What Businesses Does Jordan Peele Own? Discover His AR/VR and Music Ventures

Jordan Peele has effortlessly transitioned from the king of comedy to a mastermind of horror, but his talents don’t stop at filmmaking. He’s taken his creative prowess into the business world, making moves that have everyone talking.

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Beyond the screen, Peele’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to venture into various industries. Let’s peel back the curtain to reveal the businesses that have benefited from his Midas touch.

From production companies to partnerships that push the envelope, Peele’s business portfolio is as diverse as his storytelling. Get ready to discover the empire that Jordan Peele is quietly building.

Production Companies Owned by Jordan Peele

Diving into the world of production companies, one will find Peele at the helm of Monkeypaw Productions. Launched in 2012, this company is not merely a production haven but a bastion of Peele’s creative vision. Monkeypaw Productions has been instrumental in propelling Peele to new heights, especially after the box-office success of his directorial debut, “Get Out”, which reshaped the contours of modern horror cinema.

Monkeypaw Productions isn’t content with just churning out horror hits; it’s an entity that celebrates diversity and uplifts minority voices in the entertainment industry. The company’s portfolio is a testament to this ethos, with projects spanning various genres and formats. They’ve produced films that push social narratives, such as “BlacKkKlansman”, and ventured into the innovative realms of television with series like “Lovecraft Country”.

In addition to Monkeypaw Productions, Peele’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to collaborations that magnify his influence in the entertainment sector. His partnership with Universal Pictures underscores his growing clout and reaffirms his commitment to carving out unique spaces for stories that might otherwise go untold. It’s not just about owning a production company; it’s about nurturing stories that resonate on a global scale.

The ventures Peele’s involved with don’t stop at the surface of production. They delve deeper into the multifaceted layers of the business, encompassing things like talent contracts, distribution deals, and strategic media partnerships. Peele’s business acumen shines as he navigates partnerships with streaming services and networks, ensuring that his creative works reach the widest possible audience. Each step he takes seems to be a well-calculated move in the grand chess game of the entertainment industry.

The Immersive Experience: AR and VR Ventures

Jordan Peele’s foray into augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) marks a thrilling expansion of his business empire beyond the traditional realms of film and TV production. With an eye for innovative storytelling, Peele’s involvement in AR and VR projects is about creating immersive experiences that go beyond the screen, engaging audiences in interactive and boundary-pushing narratives.

His venture into this tech-forward space was signaled with Monkeypaw Productions’ collaboration in creating an interactive VR experience for “Get Out.” This initiative allowed viewers to step into the chilling world of the movie, blurring the lines between the audience and the story – a classic Peele move. VR experiences associated with Peele’s films elevate his audience’s engagement, making them part of the narrative and pushing the envelope of what storytelling can be in the digital age.

But Jordan Peele’s ambitions don’t stop there. He’s keen on exploring the potential of AR in entertainment as well. Partnering with tech innovators, Peele aims to integrate augmented reality into future projects, offering a layer of interactivity and inclusivity that’s not traditionally found in moviegoing experiences. While detailed information on upcoming AR ventures remains under wraps, insiders hint at groundbreaking applications of the technology that could redefine audience participation in cinematic experiences.

As the entertainment landscape shifts towards more interactive and user-centered experiences, Jordan Peele’s dive into AR and VR ventures stands as a testament to his ability to foresee and shape future trends. It’s not just about owning businesses; it’s about owning the future of how stories are told and experienced. Through these mediums, Peele continues to champion diversity and innovation, ensuring that his ventures remain at the forefront of entertainment technology.

Music Label and Film Soundtracks

Beyond the realms of AR and VR, Jordan Peele’s business ventures tap into the pulsating heart of music. He has notably forayed into the world of soundscapes through Monkeypaw Productions, which extends its reach into the music industry. The production company is not just a player in the cinematic world but engages in the creation and distribution of film soundtracks, intricately blending the auditory with the visual.

Peele understands that music is an essential thread in the fabric of filmmaking, enriching narratives and heightening emotions. With this philosophy, Monkeypaw has been involved in curating soundtracks that are as compelling and thought-provoking as the films themselves. Peele’s projects stand out for their meticulous selection of scores and songs which resonate deeply with audiences, often becoming part of the cultural conversation.

The music label associated with Monkeypaw Productions doesn’t just throw together trending hits but opts for a curated experience. This approach has been critical in defining the eerie and evocative atmospheres that are characteristic of Peele’s work. Whether it’s the haunting melodies associated with “Get Out” or the chilling harmonies of “Us,” Peele’s soundtracks contribute substantially to the storytelling process.

The company’s ability to blend haunting melodies with visuals is a testament to its versatility and ambition to dominate not just visuals in entertainment, but aural experiences as well. Collaboration with innovative composers and artists has cemented Monkeypaw’s reputation in crafting soundtracks that are as highly anticipated as the films themselves. Through these endeavors in music production, Jordan Peele’s business empire enriches its narrative prowess, ensuring that audiences are not just watching a story but living it through every haunting note.

Collaborations and Partnerships with Fellow Filmmakers

In the realm where creativity meets commerce, Jordan Peele shines as a masterful collaborator. He’s not only at the forefront of narrative innovation with AR and VR but also teams up with a cadre of cinematic visionaries to produce compelling content. Peele’s collaborations are strategic, often with filmmakers who share his penchant for storytelling that pushes the envelope.

One such partnership that captivated audiences is with director Nia DaCosta on the spiritual sequel to the horror classic, “Candyman.” By fusing DaCosta’s fresh perspective with Peele’s knack for suspenseful storytelling, they delivered a film that digs deep into contemporary social issues while remaining true to the horror genre’s roots. This collaboration highlights Peele’s ability to draw out the best in his co-creators while fostering a space for new voices and perspectives in Hollywood.

  • Monkeypaw Productions has also worked with director Spike Lee on the film “BlacKkKlansman.” Peele’s production company helped to bring this true story to the big screen, earning critical acclaim and box office success.
  • Emerging Talents have found a champion in Peele, who, through his various business ventures, has lent support to up-and-coming filmmakers. This gesture not only bolsters the industry by introducing fresh ideas and talents but also reinforces Monkeypaw’s reputation as a hub of cinematic innovation.

By marrying his business acumen with a deep-seated love for the art of filmmaking, Peele’s ventures transcend traditional production roles. His focus remains steadfast on building a legacy that celebrates the weird, the thought-provoking, and the wonderfully terrifying aspects of storytelling. As such, each partnership under Peele’s banner stands not only as a testament to his craft but also as a beacon for future filmmakers looking to leave their mark.


Jordan Peele’s ventures into AR, VR, and the music industry are reshaping how stories are told and experienced. His innovative approach to storytelling extends the reach of his creative vision, making every project a unique journey for the audience. Through strategic partnerships and a keen eye for talent, Peele is not just at the forefront of entertainment but also a catalyst for change within the industry. His commitment to immersive narratives and cultural impact ensures that whatever he touches will be more than just a passing moment in entertainment—it’ll be an unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jordan Peele’s new venture in the world of technology?

Jordan Peele is expanding his creative reach into augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to create immersive experiences that transcend traditional film and TV media.

How does Peele intend to use AR and VR in his projects?

Peele is incorporating AR and VR to engage audiences in interactive narratives, evident in experiences like the VR component for “Get Out,” offering a more engaging and boundary-pushing form of storytelling.

What is unique about Peele’s approach to music in his business ventures?

Peele’s production company, Monkeypaw Productions, is curating soundtracks that integral to storytelling, aiming to create music that resonates culturally and enhances the audience’s experience.

How is Jordan Peele contributing to the diversity in Hollywood?

Through collaborations with filmmakers like Nia DaCosta and Spike Lee, Peele cultivates a space for new voices and perspectives, contributing to the diversification of Hollywood narratives.

What is the overall goal of Peele’s expansion into AR, VR, and music industries?

Peele’s aim is to ensure that his audiences are not merely passive viewers but participants in the stories, living the experiences through every medium his business empire ventures into, including AR, VR, and music.

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