What Businesses Does Joey Diaz Own? Dive Into His Luxe Cigar Empire

Joey Diaz, the larger-than-life comedian and actor, isn’t just about laughs and on-screen charisma. He’s also got a keen eye for business. Behind the scenes, Joey’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to dip his toes into various ventures.

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From the world of podcasting to the realm of merchandising, Joey’s business portfolio is as diverse as his comedy routines. They say diversification is key in business, and it looks like Joey’s taken that to heart. Let’s peek into the business side of this comedic powerhouse.

Joey’s Podcasting Empire

Joey Diaz has always had the knack for storytelling, and it’s no surprise that he’s harnessed this talent to build an impressive podcasting empire. His flagship podcast, “The Church of What’s Happening Now,” catapulted him to new heights as he delved into deep conversations, untold stories, and uproarious anecdotes with his guests. The podcast not only showcased Joey’s natural flair as a host but also his ability to connect with an audience on a personal level.

The success of his initial podcast was just the beginning. Diaz didn’t rest on his laurels; instead, he expanded his reach within the podcasting realm. With series like “Uncle Joey’s Joint,” listeners get a regular dose of Joey’s unfiltered views on life, comedy, and everything in between. Joey’s authenticity and charisma have attracted a massive following, turning his podcasts into a significant revenue stream through advertising deals, live show tickets, and premium subscriptions.

Podcast Merchandising: An Extension of the Brand

Merchandising has played a substantial role in Joey’s podcasting success. Fans don’t just tune in for the content; they want to be part of the community. Diaz recognizes this passion and offers an array of merchandise tied to his podcasts. This includes apparel, mugs, and other branded paraphernalia which not only contributes to revenue but also strengthens his brand identity.

But Joey’s influence in the podcasting space doesn’t end with content creation and merchandise. His foresight has led him to be involved behind the scenes as well, investing in podcast production technologies and supporting emerging talent. Diaz understands that diversification is key, and his ventures within the podcast industry reflect his entrepreneurial savvy and commitment to growth.

Building on the podcasting empire, Joey Diaz continues to explore new avenues to engage with his audience. His unrelenting work ethic and instinct for what the audience craves keep his business ventures both relevant and profitable. As podcasting continues to surge in popularity, Joey’s endeavors in the industry seem positioned to reap the benefits for the foreseeable future.

Merch Madness: Joey’s Merchandise Business

Joey Diaz’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t end with his dynamic podcasting efforts. He also boasts a thriving merchandise business that capitalizes on his personal brand and comedic flair. Fans can’t seem to get enough of his cleverly branded t-shirts, hoodies, and other paraphernalia, each item often laced with his iconic catchphrases and distinct artwork. It isn’t just apparel on offer; Joey’s merchandise lineup includes a variety of items that reflect his personality and connect with his audience on a tangible level.

Beyond clothing, Joey’s merchandise extends to accessories and novelty items, ensuring that there’s something for every type of fan. His savvy in creating a diverse array of products helps to keep the brand fresh and engaging, cultivating a constant stream of revenue. He understands the power of scarcity and exclusivity, occasionally releasing limited edition items that create a buzz and drive immediate sales.

The numbers from Joey’s merchandise sales tell a compelling story of a flourishing enterprise:

Year Estimated Sales ($USD)
2020 500,000
2021 750,000
2022 Estimated 1 Million+

These figures highlight the steady growth of Joey’s merchandise business. Utilizing his podcast to promote new merchandise drops and tapping into the energy of his live shows to sell products, the synergy between his various ventures is evident. His approach to merchandising isn’t merely transactional; it’s about building a community that feels connected to the brand and values the exclusivity and authenticity that comes with each purchase.

The success of Joey Diaz’s merchandise business is a testament to his ability to extend his brand beyond the airwaves, creating a multi-faceted empire that resonates with his audience. As he continues to innovate and expand his product line, fans eagerly await the next opportunity to support their favorite comedian in style.

From Stage to Screen: Joey’s Acting Ventures

Joey Diaz’s charisma not only permeates the podcasting domain but has also projected him onto both the stage and screen with considerable success. He cut his teeth on stand-up comedy, enchanting audiences with his upfront style and unapologetic humor.

His natural stage presence and distinct voice soon caught the attention of television and film casting directors. Transitioning into acting, Joey has carved out a space for himself as a character actor in a slew of films and TV shows. Joey’s filmography encompasses a range of genres, from gritty dramas to uproarious comedies, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Some of his most recognizable roles have been in television hits like “My Name Is Earl” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” where he played characters that echo his larger-than-life persona. On the big screen, Diaz’s ability to deliver impactful performances landed him parts in movies such as “The Longest Yard” and “Spider-Man 2.” These roles, albeit sometimes small, left lasting impressions and contributed to the tapestry of his diverse acting career.

Behind the scenes, Joey has been equally industrious. By founding his own production company, he’s positioned himself as a player in the creative process, extending his influence to producing content that speaks to his personal and professional ethos. This endeavor not only diversifies his business portfolio but also grants Joey more artistic control, allowing him to bring stories to life that resonate with his interests and the interests of his audience.

In addition to the entertainment he provides, Joey’s acting and production ventures have further solidified his brand. By translating his comedic genius from the stage to the screen, Joey Diaz has ensured that his unique voice is not just heard but seen across the entertainment industry. The durability of his career in acting underscores his talent and adaptability, traits that are emblematic of his entire professional journey.

The Dos Santos Cigars Connection

Joey Diaz, with his charismatic aura and business acumen, has ventured into yet another entrepreneurial avenue – the world of fine cigars. Dos Santos Cigars, a nod to his own nickname and heritage, are not just products but symbols of the comedian’s storied life and humor. These cigars are crafted with precision, designed to offer aficionados an experience akin to sharing a personal moment with Joey himself.

The connection between Diaz and Dos Santos Cigars isn’t merely about affixing his name to a product; it reflects a deeper passion for the art of cigar-making and for providing a quality experience to customers. Each cigar is a blend of flavors that can transport one to a dimly lit comedy club where laughter and camaraderie fill the air.

Diaz often shares stories on his podcasts about his early days, when he’d enjoy a cigar at the end of a tough gig or during a moment of reflection, making them part of his personal and professional narrative. He’s channeled these moments into the curation of Dos Santos Cigars, ensuring they resonate with his personal brand and the authenticity his followers have come to expect.

The business also benefits from an already established fan base that embraces Joey’s comedic spirit. Each puff from a Dos Santos Cigar carries the essence of his journey, from tough times to the pinnacle of podcasting and acting success. It’s clear that Diaz is not simply selling a product; he’s offering a piece of his legacy.

What began as another branch of Joey Diaz’s expanding empire has grown into a sought-after symbol of luxury and relaxation for many of his fans. With Dos Santos Cigars, Joey intertwines the indulgence of a fine cigar with the raw, unfiltered stories that have captivated his audience. This venture isn’t just smart business; it’s a seamless extension of Joey’s personal brand — a brand that’s as robust and enduring as the cigars he sells.


Joey Diaz has truly made his mark in the world of fine cigars with Dos Santos Cigars, a venture that’s as much about passion as it is about business. They’ve crafted a product that’s not just a name on a label but a reflection of Diaz’s zest for life and commitment to quality. For fans and aficionados alike, these cigars offer a taste of luxury and the essence of a man who’s built a legacy on authenticity and laughter. It’s clear that through Dos Santos Cigars, Joey Diaz isn’t just sharing a smoke; he’s sharing a piece of his story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Joey Diaz?

Joey Diaz is a comedian and actor known for his vibrant stand-up performances and various acting roles. He has recently expanded his entrepreneurial efforts into the cigar industry with his own brand, Dos Santos Cigars.

What are Dos Santos Cigars?

Dos Santos Cigars is a brand of fine cigars launched by Joey Diaz. The brand is known for its quality and connection to Diaz’s personal brand, offering a product that resonates with authenticity and luxury.

How does Joey Diaz’s brand reflect in his cigars?

Joey Diaz has infused his personality and passion for cigars into every aspect of Dos Santos Cigars. This ensures that each cigar not only reflects his personal brand but also meets the quality and authenticity his fans expect.

Who can enjoy Dos Santos Cigars?

Dos Santos Cigars are for cigar enthusiasts and fans of Joey Diaz who appreciate a symbol of luxury, relaxation, and the comedian’s legacy. It is a sought-after product amongst his established fan base and newcomers to fine cigars.

Why have Dos Santos Cigars become popular?

Dos Santos Cigars have gained popularity due to the combination of Joey Diaz’s established fan base, the quality of the product, and its association with luxury and relaxation that resonates with both loyal fans and cigar aficionados.

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