What Businesses Does Kate Hudson Own? Discover Her Luxe Vodka & Wine Ventures

Kate Hudson’s not just a golden girl of the silver screen—she’s also a savvy businesswoman with a knack for creating successful brands. From activewear to vodka, she’s turned her passion for wellness and fashion into a booming business portfolio.

They say diversification is key in business, and Hudson’s taken that to heart. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to venture into various industries, each with its unique flair and focus. Let’s dive into the enterprises that have benefited from her Midas touch.

Fabletics: Activewear for Every Body

Kate Hudson saw a gap in the market for inclusive, fashionable, and high-quality activewear and pounced on the opportunity like a cat on a velvet pillow. Fabletics was born in 2013 as a collaboration with the e-commerce company JustFab Inc., co-founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Together they embarked on a mission to deliver activewear that caters to a wide array of body types at an accessible price point.

The strategy was a hit. Fabletics introduced a membership model that offers personalized outfit picks each month, drawing customers into what feels like an exclusive club sans velvet rope. Embracing body positivity, their extensive range of sizes ensures that every customer feels included. Hudson’s keen eye for style means that Fabletics pieces don’t just prioritize function; they are designed with the latest trends in mind.

The brand didn’t stop at simply selling clothes; they redefined the customer experience. With a seamless blend of online shopping and brick-and-mortar presence, Fabletics creates an omnichannel experience. Customers can try on clothes in-store and order them online or vice versa, bridging the gap between the digital and the physical shopping experience.

Online, the Fabletics VIP membership boasts attractive perks, from discounts to early access to new collections. Sustainability is also on their agenda—recycling fabrics and introducing eco-friendly practices to the production lines, all while captivating eco-conscious customers.

In the ever-competitive market of activewear, Fabletics stands out by forging a connection with its consumers, focusing on empowerment, and offering stylish solutions to workout apparel. With Hudson’s star power and business savvy lighting the way, the brand is a testament to her business acumen.

Happy x Nature: Sustainable Fashion for the Modern Woman

Another thriving endeavor of Kate Hudson’s is the eco-friendly fashion label, Happy x Nature, which adds a feather to her cap as a versatile businesswoman. Launched in April 2019, the brand mirrors Hudson’s belief in the necessity for sustainable fashion choices that are kind both to mother nature and to the modern woman’s style sensibilities.

The apparel line showcases an array of fabrics with lower environmental impacts, like recycled polyester and organic cotton, ensuring that customers feel good about what they wear not just from a fashion standpoint but also through responsible consumerism. Hudson’s commitment to closing the loop in fashion is evident with Happy x Nature’s efforts in minimizing waste, where she weaves eco-friendly practices into every thread of her clothing line.

One of the unique aspects of Happy x Nature is how it interprets the latest trends through a greener lens. From chic dresses to casual staples, the brand offers pieces that allow women to express themselves while staying true to earth-conscious values. It’s a collection that doesn’t sacrifice style for sustainability; instead, it marries the two seamlessly.

Material Usage
Recycled Polyester Utilized in various designs to reduce dependency on virgin materials and divert plastics from landfills
Organic Cotton Chosen for lower pesticide use and a softer touch, bolstering sustainable agriculture

In addition to its ethical fabric choices, Happy x Nature also impresses with its innovative packaging solutions. The brand uses biodegradable bags and encourages its suppliers to adhere to eco-friendly standards.

As the fashion industry faces scrutiny for its environmental impact, Happy x Nature stands out by showing that style and substance can coexist. Hudson’s foray into this realm underscores her foresight in recognizing the demand for responsible yet fashionable clothing options, solidifying her reputation as not just an actress but a forward-thinking entrepreneur.

InBloom: Fragrance for the Everyday Woman

In a move that added another aromatic layer to her business portfolio, Kate Hudson introduced InBloom, an enchanting fragrance line designed with the everyday woman in mind. With a flourish befitting her signature style, Hudson seamlessly ventured into the world of scents. InBloom encapsulates the essence of femininity, bringing forward a line of fragrances that are not just pleasing to the senses but also accessible.

Building on her commitment to inclusivity, Kate Hudson’s InBloom offers a variety of scents that cater to diverse tastes without alienating anyone’s wallet. It’s the kind of product that strives to make a woman feel empowered and at her best, whether she’s in the boardroom or at the park with her kids. The range of fragrances aims to celebrate women in all their roles, highlighting versatility and strength.

Not one to miss a beat on the environmental front, Kate’s InBloom line is also a nod to sustainability. The brand uses ethically sourced ingredients and practices transparency about their production process, an extension of the values seen in Happy x Nature. Customers can indulge in these fragrances knowing they’re supporting responsible manufacturing and contributing to a greener planet.

The presentation of InBloom itself speaks volumes. Each bottle’s design reflects a chic elegance that’s become synonymous with Kate Hudson’s approach to commerce. Displayed on a vanity or a dresser, these bottles add a touch of glamour, making them not just fragrances but pieces of decorative art.

InBloom’s success is not simply about hitting the right notes with scent but about creating an experience—a harmonious blend of affordability, style, and consciousness. It represents another triumph for Hudson, who continues to diversify her entrepreneurial pursuits with a keen eye on the demands and values of her audience.

King St. Vodka: Crafted for Elegance and Celebration

Expanding her empire into the spirits industry, Kate Hudson launched King St. Vodka, a premium spirit named after her former New York residence. Crafted with the utmost care and meticulousness, this gluten-free vodka embodies Hudson’s passion for high-quality, artisanal products that celebrate both the everyday and the exceptional moments in life.

The creation process of King St. Vodka is as unique as its founder. Distilled seven times for purity, the vodka is made with alkaline water and non-GMO corn, catering to those with sophisticated palates. Its smooth finish is crafted to suit the taste of both casual drinkers and connoisseurs, making it the perfect accompaniment to a lavish dinner party or a cozy night in.

King St. Vodka isn’t just another celebrity liquor brand—it’s a testament to Hudson’s commitment to quality. The brand promises a clean taste with hints of sweetness, ensuring a silky drinking experience that’s hard to forget. And true to Hudson’s dedication to sustainability, the vodka is housed in sleek, environmentally conscious packaging.

With a clear vision to bring people together, Kate Hudson’s King St. Vodka turns each sip into a celebration of life’s finest moments. This brand not only extends her portfolio into another facet of luxury but also bridges the gap between fine spirits and eco-friendly practices.

Whether it’s toasting to a special occasion or simply enjoying the simplicity of a well-made drink, King St. Vodka is a choice that reflects the discerning taste and elegant lifestyle that Kate Hudson herself embodies. This venture reaffirms her ability to tap into various markets with intention and grace, thereby enriching her position as a versatile entrepreneur.

Hudson Bellamy Wines: Savoring the Perfect Blend

Kate Hudson’s entrepreneurial journey doesn’t stop at the distilled clarity of King St. Vodka; it also extends to the robust and flavorful world of viticulture. Hudson Bellamy Wines is a testament to her fine palate and commitment to excellence. Named after her and her ex-fiancé Matthew Bellamy, the frontman of Muse, this venture is all about creating wines that resonate with the couple’s shared passion for exceptional blends.

In the sun-drenched vineyards, Hudson Bellamy Wines has cultivated a selection that is both exquisite and accessible. The label’s offerings boast a variety of selections from lush reds to crisp whites, each bottle telling its own story of the terrain it hails from. They approach winemaking with a hands-on philosophy, ensuring that each varietal is nurtured to capture the essence of its flavor profile.

Admirers of Kate’s foray into the wine industry point out that her ability to balance the nuances of entrepreneurship with the complexities of wine production is nothing short of remarkable. The company prides itself on sourcing the finest grapes and employing sustainable farming practices, echoing the environmental conscience seen in King St. Vodka.

For those who indulge in the finer things, Hudson Bellamy Wines is not just another celebrity-owned label; it’s a brand that stands for quality and craftsmanship. Whether raising a glass at an elegant dinner party or enjoying a quiet evening at home, patrons of Hudson Bellamy Wines are guaranteed a sip of luxury that’s been touched by the glamour of Hollywood and the sophistication of traditional winemaking techniques.

The wines have garnered attention not just for their celebrity association but for their flavor and quality. Each vintage released under the Hudson Bellamy name is a celebration of the rich tapestry of winemaking, promising to delight even the most discerning of palates.


Kate Hudson has certainly made her mark beyond the silver screen with her entrepreneurial spirit shining through in the spirits and wine industry. Her premium vodka and wine ventures reflect a dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and sustainable practices. Whether you’re toasting with a smooth glass of King St. Vodka or savoring the nuanced notes of Hudson Bellamy Wines, you’re experiencing a piece of Kate’s passion for creating exceptional beverages. It’s clear that her businesses are about more than just indulgence; they’re a celebration of her innovative spirit and commitment to excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kate Hudson’s new business venture?

Kate Hudson has expanded into the spirits industry by launching a premium vodka brand called King St. Vodka.

What makes Hudson Bellamy Wines unique?

Hudson Bellamy Wines are unique for their hands-on philosophy in winemaking, commitment to sustainability, and the combination of Hollywood glamour with traditional winemaking techniques.

Are Hudson Bellamy Wines considered high-quality?

Yes, Hudson Bellamy Wines are crafted to be exquisite and accessible, with a reputation for flavor and quality that promises to satisfy discerning palates.

What types of wines does Hudson Bellamy Wines offer?

The specific types of wines offered by Hudson Bellamy Wines are not detailed in the summary, but the brand offers a variety of wines crafted with quality and craftsmanship.

Is sustainability a focus for Kate Hudson’s wine brand?

Yes, sustainability is a key commitment for Hudson Bellamy Wines, in line with their hands-on winemaking philosophy.

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