What Businesses Does Maria Sharapova Own? Discover Her Entrepreneurial Empire

Maria Sharapova isn’t just a powerhouse on the tennis court; she’s also a savvy entrepreneur. With a career that’s been as much about precision off the court as on, she’s built an impressive portfolio of business ventures. They’ve often wondered what lies beyond the baseline for this sports icon turned business mogul.

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From sweet beginnings with her candy brand to strategic investments in tech, Sharapova’s business acumen is as strong as her backhand. She’s not just serving aces; she’s serving up serious business goals. Let’s take a sneak peek into the empire she’s built with the same grit and grace that made her a champion.

Sugarpova: A Sweet Success

Maria Sharapova’s entrepreneurial flair really shines through her candy line, Sugarpova. Launched with a mix of her love for sweets and a dash of business savvy, Sugarpova has quickly grown from a simple candy collection to a full-blown global brand. They offer an array of premium chocolates, gummies, truffles, and gum, all crafted to mirror Sharapova’s knack for excellence and attention to detail.

Within just a few years of its inception, Sugarpova expanded its reach internationally. Fans can now find these delightful treats in over 25 countries, satisfying sweet tooths around the globe. Even the packaging is designed with Maria’s touch of elegance, making the candy line a favorite gift item as well as a personal indulgence.

It’s not just about indulging in sweets, however. Maria ensured that a portion of Sugarpova proceeds goes to the Maria Sharapova Foundation, dedicated to helping children across the world achieve their dreams. This symbiosis of entrepreneurship and philanthropy adds a layer to the brand that reflects Sharapova’s personal values.

In terms of numbers, Sharapova has netted impressive results with Sugarpova. Here’s how the figures stack up:

Year Revenue Generated
Year 1 $1.3 Million
Year 2 $2 Million
Year 3 $4.5 Million

With the sweetness of victory already known on the tennis courts, it seems Maria Sharapova has served an ace with Sugarpova in the competitive confectionery market. Her continued involvement and the brand’s rapid expansion testify to the business’s sound structure and Sharapova’s dedication to her entrepreneurial ventures.

From Tennis Rackets to Tech Startups: Sharapova’s Investments

Maria Sharapova’s business acumen stretches far beyond the sweet successes of Sugarpova. Her strategic investments reflect a keen eye for innovation and growth potential, particularly in the tech industry. Recognizing the transformative power of technology, Sharapova has cast her financial net into a pool of promising tech startups.

She’s partnered with companies that resonate with her personal brand and values. For instance, Sharapova has invested in Therabody, formerly known as Theragun, a leader in percussive massage therapy devices aimed at elevating wellness and recovery. The collaboration between a world-class athlete and a health-focused tech company seems a natural fit, especially when considering Sharapova’s commitment to fitness and well-being.

Another shining example of her diversification into tech is her involvement with Supergoop!, a skincare brand devoted to protecting skin from sun damage. The company’s focus on combining skin health with scientific advancement aligns with Sharapova’s ethos of maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle.

In addition to tech and wellness, Sharapova has her sights set on the world of art with her investment in Artminded, a platform that brings art enthusiasts and collectors together. Sharapova, known for her style and elegance, appreciates the blend of creativity and business savvy that the art world offers.

Investment Industry Notes
Therabody (Theragun) Health Tech Specializes in percussive massage therapy devices
Supergoop! Skincare Promotes sun protection and skin health
Artminded Art Technology Connects art enthusiasts and collectors

Her portfolio reflects a strategic approach, targeting sectors that not only promise financial returns but also create synergy with her public image and personal interests. Sharapova’s business ventures are as varied as her tennis strategies once were on the court; each play is calculated, and each investment, like a well-placed serve, is aimed at potential growth and long-term success.

The Sharapova Foundation: Making a Difference Off the Court

Maria Sharapova, known for her fierce performance on the tennis court, also serves up a powerful impact through her charitable efforts. The Sharapova Foundation is her official channel to give back to the community—a cause she holds dear to her heart. She understands the power of having a dream, and it’s this empathy that fuels the foundation’s mission to help children across the globe achieve their aspirations.

From scholarships to underprivileged children to supporting social welfare programs, the foundation works tirelessly. It ensures that budding talents in need have access to quality education and sport programs, essential ingredients to nurture the next generation of leaders and athletes. Sharapova’s own ascent from humble beginnings to a globally recognized sports icon lends credibility and a personal touch to the initiatives.

Collaboration with other organizations expands the reach of the Sharapova Foundation, enabling them to create more opportunities for youngsters. This network of partnerships magnifies their impact, reaching a diverse array of communities.

Boasting Sharapova’s name, the foundation also advocates for mental health awareness and constructive societal contributions, understanding that physical and mental well-being go hand in hand for holistic development. It’s this all-encompassing approach that has garnered attention and applause from philanthropic circles.

The connection between Sharapova’s personal experiences and her philanthropic philosophy is evident in the foundation’s activities. With her at the helm, the Sharapova Foundation is more than just a charitable arm; it’s a testament to the star’s resolve to leave a lasting legacy off the court, shaping a brighter future for the aspiring youth.

Fashion Forward: Sharapova’s Collaboration with Nike

Maria Sharapova’s business acumen extends to the world of fashion, where her long-standing collaboration with sportswear titan Nike shines prominently. This partnership has not only brought to light Sharapova’s fashion sense but has also underscored her influence within the sports apparel industry.

Nike, recognizing Sharapova’s appeal, has worked closely with her to design exclusive collections that blend performance with style. The collections feature tennis outfits that mirror Sharapova’s elegance on the court. From dresses to shoes, each piece carries the hallmark of Sharapova’s attention to detail and Nike’s commitment to quality.

One highlight of the collaboration is the Maria Sharapova Collection, consisting of stylish dresses worn by Sharapova at major tournaments. The distinctive Nike swoosh, paired with Sharapova’s signature flair, has captivated tennis fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. She has won not just points in games but also hearts with her poised and polished look.

This collaboration extends beyond just apparel. Sharapova has also inspired a line of performance footwear, pushing the limits of innovation and providing athletes with a blend of comfort and sophistication. The shoes are designed for agility and speed but are also known for their chic design that stands out in a crowd.

Off the court, the Maria Sharapova x Nike partnership has also seen the release of casual wear, bringing the premium athletic style to everyday fashion. The line encourages fans to embrace a healthful and active lifestyle, reflecting Sharapova’s personal advocacy for fitness and well-being.

Beyond boosting Nike’s sales, Sharapova’s engagement with the brand helps send a powerful message about the role of female athletes as both trendsetters and business mavens. She’s more than an athlete; she’s a brand ambassador who understands the nuances of fashion and marketing in the competitive world of sports apparel.

It’s clear that Sharapova’s touch has transformed her Nike line into something that transcends typical sportswear. As she dons her custom outfits on the court, she’s not just serving tennis balls but also serving looks that inspire and influence a global audience.

Building a Brand Beyond Tennis

While Maria Sharapova’s prowess on the tennis court is no secret, her off-court endeavors paint the picture of a multifaceted entrepreneur determined to make a mark in the business world. Sharapova’s ventures extend far beyond the baseline, showcasing her ability to serve up successful businesses in various industries.

With an innate understanding of marketing and branding, Sharapova has cleverly capitalized on her athletic fame to launch a portfolio of enterprises that resonate with her personal brand. Beyond Sugarpova, she’s made strategic moves to diversify her business interests, entering into industries that align with her passions and values. The Sharapova brand is one grounded in quality, luxury, and accessibility—a trifecta that appeals to consumers worldwide.

Therabody stands as a testament to Sharapova’s commitment to health and wellness, a sector that has seen exponential growth in recent years. As an investor, her endorsement brings credibility and star power to the brand, speaking directly to fitness enthusiasts who admire her dedication to personal health.

Similarly, her involvement in Supergoop! reflects a sharp business acumen aimed at tapping into the booming skincare market. Sharapova’s stake in sunscreen safety echoes her lifestyle as a professional athlete, raising awareness about skin health, while also participating in a brand poised for global expansion.

Artminded, perhaps a more personal pursuit, highlights Sharapova’s appreciation for culture and the finer things in life. This venture stakes a claim in the evolving digital art space, where Sharapova’s influence can bridge the gap between traditional art collectors and a modern audience.

As her business portfolio grows, Sharapova has not just created products; she’s crafted experiences that encapsulate her persona. From the athletic supporter looking for a recovery edge to the art aficionado seeking connection, the Sharapova brand reaches across the spectrum, inviting consumers to be part of her world—a playground of innovation, style, and luxury.


Maria Sharapova has aced the transition from elite tennis champion to savvy entrepreneur with finesse. She’s turned Sugarpova into a sweet international success and strategically invested in companies that mirror her dedication to health, wellness, and the arts. Her collaborations, such as the one with Nike, showcase her influence in both the sports and fashion realms. Beyond commercial success, she’s committed to giving back through her foundation, proving that her impact goes far beyond the baseline. Sharapova’s ventures are more than just businesses—they’re a reflection of her passion for excellence and her desire to inspire others to chase their dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses has Maria Sharapova established?

Maria Sharapova has established a range of businesses including her candy line Sugarpova, and has made strategic investments in other companies such as Therabody, Supergoop!, and Artminded.

What makes Sugarpova unique?

Sugarpova stands out due to its varied selection of premium chocolates, gummies, truffles, and gum, as well as its global reach across over 25 countries.

How does Sharapova’s foundation benefit from her business ventures?

A portion of the proceeds from Sugarpova goes to the Sharapova Foundation, which supports children’s programs for education and sports, reflecting her commitment to philanthropy.

What type of companies does Sharapova invest in?

Sharapova strategically invests in innovative companies that align with her values, focusing on health and wellness, sun protection skincare, and the art industry.

How has Sharapova’s partnership with Nike impacted her brand?

Through her partnership with Nike, Maria Sharapova has launched exclusive fashion collections that fuse performance and style, reinforcing her reputation as a trendsetter and businesswoman.

What is the Sharapova Foundation’s main goal?

The Sharapova Foundation aims to help children around the world realize their potential by offering scholarships, funding social welfare programs, and promoting mental health awareness.

How do Sharapova’s ventures reflect her personal brand?

Sharapova’s business ventures reflect her commitment to quality, luxury, and accessibility, and they resonate with her personal brand values and passions for fitness, well-being, and community impact.

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