What Businesses Does Justin Roiland Own? Explore His Artistic Ventures & New Series

Justin Roiland isn’t just the co-creator and voice behind the hit animated series “Rick and Morty”, he’s also a savvy entrepreneur. With a knack for blending creativity with business, he’s carved out a unique space in the entertainment industry.

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Beyond his work in animation, Roiland has dipped his toes into various business ventures. From gaming studios to art platforms, he’s expanding his influence and showing that there’s more to him than interdimensional adventures. Let’s dive into the eclectic mix of businesses that Roiland has a stake in.

Squanch Games: The Gaming Studio

Venturing beyond the realm of animation, Justin Roiland’s entrepreneurial spirit birthed Squanch Games, a gaming studio that’s as unconventional as its co-founder’s humor. Initially known as Squanchtendo, the company swiftly rebranded to its current moniker, but the core mission remained untouched: to create funny, innovative games that stand out in the crowded gaming market.

Squanch Games hit the ground running with their debut title, Accounting+, a virtual reality game that’s a mixture of absurd humor and interactive gameplay. It’s not your traditional accounting simulation – unless your day-to-day includes whimsical puzzles and bizarre adventures in VR.

Following its successful foray into virtual reality, Squanch Games broadened its portfolio. Trover Saves the Universe, released in 2019, showcased Roiland’s signature comedic style. Players found themselves in a blend of platforming, puzzle-solving, and the off-the-wall comedy one would expect from the mind of “Rick and Morty’s” co-creator. It wasn’t just a hit among fans of the show; critics praised the game for its originality and vibrant intergalactic adventure.

Year Title Reception
2016 Accounting+ Critically Acclaimed
2019 Trover Saves the Universe Fan and Critic Favorite

The success of these initial games set a high bar for the studio, and with Roiland at the helm, the expectation is that any future releases will continue to push the envelope. The company’s dedication to crafting unique gaming experiences is apparent, ensuring that each release not only entertains but also resonates with its audience.

Squanch Games continues to grow, with updates and new projects always in the works. Keep an eye on this studio; with Roiland’s creative genius driving the company’s vision, there’s no telling what wild, interdimensional escapades await gamers next.

Squanchtendo: Mixing Gaming with VR

When Justin Roiland co-founded Squanchtendo, virtual reality took on a thrilling and comedic twist. Known for his distinctive voice work and co-creating the hit series Rick and Morty, Roiland’s foray into the gaming industry is nothing short of inventive.

Squanchtendo’s formation marked a creative collaboration between Roiland and former Epic Games producer Tanya Watson. Their vision: to blend Roiland’s brand of humor with immersive gaming experiences. The studio quickly captured the attention of VR enthusiasts and gamers, eager to engage with Roiland’s unconventional storytelling in a new, interactive medium.

The debut of Accounting+ set the stage for Squanchtendo’s innovative approach to virtual reality. Combining oddball humor and peculiar characters, the game was more than just an escape from reality—it was an entrance into a bizarre, laugh-out-loud world shaped by Roiland’s imagination. Critics praised Accounting+ for its originality and the game spawned a community of fans who relished in its absurdity.

Building on their initial success, Squanchtendo rebranded as Squanch Games and expanded their digital universe with Trover Saves the Universe. Not only did it capitalize on Roiland’s comedic prowess, but it also demonstrated the studio’s ability to develop a more complex, narrative-driven game. This title solidified Squanch Games’ reputation for delivering a unique blend of humor and gameplay intricacy.

With anticipation building around the studio’s future projects, gamers are keenly watching Squanch Games. The company continues to push the boundaries of VR, ensuring that virtual worlds are not just seen and heard but felt and lived—with a hearty dose of laughter in tow. The ongoing evolution of Squanch Games promises more immersive, entertaining adventures that stand testament to Roiland’s entrepreneurial and artistic spirit.

The Roiland Method: A Unique Art Platform

Venturing into the art world, Justin Roiland has established a name for himself with an innovative perspective on creativity. Roiland’s foray into art challenges conventional norms, giving collectors and enthusiasts something to marvel at. With his unique art platform, he has created an avenue where art intersects with the unexpected twists of his trademark humor.

At the core of Roiland’s artistic journey is his commitment to pushing boundaries. His works are not only visually striking but they also come with the essence of storytelling that has defined much of his career. This has attracted a dedicated following, eager to own a piece of the imaginative worlds that Roiland crafts with each stroke of his brush. It’s a venture that pays homage to his skills as a storyteller and a visionary.

Non-traditional and unapologetically bold, Roiland’s art pieces are as much a conversation starter as they are collector’s items. They’re infused with the same irreverent wit seen in his games and TV shows, creating a continuity across his entrepreneurial endeavors. One might find themselves in a gallery, chuckling at the clever titles and narrative snippets that accompany his artwork, further blurring the lines between different forms of media.

Collaborations with other artists and galleries have become a staple in the platform’s evolution, showcasing Roiland’s dedication to community and creative synergy. These partnerships not only expand the reach of his artwork but also demonstrate his belief in the power of collective creativity. It is through these collaborations that new ideas are born and the art world is enriched with experiences that are both immersive and humorously profound.

Each piece that emerges from the Roiland method is a testimony to his ability to see the world from a skewed angle, offering a fresh take on art that is as whimsical as it is thought-provoking. Whether it’s through the lines of a drawing or the colors of a painting, this art platform stands as a testament to Roiland’s multifaceted talent and his knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Life of the Platypus: An Upcoming Animated Comedy Series

Justin Roiland’s creative exploits extend well beyond the canvas and into the dynamic world of animation. Known for his penchant for blending the bizarre with the comical, Roiland’s latest project, “Life of the Platypus,” is poised to captivate audiences once again. This animated comedy series is another demonstration of Roiland’s entrepreneurial spirit, dabbling in the intricate craft of storytelling through colorful and animated expressions.

“Life of the Platypus” promises to stay true to Roiland’s distinctive style, which has been described as both irreverent and heartwarming. It centers around a semi-aquatic family navigating the idiosyncrasies of everyday life with a dose of whimsy. The platypus, an oddly charming creature by nature, is the perfect protagonist in a world that celebrates the unconventional.

The series is a collaboration between Roiland’s studio and a renowned team of writers and animators. These creative alliances are a testament to Roiland’s commitment to fostering a community that thrives on diverse talents and perspectives. The show is not only an entertainment venture but also an artistic expression that resonates with the larger narrative of Roiland’s assorted business portfolio.

Enthusiasm surrounding “Life of the Platypus” has been mounting, as fans of Roiland’s previous work eagerly anticipate another dose of his trademark wit injected into the animated realm. The show is currently in production, and while release dates are under wraps, the buzz in the entertainment industry is palpable. In keeping with Roiland’s modus operandi, “Life of the Platypus” is shaping up to be an immersive experience that challenges conventional norms while providing a hearty laugh.


Justin Roiland’s artistic endeavors, from his groundbreaking art platform to his upcoming animation series “Life of the Platypus,” showcase his unyielding commitment to innovation and community. He’s not just creating art and entertainment; he’s fostering a space where creativity meets collaboration. Fans and art enthusiasts alike are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what this visionary will come up with next. With his knack for blending humor with the unconventional, Roiland’s ventures are sure to continue making waves in the creative world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Justin Roiland’s new venture?

Justin Roiland has branched out into the art world with a unique art platform that showcases pieces reflecting his distinctive humor and creativity.

How does Roiland’s artwork challenge conventional norms?

Roiland’s artwork challenges conventional norms by presenting a skewed perspective of the world, blending whimsical elements with thought-provoking themes.

Are there collaborations on Roiland’s art platform?

Yes, the platform features collaborations with other artists and galleries, highlighting Roiland’s commitment to community and creative synergy.

What is “Life of the Platypus” about?

“Life of the Platypus” is an upcoming animated comedy series created by Justin Roiland. It follows a semi-aquatic family’s quirky life, infused with Roiland’s trademark wit.

Who is collaborating with Roiland on the animated series?

Justin Roiland’s studio is collaborating with a team of talented writers and animators to bring “Life of the Platypus” to life, emphasizing his dedication to working within a diverse and creative community.

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