What Businesses Does Kenya Moore Own? Discover Her Empire

Kenya Moore isn’t just a reality TV star; she’s a savvy entrepreneur with an impressive portfolio of businesses. From beauty products to media production, Kenya’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her to diverse ventures. In this article, we’ll dive into the various enterprises that have Kenya’s golden touch.

As fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” know, Kenya’s flair for business is as bold as her personality on screen. But what exactly are these businesses, and how did she build her empire? Stay tuned as we explore the ins and outs of Kenya Moore’s business endeavors.

Kenya Moore’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Kenya Moore didn’t just rest on her laurels after capturing the Miss USA title in 1993. The dazzling queen soon recognized her potential as a businesswoman and stepped into the gleaming world of entrepreneurship with gusto.

Initially making waves in the entertainment industry, Kenya amplified her visibility through roles in films and television, but she had grander visions. With a striking combination of beauty and brains, she tapped into the market that knew her best—beauty products. The Kenya Moore Hair Care line became a crowning achievement, merging her personal brand with a burgeoning industry hungry for innovation.

Her foray into beauty was just the beginning. As her interests diversified, she astutely broadened her business horizon. Moor Manor Entertainment, her own production company, emerged from her passion for being in front of and behind the camera. It provided a platform where Kenya could control the narrative and produce content resonating with her vision and values.

Spotting opportunities for growth in expansive domains, Kenya continued to expand her portfolio:

  • Kenya Moore Hair Care
  • Moor Manor Entertainment
  • Kenya Moore Productions

Balancing her role as a reality TV star on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kenya adeptly used her on-screen time to promote her business endeavors. Her presence on the show was a strategic move, perfect for bolstering her brand and drawing in a steadfast consumer base.

What truly sets Kenya apart is her unyielding commitment to her businesses. She’s not just the face of her brands; she’s deeply involved in the day-to-day operations, ensuring that every product meets her high standards. Each venture reflects her personal touch, a blend of quality, elegance, and a sprinkle of the Moore charm.

With a slate of successful businesses and a keen eye for new markets, Kenya Moore’s journey is a compelling blend of celebrity magnetism and business acumen. She continues to capitalize on her strengths and adapt to new challenges, proving that her entrepreneurial spirit is just as striking as her runway grace.

Beauty and Cosmetics Business

Kenya Moore made an audacious leap from the shimmering world of entertainment to the competitive realm of beauty and cosmetics. She unveiled the Kenya Moore Hair Care line, a range designed to invigorate and nurture one’s natural hair. It’s more than just a collection of products; it’s Moore’s personal crusade to empower individuals, especially women, to embrace their natural beauty.

The range, which boasts of sulfate-free, phosphate-free, and paraben-free products, caters to various hair types. Moore didn’t just slap her name on the bottles; she’s deeply involved in the research, development, and marketing of every item. One can find shampoos, conditioners, serums, and masks, all enveloped in elegant packaging that whispers luxury.

Behind the scenes, sales figures mirror the brand’s rising popularity. Celebrity endorsements and avid customer testimonials regularly grace social media pages, highlighting the effectiveness of Moore’s product line. The hair care range has found its niche by reconciling the glamour of celebrity with the realities of everyday hair care needs.

In addition to her success in grooming locks, Moore’s vision is set to expand her presence in the beauty industry. She’s hinted at exploring new beauty and skin care products, staying true to her brand’s ethos of sophistication and elegance. With her business acumen and brand’s growing recognition, the sky’s the limit for Kenya Moore in the beauty sector.

Retailers have been quick to stock Kenya Moore Hair Care, and online storefronts ensure her products are just a click away for her global audience. By seamlessly interweaving her various platforms, Moore maximizes her reach, syncing product launches with appearances and social media takeovers to engage with her fanbase authentically.

Media Production Ventures

Kenya Moore’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t end at beauty products. She’s also left a notable footprint in the world of media production. Her company, Moore Vision Media, established in 2008, has been the driving force behind several film and TV projects. This venture showcases Moore’s multifaceted talents, as she takes on roles not only as a producer but also as a director, writer, and sometimes actor.

Moore Vision Media’s primary focus is on creating quality content that resonates with diverse audiences. Their productions often feature stories that are empowering, especially for women, and mirror Moore’s own experiences in the entertainment industry. The company’s projects range from relationship dramas to comedies and even include instructional fitness DVDs, which align with her advocacy for health and wellness.

Among the notable works is “The Confidant,” a film that brought top-tier talent to the screen, further solidifying Moore’s reputation in production circles. Moore Vision Media aims to champion projects that break barriers and contribute positively to the cultural discourse, boosting Kenya Moore’s credibility as a business maven.

By tapping into her entertainment background, Moore has been able to leverage her connections and expertise to ensure that her media production endeavors are seen and celebrated. With a flair for identifying compelling stories and a knack for the theatrical, Moore Vision Media isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about crafting a legacy through the power of visual storytelling.

Kenya Moore’s presence in the production arena underscores her commitment to expanding her business empire beyond the beauty industry. Her hands-on approach to media projects, paralleling her involvement with Kenya Moore Hair Care, exemplifies her dedication to excellence and innovation in all her business pursuits.

Kenya Moore Hair Care

Kenya Moore has certainly made a splash with Kenya Moore Hair Care, a line that resonates with the luxury and grandeur of celebrities and the discerning public alike. They say beauty is in the hair, and Moore’s brand seems to have taken this idiom to heart. It’s a collection that stands out for its commitment to hair health, steering clear of harsh chemicals like sulfates, phosphates, and parabens that often strip hair of its natural vitality.

Since its inception, Moore has actively been involved in crafting the brand’s image, personally ensuring that each product meets her high standards. The array on offer caters to a multitude of hair types and concerns, ensuring that everyone can find something to add to their beauty regimen. Moore understands that good hair is a journey, not just a destination, and her products are designed to nourish and rejuvenate.

  • Sulfate-Free Shampoos
  • Moisturizing Conditioners
  • Hair Masks
  • Growth Serums

These are just a few of the treasures that lie within the Kenya Moore Hair Care trove.

Moreover, the celebrity endorsements and glowing testimonials aren’t just fluff—they’re testaments to the efficacy and appeal of the line. These endorsements help to catapult the brand into the limelight, underscoring Moore’s knack for leveraging fame to further her business interests.

The brand’s marketing strategy is also worth a nod, with a strong presence on social media platforms where Moore herself engages with fans and customers. Through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Moore doesn’t just peddle products—she builds relationships. With beauty tutorials and behind-the-scenes looks at product development, the brand stays relevant and accessible.

The expansion into new beauty and skincare products is a glimpse into the dynamic future Moore envisions. It’s not just about diversifying—it’s about conquering new realms of the beauty industry. With Moore’s business acumen and star power, it seems there are few limits to what Kenya Moore Hair Care can achieve.

Real Estate Investments

Kenya Moore isn’t just a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry; her business acumen extends to the lucrative world of real estate. She’s been savvy in diversifying her portfolio with a variety of real estate holdings. In this glittering landscape of wealth, property is a prime commodity, and Moore’s investments are shining examples of her strategic thinking.

Hailing from the world of pageantry with a sprinkle of Hollywood glitz, Moore parlayed her success into smart real estate choices. She’s made it known that she loves to turn homes into castles, quite literally—in one instance, investing in a home she fondly dubbed “Moore Manor.” The property underwent a complete transformation under her watchful eye, an indication that she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to renovations and real estate ventures.

However, Moore’s real estate portfolio isn’t just about personal luxury. She’s put her money in various properties, believing in the power of land and buildings as stable, long-term investments. Moore has shown that she’s on the lookout for opportunities to expand her empire, whether that’s by acquiring new properties or enhancing the value of existing ones.

Her endeavors in real estate showcase not just her personal taste, but also a knack for seeking out properties that have potential for significant ROI. Her investment strategy involves buying in locations where market demand is high, ensuring that her assets appreciate over time. Moore sees real estate as more than brick and mortar; she views it as a canvas for wealth and opportunity.

The scope of Kenya Moore’s real estate investments embodies an element of her character: innovative and full of forward-thinking strategy. True to her brand, each property in her portfolio is not just an asset but a statement of her lifestyle, which is as grand as the role she’s crafted for herself in the entertainment world. She remains tight-lipped about the exact details of her properties, but it’s clear that her real estate ventures are a vital component of her business endeavors.


Kenya Moore’s foray into the real estate market is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy. She’s not only made a name for herself in the beauty industry but also stands out as a strategic investor in high-demand locations. Her properties aren’t just assets; they’re reflections of her innovative mindset and commitment to growth. With every renovation and investment, she’s building an empire that goes beyond the glamour, proving she’s a force to be reckoned with in the business world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kenya Moore known for in the beauty industry?

Kenya Moore is known for her successful brand, Kenya Moore Hair Care, which has established her as a notable figure in the beauty industry.

Has Kenya Moore expanded beyond the beauty industry?

Yes, Kenya Moore has expanded into the real estate industry, diversifying her investment portfolio with various property holdings.

What is Moore’s strategy in the real estate market?

Moore’s strategy involves investing in properties with high potential for appreciation, located in demand-driven markets, ensuring a significant return on investment over time.

Are Kenya Moore’s real estate investments only for business?

No, while Kenya Moore’s real estate investments are partly for long-term monetary returns, they also reflect her luxury lifestyle and personal taste.

What does Kenya Moore’s real estate portfolio say about her?

Kenya Moore’s real estate portfolio highlights her innovative, strategic, and forward-thinking nature, each property being a testament to her lifestyle and business acumen.

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