What Businesses Does Katie Couric Own? Unveiling Her Health Empire

Katie Couric has long been a household name, known for her sharp wit and engaging interviews. But beyond the news desk, she’s been making moves in the business world. They might wonder, what entrepreneurial ventures has this media maven embarked on?

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From storytelling platforms to health initiatives, Couric’s business acumen shines through. She’s not just reporting the news; she’s creating it with a suite of companies under her belt. Let’s take a peek into the enterprises that Katie Couric calls her own.

The Start of Katie Couric’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Katie Couric stepped beyond the news desk to venture into the realm of entrepreneurship with an elegance and determination that matched her journalism career. Her journey into business began with Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), a charitable program dedicated to forging collaborations in cancer research. Couric’s personal connection to the cause, having lost her husband to colon cancer, fueled her commitment.

Following SU2C, Couric’s entrepreneurial spirit blossomed. She leveraged her media savvy to create Katie Couric Media (KCM), a production company with an emphasis on nurturing stories that matter. KCM’s portfolio showcases a variety of formats, from documentaries to web series, that aim to both inform and inspire viewers. The company’s mission reflects Couric’s belief in the power of storytelling as a catalyst for change.

In alignment with her interests in health and wellness, Couric also co-founded Stand Up To Cancer. Here, her influence and vision steered efforts to integrate a diverse array of scientific research with patient experiences. The initiative not only tapped into her empathy derived from personal loss but also demonstrated her ability to mobilize resources and people toward a meaningful cause.

KCM and SU2C are thresholds that mark Couric’s transition from a leading figure in news to a multifaceted entrepreneur. Her ventures emphasize the importance of insightful content and societal impact, highlighting her multifaceted role as a businesswoman. With each stepping stone, Couric has not only expanded her professional repertoire but also carved a niche that merges media influence with philanthropic endeavors.

Building a Media Empire

Katie Couric’s journey in the business world extends far beyond her familiar role in front of the camera. She leverages her experience and insights gained from years of journalism to create a media empire that’s both influential and innovative. With the launch of Katie Couric Media in 2015, Couric took a monumental step, unveiling a production company that would not only resonate with her interests but also address significant issues facing society today.

Katie Couric Media curates and shares compelling narratives, producing original content that spans a variety of platforms, including digital series, documentaries, and scripted programming. The company’s focus is on stories that make audiences think, feel, and consider new perspectives. Through this venture, Couric’s proficiency in unearthing powerful stories and presenting them to the public remains unmatched. Her production entity is not merely a platform for storytelling—it’s a potent combination of journalism, entertainment, and advocacy.

Diving deeper into Couric’s empire reveals another arm of her business strategy: brand partnerships. She’s adept at aligning her company with enterprises and sponsors that are consistently working towards social betterment. KCM partners with well-known brands to create engaging and informative sponsored content, tailored to appeal to her extensive audience. These collaborations boost the company’s scope and impact, while also fortifying Couric’s commitment to awareness and education.

Katie Couric Media’s impact is expansive, establishing her as a bastion in the world of multimedia storytelling. Alongside her work with SU2C, Katie Couric has proven herself a formidable entrepreneur, balancing the power of media with the passion for change. Her ventures are not just business endeavors; they are platforms for progress, understanding, and connection—qualities that mirror Couric’s own evolution from celebrated news anchor to a powerhouse business magnate.

A Tech Venture: The Storytelling Platform

Katie Couric’s foray into the digital realm materialized through an innovative storytelling platform that complements her existing media enterprise. Bearing the hallmarks of her journalistic rigor, this tech venture operates at the intersection of technology and narrative, offering a space for nuanced multimedia storytelling.

The platform capitalizes on the synergies between content creation and digital distribution, embracing the demand for accessible and engaging stories. It reflects a strategic pivot toward an audience that increasingly consumes information through smartphones and computers, seeking meaningful experiences beyond traditional media.

Katie Couric Media has established itself as a hub for storytellers and technologists to collaborate on projects that push the envelope in terms of interactivity and user engagement. The platform showcases a wide range of narratives, from hard-hitting investigative pieces to heartwarming human interest stories, each crafted to resonate deeply with its viewers.

  • Central to the platform’s success are several key features:

Metrics of user engagement and feedback algorithms play a pivotal role in shaping the content strategy for Couric’s tech venture. Data-driven insights ensure that the storytelling remains relevant and impactful, constantly evolving with the tastes and preferences of its audience.

The platform also serves as a beacon for innovative brand partnerships. Companies seeking to align themselves with poignant narratives find a natural ally in Couric’s endeavor, as it offers a unique blend of authenticity and visibility in the crowded online space.

As Katie Couric continues to broaden her business portfolio, her venture into technology with a storytelling platform underscores her visionary approach to content creation in the digital age. It’s a testament to her commitment to not only stay ahead of the curve but to bend it towards the stories that matter.

A Leap into the Health Industry

Katie Couric’s business repertoire extended into the health industry with remarkable finesse. Fresh from her successes in digital storytelling, Couric didn’t just walk but leaped into the world of health and wellness. Stand Up To Cancer, a movement co-founded by Couric, mirrored her personal commitment following the loss of her husband to colon cancer. This initiative reflects a union of celebrity influence and philanthropy, channeling funds into groundbreaking research and treatments.

Her engagement in the health sector also birthed Katie Couric Media’s partnership with Rally Health, a digital health platform. Here, the focus is twofold: providing health and wellness information and inspiring people to take charge of their health. Couric’s presence on the platform combines her knack for storytelling with a passion for wellness, creating a trusted source for health advocacy.

Moreover, Couric’s collaboration with skincare company Neutrogena highlighted her push into health-related consumer products. As a brand ambassador, she helped spotlight product lines developed to protect and improve skin health, which underscores her interest in businesses that prioritize consumer well-being.

The tapestry of her business interests illustrates a savvy intertwining of cause and commerce, marked by a focus on tangible benefits to community health. This foray emphasizes not only her entrepreneurial spirit but also her dedication to areas of personal significance.

In the expansive world of Katie Couric’s business ventures, each move is strategic, and her diversification into health reflects a keen understanding of the industry’s potential. Not just a figurehead, Couric’s involvement in the health sector is as hands-on as it is heartfelt, driven by a desire to make a difference in the landscape of healthcare through innovation, empowerment, and, most importantly, accessible information.


Katie Couric’s entrepreneurial journey has taken her far beyond the news desk. She’s leveraged her platform to impact the health industry positively, showing a commitment to innovation and accessible health education. Through her work with Stand Up To Cancer and Rally Health, she’s become a beacon of support for those navigating their health journeys. Partnering with Neutrogena, she continues to emphasize the importance of well-being in everyday life. Katie’s ventures are more than business—they’re a testament to her dedication to empowering others and driving meaningful change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What has Katie Couric done in the health industry?

Katie Couric has extended her reach into the health industry by co-founding Stand Up To Cancer, partnering with Rally Health to promote wellness, and collaborating with Neutrogena to emphasize consumer well-being.

What is Stand Up To Cancer?

Stand Up To Cancer is a movement co-founded by Katie Couric that raises funds for cancer research and treatments, with a focus on making therapies available to patients faster.

How is Katie Couric working with Rally Health?

Katie Couric has partnered with Rally Health, a digital health platform, to deliver health and wellness information and encourage individuals to actively manage their health.

What is Couric’s role with Neutrogena?

Couric has collaborated with skincare company Neutrogena to advocate for products that support consumer well-being, highlighting her commitment to health-focused entrepreneurship.

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