What Businesses Does Kevin Spacey Own? Uncover His Tech Startup Ventures

Kevin Spacey’s talents extend far beyond the silver screen. He’s not just an Oscar-winning actor; he’s also a savvy businessman with an intriguing portfolio. From production companies to tech start-ups, Spacey’s got his fingerprints on a diverse array of ventures.

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But what exactly are these businesses, and how do they reflect Spacey’s interests and expertise? It’s a fascinating dive into the world of celebrity entrepreneurship, where fame and business acumen often collide.

Join us as we explore the enterprises that keep Kevin Spacey busy when he’s not captivating audiences with his performances. You might just be surprised at the breadth of his business landscape.

The Production Company: Trigger Street Productions

Venturing into the world of cinema beyond the screen, Kevin Spacey, alongside producer Dana Brunetti, co-founded the illustrious production company, Trigger Street Productions. This enterprise is a reflection of Spacey’s commitment to cinematic excellence and his passion for storytelling. Trigger Street Productions has been the force behind a number of acclaimed films and television series, which has solidified Spacey’s reputation as a formidable figure in the production arena.

The company’s name pays homage to Spacey’s childhood memories, taking its title from the street where he grew up. Since its inception, Trigger Street has been synonymous with creativity and has provided a platform for fresh talents to showcase their work. They’re known for being at the forefront of discovering new voices in the industry and propelling them into the limelight.

Many may recognize Trigger Street Productions for its work on ‘The Social Network’, a film that earned widespread critical acclaim and multiple award nominations. The company also garnered attention for the biographical film ‘Captain Phillips’, which cemented their status in producing gripping, real-life narratives. Moreover, Trigger Street made waves in television by producing the highly successful political drama series, ‘House of Cards’, which carved a niche in the on-demand streaming landscape.

Under Spacey and Brunetti’s leadership, Trigger Street has embraced innovative storytelling methods and explored unique narratives, often leaving a notable impact on the audience. The company’s knack for creating content that resonates with viewers has earned them a proud spot in the entertainment world. With a finger on the pulse of the public’s interest and a keen eye for quality, Trigger Street Productions continues to push the boundaries and contribute to the evolution of modern cinema. Their ventures are evidence that Spacey’s influence extends far beyond his roles in front of the camera.

The Theatre: The Old Vic

Nestled in the cultural heart of London, The Old Vic stands as a beacon of theatrical history and a personal investment for Kevin Spacey. The iconic venue, known for its daring productions and classical revivals, became a significant chapter in Spacey’s portfolio when he took on the role of artistic director in 2003.

Under his leadership, The Old Vic transformed with a vigor that matched its new director’s ambition. Spacey’s vision for the theater was to fuse its storied past with a fresh, modern approach to storytelling. He aimed to entice a younger demographic while honoring the theater’s seasoned patrons, and he achieved this by inaugurating a variety of productions that spoke to a wide array of audiences.

The tenure saw a blend of commercial successes and artistic endeavors that bolstered the theater’s reputation on an international scale. Not only did Spacey star in several productions himself, but he also brought in accomplished directors and actors to collaborate, thereby enriching the venue’s prestige.

Key Highlights during Spacey’s Tenure at The Old Vic:

  • Revival of American and British classics
  • No less than 10 awards garnered under his artistic leadership
  • Record-breaking box office sales

Determined to propel The Old Vic into the new century, Spacey pioneered initiatives like The Old Vic New Voices, a program dedicated to nurturing the next generation of theater professionals. This venture perfectly underscored his commitment to mentorship within the arts community, cultivating a legacy that would transcend his own time in the spotlight.

In the grand scheme of Spacey’s diverse business and creative endeavors, The Old Vic stands out as an entity that not only represented his love for the theater but also showcased his acumen for fostering cultural institutions. Like a seasoned maestro, he orchestrated a symphony of talent and revival at this historic venue, which continued to celebrate and redefine the essence of live performance.

The Platform: Netflix’s House of Cards

Kevin Spacey’s venture into the streaming service realm marked a significant turn in his career with the launch of “House of Cards” on Netflix. This political drama, which premiered in 2013, not only captivated audiences with its ruthless depiction of Washington D.C. politics, but it also cemented Netflix as a formidable competitor in the original content game.

Spacey took on the role of Frank Underwood, a cunning politician with an insatiable hunger for power. His performance on the show bagged him critical acclaim and several award nominations, raising both his profile and that of Netflix. For Spacey, this wasn’t just another acting gig but a strategic business move. By aligning with Netflix, he was at the vanguard of a shift towards on-demand entertainment.

“House of Cards” was a game-changer for both the industry and for Spacey’s business portfolio. It was one of Netflix’s first forays into original programming, and the success of the series helped to disrupt the traditional TV landscape. This series went beyond typical production; it was a high-stakes bet that came with immense rewards. Trigger Street Productions, with Spacey at the helm, was instrumental in the show’s development and production, further demonstrating Spacey’s knack for visionary projects.

Moreover, the show’s production quality, with its high-caliber writing and directing, set a new benchmark for what audiences expect from streaming content. Behind the scenes, Spacey’s business acumen shone as brightly as his on-screen performance, leveraging the show’s success to secure future ventures and collaborations.

Through his partnership with Netflix, Spacey didn’t just own a piece of television history; he was part-owner of an entirely new paradigm for how people consume and engage with media—a precedent for actors taking on more influential roles in the production and distribution of content. As “House of Cards” amassed a loyal following, it proved that streaming services could produce content that rivaled – and sometimes surpassed – that of traditional networks.

While the subsequent seasons of “House of Cards” sustained its success, Kevin Spacey’s ability to recognize and capitalize on emerging trends in the entertainment industry remains noteworthy. His business pursuits with Netflix illustrated how an actor with his finger on the pulse of technology and consumer habits could significantly influence the landscape of modern storytelling.

The Music Platform: ArtistShare

As Kevin Spacey’s interests extend beyond the silver screen and the stage, he’s also struck a chord in the music industry. ArtistShare stands as a testament to Spacey’s understanding of the digital and creative economy. Founded in 2003 as the internet’s first crowdfunding platform, ArtistShare connects artists with fans to fund the creation of new artistic works. This pioneering platform has paved the way for artists to find alternative funding methods, putting control back in the creators’ hands.

Spacey recognizes that in today’s world, artists seek innovative ways to sustain their craft and retain artistic freedom. By involving himself with ArtistShare, he has embraced a business model that aligns perfectly with his passion for supporting the arts. The platform has been instrumental in helping musicians, particularly jazz artists, to produce albums when traditional record company support is not available.

The success of ArtistShare is evidenced by its numerous accolades. Albums funded through this platform have not just found an audience but have garnered critical acclaim. Here’s a peek at some of the achievements:

Year Artist Award
2005 Maria Schneider First crowd-funded Grammy Award
2013 Brian Lynch Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album
2014 Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society Grammy nomination for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album

ArtistShare’s business model is not just about crowdfunding; it’s about creating a shared experience between the artist and the audience. It’s a behind-the-scenes journey that fans can become a part of – something Kevin Spacey understands well from his days in theater and film production. With ArtistShare, supporters are treated to updates, exclusive content, and even credit on the final product.

In a step beyond the usual business interests of Hollywood figures, Spacey’s foray into this melodic venture adds another layer to his complex business portfolio. His role in ArtistShare highlights his continuous search for new horizons and his unwavering support for the arts.

The Tech Start-Up: PingTank

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, it’s no surprise to find Kevin Spacey’s fingerprints adorning yet another venture—the ambitious start-up known as PingTank. This app, blending the borders of messaging and social media, offered a myriad of animated overlays that users could apply to their photos, which could then be shared on various social platforms. Spacey didn’t just dip his toes into PingTank; he dived in headfirst as an investor, showcasing his knack for recognizing potential in the digital realm.

PingTank, initially launched for the messaging app Messenger, was a lively and interactive experience designed to set user conversations ablaze with expressive animations. The start-up’s collaboration with celebrities and brands allowed users to connect with their favorites on a more engaging level than traditional social media could often offer. In classic Spacey fashion, the investment in PingTank was no casual affair. He wasn’t just signing checks in the dark; he was shining a light on the importance of innovation in communication technology.

With Spacey’s backing, PingTank aimed to ride the wave of creative expression online, tapping into the youth’s constant search for the new and novel in an oversaturated app market. While the allure of big tech could intimidate some, Spacey appeared undaunted, ready to support where he saw vibrancy and life. This was more than a business—it was a statement, an extension of his own Devoted Support for the Arts.

Despite the fierce competition, PingTank tried to carve out its niche, a testament to Spacey’s belief in taking risks in sectors ripe for transformation. His pattern of pushing the envelope in theatre and on screen seemed to transition seamlessly into the digital tech space, where PingTank floated as a fresh testament to his business agility.


Kevin Spacey’s foray into the world of business, particularly with PingTank, shows he’s not afraid to step into the ring of digital innovation. His investment in the app underscores his eye for potential in a rapidly evolving market. While the world of tech startups is notoriously challenging, Spacey’s willingness to embrace this reflects his adventurous spirit in business. Whether PingTank becomes a staple in social media or a learning experience in Spacey’s entrepreneurial journey, it’s clear he’s committed to making his mark beyond the silver screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PingTank?

PingTank is a mobile app that allows users to add animated overlays to their photos, enhancing them with a creative and interactive twist before sharing on social media platforms.

Who invested in PingTank?

Actor Kevin Spacey invested in PingTank, reflecting his interest in potential digital innovations and his willingness to take risks in transformative sectors.

What is the goal of the PingTank app?

The goal of PingTank is to cater to the youth market by providing a fresh and engaging way to personalize their social media content in an overcrowded app landscape.

How does Kevin Spacey’s involvement in PingTank reflect on him?

Kevin Spacey’s involvement in PingTank highlights his business agility and commitment to innovation, particularly in communication technology. It shows he’s not afraid to venture beyond traditional acting roles and invest in new ideas.

What does PingTank aim to achieve in the market?

PingTank aims to carve out a niche in the highly competitive app market by offering unique and novel experiences to its users, especially targeting the youth demographic.

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