What Businesses Does Kelsey Grammer Own? Discover His Unique Ventures

Kelsey Grammer, best known for his iconic role as Dr. Frasier Crane, isn’t just a star on screen. He’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a diverse business portfolio. They’ve taken their talents beyond the stage, delving into the world of business with surprising ventures.

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From the craft of acting to the craft of brewing, Grammer’s interests are as varied as his characters. They’ve ventured into fields that might surprise fans and business aficionados alike. Let’s peek behind the curtain to discover the businesses that keep Kelsey Grammer busy off-screen.

Grammer Brewing Company

Venturing beyond the glitz of Hollywood, Kelsey Grammer embarked on an ambitious journey within the craft beer industry. With a passion for delightful brews, Grammer realized his dream by establishing the Grammer Brewing Company, nestled in the verdant landscape of the Catskill Mountains in New York State.

The brewery serves as a testament to his dedication to quality and his love for the region, offering a range of beers that have quickly garnered attention. The flagship beer, named Faith American Ale after Grammer’s youngest daughter, strikes a balance between rich flavors and drinkability, appealing to both connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

Sustainability and community involvement are at the heart of the brewery’s operations. The company prioritizes these values, ensuring that each step of the brewing process aligns with eco-friendly practices. This commitment extends to local farmers and suppliers, showcasing Grammer’s deep appreciation for the area’s natural resources and its people.

Diversifying his portfolio, Grammer didn’t just stop at brewing ales; the company also taps into a variety of seasonal creations. Each beer is crafted with meticulous care, aiming to tell a unique story through its taste and aroma:

  • Autumn Fest Beer: A festive lager that captures the essence of fall with its rich, malty character.
  • Summer Saison: A refreshing and spicy ale with a hint of fruitiness, perfect for warm weather sipping.
  • Catskill IPA: Robust and hoppy, this IPA pays homage to the robust spirit of the mountain range.

The Grammer Brewing Company intertwines Kelsey Grammer’s entrepreneurial spirit with his personal history. Its lineup reflects not just the change of seasons but also the actor’s own journey—from the bright lights of television to the rustic charm of craft beer brewing. The story continues to unfold as each brew defines an exciting chapter in Grammer’s post-screen adventure.

The Grammer Collection

While Kelsey Grammer’s foray into the craft beer world has showcased his taste in hops and barley, The Grammer Collection represents a more refined aspect of his business endeavors. With a sharp eye for luxury, this collection features an array of upscale items and experiences that cater to those seeking the finer things in life.

Rare Wines and Spirits

The Grammer Collection boasts an exquisite selection of rare wines and spirits. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill beverages; they’re a connoisseur’s delight, each with a story that’s as rich as its flavor profile. The collection includes limited edition vintages and exclusive bottles sourced from some of the world’s most prestigious vineyards and distilleries reminiscent of the decadent celebrations showcased during Robin’s tenure on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

Art and Antiquities

Art collectors would be thrilled to explore Grammer’s assortment of paintings, sculptures, and historical artifacts. The items in The Grammer Collection are thoughtfully curated, reflecting Kelsey’s personal taste and a deep appreciation for artistry that spans the ages. Each piece is a conversation starter, a chunk of history that brings with it an air of sophistication.

Bespoke Furniture and Decor

For those looking to infuse a touch of Grammer’s style into their homes, the bespoke furniture and decor options provide an opportunity to do just that. These handcrafted pieces marry luxury with comfort, yielding an ambiance that’s as inviting as it is chic. The attention to detail is evident in every stitch and carving, resulting in items that are not only beautiful but also uniquely tailored to the client’s specifications.

With The Grammer Collection, it’s evident that Kelsey Grammer’s business acumen extends far beyond the screen. He has crafted a brand that’s synonymous with elegance and exclusivity, a brand that offers a slice of opulence that one might have caught a glimpse of while watching Robin extol the lavish lifestyles of celebrities. The collection beckons those who want to experience the epitome of luxury in their everyday lives.

Faith American Brewing Company

Imagine a serenity nestled amidst the rolling hills and crisp air of the Catskill Mountains – this is where Kelsey Grammer’s vision for the Faith American Brewing Company took root. Deeply connected to the area, Grammer’s brewery is not just about crafting beer, it’s about creating an experience that resonates with the heart of the American spirit.

At the heart of Faith American lies a commitment to community and sustainability. They’re not just brewing beer; they’re fostering relationships with local farmers, investing in renewable energy, and ensuring that every bottle embodies their dedication to the environment. Their eco-conscious approach spills over into their production methods, ensuring that each sip carries with it a sense of responsibility and connection to the land.

Their offerings include:

  • Faith American Ale: A testament to simplicity and quality.
  • Seasonal Varieties: Each crafted to capture the essence of the seasons.

From Summer Saison, a refreshing companion to the warm, golden hours of a Catskill summer, to Autumn Fest Beer, a flavorful reflection of the harvest season, these seasonal brews are as diverse as the region itself. And let’s not forget the Catskill IPA, a bold melody of hops and passion.

But Faith American Brewing Company isn’t just about beer. They’re an embodiment of Grammer’s belief in the resurrection of the American Dream, a beacon for those who appreciate the labor of love and the voluptuous character of a well-made ale. It’s here that craftsmanship becomes not merely a practice but a form of artistry, where the clinking glasses ring not just with the sound of enjoyment, but with the echo of tradition and innovation intertwined.

Aristocrat Vodka

As viewers continue to peer into the glitz of celebrity enterprises, they’ll find Kelsey Grammer’s foray into the spirits industry with Aristocrat Vodka. This premium vodka stands as a testament to Grammer’s discerning palate and his ambition to provide a luxurious experience. Aristocrat Vodka is distilled with meticulous care to ensure a smooth finish and a refined taste that resonates with vodka enthusiasts around the world.

One step into the distillery, and it’s clear that no expense has been spared in the creation of this spirit. The fabrication process adheres to the highest standards, utilizing choice ingredients and state-of-the-art equipment. The result? A vodka so impeccably crafted, it rivals the most prestigious names in the market.

But Grammer’s aspirations aren’t just about crafting a superior vodka; they’re also about weaving his brand into the social fabric. Aristocrat Vodka frequently graces red carpet events and exclusive parties, making it a familiar sight in the hands of celebrities and socialites.

  • Distillation: Crafted with precision
  • Quality: Premium ingredients for a smooth taste
  • Visibility: A staple at high-profile events

Enthusiasts will appreciate that Aristocrat Vodka isn’t just another celebrity endorsement but a genuine passion project. Grammer emphasizes the importance of responsible enjoyment and the vodka’s role in celebratory moments that bring people together. Whether it’s a toast at a gala or a casual get-together, Aristocrat Vodka aims to encapsulate the essence of celebration in every sip.

The vodka’s sleek packaging mirrors the elegance of its contents, with a design that whispers sophistication and an air of exclusivity. Bottles line up like sentinels, representing the new standard in an oversaturated market where standing out necessitates a blend of quality and character.

Kelsey Grammer’s Aristocrat Vodka is steadily carving out its niche, intent on leaving a legacy that reflects his dedication not only to excellence but also to a lifestyle that’s rich, both in flavor and in spirit.

The Great Divide Brewing Company

In the heart of the Rocky Mountains lies The Great Divide Brewing Company, a craft beer aficionado’s paradise. Kelsey Grammer, not just content with shining on the screen, took his passion for fine brews to the next level by venturing into the bustling world of craft beer. First opened in 1994 in Denver, Colorado, The Great Divide has since become a beacon of innovation and quality in the craft beer scene.

The brewery’s selection is nothing short of stellar, brewing a diverse range of styles from the velvety Yeti Imperial Stout to the refreshingly hoppy Titan IPA. They’ve managed to snag an impressive array of awards over the years, solidifying their reputation as a top-tier brewery. Hercules Double IPA and Denver Pale Ale are just a couple of their signature offerings that have become staples among beer enthusiasts.

The Great Divide’s Tap Room offers a firsthand experience of their craft, where patrons can sip on seasonal and year-round brews in a space that’s as lively and welcoming as the flavors in their pints. The taproom hosts tours where visitors can learn about the brewing process, and gain insight into Grammer’s commitment to providing a unique and enjoyable experience.

Beyond their exceptional beers, The Great Divide’s commitment to the community and sustainability is admirable. They’re known for their environmentally friendly practices, including a commitment to recycling and conservation. It’s not just about making exceptional beer—it’s about making a difference.

Their innovation extends to events and promotions, ensuring the brewery remains a hub of activity all year round. From food pairings to release parties, The Great Divide keeps their community engaged and excited about what’s brewing next. Grammer’s dedication to his craft and community is apparent in every aspect of The Great Divide Brewing Company.


Kelsey Grammer’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through his diverse business portfolio. From the sophisticated Aristocrat Vodka that’s become a staple at high-profile events to the award-winning brews of The Great Divide Brewing Company, he’s proven his ability to succeed beyond the screen. His ventures not only reflect his passion for quality but also his commitment to sustainable practices and community involvement. It’s clear that Grammer’s talents extend into the business world, where he continues to make his mark with the same charisma that won him acclaim as an actor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grammer Brewing Company?

Grammer Brewing Company is a venture established by Kelsey Grammer, known for its involvement in the beer industry and its commitment to crafting quality brews.

Who is Kelsey Grammer?

Kelsey Grammer is an actor renowned for his work in television and film, who has expanded his career into the brewing and spirits industry.

What is Aristocrat Vodka?

Aristocrat Vodka is a premium spirit brand founded by Kelsey Grammer, designed to offer a luxurious vodka experience and often seen at exclusive events and parties.

How is Aristocrat Vodka related to Kelsey Grammer?

Aristocrat Vodka is Kelsey Grammer’s foray into the spirits industry, representing his ambition to create high-quality vodka that resonates with a sense of celebration.

What is The Grammer Collection?

The Grammer Collection refers to Kelsey Grammer’s ventures, presumably including his alcohol-related enterprises such as the Grammer Brewing Company and Aristocrat Vodka.

Has The Great Divide Brewing Company won any awards?

Yes, The Great Divide Brewing Company has garnered numerous awards for its diverse range of beer styles and quality brews.

What is Kelsey Grammer’s role at The Great Divide Brewing Company?

Kelsey Grammer is involved with The Great Divide Brewing Company, a brewery known for award-winning beers based in Denver, Colorado, emphasizing sustainability and community engagement.

Why is Aristocrat Vodka popular at red carpet events?

Aristocrat Vodka is designed to offer luxury and exclusivity, fitting the atmosphere of red carpet events, and is favored by celebrities and socialites.

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