What Businesses Does Joy Behar Own? Discover Her Diverse Ventures

Joy Behar, known for her quick wit and sharp tongue on “The View,” isn’t just a television personality. She’s also dabbled in the world of entrepreneurship. But what businesses does she actually own?

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They say it’s not all about the laughs, and Behar proves that with her foray into the business world. From her ventures in writing to surprising industries, she’s more than just a fixture on daytime TV. Let’s peel back the curtain to discover the business side of Joy Behar.

Joy Behar’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Joy Behar’s transition from the screen to the consumer market was a natural progression for someone with her ambition and charisma. Her ventures beyond “The View” have allowed her to capitalize on her personal brand, connecting with audiences in new and diverse ways.

Over the years, Behar has built an impressive portfolio of business ventures, each offering a different facet to her entrepreneurial identity. Not content to rest on her laurels, she has ventured into various sectors, from writing books that reflect her wit to dabbling in the realms of theater production. Her businesses reflect her personal interests and passions, which has been a key factor in her continued success.

Joy’s foray into the world of publishing has been particularly successful. She’s authored several books, ranging from children’s literature to non-fiction, drawing on her experiences as a comedian and a host to craft engaging and entertaining reads. Her wit, once confined to television, now graces the pages of her works, allowing fans to enjoy her humor in a whole new medium.

In addition to her literary pursuits, Behar’s keen sense of the market led her to explore the potential in lifestyle products. This included launching a line of gourmet food products that captured the attention of foodies nationwide. From pasta sauces to kitchen gadgets, Joy’s personal touch and commitment to quality have become her business trademarks.

But writing and food are just the beginning. Behar’s eye for opportunity has seen her involved in unique collaborations and product endorsements, aligning her name with products and services that resonate with her audience. Her intuitive understanding of brand synergy has enabled her to select partnerships that enhance, rather than dilute, her personal brand equity.

Joy Behar’s entrepreneurial journey reflects her vibrant personality—one that never stops seeking new avenues for expression and connection. Each business venture serves as proof of her versatility and proves that her signature blend of humor and insight has a place beyond the small screen. Whether she’s penning a new book, overseeing product development, or stepping onto the stage as a producer, Behar’s entrepreneurial spirit shows no signs of waning.

Ventures in Writing

Joy Behar’s foray into the literary world has been marked by highly acclaimed books, making her a staple name in publishing. She’s penned her thoughts and life experiences, infusing them with her characteristic humor and wit. Behar’s authorship ventures include a range of genres, from non-fiction to humor and even children’s literature.

Her inaugural book, solidified her as a talented writer with engaging storytelling techniques. Not merely content with essays and anecdotes, Behar ventured into the children’s books arena, where she combines humor with life lessons, crafting stories that appeal to both kids and parents.

In her biography, readers get an intimate glimpse into her life, revealing the depth and versatility of her writing. Behar has demonstrated an ability to connect with a broad audience, resonating with readers from all walks of life.

Adding to her list of achievements, her books have garnered attention on several bestseller lists. This literary success has further established her as a versatile talent beyond the realms of television.

Continuing her writing journey, Behar frequently participates in book signings and readings, engaging directly with her fans. These interactions not only enhance her connection with readers but also solidify her status as an accessible and relatable writer.

Her commitment to writing extends to opinion pieces and essays featured in prominent publications. In these articles, she often tackles timely social issues, showcasing her ability to navigate serious topics with her trademark humor. This blend of entertainment and enlightenment permeates all her written work, ensuring that her voice remains both heard and appreciated in the crowded marketplace of ideas.

Indeed, Behar’s ventures into writing reflect her dedication to a craft that allows her to share her distinctive perspective with a wider audience. Her literary contributions continue to entertain and influence, much like her on-screen personas, proving that her talents are boundless.

Stepping Outside of Television

Venturing beyond the luminescent glow of the television screen, Joy Behar has established herself as a savvy entrepreneur with a varied portfolio of business endeavors. With a keen eye for opportunity, Behar has dipped her toes into different industries, always ready to explore uncharted territories.

One of her most notable endeavors is her line of gourmet food products. Who could resist the tantalizing flavors from her very own kitchen? Behar’s passion for cooking has translated into a successful business, offering an array of products that include sauces and marinades, all boasting the authentic zest of Italian cuisine that she’s known for. Foodies and fans alike can’t get enough of these taste bud titillators, and they’re flying off the shelves at specialty food stores and online platforms.

But that’s not all. Joy Behar also owns a boutique line of apparel and accessories. Melding comedy with fashion, she infuses her clothing with her personality. Her line features eye-catching T-shirts, stylish totes, and quirky hats, all embroidered with her signature one-liners. It’s a brilliant mix of style and humor that has captured the hearts of consumers.

Alongside her tangible product lines, Behar is a co-owner of a production company. This venture allows her to extend her creative influence, producing content that aligns with her unique vision. The production company has its sights set on various projects, from television programs to documentaries, ready to leave a distinctive mark in the entertainment industry. Each project serves as a testament to her commitment to quality content, dedication to craft, and her multifaceted capabilities as a producer.

As she blazes a trail outside of television, Joy Behar continues to surprise and delight. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through in every business she touches, proving that she’s not just a TV personality, but a force to be reckoned with in the business world. With every venture, she invites the public to partake in the richer tastes of life, from their palates to their wardrobes to their viewing experiences.

Unconventional Business Investments

When it comes to business acumen, Joy Behar hasn’t shied away from eclectic ventures. Away from the typical celebrity endorsements, she has strategically placed her investments in areas that many might find unconventional. Behar’s portfolio includes a stake in a company specializing in tech innovations aimed at improving everyday life. This initiative reflects her desire to impact society positively, leveraging technology’s transformative power.

Behar also recognizes the potential in the real estate market, particularly in properties with historical significance. She’s invested in restoring and modernizing vintage properties, respecting their original architecture while bringing them up to modern living standards. These restorations often catch the eye of architecture aficionados and have been featured in niche publications, shining a spotlight on Behar’s investment prowess.

  • Restoration and modernization of historical properties
  • Investment in tech innovations

Her interests don’t end there though; Behar has carved a niche in the art world as well. She doesn’t just collect art, she invests in the careers of emerging artists. By providing business mentorship and financial backing, she helps foster the next generation of creative talent. This passion for art, meshes well with her personal values of supporting arts and education, demonstrating her commitment to these causes isn’t just lip service.

In the highly speculative world of angel investing, Behar has boldly ventured where few dare to tread. She’s a patron of startups that are pushing the envelope in sustainability and green technology. Her investments aim not only at generating returns but also at furthering innovations that could lead to a healthier planet. Skeptics might balk at the risks, but Behar’s focus is on the bigger picture — creating a legacy that benefits the environment and society.

  • Support for the careers of emerging artists
  • Angel investments in sustainability and green technology

Such investments might seem daring, but they’re calculated risks for someone of Behar’s experience and stature. Each business move she makes is a testament to her faith in progress, culture, and responsible capitalism.


Joy Behar’s impressive portfolio of businesses and investments showcases her keen eye for opportunity and her commitment to excellence. From her acclaimed books to her gourmet food products and chic apparel, she’s created a diverse and successful range of offerings. Her engagement in the tech and sustainability sectors also highlights her forward-thinking approach to business. It’s clear that Behar’s ventures are as multifaceted as her talents, and she continues to leave an indelible mark on the business world. Whether it’s through the written word or her entrepreneurial endeavors, she’s not just a television personality but a true renaissance woman.

Frequently Asked Questions

What has Joy Behar accomplished in the publishing industry?

Joy Behar has authored several books across various genres, including non-fiction, humor, and children’s literature. Her publications have received acclaim and have appeared on bestseller lists, showcasing her versatility and success as an author.

What kind of literature has Joy Behar written?

Behar has written a range of literature, covering genres from non-fiction and humor to children’s books, demonstrating her wide-ranging talent in the literary field.

How does Joy Behar engage with her fans through her literary work?

Joy Behar regularly participates in book signings and readings to connect with her readers, enhancing her fan engagement through her published works.

What type of opinion pieces does Joy Behar contribute to publications?

Behar contributes essays and opinion pieces to prominent publications, where she discusses serious topics with her trademark wit and humor.

What business ventures has Joy Behar pursued beyond television?

Beyond television, Joy Behar has launched a line of gourmet food products, a boutique line of apparel and accessories, and co-owns a production company, reflecting her entrepreneurial spirit.

In what unconventional investments has Joy Behar been involved?

Behar has invested in tech innovations aiming to improve everyday life, the restoration of historical properties, support for emerging artists, and startups focused on sustainability and green technology.

What do Joy Behar’s business investments reflect about her interests?

Her business investments reflect Joy Behar’s commitment to making a positive impact on society, supporting the arts, environmental sustainability, and creating a lasting, beneficial legacy.

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