What Businesses Does Kenny Smith Own? Discover His Surprising Ventures

Kenny Smith, known for his sharp analysis on the hardwood, has been making moves off the court too. He’s not just a basketball pundit; he’s a savvy entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio.

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From sports to tech, Smith’s business interests are as varied as his on-court skills were back in the day. Let’s take a sneak peek into the enterprises that keep his game strong in the business arena.

Kenny Smith’s Business Ventures

Kenny Smith has leveraged his fame and knowledge from his time on the court to build an impressive portfolio of business ventures. His interests span a variety of industries, reflecting his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

First and foremost, he’s taken his expertise in basketball to the broadcasting arena. As a respected analyst, Kenny offers insightful commentary that resonates with fans, adding value to any broadcast. This role has also opened doors for partnerships and branding opportunities.

Beyond television, Kenny dove into the technology space with Aim High, a comprehensive training and scouting platform. It’s become a go-to resource for aspiring players, showcasing Kenny’s commitment to developing talent and giving back to the sport that made his name.

Real estate has also caught Kenny Smith’s attention. He’s involved in property development, benefiting from the market’s highs and navigating its lows with the strategic vision of a seasoned pro. These investments add significant weight to his financial portfolio and showcase his understanding of long-term wealth building.

In the realm of education, he made waves with the Kenny Smith Basketball Camp. As a place where young athletes hone their skills, the camp blends physical training with life lessons, emphasizing the importance of hard work and discipline in achieving one’s goals.

Here’s a snapshot of Kenny Smith’s business ventures:

Venture Industry Contribution
Broadcasting Sports Media Basketball Analyst
Aim High Technology/Sports Training and scouting platform
Real estate investments Real Estate Property development
Basketball Camp Education/Sports Youth training and development

Not to be overlooked are his collaborations with various brands. Kenny’s charm and savvy make him an asset for endorsements and partnerships. He’s worked with companies both within the sports industry and beyond, indicating the trust and value his personal brand commands.

From media to tech, real estate to education, Kenny Smith’s entrepreneurial journey shines. With each venture, he’s not just building businesses, he’s also crafting a legacy that extends well beyond the basketball court. It’s clear that his skills as an entrepreneur are worthy of the same accolades as his sports achievements.

Sports Businesses Owned by Kenny Smith

Kenny Smith has leveraged his basketball background to create a formidable presence in the sports business realm. His ventures illuminate a path where athletics and commerce intersect, exemplifying how sports figures can skillfully pivot into successful entrepreneurs.

At the forefront is Jet Academy, an online basketball camp that offers young athletes the chance to learn from some of the game’s greatest. The platform exemplifies innovation, harnessing technology to bring expert coaching to the fingertips of aspiring players across the globe. Smith’s keen understanding of the digital landscape allows Jet Academy to deliver interactive, high-quality training that breaks geographical barriers.

Smith’s involvement doesn’t stop at training the next generation. He’s also co-owner of the Big3 team Tri-State. In this venture, Smith dives into the rapidly growing sector of professional 3-on-3 basketball, a sphere teeming with potential following its addition to the Olympic Games. His Big3 engagement demonstrates a strategic move, investing in a league that celebrates both the sport’s heritage and its future stars.

Mirroring his analytical skills on television, Smith has mastered the art of team formation and brand promotion within the Big3 framework. This attention to detail not only raises the profile of the league but also reinforces Smith’s reputation as a business-savvy individual with a midas touch for sports enterprises.

  • Diversified Investments:
    • Online basketball camp
    • Professional 3-on-3 basketball team ownership

Tapping into merchandising, Smith has also launched basketball apparel lines that resonate with fans. They’re not just products but extensions of his persona, offering fans a tangible connection to the star they’ve admired on and off the court. Through these endeavours, Smith continues to expand his business empire, aligning his legacy with the spirit of competition and innovation that marks today’s sports industry giants.

With each successful venture, Kenny Smith demonstrates that the same strategic thinking and teamwork that propelled him on the court are equally effective in the business world. He has not only scored points in games but also in the competitive arena of sports businesses.

Tech Startups and Investments

Kenny Smith’s business acumen extends into the world of technology where he’s made quite the splash with savvy investments and startups. His interests aren’t just a sideline— they mirror his dedication to innovation on and off the court. In the tech sphere, Kenny’s most notable moves have included funding and advising startups that aim to blend sports, education, and entertainment.

One of Smith’s ventures is a sports analytics company that leverages artificial intelligence to change how games are played and strategies are developed. Not only does this endeavor have the potential to revolutionize sports training and coaching, but it also represents Kenny’s foresight in modern sports technology trends.

Aside from analytics, Smith has taken an interest in mobile app development. He’s backed an app designed to enhance fan engagement especially during live sporting events. By integrating real-time stats and interactive features, the app draws sports enthusiasts deeper into the game’s narrative. This tech venture illustrates Kenny’s understanding of today’s digital-savvy audience and their desire for immersive experiences.

His portfolio doesn’t end there. Kenny also entered the esports arena, investing in a platform that connects gamers worldwide. Esports, a rapidly expanding market, offers a new avenue for Kenny to engage with the younger demographic and leave an indelible mark on the gaming community.

Bolstered by these tech endeavors, Kenny Smith demonstrates that his vision for the future is as sharp as his basketball analysis. The ventures exemplify his continued relevance and ability to adapt in a fast-paced, ever-evolving digital landscape. They stand as a testament to his business prowess, serving as another avenue through which he connects with fans and contributes to the world of sports and entertainment.

Kenny Smith’s Real Estate Investments

Kenny Smith has proved he’s more than adept beyond the basketball court through his strategic plays in the real estate market. As a seasoned investor, Smith has diversified his portfolio to include a variety of real estate holdings. Luxury properties and commercial developments stand out as significant parts of his investment strategy, revealing a penchant for high-value real estate that aligns with the tastes of the affluent.

Smith’s real estate ventures aren’t just about acquiring prime land; they’re also about creating environments that resonate with comfort and elegance. His residential properties often boast state-of-the-art amenities and are located in coveted neighborhoods that offer exclusivity and privacy. The commercial properties he’s invested in aren’t just buildings; they’re central to burgeoning communities and serve as hubs for business and social gatherings.

The basketball star-turned-analyst and entrepreneur knows the power of location. His properties span across the country but with a notable concentration in areas known for their vibrancy and potential for growth. Here’s a glimpse into some of Smith’s key real estate assets:

  • Luxury residential homes in upscale areas popular with celebrities and business moguls
  • Commercial properties with a focus on high foot traffic and growing neighborhoods
  • Development projects aimed at revitalizing and injecting value into emerging markets

While the exact figures of his real estate holdings are kept under wraps, the caliber of his investments signifies a hefty portfolio that mirrors his competitive spirit. It’s clear that Smith’s foresight extends beyond the basketball arena as he crafts a legacy that’s deeply rooted in the soil of opportunity. With each new acquisition, Kenny Smith positions himself as a player to watch, not just in the game of basketball but in the high-stakes world of real estate.

Other Ventures and Partnerships

Kenny Smith isn’t just making waves in the real estate sector. His business acumen has led him to a variety of other ventures and partnerships that diversify his portfolio even further. He’s partnered with prominent brands, leveraging his status and market know-how to make strategic plays in different industries.

One of Smith’s significant collaborations involved a well-known luxury watch company. Together, they launched an exclusive line of timepieces that embody the essence of sports luxury. These watches aren’t just about telling time; they’re a symbol of status for those who wear them, much like a championship ring.

Smith also dipped his toes into the technology pool, investing in a burgeoning tech startup focused on sports analytics. This platform offers detailed statistical data and predictive modeling that are indispensable for sports teams and individual athletes looking to gain a competitive edge. This move showcases Smith’s intent to stay ahead in a game that’s constantly evolving.

  • Luxury watch partnership
  • Investment in sports analytics tech startup

Aside from these ventures, Smith has expressed interest in the hospitality industry. He’s rumored to be scouting locations for a sports-themed restaurant chain that would serve up both delectable dishes and an immersive sporting experience. With plans to adorn the walls with memorabilia and install state-of-the-art viewing screens, diners would get a taste of history while watching current games.

Let’s not forget his charitable endeavors. Smith consistently uses his platform to give back, whether it’s through sports clinics for youth or fundraising for various causes. These efforts might not directly contribute to his business portfolio, but they certainly enhance his reputation as a philanthropist and add depth to his overall brand.

  • Planned sports-themed restaurant chain
  • Charitable endeavors through sports clinics and fundraisers

In the intricate tapestry of Kenny Smith’s business dealings, these other ventures and partnerships are the vibrant threads that add richness and texture to the picture of his success. With each strategic move, Smith ensures that his legacy extends far beyond the basketball court.


Kenny Smith has certainly scored well beyond the basketball court with his astute business acumen. His real estate investments reflect a keen eye for lucrative opportunities while his luxury watch partnership and sports analytics startup showcase his ability to diversify effectively. Smith’s ventures into the hospitality industry and his philanthropic efforts further demonstrate his commitment to growth and giving back. He’s not just a sports legend—he’s a business mogul with a vision that continues to expand his influence and legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What has Kenny Smith achieved outside of basketball?

Kenny Smith has become a successful entrepreneur with strategic investments in real estate, including luxury homes, commercial properties, and development projects. He’s also partnered in a luxury watch company and invested in a sports analytics tech startup.

What types of real estate is Kenny Smith investing in?

Smith’s real estate investments cover a diverse range comprising luxury residential homes in upscale areas, commercial properties in growing neighborhoods, and development projects aimed at revitalizing emerging markets.

Has Kenny Smith entered any partnerships outside of real estate?

Yes, Kenny Smith has ventured into partnerships outside of real estate, including a luxury watch partnership and an investment in a sports analytics tech startup, diversifying his entrepreneurial portfolio.

Is Kenny Smith involved in the hospitality industry?

The article mentions Kenny Smith’s interest in the hospitality industry, suggesting he may be pursuing opportunities or investments in that sector as well.

Does Kenny Smith engage in charitable work?

Yes, Kenny Smith is involved in charitable endeavors, though the article does not detail the specific nature or scope of his charity work.

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