasts.

Year Percentage Increase in Sales
2017 14.4%
2018 17.1%
2019 12.8%

In the collaborations with Wild Turkey, they’ve struck a masterful balance between tradition and evolution. As they continue to innovate and expand the brand’s reach, the company remains entrenched in the authentic values that have defined Wild Turkey for over a century. The McConaughey touch has carved out a modern niche for Wild Turkey, redefining the bourbon experience for many.

Greenlights All the Way

Matthew McConaughey isn’t just about fine bourbon and movie magic—his investment savvy extends into the literary world as well. With the launch of his very own memoir, “Greenlights,” he’s added best-selling author to his eclectic repertoire.

This memoir isn’t just plates spinning on McConaughey’s multifaceted career pole; it reflects his life philosophy. “Greenlights” is about catching more yeses in life, running with them, and realizing that the yellows and reds eventually turn green. McConaughey’s entrepreneurial spirit is palpable as he recounts stories of personal and professional hurdles, all conquered with his Texan charm and unbreakable spirit.

But the “Greenlights” experience is more than a mere book. It’s a brand, and McConaughey’s pulling the strings like a seasoned puppeteer. He’s created a unique lifestyle brand grounded in the ethos of his book—yes, there are hats, journals, and even curated bumper stickers, all aimed at spreading the “alright, alright, alright” vibe far and wide.

And it’s not just about profits; there’s a clear streak of philanthropy in McConaughey’s business ventures. Sales from “Greenlights” merchandise support his Just Keep Livin Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering high school students. That’s McConaughey for you—he makes sure that as his businesses grow, they light the way for others, too.

The success of “Greenlights” exemplifies McConaughey’s ability to pivot from actor to entrepreneur to philanthropist, without missing a beat. With each venture, he seems to capture the public’s imagination, proving that his Midas touch extends beyond the silver screen. As his business portfolio expands, followers can’t help but wonder what sector he’ll illuminate next.


Matthew McConaughey’s foray into the business realm shows he’s more than just a talented actor; he’s a savvy entrepreneur with a heart for giving back. His touch has turned Wild Turkey Bourbon into a brand that resonates with authenticity and his memoir into a beacon for his life’s philosophy. As he continues to expand his influence, it’s clear that McConaughey’s entrepreneurial spirit is as captivating as his on-screen performances. Fans and business enthusiasts alike can’t help but be intrigued by what he’ll do next. Whether it’s in bourbon, books, or beyond, one thing’s for sure: McConaughey’s ventures are as dynamic as his career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What role does Matthew McConaughey have at Wild Turkey Bourbon?

Matthew McConaughey serves as the Creative Director for Wild Turkey Bourbon. His leadership has been key in revitalizing the brand and ensuring its authenticity and flavor are well-communicated.

Has Matthew McConaughey’s involvement with Wild Turkey been successful?

Yes, since Matthew McConaughey joined Wild Turkey, the brand has experienced an increase in sales volume and greater brand visibility.

What charitable work is McConaughey involved with through Wild Turkey?

McConaughey has participated in marketing campaigns and initiatives that support various philanthropic causes, but the article specifically highlights his work with his Just Keep Livin Foundation.

What is “Greenlights” by Matthew McConaughey about?

“Greenlights” is a memoir by McConaughey that shares his life philosophy. It’s both a reflection on his life experiences and a guide to his approach to living.

Has Matthew McConaughey launched a line of merchandise?

Yes, Matthew McConaughey has launched a lifestyle brand based on his memoir “Greenlights,” which includes merchandise. Profits support his Just Keep Livin Foundation.

What is the Just Keep Livin Foundation?

The Just Keep Livin Foundation is a non-profit organization started by Matthew McConaughey that focuses on empowering high school students through programs that improve their lives.

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