What Businesses Does Kandi Burruss Own? Dive Into Her Diverse Empire

Kandi Burruss isn’t just a star on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”; she’s a savvy entrepreneur with a knack for turning her passions into profits. They say variety is the spice of life, and Kandi’s business portfolio is certainly spicy, featuring ventures that span across different industries.

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From music to food, and even sex toys, Kandi’s entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. She’s built an empire that’s as diverse as her talents, and her success story is an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs everywhere. Let’s take a peek into the dynamic world of Kandi Burruss’s business endeavors.

Kandi Burruss’s Music Business Ventures

When one thinks of Kandi Burruss, her Grammy-winning songwriting prowess immediately springs to mind. After all, penning hits for icons like TLC and Destiny’s Child is no small feat. Burruss’s talent has cemented her as a mainstay in the music industry.

But it’s not just about the songwriting. She’s taken her musical acumen a step further by establishing her own record label, Kandi Koated Entertainment. Under this label, she’s been nurturing and launching fresh talent, often providing them a platform to shine. This venture reflects her commitment to the growth and evolution of music, indicating her understanding of the industry’s ins and outs.

Beyond the label, Burruss demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit by venturing into new terrain. She’s created a line of Kandi Koated luxury cosmetics, blending her music brand with lifestyle products. It’s a savvy move to appeal to fans who want to encapsulate Burruss’s style and empowerment in their everyday life.

Her involvement in the music business doesn’t stop there. Burruss has been known to organize and host educational seminars for aspiring songwriters and producers, tapping into her extensive knowledge and network to guide the next generation. These “Kandi Koated Nights” are not just a masterclass in songwriting; they’re networking hubs for the music community.

Indeed, Burruss’s business initiatives in the music sphere are as multifaceted as her talents. Through her ventures, she’s ensuring her voice isn’t only heard on the radio but also resonates in the careers she helps to build and the businesses she grows. As an influencer in both the melodies we hum and the economy of the music world, Burruss’s impact continues to expand.

Kandi Burruss’s Food/Dining Business Ventures

Kandi Burruss’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through in her foray into the food and dining industry. She opened Old Lady Gang (OLG), a soul food restaurant that offers a mouth-watering menu full of Southern comfort dishes. This eatery, inspired by the recipes of Burruss’s family, quickly gained a reputation as a must-visit spot in Atlanta. OLG has grown from one location to multiple establishments, serving as testimony to her successful expansion in this industry.

The ambiance at Old Lady Gang is often buzzing with energy, with customers enjoying dishes like fried chicken, collard greens, and macaroni and cheese, all designed to taste like they’re straight from a family cookbook. The Brand has been so successful that it even landed a spot on Bravo’s “Kandi & The Gang,” which chronicles the daily operations and staff dynamics within the business.

Beyond the restaurant walls, Kandi Burruss has capitalized on the brand’s success by launching a line of OLG spices and seasonings. This allows fans to take a piece of the OLG experience home and try their hand at cooking Burruss family recipes themselves. The spice line both diversifies her business portfolio and extends the reach of the Old Lady Gang brand.

In addition to running a successful restaurant chain, Burruss frequently shares her love for food and hospitality in appearances on cooking shows and segments. Her dynamic personality and straightforward business acumen make these features popular, helping her to market her restaurant ventures to a wider audience.

The impact of Burruss’s venture into the restaurant business has also been visible in the community. By establishing her eateries in strategic locations, she has contributed to the employment and economic development of the areas, further solidifying her reputation as a benefactor for local talent and businesses.

Kandi Burruss’s Fashion Business Ventures

Stepping beyond the realm of music and dining, Kandi Burruss has ventured into the glittering world of fashion with her signature boutiques, pushing the boundaries of her entrepreneurial spirit. Her fashion boutiques operate under the brand name Tags Boutique, offering a handpicked selection of women’s clothing and accessories for those who seek a blend of style and affordability.

Burruss’s boutiques have flourished, sprouting locations in several cities. With an eye for trendy and chic designs, Tags Boutique serves as a destination for fashion-forward clientele. These stores have provided a platform where fans can connect with Kandi’s personal style. Leveraging her public persona, she’s curated a shopping experience that’s both unique and personal, forging a direct link between celebrity and consumer.

Kandi intertwines her brand into each stitch and seam, ensuring that her presence is felt whether she’s physically there or not. She’s also taken to the digital space, crafting an online shopping experience that mirrors the allure and personal touch found in her physical boutiques.

Tags Boutique has kept itself at the forefront by regularly updating its inventory with the latest trends and hosting exclusive shopping events. Such events not only enhance the shopping experience but also foster a sense of community among her patrons. The success of these boutiques can be measured not only in sales but in the joy and confidence that her clothing line brings to her customers.

The fashion empire extends further with the introduction of luxury intimates through her line named Bedroom Kandi. This extension of her brand delves into lingerie and loungewear, radiating a sense of empowerment and sophistication for women who embrace their sexuality and individual style. The bold venture complements her existing businesses, resonating with her overarching theme of confidence and empowerment.

Kandi Burruss’s Beauty Business Ventures

Delving into the world of beauty, Kandi Burruss’s prowess as an entrepreneur shines brightly with her Kandi Koated cosmetics. She’s poured the same creativity that won her music industry accolades into a line of luxury beauty products that cater to a diverse clientele. The collection features an array of vibrant lip colors, lush eye shadows, and flawless foundation shades designed to suit a multitude of skin tones.

It’s not just about the looks; Burruss is keen on ensuring that her products are infused with skin-loving ingredients. They’re cruelty-free and boast a blend of nature and science that champions healthy skin beneath the stunning makeup. The Kandi Koated line ensures customers don’t just wear makeup; they wear confidence.

Her devotion to education in the arts extends into the beauty realm too. Burruss has been instrumental in providing hands-on workshops and masterclasses, leveraging her star power to bring top industry professionals to share tricks of the trade with aspiring makeup artists and enthusiasts. These events aren’t merely instructional—they’re networking goldmines, empowering attendees to connect and carve their own paths in the beauty industry.

The diversity in Burruss’s business portfolio mirrors the array of shades and styles found in her Tags Boutiques and Bedroom Kandi lines. Her beauty brand harmonizes with her fashion ventures, together painting the picture of a modern woman who’s got a handle on all facets of lifestyle—and Kandi Burruss’s role in shaping those facets is undeniable. Each lipstick, eye shadow, and powder palette from Kandi Koated possesses the potential to be part of someone’s signature look, a tool for self-expression, or a boost of self-esteem, much like the perfect outfit from Tags or the proper intimates from Bedroom Kandi.

With Kandi Burruss at the helm, her beauty business isn’t just selling products; it’s curating experiences that resonate with her customers’ personal narratives. Her ventures become not just points of sale, but keystones in the architectures of her clients’ lifestyles.


Kandi Burruss has certainly made her mark far beyond the music scene. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through in the creation of Kandi Koated Entertainment and her dive into the beauty industry with Kandi Koated cosmetics. She’s not just selling products; she’s creating a community through education and shared experiences. With such a diverse portfolio, Burruss continues to inspire and empower, proving that with talent and tenacity, the possibilities are endless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kandi Burruss?

Kandi Burruss is an accomplished musician and entrepreneur, recognized for her Grammy-winning songwriting, her own record label Kandi Koated Entertainment, and her Kandi Koated luxury cosmetics line.

What is Kandi Koated Entertainment?

Kandi Koated Entertainment is the record label established by Kandi Burruss, which underscores her influence in the music industry and promotes a range of talented artists.

What products are offered by Kandi Burruss’s beauty brand?

Kandi Burruss’s beauty brand, Kandi Koated, offers a variety of beauty products, including vibrant lip colors, lush eye shadows, and foundations designed to cater to various skin tones.

Does Kandi Burruss provide educational opportunities in the beauty industry?

Yes, Kandi Burruss is committed to education in the beauty industry and offers hands-on workshops and masterclasses to help others learn and grow their skills in the field.

What is unique about Kandi Burruss’s approach to her beauty business?

Kandi Burruss’s beauty business goes beyond selling products; she focuses on curating experiences that resonate with customers’ personal narratives, making her brand distinctive in the market.

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