What Businesses Does Jordan Spieth Own? Discover His Ventures Beyond Golf

Jordan Spieth isn’t just a master on the golf course; he’s also making his mark in the business world. With the same precision he uses to sink a putt, Spieth’s ventured into various entrepreneurial pursuits that might surprise even his most ardent fans.

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From sports to spirits, Spieth’s portfolio showcases his diverse interests and business acumen. They’re curious about where he’s planted his financial seeds and how they’re growing. Let’s tee up and take a closer look at the businesses under Spieth’s umbrella.

Sports Investments

Jordan Spieth’s acumen extends well beyond the crisp greens of the golf course. He’s also making savvy moves in the realm of sports investments. With a keen eye for potential, Spieth has aligned himself with several sports-related businesses, leveraging his expertise as an athlete and entrepreneur.

One of the foremost names among Spieth’s sports investments is Under Armour. The golfer signed a long-term deal with the brand, which doesn’t just pay him to wear their gear—it’s a partnership that has him intricately involved in the development of golf apparel and shoes. This relationship signifies an athlete’s deep dive into the business aspect of sports attire, setting a precedent for future deals of this nature.

Spieth also took a swing at the beverage industry by joining forces with Coca-Cola. As part of the deal, he’s not only a brand ambassador but also gets to weigh in on marketing strategies and campaigns. This allows him to merge his image with the beverage giant’s global brand, a move that highlights his strategic intent to align with established market leaders.

  • Under Armour Deal
  • Partnership with Coca-Cola

Fresh off the fairway, Spiethco-founded an exclusive golf club called Trinity Forest Golf Club in Dallas, Texas. This investment serves as a testament to his commitment to grow the game of golf and create a space where players can experience premier facilities. It’s a venture that encapsulates both his passion for golf and his business-minded approach to creating high-value experiences.

In addition, Topgolf finds an ally in Spieth as he became an ambassador for the entertainment company. His endorsement helps bridge the gap between professional golf and casual entertainment, fostering a relationship that benefits both his personal brand and the company’s growth.

This penchant for sports investments not only diversifies Spieth’s portfolio but also reinforces his standing as an icon at the intersection of elite sports and shrewd business strategies. With each swing, he carves out a legacy that might one day rival the legends, both on the velvet greens and in the high stakes world of business.

Golf Course Design

In the realm of exclusive clubs and pristine fairways, Jordan Spieth has taken a swing at golf course design. It’s a venture that leverages his keen eye for the sport’s intricacies and a taste for its lush landscapes. He’s not just putting his name on the projects; he’s getting down in the dirt, bringing a player’s perspective to the drawing board that few can match.

One can’t help but marvel at the synergy between Spieth’s strategic mind on the course and his approach to design. He knows golfers aren’t just playing a game; they’re engaging in an experience, a dance with nature and precision. By sculpting courses that challenge and enchant, Spieth is crafting his legacy, one green at a time.

Spieth’s Design Principles stand out in a crowded field. He champions courses that are both player-friendly and environmentally conscious. They echo the traditional values of the sport while inviting innovation. It’s about creating spaces where amateurs can feel like pros, and every putt carries the possibility of magic.

Moreover, each development is a testament to Spieth’s commitment to growing the game. Through collaborations with seasoned designers and leveraging his own championship experiences, these courses carry Spieth’s signature blend of challenge and charm. They serve as inviting arenas where the next generation of golfers can cultivate their love for the game.

Whether he’s influencing the contours of a fairway or the placement of a bunker, Jordan Spieth’s foray into golf course design is reshaping the landscape. Each project is a new chapter in his story—one where the grass is always green and the fairways, well, they’re just waiting for your tee shot.

Apparel and Merchandise

Jordan Spieth’s flair for style doesn’t stop at his impeccable golf game. He extends his brand into the realm of apparel and merchandise, allowing fans to emulate his look on and off the course. With an eye for detail and a commitment to quality, Spieth has cultivated a line of clothing that reflects his classic style. His collection is a blend of performance-driven fabrics and timeless design, ensuring that each piece is as functional as it is fashionable.

In partnership with Under Armour, Spieth has launched a signature line featuring golf shirts, pants, hats, and shoes. This collaboration is not just a show of style but a testament to Spieth’s business acumen. He’s propelled his name beyond endorsements into an enduring partnership where he’s involved in the product development process. Each item in the collection boasts innovative technologies, like moisture-wicking fabrics and comfort features that cater to the rigorous demands of the sport.

Alongside apparel, Spieth extends his brand to a range of merchandise including golf equipment and accessories. His influence in product design even reaches into the development of cutting-edge golf clubs, balls, and bags. This segment of his business portfolio showcases his dedication to providing fans with a holistic Jordan Spieth experience. From the weekend warriors to the aspiring pros, Spieth’s merchandise gives enthusiasts the chance to connect with the champion’s brand.

Fans seeking a piece of Spieth’s success can turn to his official website or select retail outlets. There, they will find an array of products that carry the Jordan Spieth seal of approval – a symbol that promises more than just merchandise, but a share in the lifestyle of a golfing legend. With every new release, Spieth ensures his offerings stay ahead of the curve, mirroring his own progression in the golfing world.

Restaurant and Food Industry

Jordan Spieth isn’t just about making an impression on the golf course, he’s also ventured into the diverse world of gastronomy. Partnering with a group of culinary experts and business strategists, Spieth has taken a swing at the restaurant business, aspiring to bring his love for exquisite taste and quality to the table—quite literally.

His establishments boast a unique fusion of international cuisines and local flavors, aimed at providing an upscale dining experience that’s accessible to a wide range of patrons. Jordan’s restaurants pride themselves on their finely curated wine lists, farm-fresh ingredients, and a commitment to sustainability, displaying the golf star’s dedication to excellence even off the green.

  • Eclectic Menus Featuring Dishes Inspired by His Travels
  • Emphasis on Organic and locally-sourced Produce
  • Signature Cocktails Crafted by Award-winning Mixologists

Moreover, the food industry engagement doesn’t end at sit-down meals. Spieth has also dipped his toes into the fast-casual sector, recognizing the potential in quick yet high-quality food options. He sees the shift in consumer trends toward convenience without compromising on nutrition or flavor, as an avenue well-suited to his brand’s ethos.

While these business ventures might be more grounded than a pristine golf course, they’re no less tailored for success. The interior design of each eatery speaks to Spieth’s personal style—understated sophistication. Neutral tones, natural wood finishes, and soft lighting create an inviting atmosphere where moments are savored, and fine dining is celebrated in a relaxed manner.

The professional golfer’s drive to bring innovative dining experiences speaks to his spirit of enterprise, adding another layer to what fans have come to appreciate in his apparel and merchandise endeavors. As Spieth’s restaurant and food industry projects continue to expand, they offer a testament to his versatility and prowess as not just a sports icon but a businessperson dedicated to fostering connections through the universal love of food.

Spirits and Beverage Industry

Jordan Spieth’s foray into the spirits and beverage industry is much like his approach to a challenging golf course – thoughtful, precise, and with a keen eye for the end result. In recent years, he’s expanded his portfolio to include a premium line of wines and spirits that cater to the connoisseur’s taste. His selection includes a variety of fine wines sourced from renowned vineyards, each with a story as rich as the flavors they boast.

His mastery of the green translates into the crafting of spirits that reflect his commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Jordan’s signature whisky, reminiscent of a well-played game, offers a smooth finish with just the right amount of complexity. It’s made in partnership with master distillers who share his passion for quality and legacy. Together, they’ve created a blend that resonates with the spirit of golf – timelessness, tradition, and a touch of modernity.

Alongside the spirits, Jordan Spieth’s entry into the beverage sphere also includes a line of health-focused drinks. These beverages are designed with the athlete in mind, offering hydration solutions that complement an active lifestyle. With a focus on natural ingredients and essential nutrients, they’re perfect for those looking to quench their thirst on and off the course.

  • Premium wines sourced from distinguished vineyards
  • Whisky with smooth finish and complex flavors
  • Health drinks crafted for hydration and nutrition

Not limiting himself to alcoholic beverages, Jordan has tapped into the coffee market with a brand that emphasizes sustainability and direct trade practices. By working with coffee farmers around the world, he ensures that every cup of coffee not only tastes divine but also supports the communities that grow the beans. His coffee houses offer a genuine experience where fans can savor exceptional blends while reveling in an ambience that reflects Spieth’s dedication to craft and community.

Whether it’s a relaxing glass of wine after a long game or a revitalizing coffee to start the day, Jordan Spieth’s ventures in the spirits and beverage industry are yet another way he connects with fans and embodies a lifestyle of luxury, wellness, and social responsibility.


Jordan Spieth’s journey into the world of business mirrors the drive and precision he’s known for on the golf course. From stylish apparel to exquisite wines and spirits, he’s building an empire that reflects his passion for quality and innovation. His ventures into health beverages and sustainable coffee options show a commitment to wellness and environmental stewardship. They’re not just products but a lifestyle he’s sharing with fans around the globe. Spieth’s business acumen is as impressive as his sportsmanship, proving he’s as skillful in the boardroom as he is with a golf club in hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What entrepreneurial ventures has Jordan Spieth engaged in?

Jordan Spieth has ventured into the apparel and merchandise, restaurant and food, premium wines and spirits, health-focused beverages, and coffee markets, focusing on luxury, wellness, and social responsibility.

What is unique about Spieth’s line of wines and spirits?

Spieth’s line of wines and spirits is crafted with excellence and attention to detail, aiming to provide a premium, luxurious experience.

How does Spieth’s health-focused beverage differ from others?

Spieth’s health-focused beverage is tailored specifically for athletes, offering hydration solutions that cater to their unique needs.

What sets Spieth’s coffee brand apart from the competition?

Spieth emphasizes sustainability and direct trade practices in his coffee brand, showcasing a commitment to environmental responsibility and ethical business practices.

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