What Businesses Does Josh Duhamel Own? Unveiling the Actor’s Entrepreneurial Side

Josh Duhamel isn’t just a familiar face on the big screen; he’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio. While many know him for his roles in film and television, Duhamel has been quietly building his business empire.

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From sports to dining, his entrepreneurial spirit has led him to invest in various sectors. Let’s dive into the world of Josh Duhamel’s business ventures and discover what industries he’s got his hands in.

Sports Ventures

Josh Duhamel’s affinity for sports transcends the mere cheer of the crowd; it’s a pivotal part of his entrepreneurial portfolio. He’s co-owner of the Minor League Baseball team, the Sioux Falls Canaries. The team, based in his hometown of Minot, North Dakota, not only speaks to Duhamel’s roots but also showcases his belief in the potential of regional sports teams as a lucrative business opportunity.

Venturing into sports management, Duhamel has shown a knack for understanding the business side of sports entertainment. The actor’s involvement brings a unique blend of celebrity appeal and strategic business acumen, uplifting the team’s profile and drawing fans to the stadium.

Additionally, Duhamel is part of the ownership group for a Ten Thousand Dollar Arm, a company that orchestrates baseball talent hunts in India. The program scouts for pitchers who can throw a baseball with speed and accuracy. It’s a brilliant example how Duhamel’s business instincts often link to his values and interests, seeking out untapped markets and opportunities.

Let’s look at some of the stats that underscore the potential of his sports investments:

Venture Details
Sioux Falls Canaries Minor League Baseball team co-owned by Duhamel
Ten Thousand Dollar Arm Baseball talent hunt in India, part of the ownership

The synergy between Duhamel’s star power and his sports ventures cannot be overstated. He leverages his fame to amplify the sporting ventures he is passionate about. As audiences enjoy the games, Duhamel watches his investments grow—a win-win for the actor-turned-entrepreneur.

His vision extends beyond traditional sports investments. By linking his sports ventures with community engagement and international outreach, Duhamel’s playbook might just redefine celebrity involvement in sports business. With each strategic play, he bats not just for profit, but for the love of the game.

Restaurant and Bar Ownership

Beyond the baseball diamond and talent hunt initiatives, Josh Duhamel’s business prowess extends into the hospitality sector. With an affinity for community and comfort, he’s added restaurant and bar ownership to his portfolio. This venture into the culinary world is another facet of his entrepreneurial spirit.

In the heart of North Dakota, Duhamel’s roots, he’s invested in 10 North Main, a fine dining establishment that’s become a culinary refuge in Minot, his hometown. The restaurant, co-owned with a couple of his close associates, showcases local cuisine and provides patrons with a taste of high-end dining fused with hometown charm. The menu features wild game and seafood, offering a unique dining experience far from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

The actor’s foray into the food and beverage industry doesn’t stop at refined dining. He’s also got skin in the game with a watering hole known as The Station Bar. Positioned as a casual hangout, this bar provides locals and visitors alike with a place to unwind, socialize, and enjoy live music events.

These establishments don’t just serve to expand Josh Duhamel’s business territory; they reinforce his dedication to strengthening local economies and fostering community hubs. At these venues, he often mingles with guests, proving his commitment to his investments and his desire to connect with the people that support them. His hands-on approach ensures that his ventures reflect his personal touch and standards for quality, whether on-screen or in service.

Josh Duhamel’s ventures in the restaurant and bar industry reflect a trend among celebrities: leveraging their brand to create experiences that resonate with fans and patrons. By integrating himself into the fabric of his hometown through these establishments, he’s cementing his status not only as a Hollywood figure but also as a local business pillar.

Production Company

In the glittering array of ventures under Josh Duhamel’s belt, his foray into the entertainment production realm is perhaps as dazzling as his on-screen presence. He co-founded a production company called Dakotakid Media, aimed at developing television, film, and digital content. It’s a strategic move that aligns neatly with his Hollywood portfolio, offering creative control and a potential new revenue stream.

Dakotakid Media is more than just a testament to Duhamel’s entrepreneurial acumen; it reflects his deep-rooted affinity for his North Dakota upbringing. By leveraging his industry connections, Duhamel not only brings stories to life but also shines a spotlight on his home state. The production company serves as a platform for Duhamel to champion projects that might otherwise go unnoticed in the bustling entertainment marketplace.

The decision to step behind the camera also allows Duhamel to diversify the types of projects he’s involved in. He’s not just an actor waiting for the next big role; he’s a creator molding the landscape of modern storytelling. Projects tied to Dakotakid Media provide a mixed palette from thought-provoking dramas to comedies, each infused with Duhamel’s personal touch.

Furthermore, diversification through his production company marks a strategic hedge against the unpredictable winds of Hollywood fortunes. As someone who’s been in the limelight, Duhamel understands the value of having a hand in different stages of the production process. Dakotakid Media, hence, represents not just a business venture but a personal insurance policy against the volatility of acting careers.

Duhamel’s involvement in the hospitality and sports sectors may ground him in the tangible, local economies, yet it’s his production company that extends his reach into the international creative economy. Through Dakotakid Media, Duhamel threads the needle of local homage and global ambition, proving his mettle not just as an actor but as a shrewd businessman riding the wave of content creation and distribution.

Clothing Line

In the dazzling array of Josh Duhamel’s business ventures, the threads of passion and style interweave within his very own clothing line. 10 Years Later Co. embodies more than just apparel; it’s a brand that carries a piece of Duhamel’s personal story stitched into every garment. The label, with its nods to nostalgia, commemorates his triumphant journey from a small-town dreamer to a Hollywood staple.

The brand’s offerings range from casual t-shirts adorned with vintage-inspired graphics to premium, plush hoodies that whisper comfort with a stylish edge. They’ve even expanded their repertoire to include accessories that make statements without saying a word. Josh doesn’t just own this clothing line; he often models for it, directly engaging with fans and fashion aficionados alike.

Launching a clothing line isn’t a walk on the red carpet, yet Duhamel’s venture isn’t just about profit. It’s as much about giving back. A portion of the proceeds goes to support veterans—a cause close to his heart. This integration of philanthropy within the fabric of his clothing line demonstrates a depth to his business approach that goes beyond surface-level trends.

  • Products in 10 Years Later Co.:
    • T-Shirts
    • Hoodies
    • Accessories

Marvelously, the clothing line stands as another pillar in Duhamel’s growing empire. It not only gives him a tangible presence in the fashion world but also allows him to connect with his audience on a new level. It’s this very ability to diversify and yet maintain a personal touch that makes Duhamel’s business endeavors genuine and effective. With 10 Years Later Co., he wears his heart on his sleeve—quite literally—and invites his audience to do the same.


Josh Duhamel has certainly carved out a unique space for himself in the business world. With Dakotakid Media, he’s taken a significant step into the production landscape, leveraging his industry experience to bring fresh stories to life. His clothing line, 10 Years Later Co., not only adds a touch of personal flair to the fashion industry but also supports a cause close to his heart. It’s clear that Duhamel’s entrepreneurial spirit is as versatile as his acting talent, and he’s using his platform to make an impact beyond the screen. Whether it’s through media production or fashion, Duhamel’s business ventures are an extension of his creativity and commitment to giving back.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dakotakid Media?

Dakotakid Media is a production company co-founded by actor Josh Duhamel, specializing in the development of television, film, and digital content and allowing him creative control over projects.

How does Josh Duhamel’s production company reflect his personal background?

Duhamel’s production company reflects his North Dakota upbringing by its name and serves as a platform for him to highlight projects that represent and celebrate his roots.

What strategic advantage does Duhamel gain with Dakotakid Media?

By founding Dakotakid Media, Duhamel diversifies his career, creating stability and new opportunities in an unpredictable acting industry, and gains international recognition for his business acumen.

What is 10 Years Later Co. and what is its purpose?

10 Years Later Co. is a clothing line launched by Josh Duhamel offering apparel and accessories that represent his personal story, with a portion of proceeds supporting veterans, demonstrating his engagement with philanthropy.

How does Duhamel’s clothing line contribute to his connection with his audience?

Through his clothing line, Josh Duhamel conveys his personal style and narrative, forging a deeper connection with his audience outside of his acting career.

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