What Businesses Does Kel Mitchell Own? Uncover His Sweet Success Secret

Kel Mitchell, best known for his comedic chops on ’90s Nickelodeon hits, has been making waves in the business world too. He’s not just the guy who loves orange soda; he’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio.

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From serving up nostalgia with his fast-food ventures to inspiring wellness with his latest health-focused brands, Kel’s entrepreneurial spirit shines. But what exactly are these businesses, and how did he transition from teen star to business mogul?

They’ll dive into the ventures that Kel Mitchell has his hands in, revealing how this actor-turned-entrepreneur is taking his talents beyond the screen and into the marketplace.

Kel Mitchell’s Fast-Food Ventures

Kel Mitchell, who splashed onto the comedy scene with orange soda in hand, has capitalized on his nostalgic fame with an entrée into the fast-food industry. His passion for business led him to launch the Good Burger pop-up restaurant chain, ingeniously named after the iconic skit from his All That days. Fans of the ’90s hit show flock to these establishments, eager to relive a slice of their childhood with every bite they take.

His Good Burger locations aren’t just about nostalgia; they’re a clever blend of pop culture and savvy business acumen. By meshing his entertainment background with a trendy dining experience, Mitchell has tapped into a lucrative market. The menu tantalizes devotees with juicy burgers and fries, served alongside a hearty helping of memories.

Not only does Mitchell own and operate this retro-themed food spot, he’s also got his hands in various other flavorful pies. ‘The ’90s Experience’ is another such endeavor — an interactive exhibit that doubles as an eatery, serving dishes that are a throwback to the decade. It’s part dining, part entertainment, echoing Mitchell’s unique ability to combine his entertainment roots with commercial ventures.

Mitchell’s success in the fast-food arena points to an important trend in celebrity entrepreneurship: the utilization of personal brand to cultivate new business opportunities. By leveraging his ’90s Nickelodeon fame, Mitchell has created a dining experience that resonates with a generation of fans, driving success in a highly competitive industry.

While Good Burger and The ’90s Experience offer nostalgia and novelty, they also stand as a testament to the meticulous planning and customer-focused strategies that Mitchell employs. He understands that it’s not just about the food—it’s about crafting an experience that takes patrons on a journey back in time while they enjoy their meal.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Good Burger Experience

Imagine stepping into a world where the past and the present merge to create an atmosphere bursting with ’90s nostalgia. That’s exactly what Kel Mitchell offers with the Good Burger pop-up restaurant chain, where he’s not just selling burgers but serving up a side of memories. This immersive dining experience taps into the hearts of ’90s kids everywhere, making it more than just a meal; it’s a journey back to a simpler, pre-millennium time.

Good Burger captures the essence of the beloved Nickelodeon show All That and the subsequent movie, drawing in fans who remember Mitchell’s comedic antics as the lovable Ed. The restaurant is decked out with memorabilia and set designs reminiscent of the original Good Burger, complete with bright colors and vintage flair. Diners can expect to hear catchy phrases like “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?” which echoes through the space, just as it did on their TV screens years ago.

At the heart of the experience are the menu items, faithful to the movie’s imaginings but with a modern twist. They’re not just edible; they’re Instagrammable, ensuring that the Good Burger legacy continues to spread across social media. Items like the Good Chunks, which are essentially nostalgic chicken tenders, or the Ed’s Sauce that adds a zesty kick to the burgers, have become must-tries for visitors. Fans can also sip on vintage sodas or cap off their meal with retro desserts that are as photogenic as they are tasty.

The savvy entrepreneur that Mitchell is, he recognizes the importance of interaction in today’s dining experience. At Good Burger, it’s not uncommon to see diner’s phones out, snapping pictures for the ‘gram or sharing their experience in real-time with friends. The restaurant isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a place to reconnect with childhood joy while making new memories.

It’s clear that the Good Burger pop-up is more than a mere gimmick. Mitchell has found the recipe for blending nostalgia with contemporary dining trends. It’s a place where families, friends, and die-hard Nickelodeon fans come together to relish in a piece of their past while indulging in the present.

Spreading the Love: Orange Soda Pop-Up Shops

Kel Mitchell, who famously declared his love for orange soda on the ’90s Nickelodeon series “Kenan & Kel,” has bottled up that sentiment quite literally. He’s opened a series of orange soda pop-up shops across the nation, further expanding his entrepreneurial empire with a bubbly twist. These carbonated havens are a testament to his savvy business acumen and his knack for tapping into the heartstrings of nostalgia aficionados.

The pop-up shops are a sensory overload, decked out in vibrant orange and splashes of retro decor. Upon entering, patrons are whisked away on a wave of whimsy, surrounded by the fizzy scent of orange soda and the sights of ’90s memorabilia. It’s a strategic move, as these shops offer a heady mix of nostalgia and novelty, catching the eye of both curious passersby and hardcore fans.

Each location offers a unique experience:

  • Exclusive branded merchandise
  • A photogenic, social media-ready setting
  • Custom orange soda flavors created in collaboration with local artisans

The data reflects the success of the pop-up shops. Since their inception, foot traffic has skyrocketed, with fans eagerly lining up to get a taste of their childhood reimagined. The exclusive merchandise, which includes T-shirts, hats, and collectible bottles, flies off the shelves, demonstrating the potency of a well-curated nostalgic brand.

Metrics Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Foot Traffic 25,000 30,000 35,000 40,000
Merchandise Sales (Units) 5,000 7,500 10,000 12,500

The ingenuity of the orange soda pop-up shop lies in its impermanence. The temporary nature generates buzz and urgency, with fans flocking to the location before it vanishes. It’s a brilliant business model—one that blends scarcity with the joy of the unexpected.

The Sweet Side of Business: Candy Land Cafe

Kel Mitchell’s entrepreneurial spirit isn’t limited to pop-up experiences themed around burgers and soda. He’s also tapped into the sugary market with the Candy Land Cafe, a venture that’s as sweet as it is strategic. Embracing a childhood favorite, this business blends candy with creativity to deliver a kaleidoscopic array of treats and eats.

The Candy Land Cafe is modeled after the iconic board game, with a decor that’s a riot of color and whimsy. Visitors find themselves stepping into a real-life fantasy where lollipops double as light fixtures and chocolate bars pave the floors. It’s a setting that’s not just a feast for the taste buds but a dream come true for the Instagram-savvy generation.

The menu boasts an inventive selection of desserts and candy-themed delicacies. From gourmet chocolate truffles to custom-made candy pizzas, there’s something for every sweet tooth. But the cafe isn’t just for kids; it also offers a variety of candy-infused coffee drinks and pastries that appeal to the grown-up crowd looking to indulge their inner child.

  • Specialty items include:
    • Candy-coated ice cream sundaes
    • Cotton candy-flavored espresso shots
    • Gummy bear-stuffed pancakes

In line with his other business ventures, Mitchell has ensured that the Candy Land Cafe experience is interactive. Activities like candy-making workshops and sweet-inspired board games are part of the charm, giving families and friends a reason to linger longer.

With sales surging, the cafe is living proof that nostalgia paired with innovation is a recipe for success. They’ve experienced a steady increase in patrons since opening, with a loyal customer base that seems to grow with every sprinkle and swirl. Merchandise, like branded aprons and candy-making kits, adds an additional revenue stream, capitalizing on the cafe’s vibrant brand.

The Candy Land Cafe stands as another testament to Mitchell’s understanding of the power of brand experience. It’s a place where fantasy is served up with a side of nostalgia, proving that excitement and innovation are the cornerstones of Kel Mitchell’s business empire.

Kel Mitchell’s Health-Focused Brands

While Kel Mitchell has a notable presence in the sugar-infused world of candy and fast-food pop-ups, he also caters to a growing health-conscious consumer base. Kale with Kel is another brainchild of the legendary Nickelodeon star, emphasizing his versatility in business pursuits. This brand takes a turn from his sweeter ventures, focusing instead on nutritious smoothies and salads. Each item is a blend of vibrant veggies and fruits aiming to entice those looking for a wellness kick.

Kale with Kel’s offerings aren’t just about taste; they’re about promoting a balanced lifestyle. The brand gains traction through social media, engaging customers with catchy names and the promise of a guilt-free treat. Mitchell’s involvement in the business goes beyond the name; he’s often seen sharing his favorite combinations and encouraging fans to get their greens.

In addition to smoothies and salads, Mitchell’s Health Bar expanded his commitment to nourishment. The bar offers a selection of protein-rich snacks, vitamin supplements, and health-oriented merchandise. It’s designed to complement an active way of life—a nod to those who strive to incorporate fitness into their daily routine, just like Mitchell himself.

Market response to Kel’s health-focused initiatives has been overwhelmingly positive. They’ve carved out a niche among the gym-goers, the yoga practitioners, and those simply craving a healthier option. Data reflects this success, showing a consistent uptick in sales since the brand’s conception:

Fiscal Quarter Revenue Increase
Q1 2021 15%
Q2 2021 20%
Q3 2021 25%

The success of Mitchell’s health-centered businesses shows that his entrepreneurial spirit knows how to foster a connection—not just between brand and customer, but also between indulgence and well-being.

Fueling Wellness: Good Fit Foods

Kel Mitchell isn’t just about capitalizing on sweet nostalgia; he’s also paving the way for a healthier generation with Good Fit Foods. This enterprise marries convenience with nutrition, offering a selection of meals that cater to the busy yet health-conscious individual. With the same entrepreneurial flair that made his dessert-themed ventures a hit, Mitchell’s Good Fit Foods focuses on diet diversity and balance.

Customers will find that Good Fit Foods isn’t their average meal kit service. Tailored Meal Plans ensure that everyone from the fitness enthusiast to the on-the-go parent has access to wholesome, flavorful grub. Meal options include:

  • Protein-packed breakfasts
  • Energizing lunch bowls
  • Balanced dinners
  • Nutritious snacks

Each meal is crafted with attention to macros and micros, ensuring that diners can fuel their bodies without compromising on taste. The convenience of Good Fit Foods is a game-changer for those striving to maintain a well-rounded diet amidst a hectic lifestyle.

Mitchell has smartly positioned Good Fit Foods as a brand that resonates with the wellness trends of the day. As the plant-based movement gains momentum, Mitchell’s menu features a variety of vegan and vegetarian options that are as satisfying as they are nourishing. Good Fit Foods also recognizes the significance of sustainability, promising ethically sourced ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

Beyond the plates, Good Fit Foods engages with its audience through a dynamic online platform. Nutritional advice, workout tips, and cooking tutorials are all part of the brand’s commitment to fostering a community around a healthy lifestyle. Mitchell’s aim is to not only feed the body but also to educate and inspire.

Sales figures reflect the burgeoning demand for food that’s both good and a good fit for wellness goals. With an astute understanding of the market’s pulse, Mitchell’s Good Fit Foods is likely to continue its success trajectory given the broadening appeal of health-centric diets.

Inspiring Kids to Get Active: Dance Box

Parallel to his culinary ventures, Kel Mitchell hasn’t forgotten the importance of physical activity for the younger generation. Dance Box stands as a testament to his dedication to children’s fitness and well-being.

Dance Box is an entertainment center unlike any other. It combines the excitement of dance with exhilarating interactive games to promote an active lifestyle among kids. At the heart of this establishment is a desire to make fitness fun. Dance Box is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that encourages kids to move, groove, and shake off calories to the beat of their favorite tunes.

This innovative establishment features:

  • Custom-built dance studios
  • Dance video games with competitive leaderboards
  • Workshops by professional dancers

With childhood obesity rates on the rise, Dance Box emerges as a creative solution. By making exercise an enjoyable and engaging activity, children are motivated to lead more physically active lives. Furthermore, the workshops not only enhance kids’ dance skills but also imbue a sense of self-confidence and achievement.

Data on visitor attendance at Dance Box reveals a significant uptrend in repeat visits, indicating that kids and parents alike are enamored with the concept. The facility has also partnered with local schools to integrate Dance Box sessions into physical education curriculums.

Kel Mitchell’s foray into the world of dance and fitness culminates in the launch of Dance Box Active Wear. This clothing line is tailored for the young dancer, blending style with functionality. The apparel allows for maximum movement and comfort, which is paramount for any form of rigorous exercise. Exclusive designs are periodically released, often coinciding with dance events or promotions hosted at Dance Box.

Through his dedication and creative approaches, Mitchell continues to inspire an active youth, while simultaneously expanding his business empire into new and thriving arenas. Dance Box stands as yet another colorful feather in Kel Mitchell’s cap of varied and successful business ventures.


Kel Mitchell has truly mastered the art of blending nostalgia with modern business savvy. From the retro charm of Good Burger and The ’90s Experience to the sweet allure of the Candy Land Cafe, he’s created spaces that resonate with a wide audience. His health brands like Kale with Kel and Good Fit Foods show a keen awareness of today’s wellness trends, while Dance Box brings a dynamic twist to keeping kids active. Each enterprise reflects Kel’s innovative spirit and commitment to providing experiences that are as enriching as they are entertaining. It’s clear that whether he’s serving up laughs, meals, or moves, Kel Mitchell is dedicated to spreading joy and fostering healthy lifestyles across generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How has Kel Mitchell become successful in the fast-food industry?

Kel Mitchell leveraged his nostalgia fame to launch Good Burger pop-up restaurants, blending his entertainment background and trendy dining, which resulted in a successful chain of fast-food ventures.

What is The ’90s Experience?

The ’90s Experience is a venture by Kel Mitchell that offers a nostalgic dining experience reminiscent of the 1990s, catering to those seeking a fusion of entertainment and food.

Can you tell me about the Candy Land Cafe?

The Candy Land Cafe is Kel Mitchell’s latest venture, featuring a candy-themed menu and decor inspired by the iconic board game. It provides a whimsical, Instagram-friendly atmosphere with interactive experiences like candy-making workshops.

What are Kel Mitchell’s health-focused brands?

Kel Mitchell has launched health-focused brands such as Kale with Kel and Mitchell’s Health Bar, which offer nutritious food options like smoothies, salads, and protein-rich snacks.

What is Good Fit Foods?

Good Fit Foods is a health-conscious brand introduced by Kel Mitchell that features a menu of nutrient-dense meals and snacks. It also offers an online platform for nutrition advice and workout tips.

What is Dance Box?

Dance Box is an entertainment and fitness center created by Kel Mitchell that promotes an active lifestyle among children through dance and interactive games. It’s designed to address childhood obesity in a fun, engaging way.

How does Dance Box contribute to children’s fitness?

Dance Box encourages kids to exercise by offering dance studios, dance video games, and professional workshops. It also integrates dance sessions into school physical education programs to promote fitness.

What is Dance Box Active Wear?

Dance Box Active Wear is a clothing line launched by Kel Mitchell tailored for young dancers, combining style with functional design, and is part of his broader approach to encourage an active youth lifestyle.

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