What Businesses Does Kelly Slater Own? Surf Champ’s Green Ventures Revealed

Kelly Slater, known worldwide for his legendary status in the surfing world, isn’t just a master of waves. He’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a knack for riding the tides of business. From sustainable apparel to innovative surf technology, Slater’s portfolio is as diverse as his trophy collection.

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They say the best surfers know how to pivot and carve new paths on the water, and Slater’s business ventures reflect just that agility. Let’s dive into the ventures that keep Kelly Slater busy when he’s not chasing the perfect swell.

Kelly Slater’s Apparel Line

Kelly Slater has embraced the world of fashion with the same fervor that he approaches the waves. His apparel line, known as Outerknown, represents his commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. The brand stands out for its dedication to creating clothing that respects the planet, without compromising on style or quality.

Launched in 2015, Outerknown set a new precedent in the industry. Sustainability is at its core, with every piece reflecting an ethos of environmental stewardship. Slater’s brand ensures that their manufacturing process minimizes impact, conserving water and reducing waste. They collaborate exclusively with suppliers who share a common vision for ethical production.

The lineup includes a range of options, from casual wear to more tailored pieces. Each item in the collection tells a story of sustainability:

  • Organic cotton t-shirts are a staple that speak to comfort and conscious consumerism.
  • Boardshorts made from recycled materials repurpose waste into beach-ready fashion.
  • Wool sweaters sourced from regenerative practices support a healthier ecosystem.

Beyond materials, Slater’s brand is also committed to the people behind the pieces. Outerknown partners with factories that adhere to Fair Labor Association guidelines, ensuring that workers are treated fairly and operate in safe conditions. The brand’s tagline, “For People and Planet”, encapsulates their all-encompassing approach.

Outerknown isn’t just making waves in the realm of surf wear. They’ve expanded their reach to include collaborations with esteemed brands, signaling a shift in high-end fashion towards greater ecological consciousness. Slater’s influence is sewn into every garment, inspiring a generation to think differently about the clothes they wear and the impact they have.

The Kelly Slater Wave Company

Kelly Slater’s prowess in catching waves is rivalled only by his skills in creating them. The Kelly Slater Wave Company (KSWC) stands as a testament to his commitment to innovation in the surfing world. The company’s mission goes beyond just profit; it’s about revolutionizing the sport of surfing.

In the realm of artificial wave technology, KSWC is a shining star. They’ve constructed a one-of-a-kind wave pool, Surf Ranch, located in Lemoore, California. This marvel of engineering mimics the ocean’s swells, creating perfect, consistent waves for both professional training and recreational enjoyment.

Surf Ranch is not just any wave pool. It features a proprietary technology known as the Kelly Slater Wave System. This system is capable of producing waves up to 6.5 feet high, and offers a variety of wave types to suit different surfing styles. Surfers can practice their maneuvers on a wave that’s as close to the ocean’s natural rhythms as man-made technology allows.

Surf Ranch
Location Lemoore, California
Wave Height Up to 6.5 feet
Wave Types Various types for all surfing styles
Technology Kelly Slater Wave System

Surf Ranch has piqued the interest of professional surfers and amateurs alike, drawing visitors from around the globe. Its waves are a fixture in surf competitions, turning the landlocked town of Lemoore into an unlikely surfing hotspot.

The impact of KSWC extends beyond the pool. They’re at the forefront of sustainable design in surf technology, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. With Slater’s vision, the company is set to pave the way for a new era of surfing, where the joy of the sport can be experienced anywhere, without reliance on the ocean’s whims.

Apart from being an extraordinary training ground, the technology from KSWC offers exciting possibilities for the future of surf competition and entertainment. The controlled environment provides a reliable stage, ensuring every athlete has an equal chance to showcase their talents, regardless of Mother Nature’s plans.

Outerknown: A Sustainable Clothing Brand

As the world turns its attention to environmental preservation, Kelly Slater’s ambitions align with those global sentiments. His venture Outerknown stands out, setting the standard for sustainability in the apparel industry. Driven by a mission to provide high-quality, sustainable clothing, Outerknown exemplifies how fashion and eco-consciousness can coexist beautifully.

Outerknown’s commitment to the environment is evident in their choice of materials, opting for organic, recycled, and regenerated fabrics. These selections are not just token nods to sustainability but form the core of the brand’s identity. Kelly Slater has ensured that the brand adheres to rigorous environmental and social standards, a move that resonates with a customer base increasingly concerned with ethical consumerism.

The brand’s impact doesn’t just halt at eco-friendly materials. Outerknown has embraced fair labor practices, ensuring that all employees in their supply chain are treated with dignity and paid fair wages. This ethical approach extends to every stitch and seam, with Slater’s business holding certifications like Fair Trade and the Bluesign system for responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Outerknown’s apparel line boasts a variety of options, from casual wear to signature board shorts uniquely tied to Slater’s surfer roots. The quality of these garments is designed to last, countering the throwaway culture that plagues much of the fashion industry. By investing in durability, Outerknown encourages consumers to buy less and wear more, a principle that underpins their eco-conscious model.

As Slater’s endeavors continue to weave together passion and purpose, Outerknown stands as a beacon for sustainable fashion. The brand embodies a future where clothing doesn’t just make a statement about personal style but also speaks volumes about one’s values and the collective responsibility to preserve the world’s natural beauty.

Kelly Slater’s Organic Farms

Venturing into the world of sustainable agriculture, Kelly Slater has cultivated more than just waves. He’s taken his passion for the environment and translated it into organic farming initiatives. The surfing legend owns and operates a series of organic farms that are as committed to the soil’s health as he is to the ocean’s.

His farms are sprawling sanctuaries for biodiversity, fostering an ecosystem that’s beneficial for both the crops and the local wildlife. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for Slater; it’s a practice woven into every aspect of his agricultural endeavors. The farms produce a bountiful variety of organic vegetables and fruits, which are distributed locally, ensuring that the community benefits from fresh and nutritious produce.

At the heart of Slater’s farming philosophy is the notion of regenerative agriculture. It’s a method that goes beyond sustainable practices to actively improve the fertility of the land. His farms implement crop rotation and composting to enrich the soil, reduce waste, and minimize the need for chemical pesticides.

  • Key practices on Slater’s organic farms include:
    • Crop Rotation
    • Natural Composting Techniques
    • Pesticide-Free Cultivation

By prioritizing the health of the land and those who work it, Slater’s agricultural projects also support local job creation. Workers are provided with fair wages and safe working conditions that reflect the brand’s ethical standpoint. In a way, Slater’s work with organic farming parallels his approach to surfboard production and clothing manufacturing—it’s all about respect for people and the planet.

Furthermore, the success of Slater’s organic farms serves as an inspiration for others in the agricultural sector. He demonstrates that it’s possible to have a thriving business that does not sacrifice environmental integrity for profitability. The impact of his farms extends beyond immediate profits, contributing to a larger movement towards a more sustainable and ethical way of farming that could very well reform the industry standards.


Kelly Slater’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through his diverse range of businesses. With a keen eye on sustainability and innovation, he’s not just riding the waves but also leading a wave of change in both the apparel industry and organic farming. His commitment to the environment and local communities sets a benchmark for others to follow. It’s clear that Slater’s ventures go beyond profit—they’re about making a positive impact on the planet and its people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kelly Slater known for?

Kelly Slater is renowned as a professional surfer and entrepreneur, with significant accomplishments in both competitive surfing and various business ventures.

What kind of businesses does Kelly Slater have?

Kelly Slater has diversified business interests, including sustainable apparel brands and surf technology companies.

What are Kelly Slater’s initiatives in organic farming?

Slater actively engages in organic farming, focusing on regenerative agriculture practices to enhance soil health and support local communities.

How do Kelly Slater’s farms contribute to sustainability?

By practicing crop rotation and composting, Slater’s organic farms work towards enriching the soil and minimizing chemical pesticide usage, contributing to environmental sustainability.

What is the impact of Slater’s agricultural projects on local communities?

Slater’s agricultural projects prioritize land health and provide job opportunities, which help inspire a more sustainable and ethical approach to farming for local communities.

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