What Businesses Does Jeanie Buss Own? Discover Her Sports & Entertainment Empire

Jeanie Buss isn’t just a high-profile name in the sports world; she’s a savvy businesswoman with a diverse portfolio. At the helm of the Los Angeles Lakers, Buss has proven that her business acumen extends well beyond the basketball court.

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They’ve made headlines for their strategic moves and leadership style, but many fans are curious about what other ventures are under Buss’s ownership. Let’s dive into the empire of Jeanie Buss and explore the breadth of her business endeavors.

The Los Angeles Lakers

Amidst the glitz and glamour that define the movers and shakers of the sports industry, Jeanie Buss stands out as a titan. Her crown jewel? The illustrious Los Angeles Lakers. The team not only represents a storied franchise in basketball history but also serves as a testament to Buss’s business acumen in an arena where competition is as fierce in the boardroom as it is on the court.

Jeanie took over the Lakers’ operations following the passing of her father, Dr. Jerry Buss, and has since showcased a remarkable ability to blend tradition with innovation—all the while keeping the Lakers at the forefront of the NBA’s most valuable teams.

She’s made waves by spearheading key decisions that have kept the Lakers in the limelight. Buss was integral in orchestrating the return of Magic Johnson to the Lakers’ front office—a move celebrated by fans and seen as a savvy blending of the franchise’s rich heritage with its modern aspirations.

But it isn’t just the big names that have kept the Lakers under the spotlight. Jeanie’s strategic business moves, including tremendous media deals and partnerships, have cemented the Lakers as not just a sports powerhouse but also a lucrative brand synonymous with success. Her management style weaves through maintaining the Laker’s competitive edge, ensuring the franchise remains profitable and always in the hearts and minds of their global fanbase.

Fans see Jeanie Buss as more than just an owner; she’s the Lakers’ beating heart, ensuring that every season is as much about winning championships as it is about delivering an experience that transcends basketball. Through the highs and the inevitable lows, Jeanie’s stewardship is a relentless pursuit of excellence, mirroring the legendary stars that have donned the purple and gold.

Sports and Entertainment Investments

Jeanie Buss’s tenure as the Los Angeles Lakers’ helmsman represents just a fragment of her extensive portfolio in sports and entertainment investments. With a keen eye for promising ventures, she’s diversified her holdings to encompass a variety of assets in the realm of athletic competition and media spectacle.

She’s co-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, but her savvy doesn’t stop at the basketball court’s edge. Buss has extended her influence into other sports by investing in events that captivate audiences with their combination of athleticism and entertainment. Her portfolio is a testament to her commitment to upholding the Lakers’ brand while also exploring new avenues for growth.

In addition to the Lakers, Buss has placed strategic bets on wrestling and mixed martial arts. These investments have not only expanded her empire but also entrenched the synergy between sports and entertainment. This cross-pollination of interests ensures fans are engaged, markets are expanded, and new revenue streams are capitalized.

Intertwined with the investments in physical sports, Jeanie Buss hasn’t overlooked the potential of digital platforms. Her foray into e-sports and immersive fan experiences shows foresight in an era where technology and sports consumption are rapidly evolving. These digital ventures have positioned her to capitalize on the burgeoning market of online sports and virtual competitions.

Behind every investment, Buss’s philosophy is clear: create unforgettable experiences and build communities around them. She leverages her sports investments to fuel a larger entertainment framework, one that spins athletic achievements into narratives that resonate with global audiences. By doing so, she’s crafted a conglomerate that’s as much about storytelling as it is about sportsmanship.

In the ever-evolving landscape of sports business, Jeanie Buss’s strategy remains adaptable and innovative. With each step forward, she signals a resistance to complacency and a push towards the future of sports entertainment.

The Forum

As the savvy business architect of the Lakers brand, Jeanie Buss also turned her attention to The Forum, an iconic venue steeped in sports and musical history. Once the home of the Lakers, The Forum had seen better days until Buss’s astute vision for its potential as an entertainment hub came into play. Under her leadership, the venue underwent a substantial transformation.

Investing in major renovations, Buss reinvigorated The Forum into a top-tier concert venue that recaptured its former glory. This strategic move expanded her influence beyond the basketball court into the larger entertainment industry landscape. The Forum’s comeback has not only preserved its legacy but has enhanced it, creating a space where new memories are made at sold-out concerts and significant events.

The renovation of The Forum also reflects Buss’s deep-rooted belief in honoring the past while forging ahead. She’s woven the tapestry of Lakers lore into the very fabric of The Forum’s identity, ensuring that sports enthusiasts and concert-goers alike can revel in the venue’s storied ambiance. This has allowed for a unique blending of sports legacy with contemporary entertainment, meeting fan expectations in both domains.

With events now regularly headlined by A-list performers and world-famous artists, The Forum is an essential pit-stop on any major tour. It’s not only a testament to Buss’s savvy understanding of market demands but also her keen ability to create multifaceted revenue streams. Her strategy ensures that the Forum remains a bustling hub of activity, attracting visitors from all walks of life and maintaining its place as a hallmark of Inglewood, California.

Video Production Company

Jeanie Buss’s venture into the enthralling world of video production marks another chapter in her illustrious career as an entrepreneur. She’s co-founder of a video production company that delves into the realm of sports and entertainment content, providing fans with an insider’s view of the action.

The company specializes in both unscripted and scripted content, producing an array of programs from documentaries to series that appeal to a broad audience. Her production company strikes a resonant chord with viewers, crafting narratives that are both engaging and captivating. By marrying her intimate knowledge of the sports industry with the creative process of filmmaking, she’s found a winning formula for storytelling that resonates.

The diversity of projects undertaken by Jeanie Buss’s production company is notable. From heart-pounding sports documentaries that give viewers a courtside experience to scripted dramas that pull back the curtain on the complexities of the sports world, this company offers something for every palate. One of their notable works included a behind-the-scenes series that provided an unprecedented look into the lives of athletes off the court, showcasing the human side of sporting icons.

Moreover, Buss’s savvy in negotiating deals has ensured that her video content reaches the widest possible audience. Strategic partnerships with streaming platforms and networks have been vital in the proliferation of her company’s content, bringing the stories crafted within the production studios to screens all over the globe. Partnerships not only increase viewership but also underscore the value of content that bridges the gap between sports and human interest, a niche Buss has skillfully tapped into.

Through this video production company, Jeanie Buss continues to thread the needle of innovation while maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality. It’s a testament to her ability to spot trends and adapt, ensuring that her businesses remain relevant in a rapidly changing media landscape. With an already stunning portfolio of successful ventures, Buss’s move into video production stands as yet another display of her prowess in melding the worlds of sports, business, and entertainment.

Non-Profit and Philanthropy

Jeanie Buss’s passion for making a lasting impact extends well beyond the realms of sports and entertainment. She channels her influence and resources into charitable work, making strides in the community through her various philanthropic endeavors. Buss is a steadfast supporter of educational initiatives, particularly those that empower the next generation to dream big and turn their aspirations into reality. She understands that investing in education is crucial for sustainable community growth.

Partnering with foundations, Jeanie Buss aims at enriching the lives of the underprivileged. Her efforts are often geared towards health and wellness programs, ensuring that individuals have access to critical services that promote a healthier society. Through her work, Buss has supported a diverse array of causes from advocating for mental health awareness to funding research for cancer treatments.

In the spirit of giving back, Buss also prioritizes mentorship programs aimed at young women. She wants to ensure that female voices in the business and sports sectors are not only heard but amplified. Her commitment to fostering leadership and growth in this demographic is a testament to her understanding of the hurdles women face in these industries.

Buss’s non-profit ventures mirror her business philosophy: to build strong communities and enhance lives. She is actively involved in various charity events, auctions, and fundraising galas, bringing together the who’s who of the business and entertainment worlds for noble causes. It’s not uncommon to find Jeanie mingling with top executives and celebrities, rallying them to support her altruistic missions.

Through her philanthropic leadership, Jeanie Buss has become an exemplary figure in how one can leverage their success for societal gain. She has made it clear that her role as an influencer comes with the responsibility of contributing to the well-being of others and she takes this role very seriously, always looking for new avenues to help and inspire.


Jeanie Buss has redefined the role of a business owner in the sports and entertainment industry. With her diverse portfolio, she’s not only the driving force behind the Lakers’ success but also a pioneer in revitalizing The Forum and expanding into new realms like e-sports and video production. Her ventures reflect a commitment to innovation and community building. Off the court, Buss’s philanthropic efforts show a dedication to empowering future generations and supporting various charitable causes. Her leadership style serves as inspiration, proving that with vision and passion, one can make a significant impact both in business and society. Jeanie Buss stands as a powerful example of how to successfully blend business acumen with a heart for giving back.

Frequently Asked Questions

What role does Jeanie Buss play with the Los Angeles Lakers?

Jeanie Buss is the head of the Los Angeles Lakers, leading the organization in blending tradition with innovation and making key decisions to maintain the team’s prominence and success.

How has Jeanie Buss influenced the Lakers’ brand?

Buss has enhanced the Lakers’ brand with strategic media deals and partnerships, establishing the team as a lucrative and classic sports brand while focusing on championship victories and premium fan experiences.

What other industries is Jeanie Buss involved in besides basketball?

Beyond basketball, Jeanie Buss has diversified her portfolio with investments in wrestling, mixed martial arts, e-sports, and the creation of immersive fan experiences, all aimed at building communities and innovative entertainment.

What has Jeanie Buss accomplished with The Forum?

Under Buss’s leadership, The Forum, a historic venue and former home of the Lakers, has been renovated into a leading concert venue that unites sports legacy with modern entertainment.

What type of content does Jeanie Buss’s production company create?

Jeanie Buss’s production company creates a variety of sports and entertainment content, ranging from documentaries to scripted dramas, reaching audiences through strategic distribution deals with streaming services and networks.

In what way does Jeanie Buss contribute to philanthropy?

Jeanie Buss is heavily involved in philanthropic work supporting educational programs, health and wellness initiatives, mental health awareness, cancer research, and mentorship for young women, aiming to enhance lives and strengthen communities.

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